AG Barr says attack at Naval Air Station Pensacola an ‘act of terrorism’

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U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr and FBI Deputy Director David Bowdich will hold a press conference at the Justice Department announcing the findings of the criminal investigation into the December 6 shootings at the Pensacola Naval Air Station in Florida that killed three U.S. Service members and wounded eight. #FoxNews
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13 janv. 2020




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Commentaires 2 853
Ronald Humen
Ronald Humen Il y a 3 jours
Up here in the frozen north being Canada, our very own Prime Minister calls these types of attacks bouts of mental illness.
1woodmonger Il y a 5 jours
Why isn't Rob Rosenstein at your side Bill ?
Paul Flores
Paul Flores Il y a 5 jours
Apple refuse to cooperate? Not very American of them. Boycott Apple.
MGTOW_ Beto Il y a 6 jours
attacks on military are NOT the definition.
seven s.v.
seven s.v. Il y a 7 jours
Probably led by Nadler, Pelosi, and Schumer... When are we going to talk about those terrorists?
Lazarus Seven
Lazarus Seven Il y a 7 jours
POTUS impeached and will be crucified in the Senate, where is Barr, Flynn going to prison? where is Barr, Comey's daughter, and SDNY totally renegade, where is Barr?
michael griner
michael griner Il y a 7 jours
LAfatjoe Il y a 7 jours
Pepsi Cola
10en6ixty6ix Il y a 7 jours
Do-nothing Barr - is he also a Deep State chap plotting against proper Americans?
martin hix
martin hix Il y a 7 jours
i thought the news briefing was timely and informative. the justice dept and the federal bureau of investigation have much to do, as they work on their public image. i have full faith and confidence in AG Barr. by all fair accounts, he is reported to be extremely measured in thought and action, no nonsense, and ethical. i have been impressed w/ his candor.
obscuresoul Il y a 8 jours
Gives a whole new meaning to supporting terrorism then.
Albert Holmes
Albert Holmes Il y a 8 jours
There:S.T.D. S.ick, T.wisted,D.emoncrats...$$%$
Vashti King
Vashti King Il y a 8 jours
Acts of Democratics islamphobics, terrorism is democrats secret codes, IMPEACH democrats
Art Alchemy
Art Alchemy Il y a 8 jours
Bring charges against Apple!!!!
Connie Ferguson
Connie Ferguson Il y a 9 jours
They want to hunt they can use a fork.. Stupid bypass lays for our enemies are amazing..
MsJollycholly Il y a 9 jours
Our mose secure and tactically important bases are getting ready to allow all those 'other' saudis (850 of them) BACK for 'training'. If you think this is a mistake - call the White House because THAT's who is greenlighting this lunacy (for cash, of course). If the Saudi's pay - we'll give them the keys to the ranch.
Maximus Desimus
Maximus Desimus Il y a 9 jours
Our troops need to be armed on bases!!! It is criminal in my opinion to leave our troops unprotected on our bases!!!!
Clark Kent
Clark Kent Il y a 9 jours
I think the Navy should be carrying guns on base.
Clark Kent
Clark Kent Il y a 9 jours
Bill Barr has fixed the FBI working to keep us safe.
Clark Kent
Clark Kent Il y a 9 jours
That was covered up
Paul zozak
Paul zozak Il y a 9 jours
A fascist dictatorship depends on dirtbags and scum like bill barr to survive
marry shirbroun
marry shirbroun Il y a 9 jours
Let military members with concealed carry permit carry on base
Randall Herrick
Randall Herrick Il y a 9 jours
MsJollycholly Il y a 9 jours
All military check points should have at least TWO (2) K9 military dogs with handlers so that any interloper who dares to act out will have their throats eviscerated the instant they begin to draw a weapon! These are valuable assets (K9 members); let's unleash them on our saudi 'student' ENEMIES!
Sue Elias
Sue Elias Il y a 9 jours
Saudi had weapons and Americans did not?
Handsome White Devil
Handsome White Devil Il y a 9 jours
Who cares what they call it? Just prevent it.
SegoMan Il y a 9 jours
Bath House Barry would have called this work place violence..
MAGA DEATH Il y a 9 jours
Barr is crooked AF. Lock him up!
James Ryzlot
James Ryzlot Il y a 9 jours
This is not an act of terrorism it is an act of stupidity and gun free zones. Morons in military JR
Library Files
Library Files Il y a 9 jours
Why do we train foes?
Gilbert Couto
Gilbert Couto Il y a 9 jours
RahRah Siscumbah
RahRah Siscumbah Il y a 9 jours
Why have you not told the AMERICAN PEOPLE about the 100-130+ pilots and foreigners trained in our facilities who have disappeared WITHOUT A TRACE into our country? This allegedly occurred a few months ago. I have also yet to find one news outlet that has covered this. WHY? WHY ATE YOU HIDING THIS. It would allow people to pay attention and report odd behaviors.
