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Ah yes, my whole childhood of spending hours upon hours looking for that one movie they never had. A huge part of our recent culture, and one of the most spectacular modern bankruptcies, Blockbuster was the best.
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19 août 2016




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Commentaires 9 339
Diego Godinez
Diego Godinez Il y a jour
Just wait, Netflix will shut down when Disney plus comes
TheAirealGamer Il y a 5 jours
Welp, this is why blockbuster went out of business, because of netflix
Angel Santos
Angel Santos Il y a 5 jours
Netflix co-founder Marc Randolph said, in his words, “Blockbuster laughed at us, they declined our $50 million offer in 2000, now there’s only one store left”.
Ryan Edwards
Ryan Edwards Il y a 6 jours
Now only 1 blockbuster remains in Bend, Oregon. The rest in the world are gone.
Kons37 Flyingreapper
Kons37 Flyingreapper Il y a 7 jours
The scars will make us remember
TampaOutlaw Il y a 7 jours
Don't worry blockbuster in about 5-10 years Netflix will join you
Marc Field
Marc Field Il y a 8 jours
As of 2019 there is only one left in Bend Origon. It is an independent Mom and Pop shop. If you go to thire website and go to the find a location tab there is only one listing.
Thomas Sparrow
Thomas Sparrow Il y a 8 jours
Who remembers Erol's Video...?
Weston Bourgeois
Weston Bourgeois Il y a 9 jours
I miss blockbuster. They had the best gum ball machines
111 boy
111 boy Il y a 12 jours
In Craigmore south Australia There's a lot and I Mean a LOT of blockbusters it's Cool all abandoned
Ford And Mabel Pines
Ford And Mabel Pines Il y a 13 jours
I remember seeing an abandoned Block Buster in Mississippi and I was just like "oh look!"
Dominick Gonzalez
Dominick Gonzalez Il y a 13 jours
So basically everyone’s favorite movie watching app in 2019 killed the most iconic movie rental place fuck Netflix now lmao
Texas Patriot
Texas Patriot Il y a 14 jours
I miss Blockbuster
WALLMARIO234 Il y a 15 jours
2:45 Blockbuster merge with Viacom. HOW??? Then it's called Block TV Stands for BTV
syxepop Il y a 8 jours
WALLMARIO234, as Jake told later in the video VIA (now ViacomCBS) separated themselves later on from Blockbuster before their last bankruptcies.
OBServe Garage
OBServe Garage Il y a 17 jours
I’ve had sex with 4 different Blockbuster video girls in 4 different stores. I miss going to Blockbuster video back in my single days!
AidanC97 Il y a 17 jours
1:51 the eventual owner of the Florida Marlins, Oh boy
syxepop Il y a 8 jours
AidanC97, check out Kevin Perjurer's ( Defunctland ) video on the theme park (bigger than Universal's, smaller than WDW) he wanted to build in Miramar (Broward County), FL before being bought by Viacom. The latter dumped the project very fast... PS: At the time Wayne was also owner of the NHL Florida Panthers, so having those and the Marlins fitted with the theme park, as he would move there both professional teams.
Tatiana Gyori
Tatiana Gyori Il y a 17 jours
my blockbuster turned into some vitamin shop lol
rich cerasale
rich cerasale Il y a 18 jours
the blockbuster in billerica ma closed in the spring of 2011
_ Il y a 18 jours
W8, Blockbuster went out in 2010-2011? Blockbuster was my childhood *Damn I'm old*
DJ RKCR YT Il y a 19 jours
I still got an n64 game from blockbuster
Howard G
Howard G Il y a 19 jours
Streaming videos and online videos killed so much of this market. Redbox is the only thing left resembling Blockbuster. the last blockbuster store i remember paying attention to in St. Cloud, MN became Harbor Tool and Freight Company.
DTWD 904
DTWD 904 Il y a 19 jours
Who remembers Movie Gallery 🎥 🍿
111 boy
111 boy Il y a 20 jours
Hello every besides the people Who disliked the video
Boleslaw Petroski
Boleslaw Petroski Il y a 21 jour
the unholy trinity of blockbuster, sears, and toys r us
Charles Bronson
Charles Bronson Il y a 22 jours
I miss block buster
Kelly Joe Brentner
Kelly Joe Brentner Il y a 23 jours
What made Blockbuster sketchy towards the end?
