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What happens when you have 60 MINUTES to do your makeup vs. when you only have 6? Today I’m taking on this CRAZY makeup challenge! How do you think I’ll do? Keep on watching to find out!
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19 sept. 2019




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Commentaires 80
NikkieTutorials Il y a 8 mois
Maddison Taylor
Maddison Taylor Il y a jour
No because i cant do makeup to save my life 😅😅
Mili Mahajan
Mili Mahajan Il y a 7 jours
Amazing ❤️ i follow all your makeup videos. Can you please create an indian bridal look 🌸
🤠 Il y a 10 jours
Aubrey Davis
Aubrey Davis Il y a mois
Yeah. I kinda do it on a daily. Haha
helena Il y a mois
Srushti Pathak
Srushti Pathak Il y a jour
Where do you stay Nikkie ? Can anyone tell me
ᄋᄉᄋBTS MEMES Il y a 3 jours
my everyday makeup a little bit of foundation, lashes, blush, gloss....bai
RAJNI CHAUHAN Il y a 4 jours
U r so cute
Athalia Duncan
Athalia Duncan Il y a 6 jours
I admire how in every video ur hair ALWAYS looks healthy n shein n cleeaan n shiny liiike how do you obtain n sustain it to be like that everytime💀
lydia Gould
lydia Gould Il y a 6 jours
I love your right side makeup❤❤
Ciara mhf
Ciara mhf Il y a 7 jours
I love Nikkie’s videos so much❤️
Ilse Lammers
Ilse Lammers Il y a 9 jours
Nikkie de 60 min is mooi maar onthoud je bent mooi zoals je bent ik vind de 6 min echt niet slecht het tegen deel ik vind het mooi ly
Betül Dönmez
Betül Dönmez Il y a 11 jours
izlerken gerildim hahaha
Joshua Allen
Joshua Allen Il y a 11 jours
Warempel, zowat de enige Nederlandse FRvidr/entertainer die wél fatsoenlijk Engels spreekt. Echt een genot vergeleken met wat veel anderen uitkramen.
Clotilde Oliver
Clotilde Oliver Il y a 14 jours
Nulle tu te fou de notre gueule
Taymaa Mezayen
Taymaa Mezayen Il y a 15 jours
it bugs me when she does one side like i want her to do the other too.
TeTea Il y a 16 jours
6 minutes Nikkie: Uses 3 brushes on brows. We do NOT have the same priorities :P :P
Melle Griffioen
Melle Griffioen Il y a 17 jours
ik ben nederlands!!
Paola Michell Maldonado S.
Hi!! Which beauty blender do you use???
bella roblox
bella roblox Il y a 18 jours
Hi alles goed
Mila Wuyts
Mila Wuyts Il y a 20 jours
Your whole make up look has a super large brush
Emily Edwards
Emily Edwards Il y a 21 jour
I love your videos if you don't mind I'm recreating your videos
Noelle Caraway
Noelle Caraway Il y a 22 jours
I do my makeup in 6 to 10 minutes and I'll say that my staples are a good plump mascara, one finger swipe of a gold eyeshadow, eyebrow pencil and brush it in real quick, and some lip liner and gloss.
Muriël Baars
Muriël Baars Il y a 22 jours
I actually like the right look more (the one of 6 mins) over the one on the left. It shows how beautiful she is even with just a little bit of effort. 😍
J Tanagon
J Tanagon Il y a 22 jours
why didn’t you include 6 hours? 😭😭
Gabriella Santiago
Gabriella Santiago Il y a 24 jours
I do my makeup in like 10 minutes but the best thing is to just relax but at the same time hury
Weian Li
Weian Li Il y a 26 jours
Ppl who can do their makeup in 6 mins have brows tattoo and lashes extension
Röya Mehrəliyeva
Röya Mehrəliyeva Il y a 27 jours
Omaygat 😍
Katie Hignight
Katie Hignight Il y a 28 jours
I have too!! I don't have a lot of time most days. Tips: for eyes use just a crease shade, and a shimmer on the lid. Use a dewy foundation and forget about highlight. Streamline your brows by using a powder or pencil and a little gel only. Then throw on some slightly shimmery contour and a little fuller coverage lip gloss and your done!! Oh, and use a good eyelash primer, and some falsies mascara, (my fave is the the Maybelline Snapscara) 😁💜
Nicole Hofman
Nicole Hofman Il y a mois
De 6 minuten versie vind ik veel mooier
S a v a g e
S a v a g e Il y a mois
The left side : when I start my homework The right side : finishing your homework while the teacher is collecting it
Meena Rajawat
Meena Rajawat Il y a mois
Conceal,do eyebrows, mascara(no time to apply eye lash), bronzer (eye lids as well),blush,lip gloss, highlighter 😍= my 6min glam
Md RAIYAN Il y a mois
Amar puro ready hota 30 mins lage
Abby L
Abby L Il y a mois
Zerda Ozbey
Zerda Ozbey Il y a mois
Ik vind om eerlijk te zijn, rechts beter dan links. ❤️ly
Mandy Sue
Mandy Sue Il y a mois
When I wake up late I do concealer (sometimes foundation) a winged eyeliner, and mascara. Then sometimes I'll shove more stuff in my bag to fix it later in the day.
cassthedancer Il y a mois
I am one of those people that takes 10 minutes for makeup in the mornings, everyone hates my routine but its moisturizer, concealer, powder, mascara, eyeliner, blush, light brown shadow in the crease, lip gloss and run so i'm not late
Oida Na man
Oida Na man Il y a mois
I feel like she forgot how to do simple make up in short time like Concealer Powder Brow pencil Maskara Lips BOOM done
Name Here
Name Here Il y a mois
Oh my god I love Kelsey she’s my favorite
Uncharted Buddy
Uncharted Buddy Il y a mois
This channel is what got me into makeup and i just want to say thank you so much!
