6 Vegans vs 1 Secret Meat Eater

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30 juin 2019




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Commentaires 87 867
Jubilee Il y a 4 mois
Hey good humans! Hope you enjoyed this episode of Odd Man Out - more coming soon! IMPORTANT NOTE: We absolutely understand how a lot of you are feeling regarding behavior shown in this video and know that this type of behavior is not what we stand for, but we wanted to be honest with what happened on set. Our ask is that even still you all be respectful of the individuals in our videos regardless of whether you are upset with what they said or did. Please do not go personal or invade their privacy - we do not stand by that at all. We do appreciate your passion, but let’s all try to focus it on positivity when we can 🙏
abby ._.
abby ._. Il y a 2 jours
profswazy Il y a mois
Jubilee yikes. This episode was awful all thanks to Erin. Possibly one of the worst people to ever be on this channel. Please cut ties with her
jo-ann Il y a mois
never bring erin back
Taline Bxp
Taline Bxp Il y a 2 mois
Well at least it was entertaining lmfao i love these videos
Hannah Il y a 2 mois
@Eduardo Zamorano I've already replied and said I didn't save it. I just happened to watch the video super early when the links were still up. And tbh even if I had it, I wouldn't give it out when Jubilee clearly doesn't want people to have it. I have a feeling all the people asking me just want to send hate messages anyway.
Sukhleen Arora
Sukhleen Arora Il y a 4 minutes
Plot twist: Erin isn’t even vegan
Elizabeth Maya
Elizabeth Maya Il y a 10 minutes
You suck Erin !!! Lol
Akash Gupta
Akash Gupta Il y a 17 minutes
Why does the meat eater look like the coolest dude in the circle.
NARC Il y a 25 minutes
Sour patch kids don’t have gelatin. 😒 Erin is the kind of vegan that gives the rest of us a bad rap.
Tyler Tolman
Tyler Tolman Il y a 29 minutes
Erin = Karen
DogeOfTheYear 1
DogeOfTheYear 1 Il y a 46 minutes
Erin: May I speak to your manager? Employee: For what? Erin: Well, your steak isn't vegan! Employee: Ma'am this is outback steakhouse. Erin: No! I demand a refund (Gets dragged out by security)
DarkGenji Il y a heure
who hates Erin
Triggerino Kripperino
Triggerino Kripperino Il y a 2 heures
Im so happy his strat worked perfectly on erin lol
Graham Bonne
Graham Bonne Il y a 2 heures
Pretty sure Brandon would be better classified as vegetarian.
Glo Gucci
Glo Gucci Il y a 2 heures
Man this Erin girl is mad annoying
rainier corral
rainier corral Il y a 2 heures
Erin is the physical and spiritual embodiment of why vegans are hated
Maple cream
Maple cream Il y a 3 heures
2:35 Erin gets mad cuz his speech was 5 seconds 3:44 Erin takes up half the time 4:08 Erin inturrups rudely 7:54 Erin gets mad because she's wrong Erin sounds like karen
nineteen96 Il y a 3 heures
Elizabeth: I'm vegan bc of the environment Eat some cows and reduce green house gases b
Penisbone Il y a 3 heures
Haha NOt vEgAn
ryan ainsley
ryan ainsley Il y a 3 heures
i dislike the girl in the green... A LOT lmfaooo
Kasey Il y a 3 heures
Disliked because of Erin. What a horrible person. I felt so bad for Brandon. Brandon, sweetie, keep doing you
Maria Alejo
Maria Alejo Il y a 3 heures
They are negan
Angel Alaffita
Angel Alaffita Il y a 3 heures
The white birch is rude🖕🖕🖕🖕
Flame Zzzz
Flame Zzzz Il y a 3 heures
I'd vote Erin of just so I wouldn't have to talk to her anymore
Carolyn Taylor
Carolyn Taylor Il y a 4 heures
WHY ARE SOUR PATCH KIDS NOT VEGAN? They do not contain gelatin, is it because of the dyes?
x Prohvoke
x Prohvoke Il y a 4 heures
Next should be “Who’s the Meat Beater”
OreoWorld BOOIII
OreoWorld BOOIII Il y a 4 heures
Breathes air Erin:that's not vegan
Sarah Allouche
Sarah Allouche Il y a 4 heures
i never get the mole right!! hah such a good show
Flashing Dragons
Flashing Dragons Il y a 4 heures
this is pretty interesting *watches while eating bbq chicken salad*
RIP_Axel Il y a 4 heures
The girl in the green is a straight up a caren
Gibson Rayles
Gibson Rayles Il y a 4 heures
They should have voted Erin out just to shut her up.
