A Student Drank 2 Gallons Coffee. This Is What Happened To His Kidneys.

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2 Gallons = 7.6 Liters
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Some caffeine is OK. 1-2 cups of coffee can generally be ok. Unreasonably large amounts of caffeine NOT OK.
These cases are patients who I, or my colleagues have seen. They are de-identified and many instances have been presented in more depth in an academic setting. These videos are not individual medical advice and are for general educational purposes only. I do not give medical advice over the internet, see your own physician in person for that.
[0] Hensher C, Vogel J. Insulin Euglycemic Therapy in the Treatment of Caffeine. Chest. 2020 May;157(5):e145-e149.
[1] A Case of Exercise-Induced Rhabdomyolysis Associated With A Weight Loss Dietary Supplement. Military Medicine, 172, 6:656, 2007.
[2] Yamada Y, et. al. The mode of action of caffeine on catecholamine release from perfused adrenal glands of cat. Br. J. Pharmacol. (1989), 98, 351-356.
[3] Effects of Caffeine on Plasma Renin Activity, Catecholamines and Blood Pressure. N Engl J Med 1978; 298:181-186.
[4] Caffeine resulting in severe rhabdomyolysis and acute renal failure. American Journal of Emergency Med 32 (2014) 111.e3-111.e4.
[5] Eteng, MU, et. al. Recent advanced in caffeine and theobromine toxicities: a review. Plant Foods for Human Nutrition 51: 231-243, 1997.
[6] Jabbar SB, et. al. Caffeine: A case report and review of literature. Am J Forensic Med Pathol. Vol 34, N4, Dec 2013.
[7] Bioh G. et. al. Survival of caffeine. BMJ Case Rep 2013. bcr-2012-007454.

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19 mai 2020




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Commentaires 80
Chubbyemu Il y a 9 jours
This isn't even my final form 😤
oversized V
oversized V Il y a 8 heures
Hey bro please make George Floyd video !
I Gutierrez
I Gutierrez Il y a 21 heure
But you are in rare form indeed! Great video as always
Clear Contentment
Clear Contentment Il y a jour
Poor billy bob
Popupkiller Il y a jour
Anime hair getting better. Im almost certain you are just animated right now.
My Nguyen
My Nguyen Il y a jour
Love the quarantine hair
Jason Hagar
Jason Hagar Il y a 24 secondes
Trying to come up with a way to describe this hairstyle but the name eludes. I'm thinking something fluffy, exotic, almost birdlike; yet shapeless, bouncing around like it's trying to fly away but just can't quite get off the ground...
Christopher Hall
Christopher Hall Il y a 2 minutes
Patient: "I drank 2 gallons of coffee" Doctor & nurses: "We need to test you for everything else first" Patient: *Dies*
annoythefish Il y a 23 minutes
400mg ? those are rookie numbers ! you gotta pump em up!
Manuel Vela
Manuel Vela Il y a 2 heures
Your videos are going to be a part of my breakfast video watching. Subscribed.
Dawid Ż
Dawid Ż Il y a 2 heures
You make me paranoid about jelly trying to shut down my digestive system
Brian Ross
Brian Ross Il y a 3 heures
So IF this is true .... adderall is safer and you can get a prescription easily
Negativity Il y a 3 heures
As I sip my coffee.... my 2nd cup. I slid it over and said welp. Time for some water. *coffee* COME BACK IM SAFE
Mister LUnity
Mister LUnity Il y a 3 heures
He wants to become a doctor but forgot some basic stuff...... don’t do too much drugs🌚🌚🌚
Aleks Il y a 5 heures
I mean, if he didn't want to use drugs and only caffeine. He could have got caffeine powder and snort it. Just sayin.
Gankageddon Il y a 5 heures
What panel test do those programs do? The usual 5 or 10? Heres a pro tip college kids! Stop taking addy, its to expensive (seriously good coke is cheaper now) you will get popped on test even though its out of your system rapidly. Take a tramadol. If its your first one a 50MG is perfect unless you wnat to wind down and melt away into the next dimension then take a 100. it will make you feel great and give you a great burst of energy (be careful with the green ones, only do the instant release pills not the capsules, capsules can cause severe migraines). Be warned, dont dip into the well to many times in a short time though, the withdrawal symptoms from Trams are some of the worst.
Drunken Conspiracy
Drunken Conspiracy Il y a 5 heures
That must have been straight up distilled boiled down coffee. I drink pots of the stuff a day and yeah no ER visit. Guy probably had a predisposed condition or something.
Greg kreutzer
Greg kreutzer Il y a 6 heures
*LePunnkin* Il y a 7 heures
i drank three but i am fine?
Jeeva R
Jeeva R Il y a 8 heures
Mother name: Karen Hold up, you aren't supposed to call the doctor
oversized V
oversized V Il y a 8 heures
Keara Schroeder
Keara Schroeder Il y a 9 heures
i drank too much coffee earlier and my heart rate went up to 104bpm so i had to search music to make your heart rate down :))
rb26dett Il y a 9 heures
7.6 litres??? In 2 hours? Fuckin hell that is crazy
pouria rahmany
pouria rahmany Il y a 10 heures
He needed a meth like high but he failed
Nano Il y a 10 heures
You are telling me that this dude drank 7 and half liters of coffee? Dear god.
