5 Biggest Mistakes on Live TV

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Probably the worst place to screw up!
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5 Biggest Mistakes on Live TV




19 févr. 2016




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Commentaires 1 864
Mhike-L Lit
Mhike-L Lit Il y a 18 heures
That was the time old ass Janet Jackson was trying to be relevant. Instead it killed whatever was left with her career.
Reece Weitzel
Reece Weitzel Il y a mois
Comrade Estates
Comrade Estates Il y a mois
Second was definitely Justin’s fault
RickL Awrence
RickL Awrence Il y a mois
America: Highest incarceration rate, daily mass shootings, crumbling infrastructure, broken health care, criminal justice, and political systems. Everyone: Does nothing Super Bowl: Shows a boob for 0.4 seconds Everyone: Outcry, fines, blacklists
Luke Sax Tax Man
Luke Sax Tax Man Il y a mois
Do ya'll think Steve Harvey did that on purpose considering his racist remarks toward my fellow Asians?
Hugo vose
Hugo vose Il y a 2 mois
Hardy is a moron who doesn’t know how to read is a an alphabet!!
Rekha Il y a 3 mois
They really shouldn’t have gave Kelsey that $25,000 “apology award”. Why? Because you don’t give somebody an award that they don’t deserve just to cheer them up.
illuminati Il y a 3 mois
Nipplegate was NOT a mistake.
Country Boi 821
Country Boi 821 Il y a 3 mois
These Thumbnails get me everytime
WRO Il y a 4 mois
Shakvulo Kent
Shakvulo Kent Il y a 5 mois
2:40 just wat u need.... Like it plzz
Vulle Il y a 6 mois
So in murica you can't show a fucking breast? HOw retarded is that country
Matt smith
Matt smith Il y a 7 mois
The funniest part about the Jackson boob thing, was it got far more attention because of the old prudes making a big deal over it
rafidah idah
rafidah idah Il y a 7 mois
Justin Timberlake is the worst
Vedant Hosalli
Vedant Hosalli Il y a 7 mois
Who come here for thumbnali
Many Walks of Life
Many Walks of Life Il y a 10 mois
The first one for sure was done on purpose to make more hype more views more money.
Gary Fury
Gary Fury Il y a 11 mois
How long do u tube leave up bullshite like mistakes lies and bull .
Mark Arnott
Mark Arnott Il y a 11 mois
🐒🍌5 Biggest Mistakes on TV 🚨1 there idiots 2 they wont shut up when others talk 3 there self invested 4 there not aware of the truth 5 always clap & cry to support there other c/o workers even when there IDioTS think thats the BIG 5 oh☕💲🐔 WHAT am i Saying TV's fooked anyway 🐔buk 🐔buk 🐔😁shut up ! yah all talking at once fook i hate them
Bubbly Chubbly
Bubbly Chubbly Il y a 11 mois
Poor Steve Harvey. My dude made a mistake and received so much controversy.
Pierced From Within
I reaaally hate this narrator..
Slaine Hagan
Slaine Hagan Il y a an
No blondes in the beauty contestants . Blondes are the most beautiful I think.
Carlisle Zachary
5:59 My name was in there just the hand covering the Letter C
Flower Mother
Flower Mother Il y a an
Men Show Their Nips.... So WHY Can't Women Show Theirs?..
Flower Mother
Flower Mother Il y a an
@i love burritos yasss Burritos burritos Same To You!!
Alida Hall
Alida Hall Il y a an
What I find rude was Janet got more ridicule than timberlake which was his fault
Führer Dabadibadooba
Miss Philippines won miss universe ;)
Maiwand Kamawal
Maiwand Kamawal Il y a an
Click bait
Shark Boy
Shark Boy Il y a an
No words.... Except for Wow.
Mysterious Cat
Mysterious Cat Il y a an
Phillipines... Wow
Sleepy Il y a an
Ur voice made me deaf
hello Il y a an
December 20 is my birthday
Janet Norman
Janet Norman Il y a an
LeLazy Potato
LeLazy Potato Il y a an
Pia is philipines and I am from Philippines she had a movie with some very funny stars on philipines
Kisah Bella Kecil
The Boundless
The Boundless Il y a an
Who didn't come for the thumbnail?
Enderlou Gaming
Enderlou Gaming Il y a an
I live in fhilipines
sunny gachas
sunny gachas Il y a an
Roses are red Violets are blue I came for the thumbnail So did you! 🙈🙈🙊🙊
Pritivi Parsad
Pritivi Parsad Il y a an
The first one when the ladies just came in I went to her party to see a life strorie and eat Omg
Country Gentlemen
Who gives a fuck?
Rob M
Rob M Il y a an
Blurring a nipple, really???? Having the biggest porn industry in the world and going nuts over a nipple.
shook lizard
shook lizard Il y a an
Benspur 05
Benspur 05 Il y a an
@3:14 boi y u starin
Kellista Fleming
Yesssssasssssssssssss meeee philippines is the winner yesssssssssssssssssssssss
Brookie Riverdale
And yet, Disney let Janet on the Radio Disney music awards.. Suprised she didn't want to show her boob then!
Madeline Larson
Madeline Larson Il y a an
Big black cock weatherman :)
Vicente Facuse
Vicente Facuse Il y a an
Poor Jackson it was Justin Timberlakes fault
XCaliber Il y a an
the news repoter can be used as a meme
Leia Dhoro
Leia Dhoro Il y a an
Oh no it's a boobie!
Wagner Pozo Cesar
3:19 he just lookin at it
Lucki Girl
Lucki Girl Il y a an
2:00 mark. that is so stupid and ridiculous that people reacted to what happened like that. a breast is a natural part of a womans body. they are literally for breastfeeding, so why do we as a society act like it's the biggest deal in the world when a girl's breast is exposed? when a boy can be shirtless and be just fine. i believe in equality for everybody.
Jia Trixia Raffaella D. Embuido
um......... nakatira ako sa pilipinas so go pia wordsback!
Dolce_Vita Il y a an
Death threads from Colombian lol
Sadi Ahmad
Sadi Ahmad Il y a an
Miguel Madarang
Miguel Madarang Il y a an
I remember that moment.. I was watching TV Steve Harvey Announced that Colombia won. But the whole time it was the Philippines he announced. I WAS SO FREAKING HAPPY. I started screaming I LIVE THERE XD
Julius Witter
Julius Witter Il y a an
I wonder why this got so many views?
Umair Saeed
Umair Saeed Il y a an
5:37 u idiot thats his index finger not middle finger
zhyann joy galang
I'm Filipino!
Aryan Punjabi
Aryan Punjabi Il y a an
Jenna Jackson is Michael Jackson's daughter.... And look alike😮.... I miss u Michael😣😣
Leonardo Bartolo
never mine you have yours , okay
ecchi squid
ecchi squid Il y a an
Lol...the Jackson thing. Bet the majority of the haters were Christians with sensitive needs.'s a freaking nipple.