A24 Is Killing It

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No intellectual property, no superheroes, just an abiding love for moviemaking. That’s what you’ll find at A24. This company has made an indelible niche for itself in the entertainment industry: Their brand of cinema is unlike anything else, and they consistently release movies that are critically acclaimed and appreciated by movie lovers of all stripes. That also includes the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences, who awarded the company Best Picture, in a tight field and a close call, for Moonlight, directed by Barry Jenkins.
This video tribute to A24 will re-introduce you to their stellar stable of recent releases, and also calls out their particular brand of horror, often characterized by ecological and psychological threats-after seeing the trailer for Hereditary, starring Toni Collette, I thought it was worth mentioning the approach they take to scary movies. Enjoy, and please do yourself (and the movie industry) a favor and buy a ticket to see an A24 film as soon as possible.
If you are now, like us, obsessed with all things A24, be sure to check out our videos and articles on some of their other amazing movies: “Lady Bird,” “A Ghost Story,” and “Good Time.”




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Commentaires 37
Danial bin Nordin
Danial bin Nordin Il y a 13 jours
Even your background music is terrifying. I like that 😏😏😏😏👌
followerofshrek Il y a mois
I think A24 will be remembered as one of the all time great production companies in Hollywood.
sleeping songbirds
sleeping songbirds Il y a 5 mois
I didn’t even know the two of my favorite horror movies were made by them It comes at night and the witch :)
Sean Fitzgerald
Sean Fitzgerald Il y a 8 mois
I watch every a24 movie. I'm looking forward to seeing the lighthouse
Not Your Dad
Not Your Dad Il y a an
Hell yes
magic films
magic films Il y a an
I know that isn’t their thing...but imagine if a24 did make superhero films. Imagine if superhero films were no longer dumb...loud...summer blockbusters, and instead intellectual stories, with deep characterization and storytelling.
The Raul Guerrero G
Yeah, this is accurate
eltresdedos Il y a an
that was deep-ly disturbing
Charlie Il y a an
Not even a mention for 20th century woman? One of the most beautiful films by A24
Travis Il y a an
Movie @ 0.36?
pj Il y a an
god bless a24
AKNetworkEdit Il y a an
Under the Skin was great, The Florida Project great, Ex Machina was great. Green Room great....Moonlight however was terrible, the main high profile actor, Mahershala Ali disappears without mention.
Joe Coe
Joe Coe Il y a an
Is there a reason why The Disaster Artist doesn't get a mention? Oscar nominated film if you forgotten.
ehhnachow Il y a an
nice essay. well done!
César D. Lerma
César D. Lerma Il y a an
A24 just does the distribution, the art behind those comes from the Filmmakers minds, A24 just has a good eye as a distributor. It doesn’t produce or am i wrong?
MicoDossun Il y a an
César Delgado I think there’s a few exceptions. For example I believe Trey Edward Shults was in a contract to make two movies for A24. I can’t say how frequently that is or the extent of what they do when they don’t just buy movies to distribute though.
Andrew Il y a an
I just hate that they don't sell their own titles through their site. They should make year by year collections.
dao some
dao some Il y a an
Alexander Feustel
A24 is extremely overrated. They are a distributor for the most part and have only produced a few movies themselves. There are also several bad A24 movies, such as Woodshock for example.
MicoDossun Il y a an
Alexander Feustel as much as I love the great A24 movies no one tends to mention that A Glimpse Into The Mind Of Charles Swan III is absolutely horrible. Lately though A24 has two sets of movies. The ones they pick out and distribute themselves and the ones direcTV distributes through A24. Almost all the direcTV ones are bad
Ahmad Fadhillah
Ahmad Fadhillah Il y a an
A24 makes me learn film 🎥
Lung Il y a an
I love absolutely love and respect A24. They are getting behind such great work and filmmakers that they've almost singlehandedly restored my faith in serious western cinema.
Alexander Feustel
A24 is mainly distributing movies. They have only produced a few themselves.
Pyro-Nexus Il y a an
As much as I love A24, you're giving them waaaay more credit, than they deserve. They're a pretty cool studio, but they didn't bring anything new to the horror genre, let's be fair. Ooh, horror without monsters, like that's never been made before. Reliance on oppressive atmosphere and portrayal of eerie and terrifying worlds? God. Check out Kiyoshi Kurosawa, maybe. I suggest starting with Cure, as it has all the features, that you attribute to A24's films. Oh and Ex Machina is not scary one bit. Tbh this video feels like it was made by one of those highbrow film buffs, who never cared about the horror genre, never seen many films in that genre, but who genuinely believed for all these years, that horror is a genre for entertainment, with no potential for art. Because, why else would you perceive A24's films as some sort of revelation, some kind of departure from traditional horror films? Yeah, the majority of horror films *are* garbage, I won't argue about that, but there's always been tons of great horror films for the audience to explore. And also, if you watch Halloween, Texas Chainsaw Massacre or even Nightmare on Elm Street, and think it's about monsters, you don't understand shit about horror.
André Lapa
André Lapa Il y a an
Neoner Films
Neoner Films Il y a an
BTW A24 is killing it!!
Kathiravan Ganesh
Mcu, dceu, star Wars, reboots man films with woman,lots of sequel These are destroying the people's minds because people watch same thing again and again But thanks for A24 A24 gives original story and give hope for good movies
Jerry Gil
Jerry Gil Il y a 9 mois
I agree with you except for Star Wars. I love Star Wars too
Alexander Feustel
A24 does not though. They mainly distribute movies, but they rarely produce ones themselves.