Ally Rohrer
Ally Rohrer Il y a 4 heures
I have never hated anyone more in my life than Erin like omfg
sllh 312
sllh 312 Il y a 4 heures
erin just wants the money
meep morp
meep morp Il y a 5 heures
OmG i knEW iT!
Luca D’Amario-McShane
Luca D’Amario-McShane Il y a 5 heures
Erin looks like a Thanksgiving turkey to me
Venux Il y a 5 heures
Erin reminds me of a crackhead
Venux Il y a 5 heures
Erin is a sassy girl
Walid Fahmi
Walid Fahmi Il y a 5 heures
If you search up is Sour Patch vegan it says it is😭😂
jomegadude Il y a 5 heures
I’m just glad Erin didn’t win. Wow she was obnoxious.
Evelyn Il y a 5 heures
Brandon seriously looked like he was gonna cry, oml, I feel bad
Dee Dawg
Dee Dawg Il y a 5 heures
Vegans are like Jehovah's witnesses. They believe there is limited room in vegan heaven, so they must out-vegan each other to secure their place in the court of the vegan gods.
zachary bennett
zachary bennett Il y a 5 heures
Everything about Erin is annoying and is pissing me off
David Ortega
David Ortega Il y a 5 heures
The vegans look un healthy they should have voted who looks great and dresses great.
PhreezeTV Il y a 5 heures
Jan- Erin... Erin.. Erin ...
Kaitlyn LaMonte
Kaitlyn LaMonte Il y a 6 heures
Why'd Erin say sour patch kids aren't vegan.. they are though lol. also why is she so grrrrr
King Dilly Dilly
King Dilly Dilly Il y a 6 heures
Erin is an the perfect person to inspire "ok vegan"
King Dilly Dilly
King Dilly Dilly Il y a 6 heures
I think Erin is using reverse-phychology
Amber Gladd
Amber Gladd Il y a 6 heures
Could you do one that is who is the LeBron James lover and who doesn't like LeBron James
Rene Anderson
Rene Anderson Il y a 6 heures
I cannot stand erin😂😂
Lea Oreo
Lea Oreo Il y a 6 heures
Hannah Oh
Hannah Oh Il y a 7 heures
Camila Cardoso
Camila Cardoso Il y a 7 heures
Whenever I get pissed off I come back to this video just to see Erin lose
Baba Yaga
Baba Yaga Il y a 7 heures
Wow jaylyn has so much swag
Baba Yaga
Baba Yaga Il y a 7 heures
Imagine Erin is the mole
Carter Hayes
Carter Hayes Il y a 7 heures
Erin= libitard SUPER KAREN
Go Beyond Plus Ultra
Go Beyond Plus Ultra Il y a 7 heures
Please don't have Erin in the show anymore
ya boi
ya boi Il y a 7 heures
erin is so annoying tbh
Susie Melirosa
Susie Melirosa Il y a 7 heures
I really don’t like that girl with the lime/neon shirt and pants like she needs to chill
Griggles Il y a 7 heures
i have one word KAREN
fluffity xx
fluffity xx Il y a 8 heures
Philippe Has extra crom
Philippe Has extra crom Il y a 8 heures
Erin just has such a punchable face
fluffity xx
fluffity xx Il y a 8 heures
erin was so rude jesus
Chasezap Il y a 8 heures
Damn 10 year vegan Erin really ain't lookin too healthy.... 8:55
Ansh Deshmukh
Ansh Deshmukh Il y a 8 heures
“I knew it” -everyone after saying they have no doubt