12 vs 1: Speed Dating 12 Musicians Without Seeing Them

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11 août 2019

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Commentaires 16 450
Jubilee Il y a 7 jours
Some people say, “The great love of their life is music”, but can you fall in love with a musician JUST by hearing their music? In today’s Vs. 1, we wanted to see if that was the case. Check out the episode & let us know which musical performance/musician you would want to get to know more. For our Post It Wall, please send in your illustrations( get creative!) to 9029 Airport #91598 Los Angeles, CA 90009!
Jesse Collins
Jesse Collins Il y a heure
Jubilee No. no you cannot.
George Costarica
George Costarica Il y a 3 heures
I didn't think bassists and drummers are musicians
Blær Korsvij
Blær Korsvij Il y a 5 heures
@Pamela Rowles true!
Blær Korsvij
Blær Korsvij Il y a 5 heures
@brooklyn how do you know? OMG 😥 I feel it
Blær Korsvij
Blær Korsvij Il y a 5 heures
Do you know what's Max socmed? Please share it, sry.... I liked your content so much and also love anyone who comes, not all I meant the attractive one mostly
Ismail Reborn
Ismail Reborn Il y a 19 secondes
Jesus her face expression are OMAGAD I CANT EVEN
SpeakersR-lyef Audio
SpeakersR-lyef Audio Il y a 3 minutes
The piano guy
lia land
lia land Il y a 4 minutes
OMFG the first guy i’m DYING
Gravity is Lame
Gravity is Lame Il y a 9 minutes
2:00 Wow didn't know Chris Pratt sung.
Leo Hernandez
Leo Hernandez Il y a 9 minutes
Lol I would’ve straight up played some Slayer and leave
ZOMBIEROBOT Il y a 11 minutes
Does somebody know the name of the song of Max? Or the first one of Mickey or Roman?
Jacktehboss110 Il y a 12 minutes
respect to mark for playing babe i'm gonna leave you
idzander perez
idzander perez Il y a 16 minutes
Vadim Jonsson
Vadim Jonsson Il y a 16 minutes
Disgusing, bunch of beta simps thursting a thot.
Shonen Kun
Shonen Kun Il y a 17 minutes
0:40 BRB, IM CALLING STEVE T RIGHT NOW, You are in trouble !! By the way He doesnt like woman. Bang !
David Moore
David Moore Il y a 23 minutes
5:26 playing a song about doing drugs under a bridge is what that guy thinks is something that represents him.
KTM Trooper
KTM Trooper Il y a 23 minutes
Alec was so fluent in the keyboard was secretly rooting for him
Javon Johnson
Javon Johnson Il y a 24 minutes
Were are American girls man
Chiara Tesařová
Chiara Tesařová Il y a 25 minutes
WHY DID SHE ELIMINATE MIKE. HE IS SO SWEET. “I am so happy that i could be here with these guys who are so much more talented than me”. Awwww
Corey McShane
Corey McShane Il y a 25 minutes
I can't believe David got let go
Corey McShane
Corey McShane Il y a 25 minutes
And max
Anjolie Slouspa
Anjolie Slouspa Il y a 26 minutes
Brenden looks kinda like Chris Pratt lol
Raven Anna
Raven Anna Il y a 28 minutes
Alleiah Igbalic
Alleiah Igbalic Il y a 30 minutes
i was rooting for mikey and andrew tho!
[insert cool username here]
[insert cool username here] Il y a 30 minutes
I'd choose max whet he played was beautiful
Belinha0303 Il y a 31 minute
My favorite was Mikey, omg I would eliminate all of them in the first round, except Mikey... yeah i think i have a little crush in him. Can someone gives me his instagram?
Stevie Wonder
Stevie Wonder Il y a 32 minutes
3:19 is unintentionally the best part of this video.
fAiRlY LoCaL BEAN Il y a 32 minutes
Oh my goooood Mikey blew me away he’s so cuuuuute and has so much talent 😍
Tony Flamingo
Tony Flamingo Il y a 33 minutes
Razak Raharjo
Razak Raharjo Il y a 34 minutes
mikey ig : mykey.the.artist first song : never in my wildest dreams -dan auerbach max ig : corduroyslim first song : toy plane -who boy sedo ig : maestrosedo you guys actually can see they ig in description . . . you can pay with like
That Trash Artist
That Trash Artist Il y a 34 minutes
Tbh I would've gone with mikey
Patrick Yackley
Patrick Yackley Il y a 34 minutes
ok but tbh alec didnt really have alot going for him, in the first part he had too much going on with what he was playing, Mikey had just the right amount of stuff going on, and Mark couldve had maybe a bit less but still good, all you need it the guitar and your voice
Killmerat Il y a 34 minutes
1. Mikey was the best 2. Alec needs to get a new piano the keys make to much noise it distracts from the music
Water Sheep
Water Sheep Il y a 35 minutes
Sara Benson
Sara Benson Il y a 36 minutes
My favorite video so far
.:Cyclone_Swords:. Il y a 37 minutes
Im laughing off my ass when that piano guy playing thousands miles
Mailed Valenzuela
Mailed Valenzuela Il y a 38 minutes
Charles B
Charles B Il y a 39 minutes
Having one male do this with 12 female musicians would be considered sexist objectification. However, it's more than ok to put some useless little tart up on a pedestal and have a bunch of betas attempt to get her attention.
