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19 juil. 2019




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Commentaires 100
Marcel Max
Marcel Max Il y a mois
Avez-vous frappé un ou deux hannetons au décollage?
Jude Jayanandana
Jude Jayanandana Il y a mois
I always love U.S. southern accents and French.
Fred Mucio
Fred Mucio Il y a 2 mois
Houston we have a landing
David Franklin
David Franklin Il y a 2 mois
Would you have the date of when you flew into Houston doing this? You flew by where I lived!
Raymond Beber
Raymond Beber Il y a 3 mois
MrCloudseeker Il y a 5 mois
I used to skydive at Skydive Houston and sometimes I would deploy my parachute immediately out of the plane at was not uncommon to be so close as to see pilots in the cockpit. I am sure they could see me under canopy...........I have often thought those pilots must be thinking who is that guy flying around under that parachute! hahahaha! Of course all FAA rules were followed to a T! hahahaha!
Slyze33 Il y a 7 mois
J'adore le multicam, ça rend l'expérience encore plus plaisante :D
Arlene Jay
Arlene Jay Il y a 7 mois
That first air traffic controller is the cutest sounding lady ever!! And she sounds like she LOVES her job!! Such a fun personality 💜💜 But wow!! They do have their hands full directing all that traffic 🤯🙈🤣 Yet another awesome video!! Thank you 👏👏
Jordan W
Jordan W Il y a 8 mois
She's the nicest ATC I've ever heard!!
Joe Swanson
Joe Swanson Il y a 8 mois
Ladies seem to be easier to hear than male controllers. I appreciate the clear, enunciation of her calls.
Bill White
Bill White Il y a 8 mois
Enjoyed this. Thank you.
นันทินี ณ ชัยนาท
New Year's approaching, air traffic is heavy (especially over France's sky). Behold, there appears the noble bird.
David Barnett
David Barnett Il y a 9 mois
If my Texas history serves me, right down the road from Houston is where the French explorer Sieur de la Salle landed at Matagorda Bay. The French flag is one of the six flags that we display for historical purposes. Vive la France!
Ulysses Buell de Ch'NORD
Super !
quentin fabrier
quentin fabrier Il y a 10 mois
ces tres beau
Alvaro HK
Alvaro HK Il y a 11 mois
Aviation has its own language. .I don't understand the most of things but I love to hear it.✈
David Franklin
David Franklin Il y a 2 mois
Well ask away! We love to help!
David O'Reagan
David O'Reagan Il y a 11 mois
Merci pour ces vidéos. Je les adores et c’est un bon chemin à apprendre français
michaeltietzyou Il y a 11 mois
I miss my Job . . .
Hi from Tajikistan
fingerhorn4 Il y a an
..So you flew straight into a bunch of developing CBs? Nice. A radio call would divert you around them and not affect either traffic or your approach.
Tom Bouchon
Tom Bouchon Il y a an
Une question bête, combien de passagers maximum sur un triple 7?
Houston ATC lady has a tremendous voice, it's almost like she's singing the instructions to the crews. Also, another great video from you Guillaume, love the camera positioning.
ED. Il y a an
c’est toi le pilote ?🙋🏼‍♂️🤔
Bertrand J
Bertrand J Il y a an
Merci Guillaume pour vos vidéos :)
urszula jaskierska
Ale piekne,z góry wszystko takie malutkie,i ta prędkość zmniejszajaca się przy ladowaniu 👍👍👍👍👽 uwielbiam to 😀
Pavlo Morhun
Pavlo Morhun Il y a an
Great video. I’m going visit Houston.
bh mehdi
bh mehdi Il y a an
Guillaume, the final approach seems to be a little bit instable with a remarquable plane sinking just before touch down. also the landing was a also little bit hard. Can you explain please what variation happend in final 500 feet before touch down?
Unkle John
Unkle John Il y a an
No need for cuts in the video if they're just to trim slow parts, would just as soon see a 20+ minute video uncut, none of the landing is boring!
la Fourchette en Bois
toujours aussi extra ! en bonus la vue extérieure génial !!!
Robert Carter
Robert Carter Il y a an
Excellent Video... Two pros at work. Bravo!
julien lambert
julien lambert Il y a an
Très belle vidéo Guillaume bravo pour ce voyage
M Nair
M Nair Il y a an
I am sure the French would have been awestruck at the Houston airport when they come from a dump called CDG!
lewis 971
lewis 971 Il y a an
dump like ur coments
A A Il y a an
Last time I checked they brought an a330-200. Is this a 777-200ER or 300ER?
Miasanmia Il y a an
Your videos would be better if we would see the speed of the airplane
Hugues Machuel
Hugues Machuel Il y a an
pédagogie, images parfaites, montage efficace, on voyage à peu de frais avec Guillaume, ses vidéos surclassent toutes les campagnes publicitaires de son employeur. Continuez à nous faire rêver. Merci
Khalil Mebarkia
Khalil Mebarkia Il y a an
This is not Houston Airport, it is Charles de Gaule CDG airport.
zachmatt3 Il y a an's Houston Intercontinental airport. 100 percent certain. I lived near the airport for many years, and I know every road, every freeway, every body of water.
