13 Details You Missed In The 'Game Of Thrones' Season 8 Premiere

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The last season of "Game of Thrones" has premiered and a lot happens. We break down the 13 details you might have missed from the premiere.
The episode gave us a look at many of our favorite characters, the ones that are still alive, and how they're handling the oncoming threat from the White Walkers beyond the Wall. Lots of characters meet at Winterfell, from those who grew up there like Stark kids Sansa and Arya, plus Jon Snow. But we also see a host of new faces who haven't spent much time up north like Tyrion, Varys and especially Daenerys, who makes a triumphal entry to the north with her vast army.
There are a bunch of new clues to decipher throughout the episode and a lot of callbacks to earlier seasons, including the very first episode of the series. We get new images in the opening title sequence and we see Jon fly a dragon for the first time. But all is not well. There's strife between Sansa and Dany, Dany and Samwell, and Bran and Jaime. Also the White Walkers kill and reanimate another person, leaving a terrifying message for Tormund and Beric. But what does it all mean for how the show will end?
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13 Details You Missed In The 'Game Of Thrones' Season 8 Premiere




15 avril 2019




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Commentaires 2 446
DewkChronic Il y a 7 heures
Bran will be able to clear Jaime of Kingslayer moniker. Yes Jaime saved 1 million innocent people by killing the Mad King and his Pyromancer
DewkChronic Il y a 7 heures
I think the Night King is coming for Dany to be his Queen. He brings the storm and Dany is stormborn. Jon possible will have to kill her.
Erika F
Erika F Il y a 8 heures
It is representing the Targaryen Sigil without the dragons
sunny dcosta
sunny dcosta Il y a 9 heures
Ginjury.... Wtf is ginjury.. it's Gendry. Gendry Gendry
Jimi Hendrix
Jimi Hendrix Il y a 15 heures
Bold of you to assume that I missed these details..
Benjamin Lin
Benjamin Lin Il y a 19 heures
Ned told robert: winterfell is yours my grace Sansa told denerys: winterfell is yours my grace
Engin özçiçek
Engin özçiçek Il y a 19 heures
Kingslayer will kill the night king, after bran becomes the night king.
Frederick Jones
Frederick Jones Il y a 19 heures
Does anyone think that Jon and khaleesi might be brother and sister 😬
freeurself337 Il y a 21 heure
Yes indeed went over the first episode with a fine tooth comb thank you
Dzsordzsii Inoka
Dzsordzsii Inoka Il y a jour
What a clickbait
Owen Connor
Owen Connor Il y a jour
I think the crossbow kyburn gave Braun used to be Geoffrey’s
Steve Boess
Steve Boess Il y a jour
I did not miss anything of that :)
Stephen Verzyden
Stephen Verzyden Il y a jour
13 Details you missed? What if you didn't watch the show?
pj199512 Il y a jour
I don’t think anyone missed
Christopher Holley
Christopher Holley Il y a jour
Is Jon's favorite hunting spot also the same place the first white walker was created?
janderson JA
janderson JA Il y a jour
The symbol in Unbarks castle, and the children of the forest, etc, is similar to the targaryian emblem /shrug
Abe Zivar
Abe Zivar Il y a jour
” Poor channel, it will die by stupid videos within the year”
Abe Zivar
Abe Zivar Il y a jour
Thank god for this video!! Totally missed the detail when Jon rides the dragon...
Austin Johnson
Austin Johnson Il y a jour
This is just a recap
Seanachie's Court
Seanachie's Court Il y a jour
But bran is not waitting for jaime... He is waitting for the night king... Three eyed raven and night king are both very old and might once even been friends... Jaimie is not brans friend and certainly not an old friend... And also three eyed raven doesnt care about jaime and what he did to bran... As a three eyed raven bran knows how white walkers were defeated the last time arround...
