7 Things We Don't Know About the Ocean

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The ocean covers 70% of the planet, but humans still don’t know very much about it. In this episode, Hank discusses seven mysterious ocean topics.
Hosted by: Hank Green
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The Ocean Floor
Beneath the Seafloor
Brine Pools
Milky Seas
Unidentified Sounds
The 52Hz Whale
Abyssal Gigantism



3 avril 2016




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Commentaires 100
Nyrra Reyes
Nyrra Reyes Il y a jour
I'm busy pls don't disturb 🤫
Thesheepisout Il y a 2 jours
this is amazing to play around with the sound
tekubus Il y a 3 jours
If only you knew what you don't know, you would know to keep quiet in your ignorance.
Cannabis Chemist
Cannabis Chemist Il y a 4 jours
You know your high when you watched this whole video 😂
D Army
D Army Il y a 8 jours
Know more about space than we do our oceans apparently...and everyone knows how little we know about space 🤯
Darren Chen
Darren Chen Il y a 9 jours
This is definitely one of my favorite scishow episodes
Tricky Il y a 12 jours
Nr 6: Kaiju
Abbi Schroeder
Abbi Schroeder Il y a 19 jours
our favorite tik toker saves us again
Luigi Diaz
Luigi Diaz Il y a 22 jours
And my phobia for underwear continues to grow.. thank u 😭😭😭😭
Robbie Kipping
Robbie Kipping Il y a 25 jours
We each carry our internal ocean or we could not walk upon the terrestrial earth. Thus we come from the ocean in our journey to the stars. We are creatures of the margin between ocean and land. We drown in one and desicate on the other. We are the mystery. Dr. K
《{Liza Original}》
Before going deep into the sea go deep into the comments and you will find something Lol
Natalia Esquivel
Natalia Esquivel Il y a mois
For those of you that need it: 1) What covers 70% of the Earth’s surface? The ocean. 2) What is the ocean floor like? It is unknown exactly what it looks like in some places. 3) What is under the seafloor? Living microbes. 4) What are brine pools? Pockets of seawater that have a different composition than the surrounding ocean because they're super salty. 5) What are milky seas? the phenomenon where thousands of square kilometers of the oceans surface glow a brilliant whitish blue. 6) What is the 52 hertz whale? The unknown whale that makes the different 53 hertz song than other whales. 7) What is upsweep? A mystery sound from the ocean that sounds like a repeating bloop. 8) Why are deep- sea creatures so huge? Because of deep sea gigantism which's cause is unknown. Bergmann's rule suggests temperature may influence gigantism, while Kliebers law states that massive animals have lower metabolic and less high quality food to survive, other theories also suggest that gigantism may help organisms resist increased pressure of the deep sea, but we dont have really have conclusive biological reasons why these gigantic creatures exist. Yall's welcome!! :D
Princess Vanessa ASMR
1:00 humans objectifying the ocean by wanting to look at it's bottom
R b
R b Il y a mois
the whale sings in 52 hertz because humans have created more noise in the ocean (boats engines etc...) therefore the whale sings at a higher pitch to be heard over the noise
OMKAR CHAVAN Il y a mois
Are you the same guy from vat19?
Nutty Insomniac
Nutty Insomniac Il y a mois
#6 reminds me of Josh Malerman's book 'Black Mad Wheel.' A strange noise they had to find the source of, but in the desert not in the sea.
Remnant Saved 144
Remnant Saved 144 Il y a mois
no man has ever saw the sea floor Stop it
dude cx
dude cx Il y a mois
Im still waiting for godzilla to imerge
dude cx
dude cx Il y a mois
@Fire Power701 let me dream
Fire Power701
Fire Power701 Il y a mois
Never gonna happen.
MageSkeleton Il y a mois
China needs to give up this conquering narritive so we can all progress as a species. Yes there's many things we could learn through our own oceans, but we still need to colonize space and China wants to make sure it's in the way. To that end, knowing what's in our oceans is redundant until China takes the ultimate chill pill.