Do Ee
Do Ee Il y a 9 jours
How many drone strikes did Obama do without congressional approval?
George Zink
George Zink Il y a 9 jours
Fake concern .arm our soldiers .we go to war its ok then .so arm our people
George Zink
George Zink Il y a 9 jours
Who trust the damm fakers of fbi
George Zink
George Zink Il y a 9 jours
Arm our people
Joyce Laurito
Joyce Laurito Il y a 9 jours
Excellent job 🔝
George Zink
George Zink Il y a 9 jours
Send them back in body bags
Joyce Laurito
Joyce Laurito Il y a 9 jours
Thank you
Just Sarah
Just Sarah Il y a 9 jours
Richard Willette
Richard Willette Il y a 9 jours
Yeah but Saudis buy stuff from us so they get a pass
doodle boy
doodle boy Il y a 10 jours
I wonder how Pelosi and Schiff will spin this as the fault of the US military and root it back to Trump?! watch this space as you know it coming...
Bill Scott
Bill Scott Il y a 10 jours
& remember the USS Liberty..we have NO FRIENDS in the ME!
Nigel Duncan-Adam
Nigel Duncan-Adam Il y a 10 jours
It's the same everywhere we trained the Argentine officers and N.C.O.s then fought them in the Falklands.
Mark Winters
Mark Winters Il y a 10 jours
So which one of you Trumptards is going to bit@h about trump sending American troops to protect the Saudi king. The king has money right? And Trump loves money. Our troops for Trump doing the king there a favor. That sounds about right.
Jay Bird
Jay Bird Il y a 10 jours
Dems better get on the right side of history.
Jay Bird
Jay Bird Il y a 10 jours
Thanks a lot Pelosi Schiff and Nadler for demeaning and denigrating America, and placing in danger our military service members.
Mark Heideman
Mark Heideman Il y a 10 jours
Bilderberg Barr
William Arnn
William Arnn Il y a 10 jours
With all the gun control we have in place a foreigner was able to get a gun. So much for background checks. Politicians, this is another fine mess you've got us into.
Bron Jon
Bron Jon Il y a 10 jours
The Federal Government should use whatever leverage they can to force Apple and Tim Cook to finally open up their products to full inspection . They are supporting terrorists and criminal players internationally. Apple products are the terrorists main choice for use cuz they know their crimes are safe.. They are protecting child rapists and traffickers and pornographers as well as Islamic terrorists.
MrSwimfinz123 Il y a 10 jours
...Vegas needs to open some betting lines on "...whether or not anyone will be arrested." I kinda doubt it, all show, no go.
Manakara Il y a 10 jours
You are a snake Barr,, a coward and a traitor to the USA. get out of my world.
John Littlejohn
John Littlejohn Il y a 10 jours
The corruption in the American Government & Agencies is an act of terrorism against not only the citizenry of their own Country, but in violation of the RICO act with most other countries of the World: with full intent and consent against the human race: and no penalties meted out for the very top controllers enacting and allowing it, even though they openly promoted the activities for multiple decades. ..,.. ?????
AlwaysWellSaid Jane
AlwaysWellSaid Jane Il y a 10 jours
Is Nancy a party goer or a Catholic 'sister'? Guess for how many years?
AlwaysWellSaid Jane
AlwaysWellSaid Jane Il y a 10 jours
naive? did they recently get stupid? well admit some of them are in a senile zone/ rude?and helpful meds...hey, maybe Trump isn't afraid to face that problem logically either!!!! Could have taken on the losers before they started this sort of switch-a-roo. Where's the 'round table'? But that interview is with a drug fried burnout (if you don't have first hand experience with such) you don't have a clue...just faith and grace. Biden's busy being Obama cool now.
AlwaysWellSaid Jane
AlwaysWellSaid Jane Il y a 10 jours
times change....hum...naive is not good.
wild DeVine blessins
wild DeVine blessins Il y a 10 jours
At times like these so dreadful and dark I have to remember the days of slavery where all manners of evil done to use all legally and mercilessly where does the madness end on all sides
Douglas Brannon
Douglas Brannon Il y a 10 jours
We already knew that .
David Benard
David Benard Il y a 10 jours
Our Attorney General Is involved with a Russian Mobster a couple Fox news commentator Attorneys and the three stooges Giuliani and his 2 hired hands Parnas and his sidekick everyone gets a Piece ! One gets charges against him squashed others get $ a Donald gets his investigation after distroying a life long honorable service of Marie Yovonivch. Barr must be prosicuted to full extent of the law !!
Augusta Vaughan
Augusta Vaughan Il y a 10 jours
No more immigration!