5 ways to beat The Purge

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21 mars 2019




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David Rego
David Rego Il y a heure
Make a trap maze
Derby Mods
Derby Mods Il y a heure
😂😂 this is fuckin smart
Nicht Du
Nicht Du Il y a 3 heures
Considering weapon classes: You can deduct that class 4 is the highest class of weapons. So it might be safe to say, class 4 is war weapons. the big stuff, heavy machine guns, RPGs ...but who cres?...there is no poloce to stop maybe nukes are okay...if you can get your blood soaked hands on one.... In Germany we have the term "weapons of war" class 4 is most like refering to soething like this....full auto...
PhoneStarter Il y a 5 heures
How to beat the purge (bomb style): 1. Get access to nuke codes 2. Activate them 3. Say aloha to heaven baby
Nitin Gurung
Nitin Gurung Il y a 7 heures
Thank you!
Lt. Luke
Lt. Luke Il y a 12 heures
its not even funny
Lt. Luke
Lt. Luke Il y a 12 heures
just get to the fucking point
Daniel Osawaru
Daniel Osawaru Il y a 12 heures
How the hell do you know so much about guns
Jay Donagh
Jay Donagh Il y a 14 heures
If the purge was real, there would probably be a big issue with Canadian tourists coming down to get revenge on their neighbors.
Lachdacotch Il y a 14 heures
My idea for the classes 1:blunt weapon 2:sharp weapon 3:ranged weapon 4:bombs 5:toxic weapons 6:ultimate destruction
Mela Williamson
Mela Williamson Il y a 15 heures
i would just do this. every year have a vacation. go to another country while the purge is happening then come back after it finishes. easy
Wah DeFaq
Wah DeFaq Il y a 17 heures
You can survive a purge by wearing a mask while playing with a PS4 outside Anyone agreed?
NonExsist Il y a 18 heures
1:50 that face
Frank Mai
Frank Mai Il y a 19 heures
The intermission didn't work because you didn't get ads
Bungardener Il y a 19 heures
When in the forest you can cover yourself in dirt and leaves
Daddy Gru
Daddy Gru Il y a 19 heures
How to survive the purge? Ha that’s easy Just Naruto run lmao
UTFAN LOSER Il y a 19 heures
Right after this message. *Gets an ad**
Pinabble Il y a 19 heures
I would go into a huge office building or like a school and just camp in the closet or cabinet or bathroom.
Pinabble Il y a 20 heures
If you hide in a dumpster, you risk someone opening it to hide a body or something
[WUT] Ironix _
[WUT] Ironix _ Il y a 20 heures
*Knife Gun*
SInisa Stojadinovic
SInisa Stojadinovic Il y a 20 heures
Just go to countryside and hide in tall grass... game over... easy surviving
Battlefield Junky
Battlefield Junky Il y a 20 heures
What website did you use to do the Adolf- number 4 voice
Cole Bachmeier
Cole Bachmeier Il y a 21 heure
9:50 is that dang Matt Smith?
Jazlyn Flores
Jazlyn Flores Il y a 22 heures
How to survive the Purge: Be the main character
Voice of REASON
Voice of REASON Il y a 22 heures
Yea, NOT GONNA LIE, I DID pick Waffles and Pussy! OH YEA!!
20Little Princess04
20Little Princess04 Il y a 22 heures
In Nebraska and the Dakotas it’s so much farmland and rural area that the worst crime there would be stealing or tax fraud. It’s literally the middle of nowhere.
No Days Off
No Days Off Il y a jour
I think “level 10” employees might be GS government employee rankings. It would be like middle management
hello there
hello there Il y a jour
we could raid area 51 during the purge
lhie vice
lhie vice Il y a jour
Survive the purge just wake up
Caspar Wenck
Caspar Wenck Il y a jour
I live in Australia.It's not my problem.
It's Free Real Estate
Bruh ice road truckers slaps
Cody Sciglimpaglia
Cody Sciglimpaglia Il y a jour
"The lake should be as large as possible" (The lake) I'm not fat
The Totally Typical Cousins
I would just steal all the PS4 gift cards in the world
I Kill Naggers
I Kill Naggers Il y a jour
movies got a shaky ass plot ngl the purge is ridiculously unrealistic for many reasons.
Benjamin Caron
Benjamin Caron Il y a jour
Destruction of federal property isn't exempt. I'd burn down every police station, military recruiting office, town hall, IRS office, etc. I can find.