Ask my ex she knows shes lives there
calska140 Il y a mois
Upsweep? Definitely Satan Deep sea gigantism? Also, 100% Satan
Nicole Rose
Nicole Rose Il y a mois
#6 = The TARDIS
Hambo Il y a mois
plot twist, 52 blue is just a guy named Carl
Altus Talent
Altus Talent Il y a mois
Leviathan... He's out there.
Valerie Pallaoro
Valerie Pallaoro Il y a 2 mois
7. Valerie's law. If we can't get at it to poach it, sea life (like land life) is allowed to live it's proper life span and keep growing to larger sizes. Not pithy, I'll admit, but you can see where I'm coming from, can't you?
Bandarban jadipai
Bandarban jadipai Il y a 2 mois
Michael Dailey
Michael Dailey Il y a 2 mois
Science , the absolute truth and fact today , subject to change tomorrow !!
Zoë de Wijn
Zoë de Wijn Il y a 2 mois
i wanna see an update on this video with the new things we know about it now
Krish Narayanan
Krish Narayanan Il y a 2 mois
We know that science doesn't know 99.9999...% of anything, why making" don't know" the repetitive and emphatic theme of the narrative?! "Ultra precise" altimeters are used to create "ultra imprecise" ocean floor maps?! Too much of unwanted overemphasis and contradictions, was irritating to watch such a short video even!
Wmw Dl
Wmw Dl Il y a 2 mois
Oceon can takeover earth by oceon takover or sea creature takeover But they cannot destroy earth completely.
Old New
Old New Il y a 2 mois
Not sure why so many loonies think the space vs ocean thing is such a conspiracy. Let's start with you can SEE THROUGH ONE EASILY while the other, not so much. Then there's the EPIC PRESSURE of exploring one vs the other. Anyone want to continue the list?
admin omhfoz
admin omhfoz Il y a 2 mois
y was the globe upside down?
Levispooks Il y a 2 mois
Number 6 is clearly the TARDIS, I'm not sure what the DR is doing gown there but we better stay out of the way.
Daniel Watson
Daniel Watson Il y a 2 mois
52- hertz animal is probably a giant squid.
Pat M.
Pat M. Il y a 2 mois
52 Blue sounds like a cool rock band
I Am Becoming
I Am Becoming Il y a 2 mois
This should be called "7 things that we know we don't know about the ocean". There may be a whole lot more that we don't even yet know we don't know. You know?
Jas Custorio
Jas Custorio Il y a 3 mois
this is where quarantine brings me
Kaywop Il y a 3 mois
What if that whale was just sick or something
R. B.
R. B. Il y a 3 mois
I'll smoke what your smoking lol....
Jessica Evans
Jessica Evans Il y a 3 mois
About the whale songs. Have you ever read Fluke? Read that short novel and you'll see where my brain is going.
Chloe Kane-Willis
Chloe Kane-Willis Il y a 3 mois
the upsweep is definitely a TARDIS
Pea Gee
Pea Gee Il y a 3 mois
Does whale 52 have a hair lip perhaps? 🐳👍
Inso Carnage
Inso Carnage Il y a 3 mois
52 hz vs 50 cent 🤣🤣
Looking For Funnies
Looking For Funnies Il y a 3 mois
I never really thought about this, the ocean is all technically one ocean, right? Like it's all connected
ajith kumar
ajith kumar Il y a 4 mois
how to start avlog like this
Myriaddsystems Il y a 4 mois
Call it earth- or soil- but not "dirt", that's childish expression and wholly inaccurate. Oh, and it's SWATHE with a long A, not "swath" which is a quaint 17th century anachronism...
Mina listor
Mina listor Il y a 4 mois
Is the way the presenter pronouncing some of his L:s (like in sattelite, colony...) a dialect or just speech disorder?
