ABORT: Starship SN9 Static Fire Attempts Aborted

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SpaceX is conducting a static fire test with Starship SN9 in Boca Chica, Texas. If all goes well, a successful test will clear the way for a test flight in the coming days.

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20 janv. 2021




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Commentaires 42
doire aintu
doire aintu Il y a mois
hoiy vinosa
hoiy vinosa Il y a mois
Why? 😩
110 110
110 110 Il y a mois
US communism
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov Il y a mois
2:01:10 CARR
seiom jvony
seiom jvony Il y a mois
Abort! Abort!
doire aintu
doire aintu Il y a mois
Why? 😩
I CAN Il y a mois
Nice good
bilishu aliss
bilishu aliss Il y a mois
42 zap
42 zap Il y a mois
Elon Musk is not a dr von Braun and THAT is what’s missing here
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov Il y a mois
I appreciate this so much! Lol ❤️
xxxtentacion fan
xxxtentacion fan Il y a mois
seiom jvony
seiom jvony Il y a mois
it looks primitive. doomed to failure
kworkshop Il y a mois
quite pog
Rudy lugo
Rudy lugo Il y a mois
Look at the bird 🕊️ at the top lol
Chad Lickinstein
Chad Lickinstein Il y a mois
Abort! Abort!
Amin Biglary
Amin Biglary Il y a mois
bilishu aliss
bilishu aliss Il y a mois
Edge Edge
Edge Edge Il y a mois
Cape near Florida
Allen Gonzalez
Allen Gonzalez Il y a mois
Guys, is it me or these Raptors engines always have a problem and a fault, all the time there is something wrong with them, why can't they use the merlin engines that the Falcon 9 uses? since apparently these never fail and always work without problems
Lensflare Deviant
Lensflare Deviant Il y a mois
Always? Nonsense. Also the F9 uses a fuel that is not available anywhere but earth and that's counter to their plans to use resources located off earth someday. Rocket engine design is not easy and it will be a work in progress for sometime yet since it's a more complex design.
Jenny Davies
Jenny Davies Il y a mois
@Persesemi True, but there is two tests going on here - one is the ship itself and its handling abilities and the other is the propulsion system. As we are abundantly aware the present propulsion system (i.e Raptor) is holding back the ship testing schedule, so swap out the Raptors for some proven Merlin(s) engines and perfect that part of the tests. In the meantime those Raptors need to go back to the test shop at McGregor and start to test them "off line" as it were in a mockup SN Skirt 20 feet off the ground.
Persesemi Il y a mois
TL;DR Raptor is more efficient engine but is difficult to manufacture. Those failures are expected from the tests. Simply put, you won't learn unless you fail.
iikiqxrnn Il y a mois
Bruh 6 hours
Gierdziu Gaming
Gierdziu Gaming Il y a mois
2:01:10 CARR
Gierdziu Gaming
Gierdziu Gaming Il y a mois
@Joon - young dude with kayaks just flooring it xd
Joon - young
Joon - young Il y a mois
l don’t think that’s supposed to happen 😂
SkyNetAndChill Il y a mois
You Guys can keep staring at a piece of steel entertaining for over 6 hours. NASA experts were running out of things to say when SLS was on hold for 30 minutes. NASA take notes!
JoeySpeed Il y a mois
Why? 😩
Copper Rabbit
Copper Rabbit Il y a mois
Why can't this be condensed into the main points. 6 hours to find nothing. Well done as always Nasa. Just search for spacex fans instead guys.
Piotr Z
Piotr Z Il y a mois
Bruh this was a livestream
Sean Kelly
Sean Kelly Il y a mois
The Isle of Skye is NOT in England. It’s in Scotland. You got your best fish n chips in SCOTLAND. Calling something that’s Scottish “English” or “England” is the single most insulting thing you can say to Scots. The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is made up of Wales, Northern Ireland, Scotland and England.... 4 countries. England is a part of the uk or Britain. England is not the UK, England is NOT Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland. Is the USA called California? Is Miami called California?
Jenny Davies
Jenny Davies Il y a mois
well according to hollywood.....
Mario Di Stefano
Mario Di Stefano Il y a mois
I think is very frustrating for us, sitting many hours seeing, but it is sure even more frustrating for the technician who is attending to all this....
Mario Di Stefano
Mario Di Stefano Il y a mois
@Ori Taylor hahahahaa! VERY FUNNY !!!!
Ori Taylor
Ori Taylor Il y a mois
Difference is they're getting paid
Keith Dean
Keith Dean Il y a mois
it looks primitive. doomed to failure
Илья Il y a mois
u primitive
Wayne Levett
Wayne Levett Il y a mois
Thanks for your time and efforts.
Patch T
Patch T Il y a mois