Hector Cuevas
Hector Cuevas Il y a jour
I don’t think anything you said was missed by anybody
ladianamc Il y a jour
the crossbow that Bron is offered and that Tyrien used to kill papa lannister - isn't that the one Goffrey had made (and mentioned how easy it was to use) and then killed Roz with?
tri oktaviani
tri oktaviani Il y a jour
I am glad that I dont missed anything, tbh your video is also helpful for us
Sanjeevani Awasthi
Sanjeevani Awasthi Il y a jour
Don't you think the white walker (logo) the sign they made with hands around umber kid is similar to the house targaryen logo
Mayur Rana
Mayur Rana Il y a jour
When john meets bran, he says you are man now & bran replies almost...what does that mean?? Can anyone explain...
Kyle W
Kyle W Il y a jour
A girl has a plan. And Aegon has a dragon. A queen is getting to be drunk on power. The spiders play in the dark. A man will make ammends to a boy.
Bagus Wahyudi
Bagus Wahyudi Il y a jour
You miss one very important part, where Sansa tell Tyrion thinked he was the smartest man. Tyrion reply quietly inside deep in his heart Yes It was when George RR Martin write the story
Obikobe Augustine
Obikobe Augustine Il y a jour
"The things I do for love'😁
Player 1
Player 1 Il y a jour
Yes you did miss something rather important that your thumbnail to this vid showed. The weapon that Arya is getting made by Gendry with a dragon glass projectile with handle and leather wrist strap. More than likely will be the weapon of choice for Arya fighting the white walkers and maybe what will take out the Night King...
Degrad21 Il y a jour
ok if any fan missed those he or she is not a real fan. Actually I would be really disappointed if they did not get some more important details you missed
Prabhleen Singh
Prabhleen Singh Il y a jour
Arya very conveniently told Jon to remember who his real family was when they hugged. Feels like she knows that he's a Targaryen.
l Blueicy l
l Blueicy l Il y a jour
HBO the end of the show is coming. me but am I ready?? HBO no
Davin Baker
Davin Baker Il y a jour
When Sam revealed Jon's lineage: Jon's face said two things. 1: goddamit I just out of the GOT when I gave up the King in the North title. 2: goddamit I've been schtooping Auntie Daenerys.
person8203 Il y a jour
OG Bran is my favourite character now
Hammy Il y a jour
Nobody missed these ... lol
Lena Matthews
Lena Matthews Il y a jour
The significance of the spiral was already confirmed by the Director himself.
Katarina T
Katarina T Il y a jour
You missed Cersei's tearful eyes after Euron told her he will put baby in her belly, she was pregnant at the end of season 7
L v
L v Il y a jour
The symbol of the white walkers is the Maelstrom. It's a symbol of chaos, of many parts becoming one. I think it symbolizes their desire to bring all of the living from all of the kingdoms down into the Void.
Bjørn Skalkam
Bjørn Skalkam Il y a jour
haha that number 11. Nobody noticed that because it means literally nothing
Hoodlum Peterson
Hoodlum Peterson Il y a jour
Thats symbol from the white walkers is very close to a targerian symbol which leaves me to believe the knight king is a targarian
Staring at the Black Sun Trying to SEE THE LIGHT
That dagger aria had gentry make ... looks like it will eject or propel the blade.
Pe Wa
Pe Wa Il y a jour
I'd say the spiral shape is a spiral galaxy, not sure where that would lead us or what it would mean ...?... The army of the dead originate from space?
All things The Arsenal
The narrator sounds like he should be offering tech support
Royston Moses
Royston Moses Il y a jour
I'm sure everyone picked up these points
raboito Il y a 2 jours
How does Arya know the John took a knife through the heart ? I dont remember her ever being told.
Matthew Tabot
Matthew Tabot Il y a 2 jours
I guess Sam is now the head of the House of Tarley?
Débora Capítulo
Débora Capítulo Il y a 2 jours
That whitewalker/children of the forest spiral reminds me alot of the Targaryen sigil. Plus, the Night King rides a dragon...
