A Vengeful Trump Strikes Out At His Enemies, Fires Vindman & Sondland During "Friday Night Massac…

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On Friday, the President kicked off a post-acquittal purge of his administration, firing impeachment witnesses Amb. Gordon Sondland and Lt. Alexander Vindman. #Monologue #Comedy #Colbert
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Commentaires 80
John Palmer
John Palmer Il y a 3 jours
John a Palmer
Robert Spies
Robert Spies Il y a 13 jours
Remember when late night talk shows were there all liberal mouth peices
randy tabron
randy tabron Il y a 19 jours
All I see is a clown trying to put President down and the people who voted for him not working make you look crazy
Brandon Kay
Brandon Kay Il y a 20 jours
Unpopular opinion: Billie eilish has one decent song
Arnatri Bandopadhyay
Arnatri Bandopadhyay Il y a 22 jours
That Hannibal Lecter impression was brilliant!
Ryan Friedman
Ryan Friedman Il y a 25 jours
Was Billie Eilish in the audience?
Randall Ketcher
Randall Ketcher Il y a 26 jours
Listen GROUP LIFE is not the future of all life and the dominant force populous of all life is not communistic GROUP LIFE IS AN OIL FIRST SPECTRUM DEFINED WORLD THIS MEANS THEY HAVE AN INDEPENDENT PLACE IN SPACE my best explanation I thought the Croatians, life of the independent land and ground of creatures was going to be an oil first spectrum defined world but when they were finalizing their world they were not oil first just an independent spectrum defined world. OIL FIRST WORLDS ARE INDEPENDENT PLACES IN SPACE AND INDEPENDENT LIFE-FORCES AND INDEPENDENT FORMULAS FOR LIFE AND SPECTRUM DEFINED WORLDS ARE POPULOUS'S POPULATIONS TYPES KINDS now spectrum defined worlds are independent you know like they are out making their own globes planets galaxies orion's but they are actually renting out independent space ALL THE POWER OF A WORLD JUST NOT AN INDEPENDENT PLACE IN SPACE America is my satellite *I am thee only life of the material sulphur* California is my world where I have so many CONTINENTALS in a world all the life builds up to being CONTINENTALS but I move on to developing AMERICA a satellite I have 318 million citizens 56 billion passengers and unlimited dents we are expansive NOW I AM A CITIZEN IN AMERICA and all the life of AMERICA works with myself with adult self produces skeletons to make up all the countries of the GLOBE that is EARTH Earth is all sulphur based. THEE ONLY DIRECT ORIGINS OF ALL LIFE IS IRON so like all the iron of the natural formation material that is sulphur only forms myself the formation origins of life is not from an organic pregnant body of origin SORRY I JUST THOUGHT ABOUT YOU ALL SAYING WELL CAN'T I JUST PINCH OFF AND GROW BACK NO I WOULD BE A CASUALTY AND I WOULD BE THE LIFE THAT FORMS BACK MYSELF NETFLIX
David DeLaney
David DeLaney Il y a 27 jours
it puts the bronzer on its skin... --Dave, so do we call a kangaroo court an "elephant court" now?
Chanda Harkins
Chanda Harkins Il y a mois
I don't know why, but I laughed until I cried after that sign fell off the podium. Thank goodness for comedy relief!
And I thought Roman emperors Caligula, Nero or Heliogabalus were arrogant, weird and annoying, now I look at my computer or watch TV and see oh! Donald Trump and found their equivalent of the XXI century!!!
LtJackboot Il y a mois
6:02 I'm with the dems on this one.
Daniel Arpin
Daniel Arpin Il y a mois
Nobody cares about Billy Ugly
Jacqueline White
Jacqueline White Il y a mois
I read that photo of Trump was taken by an admirer who photoshopped it to make it look like Trump was glowing in the sun. Supposedly he does have a foundation line, but not quite as pronounced.