Beau N Tea
Beau N Tea Il y a 11 heures
This video has me craving coffee
SirNax Il y a 12 heures
“So that you need to run away or *wrestle a bear* “
Ricean mapper
Ricean mapper Il y a 12 heures
“his mother karen” *oh damn*
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon Il y a 12 heures
“A human accidentally swallowed some air, this is what happened to his lungs”
Celery Il y a 12 heures
.... maybe I shouldn't be drinking a gallon of green tea and cups of 2x dark roast every day....
Nes Ra
Nes Ra Il y a 13 heures
Rhabdo the clown visits another fan, discovers that people can fake crossfit with chemicals. Pukey is not impressed but I am.
nicholas litrento
nicholas litrento Il y a 13 heures
That's what adderall is for
Dương Bùi
Dương Bùi Il y a 14 heures
Lemme guess, BB is Asian ?
ceapi1984 Il y a 14 heures
Damn, I cant drink that much water in a couple of hours. I admire his will power to drink that much coffee.
Daniella Darindigon
Daniella Darindigon Il y a 15 heures
Ok. This I'll taper down my caffeine intake. This legit scared me T.T
Joshua S
Joshua S Il y a 17 heures
Two gallons of* coffee. Sorry and thank you
A. Hahabas
A. Hahabas Il y a 17 heures
I'm bb
Johnny Lucas
Johnny Lucas Il y a 18 heures
Was that michaelis-menten kinetics in the notebook?!
grape grapes
grape grapes Il y a 18 heures
Lel I can't imagine drinking coffee other than it tasting good XD
You like jazz?
You like jazz? Il y a 19 heures
Hes starting to look like a db character
Los Chico
Los Chico Il y a 19 heures
A man has a neurotic obsession with his hair.... This is what happened to his FRvid video.
Troublesome Trios
Troublesome Trios Il y a 20 heures
Women gets the karen hair cut here's what happened to the manager
I Gutierrez
I Gutierrez Il y a 21 heure
I love that crazy hair 😜
ZetaReticuli Il y a 21 heure
A man kicked 1 ice cube under his fridge every day for a year. This is what happened to global sea levels.
A- Animates
A- Animates Il y a 21 heure
I like how EVERYONE stopped using the 'A Florida man ate a bean, this is what happend to his left ball' comment...
Carlos S
Carlos S Il y a 21 heure
Who's watching this while drinking coffee?
The Savage Wombat
The Savage Wombat Il y a 22 heures
I love caffeine but now it sends me straight to the emergency room for cardioversion for Afib. Even a tiny amount means burnt chest hairs.
KingTigerLeroy Il y a 23 heures
I got a dooooooooooose of coooooooffeeeeeee
deSeriosa Il y a 23 heures
So yeah he got brain damage but at least on the flip side he got that medical note for pushing back the exam.
deSeriosa Il y a 23 heures
Big Wheel
Big Wheel Il y a 23 heures
Lies all lies I've drank at least one and a half gallons of coffee every day for twenty five years myself. I'm drinking a cup now. I'm feel fine they probably drank the Starbucks poison icecream coffee shit.
heroincryasauku2001 Il y a 23 heures
for the next video can i suggest you do a modern version of Hellen Keller, i just wanna see if medical advancements have gotten further so that the “hellen keller” doesnt look like a prune before saying her last words haha
Diane Morgan
Diane Morgan Il y a jour
I'm so glad I am educated to what you are saying and can anticipate what you're going to
Karen Parker
Karen Parker Il y a jour
fix your hair before filming!
TheBanjoShow Il y a jour
One of my worst fears is to end up on this channel
Tim Angel
Tim Angel Il y a jour
This man will be one of the worlds best doctors some day. His desire to learn and teach are unparalleled.
Jacethemace Il y a jour
The 2 pots of coffee: I'ma bouta end this whole man's career.
Dania Il y a jour
The ad that I got before this video started was an ad for a coffee machine. 😆 yikes.
Bill Wiltfong
Bill Wiltfong Il y a jour
I don't get saying "Only 400 miligrams" - that just doesn't make any sense. The whole reason the metric system exists is so you have easy conversions using base 10. It's 4 decigrams, that's what you mean. Limit your coffee to 4 decigrams.
Federal Bureau of Investigation
A man watched Chubbyemu. This is how he became a doctor.
lexzbuddy Il y a jour
My wife drink 16 cups of coffee every day. Each one has 2 shots of Espresso in it. This is probably the minimum. In all honesty, she probably drinks more but that's the minimum.
alraune 666
alraune 666 Il y a jour
How can YOU present to A&E UNCONSCIOUS???? How can you drink that much coffee ... I studied many nights nonstop ... used to shitloads of coffee and sometime caffeine tablets ... but 2 gallons of coffee are more than insane in 3 hours ... after one gallon I would spend the next 4 hours peeing ... no time to study or drinking further coffee ...
