7 Times TV Shows & Movies Predicted The Future | Generations React

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Generations React to 8 times TV shows and movies predicted the future.
Watch to see their reactions!
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7 Times TV Shows & Movies Predicted The Future | Generations React




12 févr. 2020




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Commentaires 2 760
FBE Il y a 4 jours
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siscris 2
siscris 2 Il y a jour
How is it that no one metioned that Shakira voiced the character in zootopia?
Maciek **
Maciek ** Il y a jour
React junior eurovision 2019?
Ruan Medeiros
Ruan Medeiros Il y a 2 jours
Fornite Battle Royale
Fornite Battle Royale Il y a 23 heures
Please react to the Super Bowl halftime show !!
Gyoka Il y a 23 heures
Or maybe they get inspired by the show
norwAySMR Il y a 23 heures
More "redoing something old", less "predicting the future"
Hello There
Hello There Il y a 23 heures
React to Aaron Gordon getting robbed in the dunk contest
G1 Skywarp
G1 Skywarp Il y a jour
Things back to the future “predicted” 1.Xbox Kinect 2.iphones 3.everybody loves the 80s 4.vr headsets 5.911 6.self fitting shoes Predicted is in quotation marks because we cybertronians already had this stuff millions of years before you pathetic weaklings
Queen Bey
Queen Bey Il y a jour
Dude im 15 and i deadass grew up with the jetsons (thanks to boomerang) and they hit different
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon Il y a jour
These people are very easily impressed
A S Il y a jour
The Simpsons already did it!
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon Il y a jour
Surprised they didn’t include the Caitlin Jenner family guy prediction
Jacob McGhee
Jacob McGhee Il y a jour
So, fun fact about Scrubs, the creator has stated in interviews that Neill Flynn (The Janitor) didn’t really have a script, so that’s all him making that statement
Yuri G
Yuri G Il y a jour
Lmao do we forget how technologically behind America is?
Rockin Robin
Rockin Robin Il y a jour
OwO My Zootopia senses tingled
marcos Figueroa
marcos Figueroa Il y a jour
Myspace was first
Linda Torres
Linda Torres Il y a jour
Shakira has worn a red 2 piece for years its her signature look. Still funny though
A r i
A r i Il y a jour
You know what scary, most of these they could just be inspired by the shows/movies but simpsons didn’t predict like games or cars or crap they predicted like ACTUAL LIFE THINGS like trump being president, the virus etc
Workman Films
Workman Films Il y a jour
Yeah, none of this is "predicting the future".
Phoenix Plays
Phoenix Plays Il y a jour
well maybe its someone from the future who time traveled back and told them
Yun Hee Choi
Yun Hee Choi Il y a jour
There's no such thing as predictable predictive programming.
angeleyes green
angeleyes green Il y a jour
It seems more like writers come up with something great, and other people take the ideas and make them reality. Everything else is just coincidence. Not everything is a conspiracy 🙄
Casey McFlurry “everything else is just coincidence” did you miss that part?
Casey McFlurry
Casey McFlurry Il y a jour
Yeah, Bin Ladin totally washed scrubs and hid there 🙄
That’s what I said. For example the Facebook one. They are only one year apart, so it is even more likely that he was inspired by it.
MK Mahroum
MK Mahroum Il y a jour
0:30 Victoria Justice
lolland loves
lolland loves Il y a jour
Teens react to Bobby Duke Arts!!!🤪
Jujubee Il y a jour
They should have showed how they predicted Kobes death in the helicopter!
Braxton Playz
Braxton Playz Il y a jour
the creators of simsons son was a mental therapist at my school
dolimi jotoo
dolimi jotoo Il y a jour
These people are very easily impressed
Lux Aeternum
Lux Aeternum Il y a jour
dolimi jotoo i mean not everyone watches these kind of things so
Accy Lad
Accy Lad Il y a jour
Back to the Future 2 predicted the Cubs winning before this clip on here
SB Il y a jour
Surprised they didn’t include the Caitlin Jenner family guy prediction
dolimi jotoo
dolimi jotoo Il y a jour
the bin ladin one got my mind blown
Jenifer Santos
Jenifer Santos Il y a jour
React to "Live this moment" from Now United. They are a global pop group with 14 people from different countries.
Emma Ruby
Emma Ruby Il y a jour
Natalie awesome
Natalie awesome Il y a jour
Talks about Facebook calling it the first of social media. But did everyone forget about MySpace
Christina The Idiot Alien
I don’t think zootopia predicted the future *shakira literally played the role*
Neko Sky
Neko Sky Il y a jour
Shelby Connors
Shelby Connors Il y a jour
Shakira is the girl in the movie
Angela EPOIAN Il y a jour
Zacaria W ikr lol 😂
Zacaria W
Zacaria W Il y a jour
Angela EPOIAN Il y a jour
And it’s a GAZELLE bruh xD
big mac
big mac Il y a jour
Shelby Connors that’s the point stupid 💀💀💀
Yoboyjake Gamer & Footballer
Try not to cry challenge do the song brother
Brandon Pecina
Brandon Pecina Il y a jour
Some of it is predictive programming. I don’t see how you can think otherwise. Not all of it, obviously. But it does happen.
rc predictions 2
