700HP Supra Drag Set Up Complete!

Tj Hunt
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Commentaires 80
Frank Fratta
Frank Fratta Il y a 8 jours
You should of ran a smaller diameter rim in the back and ran those meaty tires and dropped the car evenly
cj martinez
cj martinez Il y a mois
when he said "eat ass" that hit different
Luis Acosta
Luis Acosta Il y a mois
i know damn well Sabrina does all f@cki#ng, it called being privileged , you really not special buddy ":)
abioticarc Il y a mois
700hp and still running stock brakes ?
oscar pineda
oscar pineda Il y a mois
The stock brakes “ am I a joke to you “
Derek Boivin
Derek Boivin Il y a mois
Needs stiffer springs for sure
Adam Petzke
Adam Petzke Il y a mois
1,600 hp?
Adam Petzke
Adam Petzke Il y a mois
You went under the car with a floor jack
Kamen Tabakov
Kamen Tabakov Il y a mois
3/4, 3/8, 3/bulllshit. The metric system is way better 20mm 30mm and you are done
AudibleVisible Il y a mois
Sabrina yummy
Lord_Falcon Il y a mois
i miss the rx7
Cdubthe Stud
Cdubthe Stud Il y a mois
5:23 that TimTheTatman outro 😂😂
SuperRad Il y a mois
TJ- for the 20th time, who makes the colored lighting in your game/computer room? I know its in an old video but i havent been able find it....
Roberto Caban
Roberto Caban Il y a mois
what's this many little lines...
Tom Stanger
Tom Stanger Il y a mois
What kind of coloured lights are in that room in the end
Zach Weinberg
Zach Weinberg Il y a mois
17:41 😷 lmao
Can It Be Saved
Can It Be Saved Il y a mois
Hmmmm. If that body was a little wider....maybe it wouldn’t rub..🤷🏻‍♂️
Supreme Media
Supreme Media Il y a mois
Need some taller tires in the front. Also tighten up the rear shocks if there compression adjustable
#guitarcovers Il y a mois
“I know you’re dropping off a big steamer , but can I borrow your roller” 😂😂
BLK Barron392
BLK Barron392 Il y a mois
You need a heavier spring rate in the rear
Julius Mester
Julius Mester Il y a mois
275 would have been enough, looks so dumb with stretch in the front and meat in the rear. And the hight ist dumb too
Jorge Martin
Jorge Martin Il y a mois
Front tire looks so small honestly.
Rydnorth Il y a mois
Jeeeze fat shoutout to the fellow Canadian Trizzie 💯
Rydnorth Il y a mois
Big ole Mick poops 💩
Hain Htoo
Hain Htoo Il y a mois
No free car?🤣 jk
Alberto Cordero
Alberto Cordero Il y a mois
You just need better coilovers
ryan gandy
ryan gandy Il y a mois
Adjust the preload in the rear.
Pimped Mobility Project
Rubbing's racing isn't it? Lol
WebbTV Il y a mois
i appreciate that you actually read your comments
Christian Perez
Christian Perez Il y a mois
Yo TJ next time Sabrina wants a blue video up you do it. Don’t give her attitude she’s my chick 😂
Wayz Il y a mois
- Manny
- Manny Il y a mois
Lmao he was watching the chill relax beats to listen to when studying 😂💯💯💯💯💯
TTV _Southbeach
TTV _Southbeach Il y a mois
Drive the fed more
TTV _Southbeach
TTV _Southbeach Il y a mois
Sell the brz and do a hatch back sti widebody build
Tr Vlogs Car Life
Tr Vlogs Car Life Il y a mois
Yes please do an STI build! I would love to see what you do to an STI.
Danny Neilson
Danny Neilson Il y a 2 mois
I live teej man *people complain abt them not knowing how to use tire mounting machine * teej : we’ve done over 300 so eat ass Lmaoo I’m dead
1_ Zaddy_1
1_ Zaddy_1 Il y a 2 mois
You need high spring pressures
Tristan Burr
Tristan Burr Il y a 2 mois
@timthetatman who allowed the use of this music
KiraOnii Chan
KiraOnii Chan Il y a 2 mois
I don't care what kind of car you have, hearing the car scraping or hit the ground is always painful
Senior Steez
Senior Steez Il y a 2 mois
Is it me or does it seem like there’s always something wrong with his cars big or small there’s always these issues with the cars.
Edwin Rosales
Edwin Rosales Il y a 2 mois
Get Baer brakes
BUILDSforDRIVING Il y a 2 mois
That's why we measure in MM not bags of stones or lengths string you people in Merica's not a new concept lol
Rhys Silver
Rhys Silver Il y a 2 mois
It's not a car of TJs if it doesnt have bunk fitment.
Tyler Robinson
Tyler Robinson Il y a 2 mois
what light brand did you put up in your gaming room?
Dameshi O John
Dameshi O John Il y a 2 mois
Love the channel been sub for a while.. but does anyone else finds tj gf a little annoying?
