A look inside hospitals battling coronavirus

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The 60 Minutes team faced challenges reporting on the situation inside New York hospitals now that the city is a COVID-19 epicenter. For the full report on health care workers fighting coronavirus, click here:
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29 mars 2020




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Commentaires 80
Boca7289 Il y a 9 jours
We all feel something is wrong. When you feel loved and taken care of(by friends, family, government, society) you don’t feel like something is WRONG and out of place everyday. We must admit and take action on the fact that we are unhappy in today’s society and this is not working for us. We are better than this❗️I am better than this❗️ all the best to you all 🤗🤝
Klause Muller
Klause Muller Il y a 27 jours
Corona virus is fat hoax of the democrats
Randy R
Randy R Il y a mois
Praying for their protection and that this stinking virus will end very soon. I am in the extreme hi risk group and making sure that i am careful. Pray that they get the emotional support. God bless those that are trying to help. This year leaves me speechless.
Gary Karr
Gary Karr Il y a mois
Kinda crazy how the covid deaths have gone up but heart attacks, lung disease and the likes have all gone down at the same time.
Fred Delaney
Fred Delaney Il y a mois
Chief Sinner
Chief Sinner Il y a mois
Hype! Misinformation!
Monty Buffkin
Monty Buffkin Il y a mois
And how is Hospital ER visits down so low and for months We Have Heard and shown lines around blocks just to get into hospitals so what is the truth
Monty Buffkin
Monty Buffkin Il y a mois
United States 60 minutes reports are half bull and 60 Minutes Australia reports on how China was hoarding and suddenly all Chinese parent companies that made medical supplies to send everything they could to them and now won't how about the rest of the world why is that
Steve Parker
Steve Parker Il y a mois
Professor Nigel McMillan researches viruses at Griffith University in Queensland He said most common styles of beard stop face masks from working properly Beards and thick moustaches prevent masks from sealing fully against the skin. BUT THE DOC HIMSELF HAS A BIG BEARD.🤣 But I can fully see his point otherwise, so Hospital staff please stay Safe.
Albert Fanchun
Albert Fanchun Il y a mois
Fakeeeeeee newsssssss
I ThumbzDown EveryChanal
Fake ,same footage over and over Clips from other news stations...
Thomas Magnum
Thomas Magnum Il y a mois
This is the same CBS News that posted a video of an ITALIAN hospital and told us it was a NEW YORK hospital.
Bin Adam
Bin Adam Il y a mois
Anfooey Out
Anfooey Out Il y a mois
Actors. LIES.
Erika Hernandez
Erika Hernandez Il y a mois
ART VANDALEI Il y a mois
hospitals In Washington, Colorado, California Are EMPTY! No #Coronavirus Patients! No Overcrowding!
Shauka Hodan
Shauka Hodan Il y a mois
noone was in the beds.
Cannabis Gardener
Cannabis Gardener Il y a mois
Hospitals are empty, the emergency tents are empty. This is a hoax.
Bozorgmehr Bahmani
Bozorgmehr Bahmani Il y a mois
109% correct
Travis Webster
Travis Webster Il y a mois
I missed the footage of "volumes of patients" at the hospitals.
Travis Webster
Travis Webster Il y a mois
Shauna Hodan HIPPA laws are real which makes this footage questionable.
Shauka Hodan
Shauka Hodan Il y a mois
What ever happened to the HIPPA laws??? Camera crew wondering around crowded hospitals.
velt Ski
velt Ski Il y a mois
Fake news
Sean Francis
Sean Francis Il y a mois
Why can I find a heap of uploads on different platforms of empty hospitals??.... Especially in New York.
rotterdam rotterdam
the #filmyourhospital-videos are more realistic to help you understand this virus
chino cochino
chino cochino Il y a mois
Hospitals are empty....crisis actors
Steg human
Steg human Il y a mois
Where are all the patients??????????????????????????????
FormerFundie NowFree
I’m a nurse. This looks like business as usual to me.
gz1234z Il y a mois
The Doctors should be treating these patients with the hidroxychloroquine cocktail then they might not need a ventilator.
Rick McGinty
Rick McGinty Il y a mois
How in the world are they NOT treating them with it? It makes no sense in the world. They are all guilty of mal-practice.
aola wili
aola wili Il y a mois
American doctors and nurses are really great,They don't give up in such a difficult environment. may God bless them.
