5 ways to beat The Purge

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The Lewis Brothers - THE DAY AFTER PURGE

فیلم و پویانمایی



21 mars 2019

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Hans Strudel
Hans Strudel Il y a 3 minutes
Rob banks: banks are ensured by the federal government after the Great Depression so as to prevent people from losing their money due to bank making poor investments or, say, being robbed. I don’t mean physically though that’s only the last resort. Hack into their systems and drain them of any money they got. That crime is legal and most likely child’s play for an experienced hacker. If said hacker conglomerated with a bunch of other hackers (like Anonymous for example) then they would have 12 hours to literally break every bank in America. The problem with physically robbing a bank is that banks are not stupid: they don’t actually keep all that much money on them except for paydays and probably don’t even do that much anymore. If you wanna talk about ruining the federal government that really aught to get their panties in a knot paying unknown billions or even trillions to every bank in America that got robbed.
Baca O'Connell
Baca O'Connell Il y a 10 minutes
Hans Strudel
Hans Strudel Il y a 17 minutes
I live in NJ near one of the most famous (apparently) beaches in the US. Damn near everyone owns a boat around here so that’s a bit of an issue with the boat plan.
archer playz
archer playz Il y a 18 minutes
easy live in the UK but prepare to leave your addiction on memes
Turtle Shell
Turtle Shell Il y a 45 minutes
Imagine you set up a landmine in someones house during the purge. Then the next day it kills them. Hmmmm,....
Jonathan webster
Jonathan webster Il y a heure
I love these videos but you’re weird ass memes and editing is so shit
killer 676543
killer 676543 Il y a heure
I got a ad when he said "right to this ad "
Rosa Mello Jones
Rosa Mello Jones Il y a heure
Why not get a very well hidden secret bunker and just don’t tell anyone that you have it
patetuttaja Il y a heure
just fly to a different country easy
Monzer Faisal
Monzer Faisal Il y a 2 heures
Solution: Migrate to Mexico. Mexico: How'd like the wall now cabron?
chey Il y a 2 heures
This would be better if u actually did the video instead of a bunch of random stuff in between
Malachi Na
Malachi Na Il y a 2 heures
Why not just go underground?
Derva Kommt von hinten
Derva Kommt von hinten Il y a 2 heures
the government could just change the rules... they excempted some politicians and weapons, so why not some crimes?
Derva Kommt von hinten
Derva Kommt von hinten Il y a 2 heures
5 min in and no answers....
SAM SEPIOL Il y a 2 heures
mexico? they live on a 24/7 purge
SAM SEPIOL Il y a 3 heures
get inside a prison, nobody would want to go there
Shooketh Il y a 4 heures
Zackattack sc
Zackattack sc Il y a 4 heures
just fucking move to canada lol
Sexy LEGO Creeper
Sexy LEGO Creeper Il y a 4 heures
Upgrade yourself to lvl 100 Mafia and then piss on the moon.
Uberdaf Il y a 5 heures
11:15 The video actually starts lmao
gaming life for tf2
gaming life for tf2 Il y a 5 heures
I would spend money to leave the country better than any other options Like if you agree or comment if you have other option
David Umstattd
David Umstattd Il y a 5 heures
Genius premise? It makes zero damn sense. Psychologically, morally, economically, etc. Also self defense isn’t murder.
Gamer Guys
Gamer Guys Il y a 5 heures
I've only seen the 1st fiml, but 1st thing that comes to my mind is that most of people will not like murder theyll more likely to do criems as pedophilia, or stuff like that. Kids wuld probably fuck each other at purge, they wuld use alcohol and everybody wuld do drugs. I dont think that murder wuld be as mutch problem than raping, child raping, drugs, child sex and child alkohol
Daniel Poh
Daniel Poh Il y a 6 heures
How to beat the Purge: Step 1: John Wick..... Me: John Wick? You mean by becoming John Wick... Or do I need John Wick? Do I need to bring puppies along? Also me: What about step 2? There is no step 2....