Sam Ray
Sam Ray Il y a 2 jours
Be awesome if i could dislike twice
Sam Ray
Sam Ray Il y a 2 jours
Bullshit clic bait Pretty inconsiderate Thanks hope u got payed Guess that was for the blind people who watched. Also.... The music is absolutely different Its similar...but has a distinctly different drum signiture you might have noticed if u weren't deaf and could pay the slightest bit of attention Why.dont you get a different career Itd be helpful
Teddy P. Gray
Teddy P. Gray Il y a 2 jours
Are you sure the "old friend" is Jamie? The key term may not have been "old friend' but rather "waiting." Bran's uncle Bengen told him that when he comes he (Bran) will be "waiting" for him, and he will be ready. Just a little food for thought. 😉
clifford gaston-johnston
One detail missed is if u count how many spiral arms there are on the shape in this vid there are seven cud this b a big clus as to what the knite kings plans cud b seven as in seven kingdom
Hristo Velev
Hristo Velev Il y a 2 jours
The dragon that Jon Snow is riding is his father reincarnated in that creature When they were kissing, it was looking at them funny
James Stephens
James Stephens Il y a 2 jours
Is this video made for dummies?
julio garcia
julio garcia Il y a 2 jours
I don't think the old friend is Jamie
Wat Pop
Wat Pop Il y a 2 jours
A gay texan
PooPoo! HonkHonk!
PooPoo! HonkHonk! Il y a 2 jours
13 things you did not miss in GoT/8.1 unless you (A) did not watch it (B) fell asleep at the start (C) are blind (D) are a retard (E) all of the above Honk Honk!
Abdiel A. Arrona
Abdiel A. Arrona Il y a 2 jours
This the most idiotic video anyone has ever seen.
Martin Correy
Martin Correy Il y a 2 jours
Arya will die in ep.3
Pisilu84 Il y a 2 jours
Cant believe i missed all those... not Wtf did i just watch
Chris P. Bacon
Chris P. Bacon Il y a 2 jours
Jaimie will ask for a dildo made of dragon glass just incase Cersei turns into a white walker.
Curtis Reid
Curtis Reid Il y a 2 jours
Grey Worm and most of the Unsullied were left high and dry at Casterly Rock with all ships destroyed in Season 7. They're suddenly in Winterfell with everybody else
Killcycle Il y a 2 jours
So I wonder.. Is Jon immune to fire too?
Joshua Zerbe
Joshua Zerbe Il y a 2 jours
Nice video, but none of those details were missed by me 🙂
Thomas Liu
Thomas Liu Il y a 2 jours
It's the same crossbow!
The Fleepo
The Fleepo Il y a 2 jours
I don't think I missed any of these details...
Silent Wynter
Silent Wynter Il y a 2 jours
I'm going to predict that Daenerys will be killed. Jon snow will have to ride the dragons to complete the battle.
Raw Plum
Raw Plum Il y a 2 jours
Jaime killed the mad king when he said " burn them all " . I wonder if this has anything to do with Brandon stark warging into Aerys for some reason and sending him mad by giving him visions of the future ? . The spiral appears throughout our human history and has many meanings but one of them is about being in balance with nature and the self , I think Brandon is at the centre of this spiral and his actions have directly affected the events we have seen ( the many tendrils of the spiral reflecting Brandon's interference in the timeline). I'm not sure how it links with the nightking but it maybe that he is the reason the children of the forest lost control of their creation .
leachimy Il y a 2 jours
The title is only true for those who didnt watched the episode. Captain obvious thinks he is the only one with eyes..
Joseph Lax
Joseph Lax Il y a 2 jours
Nobody missed this wtf is this video
farhan rehan
farhan rehan Il y a 2 jours
Your 1st theory is wrong .... it’s not the red wedding .... when you see it closely night king is holding the head of the wolf ... not lord Walder frey..... and in the next scene there are more than 3 dragons in that scene that clearly shows its not the reference where dragons were born ... 🤔
loknath sudhakar
loknath sudhakar Il y a 2 jours
How did I miss all these points ? 🤔
Knut Pohl
Knut Pohl Il y a 2 jours
Please give someone a ship to this man, before Captain Obvious is on the loose for longer
x-pert bandit
x-pert bandit Il y a 2 jours
You guys missed something LOL. The blue line we see in the beginning is the white army. We see it stop at the last hearth, foreshadowing the Umber boys being killed at the last hearth.