ol Il y a 39 minutes
I pick mikey that stuff was magical
joaquinn Il y a 40 minutes
she gives me bad vibes i dont like her
joaquinn Il y a 44 minutes
max was fire tf wrong wit her
Jaer-ar Penol
Jaer-ar Penol Il y a 44 minutes
What the name of the song what mekiy sing
Bushwhacker 1278
Bushwhacker 1278 Il y a 45 minutes
Aw, poor David. He will blow someone’s mind someday.
Pump 17
Pump 17 Il y a 45 minutes
11:10 but he’s right
Mailed Valenzuela
Mailed Valenzuela Il y a 48 minutes
Lâm Vũ Lê Nguyễn
Lâm Vũ Lê Nguyễn Il y a 49 minutes
Why MAX? Why? Omg this woman
unicorngirl lollypop
unicorngirl lollypop Il y a 50 minutes
Mikey is wow🤭
Scott Harvey
Scott Harvey Il y a 51 minute
Damn son, Dav was hurt looooooooooooooool
jumpman93LP Il y a 55 minutes
yup, i'm definitely going to listen to every song max made. love the 90s alternative vives i'm getting from this
slaying mochi
slaying mochi Il y a 55 minutes
I thought she was uwu umi from tik tok
Golden Ear Productions
Golden Ear Productions Il y a 56 minutes
2:00 is Starlord
Deduction Il y a 57 minutes
That Tinder tune at the transitions omg HAHAHAHH
Dodo Channel
Dodo Channel Il y a 58 minutes
2:04 starlord is that you?
Thaibl Lover
Thaibl Lover Il y a heure
Wait... Maria and Roman are siblings ???
Jgkh Jxjwtj
Jgkh Jxjwtj Il y a heure
fernando seemed hurt
-VR Il y a heure
what happened to starlord...
I. Il y a heure
these arent musicians... just a bunch of faggits
TOP EXPLORE Il y a heure
Perfect choice
kalyan singh
kalyan singh Il y a heure
I really liked him man 2:48
Erica Igwedibie
Erica Igwedibie Il y a heure
Laura Dalla
Laura Dalla Il y a heure
spoiler alert: they all break her heart
ASMR Anonymous
ASMR Anonymous Il y a heure
That was rude what she said about him at the end
Millennials Empowerment
This won't last. Lol having a bunch in common doesn't mean you'll work out.
Mailin Contreras
Mailin Contreras Il y a heure
At 2:26 was Alec playing a song from Call Me By Your Name or is it just me??
Carry Wu
Carry Wu Il y a heure
This kind of content is amazingggggg.. Hahaha
Ar Armstrong
Ar Armstrong Il y a heure
Mia Khalifa without Glasses
max is the best
Pepa Vašata
Pepa Vašata Il y a heure
He sang Lewis Capaldi, I’d choose him for sure
Supreme Uchiha
Supreme Uchiha Il y a heure
Digital DAV ain't lying, he's music FYAAAAAHHHH! Everlasting is HEAT
Mateo Di Pizzo
Mateo Di Pizzo Il y a heure
Weren't they supposed to be musicians ?
Sophia Ziegler
Sophia Ziegler Il y a heure
of course you're gonna get the dude playing ed Sheeran on guitar
vrye Rocker
vrye Rocker Il y a heure
Worlds biggest boy band
taraney alicia rae
taraney alicia rae Il y a heure
her laugh is killing me lowkey
Lulu x
Lulu x Il y a heure
Oh my god Mikey have such a good voice...
Lynn Ashi
Lynn Ashi Il y a heure
david u can have my heart
Tasha J.
Tasha J. Il y a heure
roman has my heart
taraney alicia rae
taraney alicia rae Il y a heure
wtf roman was so precious
brooke :o
brooke :o Il y a heure
sedo is my FAVORITE
Sèdo Tossou
Sèdo Tossou Il y a 42 minutes
Claudia Carrion
Claudia Carrion Il y a heure
Max, Mikey and Roman need to drop some singles now
katie russo
katie russo Il y a heure
get me a mark 🥺
Shiva krishnan
Shiva krishnan Il y a heure
Girl: Seduce me with music Me: plays 'Dance of Eternity' by Dream Theatre The End
Russell Johnson
Russell Johnson Il y a heure
I think that everyone can agree with her on the least attractive instrument and i'm saying that as a guy.
Wired Havoc
Wired Havoc Il y a 2 heures
That drummer that said "i guess i was wrong to think i could blow anyones mind" is exactly how you get zero women. Thats a beta mentality at its finest.
Jonathan Daugherty
Jonathan Daugherty Il y a 2 heures
Mikey or Max definitely should've won
boy of the year
boy of the year Il y a 2 heures
Mikey nooo pls don't go you're so sexy aha
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