Keeping the faith and the enthusiasm... As on lookers we know, this is The R&D that is a absolutely necessity to succeed and learn new information... Normally R & D is a lot more tedious then watching this Rocket's aborts... Looked to be rewarded and inspired when this rocket "does flies and lands with out disassembly... " your rhetoric is absolutely perfect and well done for being the "audience" not in the know" of what is actually going on... and sharing this Wonderful process with the world.... Well done!!! Great work guys!
durward saar
durward saar Il y a mois
LOL Space travel is fiction.
John Waddington
John Waddington Il y a mois
How do you know its an abort and not a PID controller self tuning run ?
Ojas Il y a mois
What's the issue??
Orestes Delgado
Orestes Delgado Il y a mois
let go to see on ready rocket luck go up sky that good and down to see landing?
Szabó Bence
Szabó Bence Il y a mois
lets good bad rocket language lucky speak down cannot english
Chris Harrop
Chris Harrop Il y a mois
ready rocket no fly up when abort good is bad for landing acquisition manager
Zenn Labs
Zenn Labs Il y a mois
They abort everytime the condensation is dripping down the rocket. Not surprised
Geoff Roberts
Geoff Roberts Il y a mois
Any word on what the problem/s is/are yet?
T T Il y a mois
Probably because there was a closure violation
Rob M.
Rob M. Il y a mois
🤷‍♂️ Flat battery?
Sherry Lennon DeWitt
Sherry Lennon DeWitt
Chesi _7_0_7
Chesi _7_0_7 Il y a mois
SN9 has had more abortions than the State of California 😂😂
Jaffa Calling
Jaffa Calling Il y a mois
More abortions than every Kardashian combined.
I Am A Duck
I Am A Duck Il y a mois
They should scrap SN9 at this point. Thing seems way too unreliable. Move on to SN10
Rob M.
Rob M. Il y a mois
@Steelworks Media For all of my flippant posts earlier, I absolutely agree with you. You're spot-on on all counts. I'm an R&D engineer, but sometimes throw off the shackles and have a giggle, I've had plenty of laughs poked at me over the years. It kinda goes with the territory 😁
Steelworks Media
Steelworks Media Il y a mois
I think it is good for keeping SN9 and working through the problem. Problems coming up without explosions teaches them the hardware. It is also informative on what works and what doesn't work. It is a prototype for a reason and why they do not formally inform the problic what is going on. NasaSpaceFlight, nothing against them, is just speculating what SpaceX is trying to do.
Rob M.
Rob M. Il y a mois
@I Am A Duck🙄 some people just don't get this stuff.......😁😂🤣🤣
Rob M.
Rob M. Il y a mois
No way man, she's good as gold. Fresh plugs, fuel filter, air filter, oil change and a wee exorcism, she'll be right as a kite. First time, right on the key....VOOOM! Simples innit.🙄
Ojas Il y a mois
@I Am A Duck not when it coincides with Friday lol
Damien Spectre
Damien Spectre Il y a mois
Im so glad I dont wait around for 9 hours just tae see an abort
Termitreter Il y a mois
Maybe dont do that then? Aborts happen all the time.
Calmdown. Il y a mois
better than 9 months
Anni C
Anni C Il y a mois
There's always tomorrow.
Icy Cooldrink
Icy Cooldrink Il y a mois
Plus, there's always money in the banana stand.
B N Il y a mois
SN9 Static Fire: 1:41:45 Abort.#1 2:21:00 ~||~ #2 3:32:04 ~||~ #3 4:30:00 ~||~ #4 5:26:09 ~||~ #5
SKM Il y a mois
@B N yes!
B N Il y a mois
@SKM that's my quote.😉
SKM Il y a mois
Not all capes wear hero’s
JK Il y a mois
Today SpaceX is practicing aborts quickly in succession
42 zap
42 zap Il y a mois
@calgar hmmm you might have a point here. Hate to think how to model or test the relevant fluid dynamics involved. The more reason I believe SpaceX should be open to us fans, so we might follow the engineering challenges closely. After all we are not "in a war" with anyone, are we?
calgar Il y a mois
@Jenny Davies quite the opposite ! the problem isnt the engine but the behaviour of the fuel during the belly flop ,dont get impatient this is actual rocket science :)
calgar Il y a mois
to be fair they lost the last prototype due to a lack of pressure i m not surprized they would test extensively a lot of different fuel configurations and settings !
42 zap
42 zap Il y a mois
@Jenny Davies sure looks like that
Jordan Wenger
Jordan Wenger Il y a mois
Wow 3 in a row unbelievable
Department Of Defense
2:14:57 First siren before abort. 4:29:33 Second Abort. 5:52:12 Pure venting, nothing to see here. 27:41 Transition from Grass vent to Pad Cleared
SKM Il y a mois
Ok thanks
Autum Il y a mois
People: come on do a static fire! SpaceX/SN9: haha abort button go brrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Department Of Defense
Anyways was fun seeing SN9 even after the 3 aborts
Department Of Defense
J. Balvin - Ma' G
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