Easton Stelter
Easton Stelter Il y a jour
Hide in a sewer
ron james
ron james Il y a jour
commit a crime get locked up in jail
ron james
ron james Il y a jour
buy an old surplus tank wait out the purge
Blade23445 Il y a jour
I know I'm new to this channel however I would like to clarify some false information. You're thinking of classes as the types of weapons when actually there are only 5 classes of weaponry. These classes are decided upon using 3 to 4 different factors being: How they are used. How far it can fire, the fire rate of the rifle and/or pistol, and the overall use for destruction. Class 1 being handheld firearms and weapons such as knives, machetes swords, pistols, etc. Anything that can be operated with a single hand that has a short distance of proper functional use is considered a class 1 weapon. Class 2 weapons are things that have a lot longer distance and faster and better functional properties rather it be distance or damage. The weapons that classify in this category are things like: Semi-auto (as fast as you can pull the trigger) rifles and/or long range pistols, Long range shotguns, and most and/or all hunting rifles. Class 3 deals with how fast a weapon can fire and the over all damage it can do over a short period of time. Weapons that classify in this area belong primarily to machine guns as they generally have the highest fire-rate on pretty well any weapon. Class 4 has to do with any and all things explosive that can be used. Things that classify in this category are primary: Grenades, RPG's, Hand held missiles such as a RPG or Bazooka, Claymores, C4 explosives etc. Class 5 is where it drawn the line as this class overs any and all vehicle operated weapons such as: Tanks, attack helicopters, fighter planes, etc. I hope this cleared up some of the weapon specifications for you. This is coming from a 17 year old with too much time on his hands and a family that's had several generations of history of being in a branch of the military. I'm going to go back to watching the video now I just wanted to clear up some semi miss-information. Yes there are 8 types of weapons and their own classifications however they do not fit in the classifications of what they are talking about. If anyone has extra information on this then please feel free to put it into the reply section of this comment to help others clear information that might confuse others. Have a good day! ^-^
Jocelyn Leggett
Jocelyn Leggett Il y a jour
I thought the purge man had on a mask... he didn’t. His face just built like dat. I bet the mask was inspired by his ugly self
Christopher’s Journey
How to beat the purge: 1.Its fiction 2.Its fiction 3.Its fiction 4.Its illegal to start one (i think)
the Pokemon Master hey
Who else got a bad after he said after these msgs
Me:its the purge today.Wanna hit area 51? Friend : Heck yeah
Lord Bvxz
Lord Bvxz Il y a jour
Mehreen Amir
Mehreen Amir Il y a jour
as a Canadian, I'd do maple syrup graffiti and compliment houses I've robbed
lynx blinkx
lynx blinkx Il y a jour
can we just appreciate how he warned us abt ads so we can ten second skip them
#wolfy x
#wolfy x Il y a jour
How bout when you are 14 save every paycheck and get a helicopter
Henrikk H
Henrikk H Il y a jour
I always thought class 5 or above weapons were weapons of mass destruction and weapons limited to military/ government and shit banned even in warfare. like tanks, nukes, missiles, war planes, napalm, mustard gas, biological weapons, land mines, expanding/shattering bullets, you know, all the fun stuff that might threaten the ruling class or be a risk after the purge or spark war with other countries for breaching international rules and shit. We never really see that stuff being used and it definitely would be if it was allowed.
daro2271 Il y a jour
Become a hulk
daro2271 Il y a jour
Best way to beat the purge: honey I shrunk the kids.
alex warth
alex warth Il y a 2 jours
bruh just cover yourself in ketchup and play dead
Queer Milkshake
Queer Milkshake Il y a 2 jours
I'm taxing the Purge to fucking hell and back! no way is this bitch getting murdered for no reason
Mr. Tree
Mr. Tree Il y a 2 jours
What happens if I can't move? Oh wait I'm a tree I'll blend in.
Nick F
Nick F Il y a 2 jours
It's legal until you get audited. It's legal to lie on your taxes but it's also legal for them to audit you later. Legally you have to show proof of your deductions. Plus the next year they would just change the law and include taxes in something you cant do during purge.
Potato Garcia
Potato Garcia Il y a 2 jours
I would Tell you my plan but the you would come and kill me.
Mr. Tree
Mr. Tree Il y a 2 jours
Adam Z
Adam Z Il y a 2 jours
buy a shotgun and hide in a dumbster
Mr. Tree
Mr. Tree Il y a 2 jours
But I'll see you. Im a tree. All I'll do is fall on you.
Veronica33 S
Veronica33 S Il y a 2 jours
girl i wouldnt even go alone into the forest for a night in my country and in my country there are no murders basically no one owns a gun and there arent any wild animals in the forest. far from a forest in the us during the purge. also when it gets lighter at dawn people can easily kill you even in the morning cause no one hears it and they dont know exactly when you died. it could be days till theyy found you and so many bodies.
Mr. Tree
Mr. Tree Il y a 2 jours
True but that's why the tree's count the bodies.
Bigboss Gamerkid2019
Bigboss Gamerkid2019 Il y a 2 jours
thank you for mentioning Egypt I'm from there
RandomGamingChannel Il y a 2 jours
Normal person: Attaches bayonet to a gun* Me an intellectual: Attaches gun to a knife*
Alex Apex
Alex Apex Il y a 2 jours
7:20 Was that a matrix reference I saw 😂
Escaped Prisoner Prank