Jacqueline White
Jacqueline White Il y a mois
Joaquin is right, cows are artificially impregnated, especially, but not only, on factory farms. I love Joaquin, he is a wonderful voice for animals.
eveny119 Il y a mois
I vote for Extinction causing Meteor !
柳岑焉 Il y a mois
rachel newport
rachel newport Il y a mois
Yea but.. Why do we keep hearing Joe laughing on the microphone tho? It kinda ruins the punches...
crazyhorse Il y a mois
Nato is a city in Italy where they make the noodles !!!
crazyhorse Il y a mois
Hey man !!! If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs and blaming it on you / If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you", I should have been a pair of ragged claws scuttling across the floors of silent seas…or a lying dog faced pony soldier !!!!
Niels Erik Pedersen
I dont understand, why Stephen hates free healthcare so much?
Susan Tash
Susan Tash Il y a mois
Trump sucks
lukion27 Il y a mois
0:40 "It was an historic night" should have been "It was *a* historic night!" Always use the word "a" in front of a word that starts with a consonant sound, like "historic." Use "an" in front of a word that starts with a vowel sound, like "honor." This is one of my most horrifying pet peeves!!! At least he hasn't confused the word "less" with the word "fewer," my most horrifying pet peeve.
Frank Maskil
Frank Maskil Il y a mois
The perfect punishment for Trump? He must watch, on a continuous loop, all of the late night standup and SNL about him for the rest of his life.
Aleta Thomas
Aleta Thomas Il y a mois
I had to skip over the part where Trump speaks. Can't stand him
Treb Kielc
Treb Kielc Il y a mois
Who’s Colbert? You mean that Republican guy from the comedy channel?
Rocarlos Davis
Rocarlos Davis Il y a mois
The Stephen Colbert show..where hannibal lecter meets leather face..I love it!👽
Rocarlos Davis
Rocarlos Davis Il y a mois
The Apprentice was a really nice show👽😡🤣
Carol Duvall
Carol Duvall Il y a mois
FlameAdder Il y a mois
6:13 Don't think I didn't catch that Fatal Fury shoutout. Terry 4 lyfe, yo. (Guess Jon realized Sonic and Final Fantasy aren't obscure enough any more.)
Sweep your speech
Sweep your speech Il y a mois
Trump's not a werewolf he Swamp Thing....
Jack Scratch
Jack Scratch Il y a mois
You know you're famous when you're used as a punch line. #billie
Richard Green
Richard Green Il y a mois
I like it when Trump tells the truth via his lies! He IS the master at TREMENDOUS WASTE AND FRAUD!!!🤬
Tracy Jackman
Tracy Jackman Il y a mois
Down like a flat Earther rocket.... what? Too soon?
nightlightabcd Il y a mois
Criminal Trump's face looks like he was bobbing for French Fries, or was that Freedom Fries!
Peter Holley
Peter Holley Il y a mois
I hope Trump wins again
Lilac Is here
Lilac Is here Il y a 22 jours
@Peter Holley I don’t.
Reality Check
Reality Check Il y a mois
Steven Colbert: stupid fool and not funny!
James Deininger
James Deininger Il y a mois
Keep Clueless Billie Elish for all future episodes! Priceless 😂
Kathleen Polly
Kathleen Polly Il y a mois
Bobbing for French fries
Always Great USA
Always Great USA Il y a mois
Allan Hegyes
Allan Hegyes Il y a mois
Soon, "Fired by Donald Trump" will be a proud bullet point on people's resumes.
orlandotj1 Il y a mois
Trump needs to lay off the Cover Girl.
Ron Burke
Ron Burke Il y a mois
Hahaha..What argument would you be looking for? Are you saying that these folks shouldnt have been reassigned or relieved, fired, or whatever their options were. I think he did the right thing whether you do or not is your business. I was merely speaking my mind Im a grown man I dont comment in hopes of arguing with anyone. I could care less about republicans or democrats . Both parties are the best representitive of organized crime that I can think of. I think we need to watch them all get locked up and start over with genuine leadership.Have a good day man. I gotta go to work Ill bullshit ya later.