Christina the angel
Christina the angel Il y a 2 jours
I noticed all of these things and tried to explain them to my family
Brian Fernandes
Brian Fernandes Il y a 2 jours
It was season 6 and not 5 when bran sees the vision of the white walkers origin.
Big Sur
Big Sur Il y a 2 jours
Your title said "you missed" but I already knew everything in this video!
Pierre Llagre
Pierre Llagre Il y a 2 jours
Eat my Shorts
Eat my Shorts Il y a 2 jours
You missed how Tyrion pokes fun at Lord Varys. The 'no balls joke'. Is it me?! Or is it very unlikely that Tyrion makes fun of people physical disabilities. I know Tyrion is better than that.
Frank Odhees
Frank Odhees Il y a 2 jours
13 reasons why
Fajar Ashari
Fajar Ashari Il y a 2 jours
i think daenerys will be a mad queen. referering to sam conversation with jon
Nikollet Shkreli
Nikollet Shkreli Il y a 2 jours
Why does everyone hate Dany?
tall, dork and hungsome
Bro. Do you even?
Mubashar Ali
Mubashar Ali Il y a 2 jours
Why the dragon glaring at Jon Snow? 😳😁🙄
Gene Gilliam
Gene Gilliam Il y a 2 jours
The spiral image is also seen in season 1 episode 1 in the abandoned wildling village. It is made out of wildling bits and pieces. Also, the crossbow is the same one that Joffrey kills Ros with.
Brett Jaramillo
Brett Jaramillo Il y a 2 jours
13 details not many missed
Anil Kumar
Anil Kumar Il y a 2 jours
You missed jon snow swords eye
cigma 6
cigma 6 Il y a 2 jours
This show sucks dick now that's one detail I'm sure no one missed
BettyHaiduoWang Il y a 2 jours
Also, Drogon (named after Khal Drogo) was feeling a bit salty when Jon was making out with Drogo’s ex-wife ☕️
Astrid Celada
Astrid Celada Il y a 2 jours
I don’t think anybody misses any of that 🤦🏻‍♀️
Sagish Preman
Sagish Preman Il y a 2 jours
The night king is leaving that symbol bcos it's the symbol around the weirwood tree wer the 3 eyed raven stays n also wer the night king was first created. He is leaving that symbol as a warning
K. Stryde
K. Stryde Il y a 2 jours
Danny keeps saying stuff like: I'm your/their Queen, and one of Tywin's advice to Geoffry was something along this lines of anyone who needs to remind people that he is their King is no true King
Veggie Il y a 6 heures
King Tomen was the one true king
Coffee & Naps
Coffee & Naps Il y a 2 jours
I liked the part where the dragon gave John Snow a faint smile, showing his approval of Snow kissing Denairus.
Captain Reset
Captain Reset Il y a 2 jours
We all know regardless the show will butcher the ending compared to books just they've done with many aspects of the show.
Taku Raji
Taku Raji Il y a 2 jours
I miss my 4:40 minutes wasted. Who in their right mind would have missed those things? Shame! Shame! Shame!
DaiTo Kai
DaiTo Kai Il y a 2 jours
yeah u miss the bran's ravens
Michael VM
Michael VM Il y a 2 jours
01:22: "The boy in this scene at the meeting of the northern Lord is Lord Ned Umber". Jon Snow: "Ned Amba!"
Mr. RaccoonZ
Mr. RaccoonZ Il y a 2 jours
Ah his old friend is Jaime Lanister
Bas Groenendijk
Bas Groenendijk Il y a 2 jours
Was I really the only one who got a heart attack when the Omber kid screamed?
Piet Baudoin
Piet Baudoin Il y a 2 jours
13 details you definitely didn't miss
TommyG 117
TommyG 117 Il y a 2 jours
Makings blue dragon glass weapons..
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