EDDhoot Il y a 6 heures
they forge historical weapons though xD
Lumos & Nox
Lumos & Nox Il y a 6 heures
When it said pengun I though it actually said penguin for a second.
Nerd Spaz
Nerd Spaz Il y a 6 heures
1:20 funniest moment out of the entire video lmao
josh h.
josh h. Il y a 6 heures
That was better
Reynaldo Castillo
Reynaldo Castillo Il y a 7 heures
Government offices are closed during the purge. :) You will not be able to file them. :) :) Purge starts at night, and ends after 12 hour. You can try to file them, but no one will process them. :)
Chenelle Bryan
Chenelle Bryan Il y a 7 heures
Here is a super Easy way to beat purge gillie suit and jump in the flowers in your garden Gillie cost: 60£ Downside cat might turd on you
damla Il y a 7 heures
but... in the first movie they didnt leave their house because the guy has a company that makes the security stuff we've seen in the movie, how bad would it look if he fled like that lmaoooooo
GoblinSlayer Coala
GoblinSlayer Coala Il y a 8 heures
i would gather my friends and we would play fortnite in my bunker
anonymous darkshadow
anonymous darkshadow Il y a 9 heures
Or hide in a cave or an atic
Seth Racho
Seth Racho Il y a 9 heures
how to end the purge say to the government youre going to subscribe to t-series if they continue the purge
Zachery Derp
Zachery Derp Il y a 9 heures
Easy solution. Practice with a barret 50. Cal sniper. It will just destroy anything in contant
Unknown User
Unknown User Il y a 10 heures
8 year old me would've sweared on ROBLOX during the purge
Bomfio Il y a 10 heures
The concept of this purge is so silly...
lordgames27 Il y a 10 heures
how to survive almost every horror movies : 1.Break 3 dirts blocks 2.Place a dirt block above you 3.Wait.
Gaming Universe
Gaming Universe Il y a 10 heures
J. Kahu
J. Kahu Il y a 10 heures
Like I just wanna go around malls stealing money/food, branded clothes/shoes from shops but like there'll be people out there who wanna kill.. So like I can't ffs.
J. Kahu
J. Kahu Il y a 10 heures
I'd just climb up a high full coverage tree with heaps of leaves, in a secluded area and stay up there. Like who tf is going to go around looking in trees all night 😂
Liviuropro XD
Liviuropro XD Il y a 10 heures
Oh god people is so eazy! Go into SPACE
Kadel Comper
Kadel Comper Il y a 11 heures
best way to survive find a remote area that know one knows about except u and dig a hole that u can use as a bunker with food supplies for 12 hours and wait it out
junir00ckzz1887 Il y a 11 heures
Doin your taxes. Also gets you money to protect yourself better frm next years purge. I would not only do that i would file insurance fraud. And become a millionaire. Muahahhaha
Ender Pro779
Ender Pro779 Il y a 11 heures
Hide in a trashcan. (little once like your picture on the video)
yeeted john laurens
yeeted john laurens Il y a 11 heures
I watched this with my best friend and she muttered "I'm Gunna hide in a forest" so I say back "bring a gun I'll come hunt you down"
helen sanderson
helen sanderson Il y a 12 heures
If ur hiding in a dumpster make a fake wound cover yourself if fake blood and pretend to be dead if anyone opens it
Dragon lord
Dragon lord Il y a 12 heures
6:40 check your facts the WORLD makes 3.6 tillion dalla a year
7th Akatskage
7th Akatskage Il y a 13 heures
#1 solution to survive The Purge is to GTFO of the US before the Purge happens
Supreme Ameriterran Emperor
Ice Road Truckers needs to be Purged from television...permanently. ;)
Raerae Daniels
Raerae Daniels Il y a 13 heures
Kinda sucks this video is open for everyone to see cuz if the government sees this than all the possible ways to survive are gone. Than again this is all in our IMAGINATION 🌈🌈
xXSGT_ NoahXx
xXSGT_ NoahXx Il y a 14 heures
I have another middle class solution if you live in california you can go down to Death Valley the most remote location there also since there’s no laws go into one of the mines there and just camp out
funnybeasty 1235
funnybeasty 1235 Il y a 14 heures
But you filling out papers to not pay taxes is a bad idea. Yeah, the Federal government will lose money and will cancel purge, but wouldn't that be bad for the community and wouldn't they just shut down websites or stop paperwork? Hiding in your shed is a good idea! Hiding in a hole is a good idea! Hiding in a trash can! Hiding on top of a rooftop!