Serai Rai
Serai Rai Il y a mois
“Thank you Mr. President” has the same energy as “we love you Miss Hanigan.”
Lilac Is here
Lilac Is here Il y a 22 jours
Serai Rai omg yes
vestiphobe Il y a mois
At 12:30 we see the American remake of a classic Greek tragedy: the face that launched a thousand crises.
Annette Armstrong
Annette Armstrong Il y a mois
richard wilmot Ph.D
iamthebyron Il y a mois
Can someone send Trump "Up Goer 5?" It's already using small words, maybe he'll understand!
Exela Jeacorn
Exela Jeacorn Il y a mois
Please be advised a teenagers from arizona has been set loose on the phone cam comment cruise.
Solenya Il y a mois
Now I'm just waiting on Vindman to become Vindicated.
Blue Leader
Blue Leader Il y a mois
WTF, Trump had a sense of humor? Was that digitally created footage for the show?
Bruce Levy
Bruce Levy Il y a mois
Billie is the lady that does Melignia.
Bruce Levy
Bruce Levy Il y a mois
Love her.
Eric Blackmon
Eric Blackmon Il y a mois
Oh, so YOU don't fire people who work for you that SUCK?
JustGno Il y a mois
In prime 2020 form, Stephen is out there being his full jubilant self.. The world shines brighter when the barometer of country that is his monologue goes to firework heights, is so refreshing to see! 🕵️✨ No one escapes his wrath lol, and that Biden 'Insult Generator' bit is so hilarious, omgosh! Classic Stephen+
Tommie Benford
Tommie Benford Il y a mois
#Russia if you're listening Release Trumps Taxes .We the people are not being heard ,we ain't seen nothing yet .
Eric Sanchez
Eric Sanchez Il y a mois
Stephen doesn't know about the mandela effect
Sam Nelson
Sam Nelson Il y a mois
Oh god! "what am I supposed to do, just sit in the corner and furiously lire myself?" Didn't want that tea anyway.
Smart people gave up on the snowflake oscars! And only neandathal watch this clown! It's basically the futuristic movie called "Idiocracy". ONLY ITS HAPPENING TODAY. WITH COLDBEER AS HEAD IDIOT! HA
WhatisASMR Il y a mois
Ugh, newer Apple keyboards (and mice for that matter)... I don't know how anyone can stand those things. I'm typing this on my eMac keyboard from 2002 and clicking with an Anker vertical mouse.
G F Il y a mois
I watched the Oscars this year and I was not impressed at all. It was quite a downer. But! KUDOS TO JOAQUIN PHOENIX ON HIS SPEECH!
Matt Doan
Matt Doan Il y a mois
12:12 - 12:18 "This actual photo of Trump's face, seen here. . . I'm gonna guess, after bobbing for french fries. . ." 😂
Watch all the time. But could we cut the mic off for the music director. He's a good musician but his comments are really irritating. Adds nothing to me.
Linda Terry
Linda Terry Il y a mois
Joaquin Phoenix knows nothing about artificial insemination of cows. When cows come into heat they go absolutely bonkers and they keep mounting other cows which will lead to serious injuries if it continues. When they stand on there weak hind legs and try to mount other cows they do cause injuries and they can tip over and there’s hell to pay trying to get them up again sometimes. Artificially inseminating dairy cows means that there will be less males which is a plus, as they have the ability to have a very high rate of female cows born and that means you have less male calves being sold off to the veal market. He is so stupid that he doesn’t realize that having a horny huge bull means there’s going to be injured cows in that way also. He has been educated incorrectly by people that are making billions of dollars by lying to people.
Antoine Eric
Antoine Eric Il y a mois
US citizen got what they deserve. Would it happend in my country, Mitch McConnell would have lost his head already. Litterally. No barbary intended. I am just stating a fact. Greetings from Europe.
gdgood1000 Il y a mois
Glad you at least admitted (in the title anyway) that these were enemies of Trump and not faithful public servants.
