20 Annoying Things People DO!!

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8 sept. 2019




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Commentaires 1 649
lolet4u Il y a 9 heures
2:59 is that not funny to anyone else
Denise sullivan
Denise sullivan Il y a 13 heures
Brock Morgan
Brock Morgan Il y a 14 heures
You forgot one the people talker like my mom only talks about people we dont know like omg mike at my job is so mean ect ect ect
Brock Morgan
Brock Morgan Il y a 14 heures
My mom deos the finger tapping im llike IM GONNA GO RIDE MY BIKE TRIGGERED
soma alkhouli
soma alkhouli Il y a 14 heures
But...but I put milk then cereal 😥
Real MEDAYFIRE Il y a 15 heures
I thought wearing socks on grass was normal
Pirunthaa Shre
Pirunthaa Shre Il y a 16 heures
Love you guys I really hope you will notice my comment love you bye......
Bob Rayyan Banto
Bob Rayyan Banto Il y a 16 heures
A spiderman doritos hey give me some hahahaha
MarioandLuigiTube 2016
MarioandLuigiTube 2016 Il y a 17 heures
Roses are red Vilots are blue I love the eh bee family So like if you do If don’t do comment
Syed Azmathulla
Syed Azmathulla Il y a 17 heures
Please make a video on One colour eating for 24 hours challenge please I am waiting for this video
KEN Il y a 18 heures
leg shaker 🤣🤣 wtf
xx_parishey_xx gacha
xx_parishey_xx gacha Il y a 18 heures
The loud chewer is so my dad!! My mom and I get annoyed
Nimisha7706 Il y a 18 heures
This was so cringey and relatable at the same time... no hate tho i love eh bee family
Mary Herron
Mary Herron Il y a 23 heures
Miss bee cut her hair
avila cupcakes
avila cupcakes Il y a jour
3:02 the feet looked so funny😂😰😊
Wolfy Night
Wolfy Night Il y a jour
Im the pen clicker xd
Animegirl's channel
Mousumi Mahapatra
Mousumi Mahapatra Il y a jour
0:07 what’s wrong with milk before cereal! there is nothing wrong if someone does this
Ashley Ibarra
Ashley Ibarra Il y a jour
The end tho 😂💀
•Devi• Il y a jour
*my friend cracking knuckles cause they know i hate it* Everyone: meh. Me: *closes ears*
cupcake meal
cupcake meal Il y a jour
Whenever I see someone eat kit-kats our gum like that I snatch their weave
Roxyrockstar 221
Roxyrockstar 221 Il y a jour
I agree with all this stuff :3 XD
Javier Gonzalez
Javier Gonzalez Il y a jour
Coll tick tok
Sw4yx Il y a jour
2:02 Best ASMR
DamageGaming Il y a jour
My teacher banned us from saying like lol
ranber TT
ranber TT Il y a jour
Arriba España
Buttercup Productions
Oh my goodness milk before cereal 🥣 thanks for making this video it was so enjoyable 💕😍
Annette Pasillas
Annette Pasillas Il y a jour
Does anyone else get OCD with this video
Cyber panda
Cyber panda Il y a jour
Is it wrong I do most of these
Tooshle Il y a jour
Ugg the pen clicker is legitimately every single boy in my class 😂😂
Stacy Johnson
Stacy Johnson Il y a jour
I shake my legs when I go to sleep
Ishu Hurairah
Ishu Hurairah Il y a jour
Nice haircut gabby
Miracle Sua
Miracle Sua Il y a jour
U guys should make reading nice comments videos
Miracle Sua
Miracle Sua Il y a jour
U guys r such good actors 🖒🖒
0V3RP0W3RED Il y a jour
Is mama bee pregnant
Alex Wolf Killz
Alex Wolf Killz Il y a jour
I meant to say noob not holy ;-;💢 >:(
Christopher 123
Christopher 123 Il y a jour
The thumbnail bye
Ninja Lundsten
Ninja Lundsten Il y a jour
i HATE the theet clanker!!!! My brother do that!!!
Ania Booklall
Ania Booklall Il y a jour
That was so annoying
hyesoo jang
hyesoo jang Il y a 2 jours
I am sorta waiting for miss bee to say " do u want to die "
The Incredible Vlogger My Name Is Haley
when im trying to talk to someone another person just talks to them and im getting annoyed and sometimes i just raise my hand and wait
The Incredible Vlogger My Name Is Haley
my brother when he is lying down on the couch i feel something shaking turns out he is softly shaking his foot and i tell him to stop it
Tessa Strickland
Tessa Strickland Il y a 2 jours
I pour the milk before the cereal. You got a problem with that?
Darryl Robinson jr
Darryl Robinson jr Il y a 2 jours
The pen clicker one was so me
rocio ruiz
rocio ruiz Il y a 2 jours
I can crack my fingers
EJ Sirngot
EJ Sirngot Il y a 2 jours
Y’all r going to be like wtf he’s like 12 but like miss monkeys been my crush for like 4years like no cap😂
cranberry crabler
cranberry crabler Il y a 2 jours
Ur so funny!😂
Kat P
Kat P Il y a 2 jours
Frytalola Rizqya
Frytalola Rizqya Il y a 2 jours
i feel attacked cus i like to play with my hair lol
Lizmaelys Santiago
Lizmaelys Santiago Il y a 2 jours
I clank my teeth sometimes
Lizmaelys Santiago
Lizmaelys Santiago Il y a 2 jours
My dad is the loud talker the teeth picker the like Shaker he's a lot of things in this video
lol what
lol what Il y a 2 jours
*I do all these*
Julie Yuhas
Julie Yuhas Il y a 2 jours
This is the greatest video you guys have done in awhile!! So funny!!
1:16 now that’s what I call a foot long Chmchmchm heheheh get it foot long Because he’s foot is long uh never mind I’m gonna shut up guys okay please For give me please please please please
•Rainbow Sparkle Animates•
I do the first one...
Ellie Carr
Ellie Carr Il y a 2 jours
LOL I'm the leg shaker then when my friend is here for a sleepover they are in the floor😂😂😂
Emily Il y a 2 jours
When he ate the apple it reminded me of when my horses eat apples
syeda hashmath
syeda hashmath Il y a 2 jours
And in which standard are you bout .tell your age and standard
syeda hashmath
syeda hashmath Il y a 2 jours
How old are you miss 🐝