rc predictions 2 Il y a jour
U also forgot some last time u guys did it.
rc predictions 2
rc predictions 2 Il y a jour
Can u guys do a thing when they have to put all the #1 most viewed videos 1st to 10th again.
Zuri Milla
Zuri Milla Il y a jour
Back to the future 2 predicted The Cubs winning in 2015 when they actually won in 2016
Lord Ching Ching
Lord Ching Ching Il y a jour
What is Shakira just wanted to pay an homage to the movie...?
E M Il y a jour
I wouldn't say the flu thing was enough for a prediction. Something like that happens often enough throughout history. It'd be more on point if they did something like making the virus come from an animal and people catch it from them and infect people on a plane.
Weirdos World
Weirdos World Il y a jour
OMG is everyone in the comments dumb the movies like zootopia were not predicted these movies were based off of the celebrities
Tommy Cobb
Tommy Cobb Il y a jour
do a how long can you watch silver say it’s no use
sassybark Il y a jour
the bin ladin one got my mind blown
Kris G
Kris G Il y a jour
PLEASE REACT TO THE TNT BOYS (Keifer Sanchez 15, Mackie Empuerto 14, Francis Concepcion 13) from the Philippines!! Make all the Generations react to it please!!!!
psookkas Il y a jour
Or even Morissette Amon!
Tommy Cobb
Tommy Cobb Il y a jour
teens or college kids react to gucci gucci literature club’s not hot
Neo Il y a jour
Writers of simpsons are illuminati 😵
xXtherealbgbXx Il y a jour
Fun fact, the Janitor improv'd most of his lines
Jacob McGhee
Jacob McGhee Il y a jour
xXtherealbgbXx yep, they’ve had scripts that literally said “whatever Neil says”
Bernler75 Il y a jour
Pssh!!! About the FRIENDS clip... In Sweden, my country, there was a pioneering social media called "Lunarstorm" that launched back in 2000 which BY THE WAY was also a successor to another prototype social media called "StajlPlejs" founded by the same person and it launched in 1996. Was pretty simple, you had your profile, you posted pictures and there was also a forum where discussions took place. But you cannot deny the impact it has had on modern social media.
Jordan Nichole
Jordan Nichole Il y a jour
i wish they would make an episode interviewing some of the writers from these episodes and ask about the predictions
vclyrics Il y a jour
vclyrics Il y a jour
vclyrics Il y a jour
Rizqi R
Rizqi R Il y a jour
The Simpsons predicting many many things, they have a lot of episodes... So some sure can happen, the writers were thinking ahead, you know? Hehe
Ashley K.
Ashley K. Il y a jour
Friends also had facetime too. Monica's billionaire boyfriend Pete and vice control and clapping lights
cocko doodledoo
cocko doodledoo Il y a jour
Everything is a conspiracy of the government in order to take control of are minds in social media and other networks. But in Oder to believe that you have to believe it can be posible remember power rules the world and the government controls it.
Sin Wai Tang
Sin Wai Tang Il y a jour
Simpsons predicted that Bret Hart got attacked by a Jamaican costume guy
Gabriela Silva
Gabriela Silva Il y a jour
Everyone forgets that there was a MySpace before a Facebook....
Jacob McGhee
Jacob McGhee Il y a jour
And what about AOL (and it’s chat rooms, etc.)
Jujubee Il y a jour
And Beebo!
andrewthezeppo Il y a jour
Yep, I am an OG Facebook member back when it was just colleges and you couldn't even add friends from other colleges but I still remember having Myspace before that
Rosie Yannetty
Rosie Yannetty Il y a jour
Never forget Tom!
FB_John Il y a jour
Gabriela Silva it was probably just a better description of Facebook than MySpace
Schaly Il y a jour
That Back to the Future one isn't predicting hands-free gaming. It's referencing Duck Hunt/Light gun gaming. Something that ALREADY existed in the early 80s. In fact all this stuff is just reference to stuff that existed in some form, or was a variation on something that existed. The only exceptions I'll give are the Cubs (but even then that's just writing an absurdity for the sake of humour), and The Jetstons (but even then, that's when colour TV became a thing so I imagine it was just people thinking "it'd be cool if we could talk through our tvs").
Yohans Tadesse
Yohans Tadesse Il y a jour
I think you guys should react Allen Walker, you haven't react to his works before!!
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu Il y a jour
Well shakira wasn't predicted she was the voiceover over the character so obviously she knows what thw character was wearing and she thought it was fun to put the same o
Katie Denmark
Katie Denmark Il y a jour
Wait, didn’t back to the future “predict” the cubs wining the World Series?
Katie Powell
Katie Powell Il y a jour
Katie Denmark go Cubs!! Sorry. Cubs fan.
LazyRushii Il y a jour
*The scary one is* *Simpson always know the future*
lone war horse 69
lone war horse 69 Il y a jour
the writer is a freemason they know whats going to happen
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu Il y a jour
The American government is the illuminati
Random Clown
Random Clown Il y a jour
How is it scary that she wore the same dress she did that to represent the dress that she wore in the movie?