4 Point Shot Challenge w/ HOTTEST WINGS FORFEIT ft. 2HYPE!

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15 avril 2019




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Commentaires 1 909
Jakarie Johnson
Jakarie Johnson Il y a 21 heure
Luke Edmonds
Luke Edmonds Il y a jour
When he said yeah he sounded like Nle choppa
Bryan Sells
Bryan Sells Il y a 2 jours
Think Zach n Jesser got best jumper
Mackidy Zack
Mackidy Zack Il y a 2 jours
Nice goku black tee Kris :)
Ovis Santana
Ovis Santana Il y a 2 jours
The side of cash hair is HORRIBLE
Sheena Boo
Sheena Boo Il y a 2 jours
I did in the front
Jack Dumond
Jack Dumond Il y a 3 jours
Cash braggin’ bout 100 shots a day and then there’s me over here shooting around 500 on weekends
xYoUfaSt_TaFeRx Il y a 3 jours
Cashs shot when you get a bounce back on 2k
Jurassic Random
Jurassic Random Il y a 3 jours
Secretly Mope is the best player in 2HYPE
KING EGGROLLS Il y a 6 jours
7:56 25 seconds then later.. 50 SECONDS Cash can you count?
trystan Johnson
trystan Johnson Il y a 7 jours
I wan't 1 of all your Merch free shiped to 437 Pelícan LN
trystan Johnson
trystan Johnson Il y a 7 jours
Bro Give me free merch
pr3y_mrvq Il y a 10 jours
Why is Stephen curry shooting left handed in the thumbnail
Kyrie Clarke
Kyrie Clarke Il y a 14 jours
Cash can not shoot
Lauren Langley
Lauren Langley Il y a 14 jours
Cash is jump shot is bad
Antonio Peralta
Antonio Peralta Il y a 16 jours
My best youtuber from the 2hype is khristoher london and cashnasty
Jaquevious Russell
Jaquevious Russell Il y a 18 jours
How is cash the strongest one but he can’t shoot from 4 pointer
Myles J Collier
Myles J Collier Il y a 19 jours
Under hand cash
ThaBoss25 Il y a 19 jours
Dang I really want to see T Jass either wing.
Jonathan Nelligan
Jonathan Nelligan Il y a 20 jours
Maybe try and pick people that know how to shoot properly
Lea Pasion
Lea Pasion Il y a 22 jours
Flight should be in this. 😂
kakashi hatake
kakashi hatake Il y a 22 jours
2019:mopi carries chris and has hof deep range deadeye 2024:mopi makes it to the nba and is a 99 ovr
Berik Chin
Berik Chin Il y a 23 jours
Dis man kris cheesin the time bruh
Pausing Chan
Pausing Chan Il y a 23 jours
Pausing Chan
Pausing Chan Il y a 23 jours
Electro Ethan
Electro Ethan Il y a 25 jours
Marcelas Howard should join 2 hype
Dat One Ugly Kid
Dat One Ugly Kid Il y a 25 jours
cash the real brickhouse builder shootin nothin but air
Ya Boi Zay
Ya Boi Zay Il y a 27 jours
He said 4 point Contest lol
Stephanie Mae
Stephanie Mae Il y a 28 jours
Rip Kobe
Collin Christians
Collin Christians Il y a 28 jours
Bruh Cash’s jumpshot looks like he’s glitching in 2k like he shoot and the jump
Robber Sam
Robber Sam Il y a 29 jours
Kobe died
Dear Dear
Dear Dear Il y a mois
Did anyone realize that Zach move the map
Edwin Zavala
Edwin Zavala Il y a mois
That is a nba three
Mini Il y a mois
Why’s curry shooting left handed
Jack Evans
Jack Evans Il y a mois
Cricket DADDY
Cricket DADDY Il y a mois
My man’s not getting rebounds
Tisay Lanzaderas
Tisay Lanzaderas Il y a mois
You t_jass bra?
M1k3y Il y a mois
Camera man definitely raciest 😂
Parker Gautier
Parker Gautier Il y a mois
James has to argue with everyone on literally everything on every video
Panda Il y a mois
Ur foot wasn't on the circle but it was lined up horizontally. They really wanted you to lose. They jealous that you made more shots than them
Ludaone 1
Ludaone 1 Il y a mois
Still not hotter than the Carolina Reaper tho
El Abusador
El Abusador Il y a mois
Cash jump shot look like 2k lag lmao
Wayne Il y a mois
My mouth got watery looking at them wings 😭, them boys look good 😂
Lol Its me
Lol Its me Il y a mois
cash jump forward...
Console Kings
Console Kings Il y a mois
To this day i still don’t understand cash’s release
Tycow 34.
Tycow 34. Il y a mois
If I were the losers I would go straight for the fries
Connie Ferrero
Connie Ferrero Il y a mois
Me eating the wings for snack
ZFuzzo Bennett
ZFuzzo Bennett Il y a mois
Best video ever funny
Mike Knox
Mike Knox Il y a mois
I can eat all those with no water
YoungHoli718 Il y a mois
Lsk is BlueFace if he would’ve graduated college 😂😂
Ruslan Ruslan
Ruslan Ruslan Il y a mois
O mai russia allamil (алламил)
TheAverageGuy Il y a mois
i want to see yall do that Blazin wing challenge
Free n-word pass
Free n-word pass Il y a mois
Samswan8 5555
Samswan8 5555 Il y a mois
I’m not hater I subscribed to cash but what is that jumpshot your just far out that the problem right??
Honey Badger
Honey Badger Il y a mois
Mopi is the best 2Hype shooter of all time
Altaf Sajjadi
Altaf Sajjadi Il y a mois
I like subscribe and turn up the notification on
NBA 2K19 Dubs
NBA 2K19 Dubs Il y a mois
Why is curry shooting with his left hand ???
Josh Mercado
Josh Mercado Il y a mois
Wtf Mitchell is the worst 3 pointer
gabriel poulin
gabriel poulin Il y a mois
Should do this with flight
redflower Il y a mois
Brady Dunkel
Brady Dunkel Il y a mois
Jesser is a beast