Jason Waks
Jason Waks Il y a 24 jours
There’s a blockbuster and a circuit city near my home and every time you go there between 12 to 4 in the night there’s always someone either getting killed taking drugs or worse
Nick Lopez
Nick Lopez Il y a 21 jour
What street city an state...ima buy one out for my sake
soldatheero Il y a 26 jours
"even though bb was becoming a sketchy place to go towards the end"
MrMario2011 Il y a 26 jours
That Blockbuster at 10:33 might be the sketchiest one I've ever seen.
Beth Hamilton
Beth Hamilton Il y a 26 jours
at the time of watching this there is 1 blockbuster open in the world
Jacob Nelson
Jacob Nelson Il y a 29 jours
Great Video! Would love to see one about Discovery Zone!!
Mike Bastoni
Mike Bastoni Il y a 29 jours
I thought they could have buy Netflix for 1 million dollars
Mike Fitch
Mike Fitch Il y a 29 jours
Awesome exploration!
Leonard Gelin
Leonard Gelin Il y a 29 jours
I can’t help but notice Jake’s voice sounds like Mr. Beat.
khfan4life365 Il y a mois
I still kinda miss this store.
AlekWheeler Il y a mois
Watching this at the gym...that was once a Blockbuster
Джо Маклауд
do Crystal Palace
Megs Bushrod
Megs Bushrod Il y a mois
@ 5:55 that was the blockbuster in Hull, I remember it closing . Many memories spent in there chasing my niece round to get her off of the demo PlayStation lmao . It’s an Iceland now 😒
Jake Tanner
Jake Tanner Il y a mois
Family Video is still around. I go there all the time.
John Case
John Case Il y a mois
Glad I sold all my stock in Blockbuster and reinvested into Netflix.
Masterethan 135
Masterethan 135 Il y a mois
Blockbuster always had the movie I want to watch Something Netflix still can’t get right
VoodooBeats Il y a mois
Three intros. Get over yourself
Paul Renteria
Paul Renteria Il y a mois
The excitement of walking into BlockBusters every Friday night with my dad to pick out a couple movies to watch for the weekends movie nights.... We had rented the Napoleon Dynamite movie from there lol.... Great memories man.
thejago55 Il y a mois
This makes me so sad
Jared Herman
Jared Herman Il y a mois
"That'll be $40 please" "I'll be back for your whole company, just you wait"
RadRich Il y a mois
You can't play the _Happy Day's_ song!
Aaron Ashton
Aaron Ashton Il y a mois
"geological location"....I think you mean geographical... :P
North Star Coasters
theres a Family Video in my hometown that's been there for ages!
Grassley b
Grassley b Il y a mois
I live in Oregon... Its where the last bloxbuter left Im going to blockbuster
Non-stop Pops!
Non-stop Pops! Il y a mois
I miss blockbuster so much... The memories..... Also my blockbuster(s) were replaced by a mattress store, a second hand shop and a liquor store.
Trey Canafax
Trey Canafax Il y a mois
You can still see the advertisement posters in the window of the old blockbuster in my town
Paula Johnson
Paula Johnson Il y a mois
The only memories of Blockbuster in this city are their grimy stores, ripoff prices and rigged late fees. We bought DVD's in like-new condition from independent dealers for next to nothing. No one here misses Blockbuster.
Makaveli Il y a mois
RIP Blockbuster
Wardo Gangsta
Wardo Gangsta Il y a mois
The only time I recall going into a Blockbusters when I was a toddler to go buy a pop
Maddox Gamer 2411
Maddox Gamer 2411 Il y a mois
i remember going to blockbuster im 12 now
Maddox Gamer 2411
Maddox Gamer 2411 Il y a mois
i remember going to blockbuster im 12 now
eastside49er Il y a mois
And now there is only one Blockbuster Video left which can be found in Bend, Oregon. Ironically, Family Video, which was established in 1978, 7 years before Blockbuster Video, is still going strong with 700 locations in NA.
Adrian Alvarez
Adrian Alvarez Il y a mois
Rip Sears,Kmart,Blockbuster,and ToysRUs,they will all be missed 4:37 I remember seeing game-rush commercial😂
LemieuxWolf YT
LemieuxWolf YT Il y a mois
11:06 I was thinking it was family video... Huh I thought there was only one of them... where I live.
Zach Casper
Zach Casper Il y a mois
2:21 is actually really close to where I live so that’s nice to see some hometown stuff in a famous vid
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