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People in this vid:
Jenna Willis: @nickantonyan
Vardon: @vardonantonyan
Suzy: @suzyantonyan
Marine: @marineantonyan
Outro song by: Simon Rex ig: @simonrex415
Additional editing help: @ughitsjoe @nathanspeiser




18 sept. 2019




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Commentaires 8 835
jenelle josias
jenelle josias Il y a 9 heures
can you please do this series with just suzie
Muriuh Bello
Muriuh Bello Il y a 20 heures
I’m excited to see the rest
fallon honn
fallon honn Il y a 22 heures
How carry about them losing the weight it is their choice
brooke walker
brooke walker Il y a jour
watching these videos making me do sit-ups aha. jonah is triggering me so much.
BMX Racer
BMX Racer Il y a jour
You help everyone to eat smart and you help everyone to be fit
Kimberly Urquiza
Kimberly Urquiza Il y a jour
STOP being so mean his not a loser
Maria Avila
Maria Avila Il y a jour
Im heavier than vardan and I'm younger than him I'm 11
funnydavid2007 Il y a jour
Johna acts like that bc that's his thing in the vlogs. It's how he survives the fat jokes and constant abuse.
Stanger Il y a 2 jours
6:02 kills me all me lmao
FlipLaFire Il y a 2 jours
Fuck you bitch let them live life
3nchantment500 Il y a 2 jours
The ending Me: OH. SHITT That is honestly so humiliating like even infront of everyone damn im so invested into this now
Sam K
Sam K Il y a 2 jours
With Jeff’s tone I can never tell if it’s a joke or not
Erich Stauffer
Erich Stauffer Il y a 2 jours
I ate 3 tacos while watching this.
Danielle Hemphill
Danielle Hemphill Il y a 2 jours
Who's else fells like jeff is being to hard on them witch is good but I feel like he is kinda of being a little hard on Nick and the end
Hanna Moen
Hanna Moen Il y a 2 jours
Vardon is such a sweetheart ❤️
Noobface Il y a 2 jours
I love how Jonah started taking it seriously once Liza’s trainer got there lmao
verena ellen
verena ellen Il y a 2 jours
Its so Kind of you Jeff
#Payitforward Il y a 3 jours
*If this helps you, please **#payitforward*
Max Blackso
Max Blackso Il y a 3 jours
Not everyone wants to be thin with a damn six pack. STOP FAT SHAMING PEOPLE
Max Blackso
Max Blackso Il y a 3 jours
I honestly don't like this. I know this might be your friends and they probably agreed to this stupid shit, but this is FAT SHAMING
Ducky Riri
Ducky Riri Il y a 3 jours
Everyone makes jokes about Jeff being mean and emotionless whatever but he actually freaked me out in this video. Everyone’s talking bout Jonah but Jeff was being so mean and yelling. He fricking smacked some treat out of vardons hand hard as fuck and knew it was wrong cuz he panicked and told him to not tell his parents he did that like wtf..
Bella Montagu
Bella Montagu Il y a 3 jours
Wow I love our supportive they are of each other and work together! In love with this series x very proud of their hard work
Alexis Gammon
Alexis Gammon Il y a 3 jours
watching this as im laying in bed with a bag of takis BUT with a bottle of water💪🏽😏
🎈 Il y a 3 jours
I was waiting for Jonah to puke this whole video 😭
em Il y a 4 jours
jonah is so defensive and disrespectful the whole time, like yeah part of the series is comedy due to the nature of jeffs content but he is contributing real money and effort to help. like the trainer said, if u wanna see change u gotta make change buddy
Alex Kim
Alex Kim Il y a 4 jours
“Don’t tell ur parents I did that”🤣🤣
Too Damn
Too Damn Il y a 4 jours
A good way to lose weight fast as a family is to not vaccinate your kids, they'll be bones in no time!