Augwa Bling Blong
Augwa Bling Blong Il y a 4 mois
"the origin of the sound is unresolved" pssh, its siren head, obviously
Cheandre Damerell
Cheandre Damerell Il y a 4 mois
I've seen the glowing wave when I walked at night in Seychelles. Was beautiful
Mayn 90's
Mayn 90's Il y a 4 mois
Yall ever seen the national geographic video with the eel getting poisoned by the brine pool? Crazy
Aaron H
Aaron H Il y a 4 mois
52 blue.. the Loch Ness Monster exist.... 😂😂😂😂
Nate Bradshaw
Nate Bradshaw Il y a 4 mois
52 Blue is probably just some annoying winey teenage whale
Matthew Macey
Matthew Macey Il y a 4 mois
Nice subnautica screenshot
Donovan San Nicolas
Donovan San Nicolas Il y a 4 mois
ocean: makes scary monster noises. scientists: hm, must be those darn icebergs again
B Il y a 4 mois
We know little of the ocean but we're destroying it.
Jocelyn Orenda
Jocelyn Orenda Il y a 4 mois
Part 2! Part 2!
Rhoody Bowden
Rhoody Bowden Il y a 4 mois
toooooo much talk..not enough DOC VIDEO.10.000.000 thumbs down.
Rahima Ali
Rahima Ali Il y a 4 mois
Ocean is back bone of global stock. Life is started from oceans and will be finish soon.
Ian Gabriel Ramos
Ian Gabriel Ramos Il y a 4 mois
This video reminds me of a Lemino video 🤔🤔
Crystal Pasztor
Crystal Pasztor Il y a 4 mois
Fun fact! The creator of spongebob had a degree in marine biology!
Fred Ivory
Fred Ivory Il y a 4 mois
Ocean; "Stop looking at my bottom!" Human; "Oh, sorry!"
dude cx
dude cx Il y a mois
Senpai is weird
Grace Lewis
Grace Lewis Il y a 3 mois
FRvid comments are so weird
Frank McGaha
Frank McGaha Il y a 4 mois
Animals are huge in the ocean because they don't have to fight gravity duh!
Mr. Lawless
Mr. Lawless Il y a 4 mois
I think you should cut down on the coffee.......or switch to decaf !!!!!! It would make it a lot easier to follow along with you. Really enjoyed your presentation,. but................... please slow down a little.
Richard Richardson
Richard Richardson Il y a 4 mois
There is no ocean it's fake news
Petrus Bianchi
Petrus Bianchi Il y a 4 mois
Deep sea gigantism. As if the oceans are not scary enough on their own.
Dee Smith
Dee Smith Il y a 4 mois
52 blue doesn't sound whale- like to me👽
Silky smooth2000
Silky smooth2000 Il y a 4 mois
I’d rather have pictures than some guy standing flapping his hands/arms
Freeda Peeple
Freeda Peeple Il y a 4 mois
Poor 52. He probably gets bullied by the other whales.
THE CAPTAIN CAT Il y a 5 mois
can you have a brine pool in a brine pool
Eric Moon
Eric Moon Il y a 5 mois
Honestly I’d love for there to some kinda brine river somewhere on the ocean floor with a flourishing ecosystem, kinda like in Subnautica
Brandon Solis
Brandon Solis Il y a 5 mois
I’ve been a marketing manager the last 16 yrs of my 34 life. One thing I always sell to a new client. We first have to dominate the area around us before we go out for further clients. So I say all science and explore should be done here on earth to where we can understand 100% of earth before we go out. Why find out facts of Mars, the moon, etc if we haven’t explored all of earth! Let’s get it
Yeff Il y a 3 mois
When the asteroid comes, you'll wish we were on Mars
mckenr07 Il y a 5 mois
The whale’s balls haven’t dropped yet
manjeet Ranu
manjeet Ranu Il y a 5 mois
so you are basically saying only 5% of ocean is discovered so how can they confirm mariana trech is deepest potral of ocean ?
Yeff Il y a 3 mois
Sonar, lasers, sattelite imagery, LADAR, other things
nic evers
nic evers Il y a 5 mois
I wonder if 52 blue is deaf
lefrif houssam
lefrif houssam Il y a 5 mois
The only reason we plant flags is for dominance and territory, science asks you to leave it as it is and study it before just planting a flag on it.
sonal patel
sonal patel Il y a 5 mois
Worm World
Worm World Il y a 5 mois
Is anyone else bored in quarantine and low-key missing school while binge watching educational videos?