Mad Muffin
Mad Muffin Il y a jour
A Man Marathoned 280 Chubbyemu Videos. This is What Happened To His Brain.
ryannn Il y a jour
uhh i dont know if youll see this chubbyemu but i kinda ate 6 peaches in the span of a day and got REALLY sick but im not allergic to peaches or anything soo does anyone know why i got sick cause im lowkey scared lol
Alex Taunton
Alex Taunton Il y a jour
This one is hard for me to watch because I have such a sensitivity to caffeine that I've had convulsions from simply drinking a couple cups of coffee while coming down with the flu. I cant imagine drinking 2 gallons of coffee. My insides wretch at the thought
*insert catchy Name here*
Oh I thought that there was a mushroom in the thumbnail
Sparklemist Il y a jour
You look like eugene from try guys
Graph Lin
Graph Lin Il y a jour
Exam is harmful to health.
Jeremy Nelson
Jeremy Nelson Il y a jour
I have coffeeemia right now "Emia" meaning presence in blood "Coffee" meaning coffee ~ coffee presence in blood
Signs of the End Times
Wow!! I mean is that how studies are done abroad? Cramming!! Really bad. For us, we don't cram, we just understand and jot down marking points in exam. Even things like Chemical Formulas, Le Chartliers Principle, balancing chemical equations and calculating Molecules or something similar to that doesn't necessarily require cramming in Chemistry. Just writing and rewriting then redoing calculations with practices about 10 times will do it right. Cramming isn't as necessary as understanding. In fact, cramming can make you forget important points later in future especially if you do it before an exam, once you're in an exam room, you'll definitely forget most points, understanding what you're doing can do it. For Biology or any science subject, no cramming is literally needed during studying them most times, it's all about understanding and testing even in genetics such as sickle cell trait, sickle cell anemia and other stuff such as protein synthesis, DNA/RNA, Electrocardiogram (ECG), Kidneys, Dialysis and Dialysis Machines, Osmosis Experiments, Bowmans Tubule, Nephrone and Kidney Transplants require only definitions and facts about them are meant to be crammed and nothing much more apart from that, the crossing and identification of the phenotypes of offspring or parent in genetics and all that just needs testing, no necessary cramming again, science has very rare cases where cramming is needed. Maybe different people have different learning methods, but seriously, I wouldn't recommend cramming at all. Speaking of me, I get an average of A in Chemistry (Most of the time 86%), Sometimes B and average A, B and sometimes C in Biology depending on the difficulty of the subject , which I'm totally okay with as long as I'm in the pass mark. Nonetheless, that's just what I needed to point out. Your video content is good and I really like it. Please keep it up.
Barry Steakfry
Barry Steakfry Il y a jour
The thing that bothers me the most is, well educated people end up doing stupid things.
Resident Mist
Resident Mist Il y a jour
2 gallons?!
Rai Il y a jour
I can't even drink a litre in 3 hours without feeling ill and my stomach hurting. How can he drink 7.5 litres with no problems?????
Sly Tendencies
Sly Tendencies Il y a jour
did he pass his test?
Rear Il y a jour
do a video on Richard Siagian
NomNom Nom
NomNom Nom Il y a jour
somewhat healthy supplement for your necessary dose of caffeine: rather than take 100% pure coffee, drink a mix of coffee and chicory (i personally prefer 47%chicory in my coffee). Its comparatively "healthy", not as addictive, more affordable plus it isn't all that much different in taste. TBH i now personally prefer the chicory blend over "100% arabica beans" ; its got this heavy earthy, grounding tang ; so delicious. (ngl initially you'll feel a bit aversed to it, its got this slight citrusy tang, real slight but noticeable in the first couple of tries)
Mazie Class
Mazie Class Il y a jour
I remember drinking 7 energy drinks in a sitting and that was a creepy feeling thankfully I don’t do shit like that anymore
катя синюк
this was one of the more horrific videos from this series i’ve heard. peeing out muscle tissue
vegetable oil
vegetable oil Il y a jour
man imagine pissing out your 6 pack
Olafs Tramdaks
Olafs Tramdaks Il y a jour
400mg :D :D
Jim Vick
Jim Vick Il y a jour
I rowed crew in college and had a final first class after practice... So, I foolishly thought slamming a pot of very darkly brewed Arabian Mocha from Starbucks (which is 3x what I normally drank) after practice would perk me up... I started sweating and shaking so violently I couldn't control my pencil to write on my exam, I thought I was going to die... I remember drinking of a bunch of Gatorade and taking a cold shower... Needless to say, my professor was cool and I took the exam at a later date.
Some High Voltage Channel
i drank 6 cups and overdosed and felt terrible, never again man, hell mah
Kurama Lee
Kurama Lee Il y a jour
the titles always have me weak asf
Its Rewind Time
Its Rewind Time Il y a jour
the guy was just trying to pass his final. This could have been anyone else
Divinaeon Il y a jour
☝️Presenting☝️tothe ☝️EmergencyRoom
Alicia Baumgartner
Alicia Baumgartner Il y a jour
So taking his friend's adderall would have been safer...
It ALMOST launched...