Karl Childers
Karl Childers Il y a mois
"AN historic moment"? That is so wrong. Any time you use the word, "AN", The next word MUST begin with a vowel, or a vowel sound, such as, "HONEST".
Karl Childers
Karl Childers Il y a mois
@lukion27 Yes that's a big problem when people don't use what they supposedly learned in school. They are lazy, and just don't care. They don't even make kids diagram sentences, or conjugate verbs nowdays, and they don't know how to write in cursive. I don't know how they will sign checks.
lukion27 Il y a mois
​ Karl Childers This. Totally this. Not enough people correctly use the rules of grammar, and not nearly enough people seem to care about these things. I am glad you and I do.
Karl Childers
Karl Childers Il y a mois
@Lawrence Brown yes it is, but the word after "AN" started with an "H", and there is no vowel sound there.
Lawrence Brown
Lawrence Brown Il y a mois
i is a vowel just like o.
Bernie 2020
Bernie 2020 Il y a mois
Biden is so done
Dulcie Gray
Dulcie Gray Il y a mois
Maragulago, very ironic and hilarious.
Jeremiah bass
Jeremiah bass Il y a mois
If your underlings went to your board members and your fans and told them a pack of lies and tried to get you fired I bet you would fire them to. I don't like Trump but I am smart enough to leave my feelings out of it and use common sense. If you listen to the Democratic party. Version of the impeachment hearing you would have seen they stacked the deck with their rule changes and the speed of the hearing they didn't even give themselves enough time to collect proper facts the people they did get to come in could say where thing like I feel or maybe or my interpretation of they had no one able to say I was there and this is exactly what was said. Don't blame the other side for the Democratic party inability to do their job because of the hate they have for Trump. People in the oval office have been doing exactly what Trump did for decades this is exactly what politician do . The only difference is the majority do it behind closed doors or by back channels Trump don't give a crap who is around he going to say what's on his mind and that's the reason so many like him. He is not a politician
Autumnskyes Il y a mois
Btw I miss the GiantPeach
Autumnskyes Il y a mois
Trump is a waste of skin. Just saying.
opeyemi uthman
opeyemi uthman Il y a mois
4:15 it's just getting better and better over there in Iowa 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
สาระ และความบรรเทิง
"I clenched it." Clenched?
Caroline Morphis
Caroline Morphis Il y a mois
When mom gave birth to that she did not name it billy
Sherman Culbertson
Sherman Culbertson Il y a mois
I think this was his longest monologue ever.
The Observer
The Observer Il y a mois
A true ARTS of COMEDY is the one who makes JOKES without hitting below the belt (Disgrace/Inhumane Jokes) nor offending somebody...those were the good old days....Now a days, liberal comedians if they HATE, dislike the person/s, they will mocked, judged, condemned and measured, in the expense of the person/s they hated or dislike, so that others could LOL. They MOCKED and make fun, hitting them below the belt (Disgrace/Dishonor/inhumane JOKES) those people they hated, disagreed or disliked, and get away of it, hiding as the True ARTS of COMEDY (practical jokes)....Is mocking and making fun of others, Part of Bullying?..BULLYING is a Crime to the Society....HOW and WHERE do we draw the line between BULLYING and LIBERAL COMEDY (Arts of Comedy), now a days?...If our sons and daughters were bullied in school or public places, can they get away with the crime by saying. "it is only a Joke or a Practical Joke?" specially if the Person who mocked your child is a Comedian by profession?...Is Bullying only applied for Minors (17 years old and below) and Seniors (Old) 65 years and above...not for Young (middle age) Adults?
Premature Procrastinator
It looks like Chester the cheezos cheetah sharted in trump's face lol
YENKO DAVI Il y a mois
i like phoenix but nah B!! lol leave it alone
M. W.
M. W. Il y a mois
Trump=waste and fraud!
John Cloois
John Cloois Il y a mois
Precinct table, right? This is too fat with material, thanks, Trump!
M. W.
M. W. Il y a mois
Seriously, Biden does not look or act like he’s in good health!
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