Justin Flores
Justin Flores Il y a 5 jours
posted on my Bday🥳
kai 1
kai 1 Il y a 5 jours
Hey Jeff come down to Texas and help me lose weight ❤️
Connor Owen
Connor Owen Il y a 5 jours
Keep making these videos this is comedic gold
Temi B
Temi B Il y a 5 jours
Everyone but Jonah is actually trying. I hope they reach their goal! When they were doing squats for 15 seconds, vardon was really trying and not giving up! While Jonah was smiling.
Victoria Garcia
Victoria Garcia Il y a 6 jours
they always use there weight and stuff for views 😤
lekimraptor Il y a 7 jours
ngl jeffs kinda mean to nick
Ava Mae
Ava Mae Il y a 7 jours
Why do people not wanna get healthy and fit
Whitney Marr
Whitney Marr Il y a 8 jours
you should do a 30 day challenge for a more realistic transformation!!
Maki Mirzoeva
Maki Mirzoeva Il y a 8 jours
Why does Suzys intro sounds like my strange addiction?😂
zee nunes
zee nunes Il y a 3 jours
Maki Mirzoeva that’s wat she was going for😂 she’s really witty
Samantha_ _
Samantha_ _ Il y a 8 jours
I Don’t like Jonah. At all. He’s annoying.
Myrna Estrada
Myrna Estrada Il y a 8 jours
I need Jeff in my life !!!
Typical Taurus
Typical Taurus Il y a 8 jours
Y’all are aware this is a joke right? These comments are so dumb LMFAO
Cleo Wynn
Cleo Wynn Il y a 9 jours
I’ve never seen Jonah so serious 🤭🤔
Rylee and Michaela
Rylee and Michaela Il y a 9 jours
you should hire a professional cleaner to clean their house
maev _
maev _ Il y a 9 jours
damn why is jonah being like that
edison Edison
edison Edison Il y a 9 jours
Is it just me or does garden look like a new person
Thomas Harrington
Thomas Harrington Il y a 9 jours
Vardan checking to see if Susie was okay was the most heart warming thing I've ever seen in my life
Chloe Polka
Chloe Polka Il y a 9 jours
Jonah is so rude and annoying, he doesn't care about his health or life.
Malia Christine
Malia Christine Il y a 3 jours
Chloe Polka i kinda agree but i feel like it goes deeper:/// and getting joked on 24/7 doesn’t help
Varsha H
Varsha H Il y a 9 jours
not joking around, I want the antonyan family to change their lifestyle to a healthier one.
Ariel Benavides
Ariel Benavides Il y a 10 jours
I thought jonas sister was disgusting before but now, i almost threw up watching dis shit
Diana Georgieva
Diana Georgieva Il y a 10 jours
💯 fuck you 🤣
M&A’s World
M&A’s World Il y a 10 jours
Im sorry but jeff was rough on them
N Z Il y a 10 jours
100% fuck you
dyana eilish
dyana eilish Il y a 10 jours
i do this in gym every day for an hour and 30 min
Vanessa Perez
Vanessa Perez Il y a 10 jours
Why is Jeff so expressionless, maybe the botox? lmaooo
Karina Perez
Karina Perez Il y a 10 jours
Im crying ,this video is beautiful and inspirational
Dorijan Prpic
Dorijan Prpic Il y a 10 jours
Jeff says that he is healthy with those cigarettes
MdTheGamerBros Il y a 11 jours
Can u do this for me
Isaac Garcia
Isaac Garcia Il y a 11 jours
“Who’s your first? My family”😂😭
cmorataya Il y a 11 jours
Is Jonah really an asshole or was it part of the bit? Cause I'm not digging it.
GumballZ Il y a 11 jours
Blake Kersten
Blake Kersten Il y a 11 jours
Nick/ Jonah will never do anything or be anyone because he has no motivation to do anything. At all.
Amanda Bantham
Amanda Bantham Il y a 12 jours
Jonah was literally booking it up those stairs all jokes aside