Scott G
Scott G Il y a 5 mois
Yeff Il y a 3 mois
Geo Fractal
Geo Fractal Il y a 5 mois
Enough of the House Party and Facebook ads. Enough!
Tamarind Digges
Tamarind Digges Il y a 5 mois
Damn those whale sounds made my heart sink...dont know why I'm so scared of the ocean...definitely have thalassophobia 🙁
Fay Anne Aura Arts
Fay Anne Aura Arts Il y a 5 mois
It's bloody obvious how animals in the ocean can get so huge! Not a mystery at all! It's obviously because the salty ocean water makes things buoyant, which supports more weight. Basically, they get huge because they *can* get huge. All you need for proof is the fact that big animals like whales tend to die on land by being crushed by their own weight. No longer buoyed by water, they can't support their own weight on land. DUH!
OHiWONder Gaming
OHiWONder Gaming Il y a 5 mois
Huge, dark, and deep... Aight, I’m gonna head out.
applehecc Il y a 5 mois
So... fish have fish too??
Dennis De Slager
Dennis De Slager Il y a 5 mois
6:15 Imagine you're scuba diving in the ocean and you hear that sound.
henrey Il y a 22 jours
Probably wouldn’t be pleasant depending on how close you are.
Jeon Jungkook
Jeon Jungkook Il y a 5 mois
This is why some of us have thalassophobia...
Devin Pauley
Devin Pauley Il y a 5 mois
When you get someone that has no idea what a RADAR altimeter is....
ifotrois toon
ifotrois toon Il y a 5 mois
We haven't seen 95 percent of the oceans bottom? Let's put the ocean in a thong bikini then. Man i hope the ocean has a nice bottom. 🤣👍 Ba dum tiss
Craig Stone
Craig Stone Il y a 6 mois
Or as it's also known, the big blue wet thing.
Harrison Loch
Harrison Loch Il y a 6 mois
"7 things we don't know" *Lists things we know* Also that "whale" sounds like a submarine lmao
Harrison Loch
Harrison Loch Il y a 5 mois
@LucianCorrvinous Son of Hekaté I was simply being facetious
LucianCorrvinous Son of Hekaté
OK, then perhaps it should of been " 7 things we know about but don't understand"...would that have made it acceptable?
POE LWE Il y a 6 mois
We have been surfing above and we don’t even know what is lurking below
Dirk Bastardrelief
Dirk Bastardrelief Il y a 6 mois
For a minute I thought Hank Green had chest hair sticking out of his collar. Then I realized it was just a shadow. Thank god! I mean, don't scare me like that.
Ricardo Thomas Manuel Hernández
Is the 52 blue whale song some how connected to why football quarterbacks call out blue 52 before hiking the ball? Can we find out if the whales are just answering these quarterbacks? Lol
Anonymous Rex
Anonymous Rex Il y a 6 mois
But we still don't know what causes fish to give in to pier pressure
Viperella Occidentalis
All you motherfuckers are saying mermaids and I'm more concerned about the great old ones...
Viperella Occidentalis
Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn!
Enid Tse
Enid Tse Il y a 6 mois
this is not a game, you can't go into creative mode
Pushyamitra Gurethia
Pushyamitra Gurethia Il y a 6 mois
Brilient video.
David Demers
David Demers Il y a 6 mois
@6:04 I turned up my subwoofer and didn't hear any rumbly 15 & 20 Hz tones. I take it this particular blue whale call was pitched up.
pariXs Il y a 6 mois
but how did u make a list of stuff u dont know if u dont know 'em?
Ghost spyder
Ghost spyder Il y a 6 mois
My theory, is that the 52 herts whale is one of the last if the massive predatory whales with the sharklike teeth, and that the reason its so loud is that its hunting other whales, and uses echolocation
String theory - Brian Greene