Jacob Lee
Jacob Lee Il y a 2 mois
Are you lowering the car by just twisting the locks? If so your lowering it yes but thats only supposed to be used to adjust spring rate not lowering, to lower the proper way you should be adjusting the lowering sleeve by unbolting it and just twisting that instead of the locks for the springs changing the ride quality everytime
AlpHa J3
AlpHa J3 Il y a 2 mois
Idk just me but a tire ain’t really big till it’s 305 or bigger. Idk
Tommy Love
Tommy Love Il y a 2 mois
Tj for real.....check out Prius Coils I've seen people use them and they work wonders!
Xxdiego_1469xX 69
Xxdiego_1469xX 69 Il y a 2 mois
Please put the stock wing back🥺🥺
Callum Clark
Callum Clark Il y a 2 mois
Sweet displates! 👍
Tony Harpaul
Tony Harpaul Il y a 2 mois
You forget the main thing you need a big brake kit
Voltage Il y a 2 mois
get a hatch a do it fck it
KTE Knight Time Edition
KTE Knight Time Edition
Take off the coilovers and you can use a jack to mimic the suspension compression and you can see all your wheel rubs...
Marco Moon
Marco Moon Il y a 2 mois
Yo this black is shiny af
Jeff O
Jeff O Il y a 2 mois
Good thing you raised it tj! I have a similar setup and my front bumper hit a manhole that was raised off the ground. Blew a hole in my bumper and spider cracked it all! 😭 my ridox bumper was only 1 month old. Sad times
JDM HAWTBOI Il y a 2 mois
You need stiffer springs muh boi😂
Karm Bhatti
Karm Bhatti Il y a 2 mois
Throw some dielectric grease on that connector too.
tigerbiterhater Il y a 2 mois
Those brakes are hurting my eyes
Kenneth Velazquez
Kenneth Velazquez Il y a 2 mois
You should get Stanceparts Air Cup Lift System.....Thatll allow you to keep front low and then can raise it just for driveways and speed bumps
Carter L4Y
Carter L4Y Il y a 2 mois
Loving the words of encouragement at the end man, you have a good heart and it shows!
Envious Il y a 2 mois
You should get with viking coilovers or Calvert shocks for a good coil setup thats actually ment for drag racing. Also you can fix alot of your traction issues with not just more tire but also a better time with boost by gear. Inless this will just be a warehouse vehicle that'll never see a drag strip.
Danny Rouse
Danny Rouse Il y a 2 mois
Max Mickelson
Max Mickelson Il y a 2 mois
Keep moving forward brother!
hirs0009 Il y a 2 mois
should add a little bit of Dielectric grease to improve the connection on the starter, Fixed the electric power steering connector on my RX8 by just add that to the connector
EMTinAZ Il y a 2 mois
“So eat ass” Best thing I’ve heard on the channel in a while!
flaminibro Il y a 2 mois
7:08 lmfao sabrina's not wrong ahahahaha
Marc Gonzo
Marc Gonzo Il y a 2 mois
Get better spring rates for stiffer springs so the car doesnt squat as much?
Gremmy1985 Il y a 2 mois
Phrase of the Episode "Well find out." Cringe.
elon musk
elon musk Il y a 2 mois
Tj has a good taste.
Garrett Reed
Garrett Reed Il y a 2 mois
Hey man, I was wondering, did you go to college? If so where’d you go and what’d you major in?
Jeremy Blatz
Jeremy Blatz Il y a mois
No problem, he said it in a video about 3 years ago I think lol
Garrett Reed
Garrett Reed Il y a mois
Jeremy Blatz appreciate it man!
Jeremy Blatz
Jeremy Blatz Il y a mois
I believe he was in a nursing program and dropped out when his FRvid income was as high as he would be making out of school as a nurse.
João Abrantes
João Abrantes Il y a 2 mois
What you gone do to the rx7 ? 🧐😂
tommie sturkenboom
tommie sturkenboom Il y a 2 mois
Front is way to low man djeez
Jack Il y a 2 mois
luke jacobs
luke jacobs Il y a 2 mois
needs 1000hp
Rome Brown
Rome Brown Il y a 2 mois
😂😂😂 it's so hard to believe Toyota old Supra is faster than their new supra an no matter what the old supra is gonna be faster an more sexier 🤦🏽‍♂️
Jesus Garcia
Jesus Garcia Il y a 2 mois
Go 10mm smaller in the rear and 10mm bigger in the front for tires
Imtiaz Ahmed
Imtiaz Ahmed Il y a 2 mois
DAmmn this guy humble, he stopped the drop, cuz of corona big heart
Dash Gaming
Dash Gaming Il y a 2 mois
That’s for not bagging this teej
Andrew Goodspeed
Andrew Goodspeed Il y a 2 mois
How to self trim your bumpers and wheel wells 101, just let the tires rub till the they dont no more lol
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