IanLEAU Il y a 15 heures
There'd be no point in filing fraudulent tax returns since they would be processed after the purge (don't imagine seeing IRS operating between the hours of 7pm to 7am). I also don't think IRS would accept any submissions on the day of the purge either.
Finn Daly
Finn Daly Il y a 15 heures
"Hello, yes, is this TurboTax? Yes, I'd like to edit my deductibles for this year's--- I don't give a shit if you're being disembowelled! I need to register my 93 imaginary children TONIGHT!"
Tuokia Mapper
Tuokia Mapper Il y a 15 heures
All you have to do is start a revolution (that includes people everywhere in the US) during the 12 hours, and continue it after the Purge. After overthrowing the government, create a new anti-Purge greater government. Problem solved.
KronPudge Il y a 15 heures
Or they just change the tax rule or the time when you can do tax returns
Diane Vogler
Diane Vogler Il y a 15 heures
How to beat the purge:Cover myself in fake blood and lie down and fall asleep. it will look like I am already dead (:
Rich Reynolds
Rich Reynolds Il y a 15 heures
Forged In Fire is completely about and directly related to history
Oof Offer
Oof Offer Il y a 15 heures
How to beat the purge: Step 1. Have no friends Step 2. Meet a suicidal person Step 3. Ask the person to tie you in a big black bag Step 4. Poke holes in it Step 5. Ask the person to throw you in a dumpster Step 6. The person gets sad and shoots their self I beat the purge
Tomohawk Il y a 16 heures
What about bomb shelters for middle class people?
Kevin santos
Kevin santos Il y a 16 heures
I would go to a lake and go under ground but not under the lake right beside it
YaBoiNeo Il y a 16 heures
Live in a cave is the best answer. And if u use something to make a fake wall and have items to survive u won't die
Oh Yeah Yeah
Oh Yeah Yeah Il y a 17 heures
6:30 seems like something our govt would do.
Badrewka Il y a 17 heures
Can’t the government just change the time you need to turn in taxes
The Loshadow
The Loshadow Il y a 17 heures
Try working at a gun store, getting a set of land in which you can build something, and of course have hidden camera's with traps in place for when you might spot them through a security camera.
Issai Solis
Issai Solis Il y a 17 heures
I would just use mustard gas to kill and other chemical weapons, then gg for everyone who doesn’t have a gas mask
Troy James
Troy James Il y a 17 heures
Dude probably got so many red flags from the FBI, researching for this video
laney kiely
laney kiely Il y a 18 heures
Vacation to Canda
Benjamin Randall
Benjamin Randall Il y a 18 heures
Oh shoot March 21 is the day after my birthday :( Ha ha get it oh... SHOOT
Benjamin Randall
Benjamin Randall Il y a 18 heures
I hope Gordon Ramsay doesn’t participate He would roast u to death
Sage 109
Sage 109 Il y a 18 heures
The purge girl on the dumbnail look like lifeline from apex legend
Typical Blox
Typical Blox Il y a 18 heures
Easy 1. John wick 2. 3. Profit
Akwesi Murphy
Akwesi Murphy Il y a 18 heures
How to survive the Purge: Go into a cornfield near you and just wait it out
jabulani6666 Il y a 19 heures
Starts at 11:22
Izuela Il y a 19 heures
About leaving the country during the purge, prices would definitely skyrocket, during that time. It's a predictable annual event. It would be waaay worse then Christmas. Because of this I'm thinking "purge camping kits" would be a thing that is tremendously popular. Both among the those that can skip the country for a week and people who just want to hide in the wilderness for the night. Only NOT home delivered. Because no one wants to advertise they aren't home. As much as these movies like to focus on murder and violence I think theft, robberies and burglaries are much more prevalent. And just like during natural disasters there will be a lot of people barricading themselves at home to protect their stuff. I'm not sure about boats. I think that in the land of purges there are a lot of murder boat captains.