Müziğin sesi
Müziğin sesi Il y a mois
The makeup you make in 6 minutes is more beautiful.♥️♥️
Shehanni Mae Arellano
You're too slow you have extra movements.
ChimChim Taesthetic
3:57 THIS is why I love Nikkie.
jordis Vdm
jordis Vdm Il y a mois
6 min
Izzy Mcpeak
Izzy Mcpeak Il y a mois
Am I the only one who does my make up in 5 minutes?
Adrienn Tóth
Adrienn Tóth Il y a mois
is it just me or do other people also prefer the 6 minutes side? Don't get me wrong I love her makeup skills but for the everyday person the 6 minute side is way more gorgeous than I would have expected it to be. I would love for Nikkie to do more every day looks every once in a while even though I love to see her extra self shining through. Live your best life
Hhougaard Il y a mois
3:53 hihi
Claire Honeycutt
Claire Honeycutt Il y a mois
6 Minutes: Brow pencil light definition Hydrating Primer Powder foundation Lip balm Shimmer eye shadow with a larger brush Mascara highlighter on cheeks and nose Setting Spray Signed, a college student.
Gunel Gunel
Gunel Gunel Il y a mois
I am robin In my dreams
The six minutes side is actually how I do my makeup daily lol except I use blush with it lolz
Nikki Black
Nikki Black Il y a mois
I couldn't even do one eyebrow in 6 mins....i yi yi!
Katie Olsen
Katie Olsen Il y a mois
I do my makeup in 2 minutes. Eyeliner, lashes, tinted lip balm, that’s it
Christine DoCao
Christine DoCao Il y a mois
Nikki: 6 minute makeup Me: that’s my everyday makeup
Margarita Deforge
Margarita Deforge Il y a mois
I’m always Haasten to do my makeup!
Morgan Mai
Morgan Mai Il y a mois
For quick makeup the essentials are brow concealer and mascara maybe a lip balm
Dog into girl Bicknese
euphorian moods
euphorian moods Il y a mois
I do my make up in 6 mins just because i only wear mascara and lip gloss lol jsksksjd
Marlène Zoet
Marlène Zoet Il y a mois
That Koningsdag look ;)
Trenee Fears
Trenee Fears Il y a mois
And they was made 6 months ago. I see 3 6’s mmhm......
Joshua Evans
Joshua Evans Il y a mois
“No time for self promotion! Keep it moving, Nikkie!” Iconic!! 😂
MadilynPlays Roblox
Tbh it’s glam 60 min vs natural 6 min
Mar Tina
Mar Tina Il y a mois
De glam kant ziet er geweldig uit, maar toch vind ik de zes minuten kant mooier, omdat het er natuurlijker uit ziet.
hanna abedin
hanna abedin Il y a mois
No that's impossible.
Andrea Manning
Andrea Manning Il y a mois
Airblush.....airbrush fphvvapmcbodn avmathalnefobrate 😂😂😂😂🤔🤔🤔
Myracle Powell
Myracle Powell Il y a mois
you are good
to be honest i think i like the more natural look on you!! you looked soooo beautiful in both. the natural look would have been perfect even more with brows and lip liner but it was soooooo pretty!
A G Il y a mois
I know that execution wise the left side is better but i have to say that you look great with less make-up too. You are beautiful.
Ianvincent Labrada
Ianvincent Labrada Il y a mois
Beautiful chubby girl 😍
Jenny Pham Ho
Jenny Pham Ho Il y a mois
I think now is a good time for a real time makeup tutorial. Now that most of us has time lol
Imogen Stevens
Imogen Stevens Il y a mois
How to do make up in six minutes: Little bit of eyeshadow, mascara, lipgloss and done!
Kayla Eckert
Kayla Eckert Il y a mois
No cuts!!!! No editing 🤗
Hallie Jones
Hallie Jones Il y a mois
I would love to see a real time make up video!
Elena Quesadilla
Elena Quesadilla Il y a mois
I love you
Cupcake Productions
it took u three mins to apply ur lashes noo
Isabella Cantu
Isabella Cantu Il y a mois
"Makeup in 6 minutes? That's impossible!" *laughs in middle shcool"
britter the critter
*laughs in mascara and concealer that i do when i drive and stop at red lights*
Grace Huffman
Grace Huffman Il y a mois
Spend 3 min on base and hair then spend 3 min on eyeliner shadow ect
just Trinity42
just Trinity42 Il y a mois
Lmao your six minute makeup is better than my sixty minute makeup!😂😂
Yeetus Fetus
Yeetus Fetus Il y a mois
To be honest, I liked the other half of her face that was done under 6 mins more.
Petunia Beauty
Petunia Beauty Il y a mois
Lmfao omg great video! I think I can do the 6 min video actually. 😂😂😂😂
Yeppeun Yang-i
Yeppeun Yang-i Il y a mois
I love your 6 mins makeup!!! 💯💖 That's still a bomb!
Rylee Rose
Rylee Rose Il y a mois
I know im late… but you should do a tutorial on this hair!! Love it
Martin Ramirez
Martin Ramirez Il y a mois
Seriously when I have to do my make up I don’t got time for bronser or lashes I just put ishado and lipstick and boom I’m done
ANGELVS XIII Il y a 2 mois
People who do their makeup under 10 minutes either are naturally pretty or just don't give a fuck. And that's the real tea. Source? I'm a person with deep genetic eye circles that show up even under drag queen coverage concealers. Y'all are just born pretty and that's the fucking tea.