AJL15N Il y a an
The aircraft observation area for IAH, the gravel lot off to the right as they cross the fence, is awesome for spotting amongst other spots
Mike P
Mike P Il y a an
“Maintain present speeeed.”
mdo686 Il y a an
Looks like Texas has been getting some rain.
zachmatt3 Il y a an
East Texas, where Houston is, is part of the South, with high rainfall amounts. Parts of the Houston area are forested, other parts are swampy, parts are green grassland. Lots of water around.
Anatole Uchiwa
Anatole Uchiwa Il y a an
Tu est commandant ?
Diego L
Diego L Il y a an
have you flown or will fly to Montevideo in Uruguay?
Benoît ROGER
Benoît ROGER Il y a an
Bonne vidéo comme d'habitude Guillaume
Kenneth Johnson
Kenneth Johnson Il y a an
Tried to "Shazamm" the song Pilot was humming in French - - didn't work! :-(
Rodrigo Wendler
Rodrigo Wendler Il y a an
Beautiful view and amazing landing! Thank you for share this maginific video! :)
wins lauda
wins lauda Il y a an
wipers, without part of paint) exactly like on my 1994 MGM)
zaerg 123
zaerg 123 Il y a an
Dans ton précédent vol sur Santiago du Chili. Astronogeek était passager de ton avion
Pomelo 55
Pomelo 55 Il y a an
Cher Guillaume, j’aimerais bien savoir s’il est de coutume chez Air France que les pilotes feignent de ne plus se rappeler de leur numéro de vol lorsqu’ils s’adressent à la tour. Exemple: « On va à 6 000 pieds, euuuuuuh....... Aiiiir Fraaaance.... euuuuuh..... 3-4-8..... ». 😄
Philip Il y a an
It would be helpful to know the planes call sign
ibracadabra Il y a an
Roman Grom
Roman Grom Il y a an
Nice landing guys, congrats.
Paris Plane Spotting
superbe vidéo
patrick baker
patrick baker Il y a an
she is one of the clearest, most understandible controller i can recall, a bit of humor is also nice, and handles traffic just fine.....
Morgan Field
Morgan Field Il y a 9 jours
She's why I like this video so much. Thanks for comment
Tim Hutchinson
Tim Hutchinson Il y a 5 mois
That's just what I was thinking, also (about the approach controller). A very calm, clear voice. Reassuring in such a high-density traffic area. Not to mention that cute Texas accent of hers!
Cole Dodson
Cole Dodson Il y a an
patrick baker i’m a local pilot out of that area. She comes on usually in the evenings working the 121.3 East TX sector. And lemme tell ya, she is GOOD and when you’re coming in off a long flight, she’s that one refreshing voice you wanna hear and she’ll pass some humor along with ya and stuff.
Darren Johnson
Darren Johnson Il y a an
I grew up in Houston and remember seeing Air France 747 classics, A340, A330 and the 777-200er/300er, my brother flew on Air France to Italy, said Air France was a great airline however he didn't feel the same about connecting through CDG airport to say the least
mweb1 Il y a an
Job well done! Merci Beaucoup!
uncle_jessie Il y a an
Gotta suck living in that housing edition just before the highway.
Ivan Kerguelen
Ivan Kerguelen Il y a an
5:53 Lake Houston... 8:44 Highway 59 (69)...9:24 Welcome to Houston! Btw, please update your "Bogota Arrival" video...please!
john maselli
john maselli Il y a an
I would have to say that wasn't one of their smoothest landings, The GPWS, The automated voice counting off the last 100' was going really fast... Right after it called out 10', all you heard was **BANG** But I would have to say over all he did a really dam good job
Airbus Débutant
Stp peux tu faire des vidéos oú on voit tout le cockpit
Juan N. A. Million
Do you like Houston? Oùi !
Mark Carr
Mark Carr Il y a an
I absolutely could not be a pilot. I'd tune that yapping ATC lady right out, and just fly it in on my own.
john maselli
john maselli Il y a an
And that's how you slam into another airplane, When you're up there flying 6 or 700 miles an hour you can't see another plane until you hit it... Air traffic controllers keep you alive...🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
Hal Taylor
Hal Taylor Il y a an
The first officer sounds like an American.
Steven Bidder
Steven Bidder Il y a an
PIO yuck
Frank Bob
Frank Bob Il y a an
I love coming home to Houston every time.
Ivancito Yong Medina
Air france muy buenos pilotos y aviones los 777 he tenido la dicha de montarlos de cuba a París y son muy profesionales
John S.