Lynn Eaton
Lynn Eaton Il y a 19 heures
You will be so smelly in the dumpster, no one will go near you!
Mr. Koala
Mr. Koala Il y a 19 heures
Rinnegan *All Mighty PUSH*
Izuela Il y a 20 heures
I think the weapon class was just put in to suggest that some things, like napalming an entire neighborhood, would still not be legal because stuff like that makes it very hard for society at large to go back to pretending everything is normal. Infrastructure needs to remain mostly intact. So there probably is limits on how big explosions you are allowed to cause, and so on. But they didn't want to nerd out completely and spend 10 valuable movie minutes to list them all, so they just said Weapon Class and let viewer common sense figure it out.
ameniryno Il y a 20 heures
If the perge were real everyone here should team up
Asa Smith
Asa Smith Il y a 20 heures
I'd just go to Europe every purge night
Max1281 Il y a 20 heures
What if you just are a very good hacker and hack into bill gates bank account *Its free real estate*
Emi M
Emi M Il y a 20 heures
*new here* 0:23 Me: guess it's a Canadian channel
SnowTom Il y a 20 heures
23:50 Make a hidden room somewhere (maybe)
Uncle Oof!
Uncle Oof! Il y a 20 heures
OR you can cut your wrist then it's over for you at least
Bytah Il y a 20 heures
Class 1: handguns, daggers and brass knuckles, hand grenades Class 2: ARs, Shotguns,SMGs, dynamite (main semi auto class) Class 3: Snipers, miniguns, DIY weapons Class 4: Turrets, miniguns, LMGs
The Binding of Light
The Binding of Light Il y a 20 heures
I’d rather buy a kayak than a boat
Jacob Broughton
Jacob Broughton Il y a 21 heure
Video cost of hiding in dumpster: $0 Real cost of hiding in dumpster: Your dignity
Thomas S.
Thomas S. Il y a 21 heure
what is the best murder you could commit in Texas during the purge? abortion
brooklyn kenoo
brooklyn kenoo Il y a 22 heures
I live in Canada 😌🤘🏿
GALAZ MALLAS Il y a 22 heures
So the best answer is to become fucking yoshi
Mike Hawk
Mike Hawk Il y a 22 heures
you could steal food from the supermarket and bribe the murderers with food to spare your life
Phoinex Girl
Phoinex Girl Il y a 22 heures
If Purge happened... I'd just vandalise everything XD
Aleecia’s ASMR channel
Aleecia’s ASMR channel Il y a 23 heures
what the....what the....WHAT THE FUCK ARE THOSE 😂😂
Ginevra Guiotto
Ginevra Guiotto Il y a 23 heures
What about hospitals I think you can’t enter them so.... you could brake a leg and go in before everything starts
Phoinex Girl
Phoinex Girl Il y a 23 heures
The Purge is the day before MCR broke up..... (I'm sorry)
Afro Il y a 23 heures
Imagine if the purge was real and it was the same day as your birthday. You’d have to deal with that every birthday
Catherine Silva
Catherine Silva Il y a jour
chillin on a cheap ass boat doing your takes with the turbo tax app getting rob off the government
Adrian Pavičić
Adrian Pavičić Il y a jour
You can literally just go to an airport since airports are international territory and not part of the US.
David Ginsberg
David Ginsberg Il y a jour
fuckin reboot!