HairGlitter JessiBlu
We don't want a nwo . But Bill Gates and China definitely dont care about basic human rights . They want the overpopulated world decreased.
Cameron Darlington
Cameron Darlington Il y a mois
This is bs. They wouldn't let you verify for yourself, and look how empty it is outside
rotterdam rotterdam
@aola wili lots of people went to their hospitals and made videos for you to see...check #filmyourhospital videos on youtube
aola wili
aola wili Il y a mois
Have you been to this hospital or is it just the media?
John Henke
John Henke Il y a mois
The legacy media, "government propaganda ministry" tells this story and then some regular Joe comes along with his cell phone and records a totally different story.
Bin Adam
Bin Adam Il y a mois
TheNomadic_Healer Il y a mois
What ever happened to the HIPPA laws??? Camera crew wondering around crowded hospitals.
Kari Dufano
Kari Dufano Il y a mois
noone was in the beds.
tai tran
tai tran Il y a mois
Stripper Physics
Stripper Physics Il y a 2 mois
Interesting....the video below shows live footage of NY hospitals totally empty. Specifically Elmhurst. And shows the refrigerated truck (same photo) and testing tents.....all empty. Footage is from last weekend. Several locations worldwide included. People are finding out the truth in their own because media cannot be trusted. Hmmmmmm🤔🤔🤔 Check it out for yourself. Something doesn’t add up.
okow tina
okow tina Il y a mois
than corona. People with corona are not dying.
TheRamroller Il y a 2 mois
See BS
okow tina
okow tina Il y a mois
Yet no footage inside the hospital
Kandy Marie
Kandy Marie Il y a 2 mois
All of a sudden, the globalists' owned media puppets start telling you the truth because of a virus made in a lab to push their employers' mandatory vaccine agenda with ID2020 in it. DON'T BE REDICULOUS... THEY'RE STILL LIARS !!! There have been several people going to the hospitals taking video of NOBODY BEING THERE.
Svetlana Svetlacy
Svetlana Svetlacy Il y a 2 mois
Nice acting!
Khusi Parvin
Khusi Parvin Il y a 2 mois
I am always praying for all Doctors ,Nurses and all medical teams...God bless you all.
Eduardo Roblero
Eduardo Roblero Il y a 2 mois
But hospitals are empty! Why is that? #filmyourhospital #emptyhospital Wake up people!
kelhawk1 Hawkins
kelhawk1 Hawkins Il y a 2 mois
WE really appreciate those links my brother!
Jay silver
Jay silver Il y a 2 mois
xxx ooo
xxx ooo Il y a 2 mois
is this the one that used footage from Italian hospitals?
DaVeeD Il y a 2 mois
Viking system vikingfitness
That is Italy
okow tina
okow tina Il y a 2 mois
More STOLEN footage from SKY NEWS?? Is this ITALY too?? Shame, shame CBS
Y Y Il y a 2 mois
Have you been to this hospital or is it just the media?
Patrick A. Crawley
Patrick A. Crawley Il y a 2 mois
Not busy. No real evidence...apart from propaganda.
Patrick A. Crawley
Patrick A. Crawley Il y a 2 mois
fake news...NO NEWS. 'We can't go into the hospitals'. That's worth investigating. Investigate the cover-up.
The Analyst - MAG and KAG - New Real Media - NRM
Health-care simulation represents an instructional medium utilized for the purpose of education, assessment, and research. It encompasses several modalities that when put together and is well integrated, is able to reproduce, to a certain extent, and characteristics of clinical reality. Simulation in health-care education is today being utilized on a variety of platforms. It is used from undergraduate to graduate education for faculty development and continuous learning. Simulation-based educational activities and training mostly tap on the principle of experiential learning, in an immersive environment that is created. Lateef, F., & Too, X. (2019). The 2019 WACEM expert document on hybrid simulation for transforming health-care simulation through “mixing and matching”. Journal of Emergencies, Trauma and Shock, 12(4), 243-247.
DTA 4321
DTA 4321 Il y a 2 mois
Yet no footage inside the hospital
Shauka Hodan
Shauka Hodan Il y a 2 mois
than corona. People with corona are not dying.