John S. Il y a an
@ 9:19 - Why would the pilot turn his steering wheel nearly 90 degrees to the right at only 50 feet ATG? Was he drunk or way off line with the runway? I know French people to be completely stupid, but this makes no sense. Oh well.
jakfuki Il y a an
That’s my airport. I love going up to the observation deck to watch the planes. When I was a kid, people used to be allowed to take the elevator up to the roof of Terminal B, and look over the tarmac from all sides. Unfortunately, due to security concerns, they stopped allowing that back in the eighties. D and E terminals hadn’t even been built at that time. We just had A, B and C (for Continental Airlines). Anyway, great video. It’s cool to see what that side of town looks like from the air.
Philip Barrett
Philip Barrett Il y a an
Home Base for me is IAH. By the way, the Air France lounge across from that gate is very nice. The crew in there is the best!
Fareed G. Ali
Fareed G. Ali Il y a an
Excellent and well produced video Guillaume!
Edward C Tullis
Edward C Tullis Il y a an
Flying in a 777 is part of my bucket list
jlmarc01 Il y a an
The Queen (747) is almost gone. The King has arrived. Long live the 777
Delta Pilot
Delta Pilot Il y a an
En stage Captain Guillaume ?
Геннадий Нисанов
Good!!!! Bravo
Wesson Smith Jr.
French pilots desperately holding on to the French language.:)
Mohammed Ibraheem
That approach controller was having fun!! One of the best I’ve ever heard
Dejohn Johnson
Dejohn Johnson Il y a an
Kinda creepy if not downright scary flying through those clouds!
Hongye Sun
Hongye Sun Il y a an
Hongye Sun
Hongye Sun Il y a an
I Wannan drive aircraft
MS 37
MS 37 Il y a an
Well done! To you and the controllers. Houston is notorious for thunderstorms and wind
Manon Dumouchel
Manon Dumouchel Il y a an
Absolutely beautiful, love the multi camera..this video is very great, love to much..Bravo, thanks for the post
Buck Buchanan
Buck Buchanan Il y a an
Lemon Il y a an
Genuine curiosity - 11:43 how does the plane turn without any of the pilots doing anything?
Alex Garza
Alex Garza Il y a an
The captain is turning the nose wheel steering with their left hand. It's out of view from the camera.
chacha 91
chacha 91 Il y a an
Merci pour la video :) ! Je pensais que la destination Houston se faisait en 330
kevin farrell
kevin farrell Il y a an
Brilliant as always....👍👍
j v
j v Il y a an
Houston is the flattest place I've ever been
zachmatt3 Il y a an
All of the cities along the Gulf Coast are flat, including New Orleans, Miami, Mobile, Tampa, etc.
Stephen kabya
Stephen kabya Il y a an
I don't see the plane turn left!!
Stephen kabya
Stephen kabya Il y a an
Translators in the cockpit?
Alina Nicoleta Horga
Et voila... smooth landing, very nice!
Инна Рудая
Просто Супер!Пилоты вы молодцы!Покажите видео о полете в грозу
alain delon
alain delon Il y a an
super bien!!: petite question: quand vous faites un long courrier sur houston vous restez combien de temps sur place avant le retour? j'ai pris un vol sur BKK et l'hotesse me disait qu'ils etaient arrivés le Jeudi apres midi pour repartir le Samedi matin, je croyais que les escales long courrier etaient plus longues?
christopher p.
christopher p. Il y a an
My friend is most likely going to be flying with you in August in business class.
88hhe Il y a an
Excellent, hope you enjoy Houston, one day ill be able to catch one of your arrivals to IAH
88hhe Il y a an
zachmatt3 thanks, I’ve been pretty quiet, haven’t been able to spot a lot due to my work schedule but hopefully I’ll be able get out more often in the fall
zachmatt3 Il y a an
88hhe...have been missing your videos. I'd better check to make sure you're bookmarked.
J DL Il y a an
Commandant désormais ?
Max92 Il y a an
Excellente video !!! Mais les antennes du LOC ne sont pas plutôt situées a la fin de la piste (300 m après la fin de piste). Les antennes au debut de la piste c'est la rampe d'approche plutôt.
Richard W
Richard W Il y a an
How is the plane being steered on the ground? I don’t see any hand movements when the plane turns.
K54 Il y a an
Richard W it’s something called a tiller it’s like a handle that steers the nose gear.
Concorde F-BTCS
Concorde F-BTCS Il y a an
Passionnant ( c’est une habitude dans tes vidéos) En plus tout ça est bien réalisé !
rebel xena
rebel xena Il y a an
hey salut gg encore une superbe video top top ;-) vivement la prochaine
dpm1982 Il y a an
Very nice work Guillaume.
Rene Mireles
Rene Mireles Il y a an
Welcome to my city guys..Go Astros
Pomelo 55
Pomelo 55 Il y a an
Rene Mireles Go Expos!!!!!!
Omar Lacayo
Omar Lacayo Il y a an
Welcome to Houston guys!!!
Yumama Il y a an
Cockpit should get more attention in the video. The cockpit doesn't even get 1/4 of the screen, and rest was filled with land and sky. I can see land and sky in any day.