Sean Ramsdell
Sean Ramsdell Il y a an
Soon, they'll give us the same thing over and over
Rudie Obias
Rudie Obias Il y a an
"A24 Is Killing It." Yeah, but not with general audiences. I watched THE WITCH, IT COMES AT NIGHT, EX-MACHINA, A GHOST STORY, UNDER THE SKIN, and HEREDITARY with general audiences in regular corporate movie theaters like AMC or Regal. And I could feel the people hating every minute of those movies. No one was happy they paid money to see them in theaters. I love A24, but regular, non-movie people, do not. Hell, I highly doubt the average person knows what A24 is.
Dhan_man 07404
Dhan_man 07404 Il y a 4 mois
It sucks cos I used to be one of those people who'd never heard of them. I used to just go out watch films n forget about them then my uncle made me watch good time and the Florida project( amazing a24 films btw) and it got me into loving cinema for the first time and this was when I was 14. I have massively expanded my knowledge of cinema like watching classic films for way before I was born to new genres of never bothered watching like westerns or dramas to even films from different markets. Cos of a24 and their amazing track record of amazing films I started to love cinema not just as entertainment but as some work of art and it's amazing to see original idea that have stunning cinematography like hereditary or slow west. I can remember more a24 films than general Hollywood shit but it sucks many people don't appreciate them as much they're one of the few companies left respecting how original films lead to great forms of media.
Master Superblaster
Master Superblaster Il y a 10 mois
Much like the general population, general theater audiences are brain dead/brainwashed zombies with the attention span of a gnat and need to be spoonfed, told what to think/what to like and how to feel.
xpstar214 Il y a an
They're just brain dead millennials who rather suck the dick of marvel, that's all :/ Don't get me wrong, marvel can be entertaining, but they're not all there is to hollywood
Jacob Dominguez
Jacob Dominguez Il y a an
A24 is indeed killing it. 👍
syarifah sadiyah
a24 never fails me
A Gentleman
A Gentleman Il y a an
Ugh, can we just gush over The Killing of a Sacred Deer? It's such a fucking great movie, it kind of redefined horror for me.
J Il y a an
I left the cinema feeling like somebody punched me in the stomach ... which is a good thing. It was deeply unsettling for me
Dion Wyn
Dion Wyn Il y a an
Spring Break Forever!
Sean Ramsdell
Sean Ramsdell Il y a an
Will they ever do an animated movie someday?
Danial bin Nordin
Danial bin Nordin Il y a 13 jours
Adult animated film. 😏 but no sex 🤣
Lilly Rose
Lilly Rose Il y a mois
I could see something like Coraline being under their belts
Pope Goat
Pope Goat Il y a 2 mois
God, I hope not.
Yogi Syahputra
Yogi Syahputra Il y a an
Sean Ramsdell
Sean Ramsdell Il y a an
My first one was 20th Century Women
Jonathan T
Jonathan T Il y a an
I was thinking exactly that the other day. Future and present of great film.
Griffin Hicks
Griffin Hicks Il y a an
I would give my left nut to work for this company
Hugh-John Fleming
Hugh-John Fleming Il y a 6 mois
Soooooo... go get a job.
felipe De la cerda Burotto
Griffin Hicks is it your favorite nut?
YX Lau
YX Lau Il y a an
yes A24!!!! i can't imagine my love for cinema without them. they continuously challenge the definitions of a "good film". i absolutely love the cinematography and quality the films present to us. it's so so so amazing
S A Il y a an
Yess A24! Keep supporting good work... 👍👍
I like Philip's essays but this was really bad. It did not for once talk about their distribution model, how they choose their films. Instead it talked about things that should be included in the directors video essay. A24 did not have anything to do with the merits that he mentioned in the video.
Pyro-Nexus Il y a an
Jonathan Bicker I think, what you describe as this "feel" is only in the mind of the audience. Yes, they do pick a certain type of films for distribution, but I didn't see anything in common between, say, The VVitch and It Comes at Night. Except maybe for the fact, that they feel like 2010s films. But that's not exclusive to A24, and it's rather narrow-minded to imply so. Of course, Paramount and Fox don't have that feel, perhaps because they're from the previous century or because the majority of their films are big-budget blockbusters. Pick any average 2010s indi films and it's gonna feel like an A24 film.
Jonathan Bicker Something that u describe as "feel" is only created by a film maker. I have nothing against A24. But the points that are mentioned are Sorely due to the filmmaker. The video essay does not examine anything regarding what A24 is actually doing that is worth applauding. Sure A24 is worth applauding, but the video essay.... It just feels like a promotional piece. What really saddens me is one of the best video essayist had his name attached to it.
Jonathan Bicker
Jonathan Bicker Il y a an
Eh! I disagree. I think Fandor has a point - obviously, you guys are picking up on the fact that the filmmakers are the ones making the art - and you’re not wrong - but I think this essay hits on a good point. A24 films do have a certain “feel,” and that is unusual since Paramount and Fox etc... Essentially don’t have a feel. A24 is just big enough of a company to be selective and have a more curated collection of films from a particular set of filmmakers, almost more like the BBS production company in the 70’s... And, in my opinion, that’s worth applauding!
Pyro-Nexus Il y a an
Yes, I'd rather hear about their work as a production company, than this silly attempt to attribute various directing and writing styles to a production company.
joeypropeller Il y a an
Agreed. How did an A24 "style" come about from so many different filmmakers? That's what I'd like to know.
Fabio González
Fabio González Il y a an
I agree. Long live A24.
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