Delete Bilderberg
Delete Bilderberg Il y a 2 mois
New York, the ‘Epicenter’ ? Not according to citizen journalists up there. Hospitals are empty.
William Sidis
William Sidis Il y a 2 mois
Still empty
kelhawk1 Hawkins
kelhawk1 Hawkins Il y a 2 mois
I've heard and seen a few, are they being compiled somewhere safe, gaining power in numbers?
Susan DeLaney
Susan DeLaney Il y a 2 mois
Bless & Watch Over these & All people🙏🏻💕🙏🏻💕🙏🏻💕🙏🏻💕🙏🏻
Shauka Hodan
Shauka Hodan Il y a 2 mois
The prophecy , it will change how you see life and the future
brett andrews
brett andrews Il y a 2 mois
Wow, 60 minutes of people putting on gowns and masks crowding hallways and maybe one person in a bed being treated. I'm convinced there's a crisis. LMAO.
Alibaba Jackson
Alibaba Jackson Il y a 2 mois
well were are all the infected
Rose Treiger
Rose Treiger Il y a 2 mois
Remember when the mainstream media told us they were lines around the building at many many hospitals around the country. And the private media showed they were empty.
James A.W. Parisho
James A.W. Parisho Il y a mois
@Average User the video you linked was taken down! Could you get that back up?
Average User
Average User Il y a mois
Eduardo Roblero
Eduardo Roblero Il y a 2 mois
#emptyhospital #filmyourhospital
Heather Gardner 1972
Heather Gardner 1972 Il y a 2 mois
Just watched a bunch of nothing. Thanks for nothing.
Eddiba Ghiz
Eddiba Ghiz Il y a 2 mois
ربنا ظلمنا انفسنا وان لم تغفر لنا وترحمنا لنكونن من الخاسرين. لا اله الا انت سبحانك اني كنت من الظالمين. اللهم ارفع البلاء عنا، اللهم ارفع البلاء عنا
Granny Lisa
Granny Lisa Il y a 2 mois
Janet Sanchez
Janet Sanchez Il y a 2 mois
Where is the volume of patients they’re talking about?
SaraCV87 Il y a mois
@Kami84 see we agree. Its not that the virus is not real.. Its the money making media... This whole time we were in agreement. Doom and gloom. People are just tired of it. Its not ignorance. Its scary to not know WHAT actually is true and what is money driven media... There is no minds that need to be changed. Everyone agrees. Things need to be truth. We all love first responders, we all question the media when we shouldnt be skeptical!! We should have trusting news! It IS ANNOYING. Everyday peoples lives are not guaranteed but why does the media have to jump on the ratings opportunity? That is why people question... More the headlines and reporters... Not the first responders. They are not at fault. We are not in conflict. Understanding the frustration that the media brings. No one can trust no one now.... One media says yes and the other no... Wtheck Either way. Have a great day. Dont let comments get you annoyed ESPECIALLY if your ARE a health care worker. Just do what needs to be done for your own mental health. ☺ And allow people to have questions answered truthfully. 👍 Take care. Stay safe. (Seriously mind and body)
Kami84 Il y a mois
SaraCV87 also I am actually taking time out of my busy day because I’m the crazy guy that replies to FRvid comments like any of you people will ever change your minds. Gotta work on notes now.
Kami84 Il y a mois
SaraCV87. I actually really don’t like conflict and I’m not here to make people feel dump. I have an almost pathological annoyance with ignorance. It gets to me when people spread misinformation because it spreads ignorance. That really bothers me. Yeah, the news does spread fear, it’s the only way they know how to make money. They never talk about good news. Always doom and gloom. However that doesn’t mean that millions of people’s lives were not under threat because it was. Viruses in general have the potential to decimate the lives of millions. Thats a fact. What you have to understand is that millions of people are NOT dying because we’re social distancing. Otherwise it would be a repeat of 1918. Its like some people will only take this seriously after millions have died which is just crazy and unintelligent. Does you mom or father or sibling boyfriend husband etc have to get covid first or you need to see corpses in the street first?
