6 Straight Men vs 1 Secret Gay Man

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29 sept. 2019




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Commentaires 23 503
Rashad Lockhart
Rashad Lockhart Il y a 8 heures
How much money do they get? 🤔
AlmighyQuan TV
AlmighyQuan TV Il y a 8 heures
Wesley did the 1000 years of death from naruto as a kid😭😭
Yari Vazquez
Yari Vazquez Il y a 9 heures
dude i actually knew it from the start!! this is the only video that i’ve gotten it right
606 Il y a 9 heures
3:28 “Have you ever seen a penis?” Ad about milk appears at the moment
Fujoぴ〜 Il y a 9 heures
8:55 that silent fist bump lmao
Thailon Lucas
Thailon Lucas Il y a 9 heures
Evan: I'm a straight man Me: No, you'r not!
kiarraaleesha. Il y a 9 heures
Johnathan was annoying AF
Marco Gaudiosi
Marco Gaudiosi Il y a 10 heures
Moral of the story:90% of guys do gay stuff during their lifes .
Anime_gacha_gurl Il y a 10 heures
If it was kid edition I would be there and if everyone chose me THEY ARE RIGHT I’m lesbian 👌🏻👩‍👩‍👦👯‍♀️👭
Bojun Choi
Bojun Choi Il y a 10 heures
i did that in school too sticking fingers up my friends anuses, we said no homo after
Alisha Harris
Alisha Harris Il y a 11 heures
'"If you do gay stuff then- like- you're probably not gay." the highlight of this video honestly
Anita Ayewa
Anita Ayewa Il y a 11 heures
I thought Wesley was gay
Joseph Neiconi
Joseph Neiconi Il y a 11 heures
I wanna become Wesley’s best friend. Dude is funny
Szymon Smith
Szymon Smith Il y a 11 heures
Next one: Guess the black person
Mr. Donutman
Mr. Donutman Il y a 11 heures
I loved this episode and all the bromance, I’m also a little drunk 🤔
bissan swedan
bissan swedan Il y a 12 heures
I kneeew evan was gaaay
Crackhead Kourtney
Crackhead Kourtney Il y a 12 heures
I bet y’all the Jonathan is gay cause he was using his hands so much
Uhhh Uhhh
Uhhh Uhhh Il y a 13 heures
The weird thing is I got a lot of gaydar from the mole
eliz w
eliz w Il y a 13 heures
They look like daddy simulator 👀
godric Elkhazali
godric Elkhazali Il y a 13 heures
So after watching this episode I must say.. My social skills Sucks
Grace Cat
Grace Cat Il y a 13 heures
IDEA- they should do “6 Of one zodiac vs one of a different Zodiac” to see if they could find the mole. That would be interesting.
Gås 37
Gås 37 Il y a 14 heures
2:13 at that point i knew it was evan
phillia Il y a 14 heures
Suspected Jonathan and Evan. Surprised it's not Jonathan His mannerism
epykness Il y a 14 heures
Everyone in the group: why are you gay?
docholl93 Il y a 14 heures
Incredible i figured out immediately because they're all gay guys stop living in wonderland.
alliwanttosayismeow Il y a 14 heures
This would be so funny the other way around!
M C Il y a 15 heures
i love them, they were all so nice
Flamingo Bill
Flamingo Bill Il y a 15 heures
wesley is like an asian adam from workaholics
Leeza Vazquez
Leeza Vazquez Il y a 15 heures
They were all so nice omg
Teresa Anya
Teresa Anya Il y a 15 heures
Nobody can convince me that gaydar is not real because I thought from the beginning Evan was gay and I was right.
Kicks Solid
Kicks Solid Il y a 16 heures
Idc what y’all say Jason gay too lol
Emilio Gurule
Emilio Gurule Il y a 16 heures
Should've invited Cody and Noel.
labrazy Il y a 16 heures
i knew from the get go who the poofta was ❌🧢
sam gibson
sam gibson Il y a 16 heures
the hot ones are always gay the second i saw evan i was like 🤤🤤
Swapnil Il y a 16 heures
I thought it was Jonathan
Renis Cano
Renis Cano Il y a 17 heures
I always knew he was the mole, it was so obvious 😂
Cookiesuelze Il y a 17 heures
He was the only one who didn't want to continue the game pretty early on (6:02). Was pretty clear =D
wise dude gt
wise dude gt Il y a 18 heures
they're all flamboyants
Scarface Il y a 18 heures
Girlfriend: he is probaly out cheating Boyfriend with the homies:
Karstyn McDaniel
Karstyn McDaniel Il y a 18 heures
This video and it's homonormativy smh
tiny b
tiny b Il y a 19 heures
I see 1 gay guy, and 6 who are a couple more drinks away from finding their true sexuality.
Sam Falcon
Sam Falcon Il y a 20 heures
I didn't expect korbin miles to be here ...... 😂😂😂😂
Ben Bremner
Ben Bremner Il y a 23 heures
Bruh he or she wins the prize
Abby Harries
Abby Harries Il y a jour
This was literally the most wholesome odd man out episode ever omg
A Green Koala
A Green Koala Il y a jour
They’re all such... guys. “Let’s go for beers” lmao
Elijah Senju
Elijah Senju Il y a jour
Lol dongchim is legendary
Voice Acting Stories
8:18 *Instant flashbacks to 1000 years of death*
Elijah Senju
Elijah Senju Il y a jour
It's called MANNERISMS!
YungDaniels Il y a jour
Can we get beers after this? Nabeel: Am I a joke to you?
Zelo Il y a jour
David Crooks
David Crooks Il y a jour
Do they have to be gay currently or were gay? Oh ffs man lmfao
Megan Hills
Megan Hills Il y a jour
11:59 " Aye were all homies here, just be honest bro" had me ded 🤣
Melisa Michelle
Melisa Michelle Il y a jour
The butt poking game is what learned from what kakashi do to naruto😂
Imadrianhey gacha
Imadrianhey gacha Il y a jour
I'm straight- Lies I tell--
Vianne Buinguyen
Vianne Buinguyen Il y a jour
funniest episode
jesus christ himself
No offense but I knew Nabeel wasnt gay cause he was muslim and thats not accepted in the Islam religion, unless the person isnt super devout
Alondra Duhh
Alondra Duhh Il y a jour
I want to be that tall dudes friend he seems so Cool and nice
Roseand Stem
Roseand Stem Il y a jour
So one dude pokes men's butt holes, another massages other men and most if not all kissed a dude 😂 and not one of those were the mole?!?! Lol. Definitely more than one gay dude in that group.
Jamie Propro
Jamie Propro Il y a jour
Please tell me some money went to nabeel
Robyn Robyn
Robyn Robyn Il y a jour
He was the only one that didn't vote to continue the game round one, so that's who I assumed it was.