SaraCV87 Il y a mois
@Kami84what you do as a profession really doesnt matter to me because I did not ask. However, the profession was never under attack. You as a "HEALTH" employee Attacking other peoples intelligence for some reason is making you feel better about how you handle your crisis makes you sound like your number one is not "helping" people.👍👍 SOME MEDIA has adopted fear to inform the public. For example, they highlighted OUTRAGEOUS PREDICTIONS of widely exaggerated numbers when in FACT they dont know enough of the virus AS IT WAS FACT. That guided whole states order way more resources than actually needed, driving people in a panic, closed down all OUTDOOR activities, and much more. They are now talking about stopping all "non essential" products like toys? Mental health problems will be the one to destroy most people's ability to act civilized... In my large city, over 2,090 people are positive for the virus, 63 deaths have been reported and 953 people of those numbers infected have recovered. Im glad in my city we are getting SOME facts even though some local media report on what bigger exaggerated media is reporting.
Kami84 Il y a mois
Michael Angelo. So we should do nothing so that hundreds of millions of people die not hundreds of thousands. Wow, you’re a genius. We should put you in charge of everything. Your genius is really going under appreciated. You should win Nobel prize for this level of intelligence and foresight.
AboutMy FathersBusiness
I could do a better acting job.
Nicky Chuaybamrung
Nicky Chuaybamrung Il y a 2 mois
Wear PPE from top to toe Build hospital +bedding for corona virus section direct hot line xx
trans am
trans am Il y a 2 mois
A trillion dollor business with no Emergemcy plan they sure have spent the money remodeling every few months Millions
Hawaiian gunner
Hawaiian gunner Il y a 2 mois
Oh look it's 60 minutes. Another propaganda arm of the deep state. Soon to be eradicated by Trump
KungFuBlob Il y a 2 mois
Day 34, London, United Kingdom, going out everyday, still alive, no symptoms. Hmm
KungFuBlob Il y a 2 mois
Shows people putting on and taking off safety equipment Looks like propaganda to me.
Average User
Average User Il y a mois
Yorki Traverse
Yorki Traverse Il y a 2 mois
In the crisis, these are the actors.
Yosh Studio
Yosh Studio Il y a 2 mois
just worry about their safety, our hospital staff always in full covered suits. Let we pray their safety
Unknown Unknown
Unknown Unknown Il y a 2 mois
The prophecy , it will change how you see life and the future
Joe Felton
Joe Felton Il y a 2 mois
Lookup event 201, lookup id2020, lookup Bill Gates depopulation
Slave Of Christ
Slave Of Christ Il y a 2 mois
495 trumplicans hate this video
wd moms th
wd moms th Il y a 2 mois
Omg meds they dont wear a propper gear to treat patients ..
Jolene Bear
Jolene Bear Il y a 2 mois
Looks like a lot of doctors and nurses but not a lot of patients.
Robert Reed
Robert Reed Il y a 2 mois
Time to stop letting everybody into this country after all that came from China
Christian Pulido
Christian Pulido Il y a 2 mois
All lies
jayant rawat Jaggu
jayant rawat Jaggu Il y a 2 mois
Who needs Nuclear powers when we can create a Bio weapon & spread it across world & then whole world will depend on us for equipments & fear even arguing with us : Chinese communist party
Valentina kinsley
Valentina kinsley Il y a 2 mois
Hello, we're offering matches this virus period, we understand the situation and want to help those in lock downs or those that have lost their jobs make something. We were previously working from the dark web but still we love privacy as we shall terminate the channel that we have after attaining acertain number of people. We hate publicity, so if youhappen to work with us do it in secrecy.Talk to us on Gmail ourchosenfew666 or telegram @ secretTObetting
Don Il y a 2 mois
100% fake
1990 Il y a 2 mois
China must pay!
angel yanes
angel yanes Il y a 2 mois
I checked another video without comments and the information from the battlegrounds contradicts officials information. For example by probabilistic rational it's not possible the 3 young persons of the same family dies at the same time. And other stories in which the amount of exposure doesn't match the sickness and death ratios at very small scales but in real scenarios. WHAT'S REALLY GOING ON IN HERE????.....
Scott B
Scott B Il y a 2 mois
Lol if the halls are full of nurses and doctors just standing around then they aren't actually that busy
D D Il y a 2 mois
Cuz it’s blown out of proportion
juan rios
juan rios Il y a 2 mois
Edduin Casanova
Edduin Casanova Il y a 2 mois
No patients ?
I'm leaving YouTube.
I'm leaving YouTube.
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