10 Creepers That Minecraft Needs To Add!

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I didn't expect that at all! 😂
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11 févr. 2020




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Commentaires 60
Julie Tayaban
Julie Tayaban Il y a 5 heures
The balistic creeper its throw tnt end blows up more tnt wow 😯😯
The Gamer Players
The Gamer Players Il y a jour
Crainers ow ow ow owww sounded like an intro from a movie
constandinos tsiakkis
this is the first video of crainer i ever seen and i still love it
david rodriguez
david rodriguez Il y a jour
ugh b
channing gordon
channing gordon Il y a 2 jours
Why don't you do whatever you want
The gamer Boy
The gamer Boy Il y a 3 jours
0:04 thea’s
Jericho Ayado
Jericho Ayado Il y a 7 jours
I love your Vid😊☺️😀
Omar Mohamed
Omar Mohamed Il y a 8 jours
Jhayvie Tan
Jhayvie Tan Il y a 8 jours
My favorite is cake creeper
the moolah bluby
the moolah bluby Il y a 8 jours
o em jesus
Shubham Anshi
Shubham Anshi Il y a 10 jours
Emma Coleman
Emma Coleman Il y a 10 jours
LOL I don't have easy, normal and hard I just have peaceful
Randa Hessin
Randa Hessin Il y a 12 jours
The to cryatav and flant and stel and the creeper (-_-)
Thaine Smith TV
Thaine Smith TV Il y a 12 jours
Now they are actually cool. (Kind of)
Hxxh Hshd
Hxxh Hshd Il y a 13 jours
I just like the spider creeper part.
Russ Evans
Russ Evans Il y a 13 jours
2:00 crainer ses I want more we’ll I want doesn’t get
MURPHEY CHERLIN Il y a 14 jours
I love cookie creeper
Michael Rochester
Michael Rochester Il y a 14 jours
lol it turns in to cake
Yxng Dawud
Yxng Dawud Il y a 14 jours
Maryami Yuliana
Maryami Yuliana Il y a 15 jours
I like like the Endo creeper
Neidgel Morate
Neidgel Morate Il y a 16 jours
My favorite creeper is the firework creeper.
Nadine Brillantes
Nadine Brillantes Il y a 17 jours
Itz_Meh Il y a 17 jours
1:56 2:52: The Face Of You Accidentally Pooped On The Floor 4:12-4:15: Sound Like "ohwowowohwowowoww" 4:48: When You Fail Exam
Alla Didkovskaya
Alla Didkovskaya Il y a 18 jours
Justine Fulla
Justine Fulla Il y a 20 jours
Mine is the friendly creeper
rpkeenan705 Il y a 20 jours
Umm... That’s more than 10 Creepers Crainer.
Jàké Hàîłéÿ
Jàké Hàîłéÿ Il y a 21 jour
Jàké Hàîłéÿ
Jàké Hàîłéÿ Il y a 21 jour
JEADOS ABALAJON Il y a 22 jours
The illusion creeper is just like naruto shadow jutsu clone😂😂😂
Kostya Kurd
Kostya Kurd Il y a 23 jours
6:27 the creeper looks like the inside of my old bed
wansuk natakuatoong
wansuk natakuatoong Il y a 23 jours
Crainer and cranster spring creeper is the best creeper I ever seen in my life.
Shaylah Tuttle
Shaylah Tuttle Il y a 24 jours
When u did the magma creeper U KILLED A BABY FOAL 😛love ur vids!
GamerBOII Ty_567
GamerBOII Ty_567 Il y a 24 jours
4:11 when bees stun me and Fortnite players laser
Bert Shaffner
Bert Shaffner Il y a 25 jours
The reverse creeper is the man with the upside down face but creeper when you called him freak he got so mad at you he buried Your Grave
kJOM! UOKMNLPIj Il y a 25 jours
Aadya Bisht
Aadya Bisht Il y a 26 jours
he just copied slogo creeper video what the hell crainer??????
Cxle2005 X
Cxle2005 X Il y a 26 jours
I got away from that TNT at the end too crainer don’t worry you wassent the only one scared ok
Carmel Monson
Carmel Monson Il y a 26 jours
I like wind creeper and friend creeper i don't know what one to pick
aura garcia
aura garcia Il y a 27 jours
Laura O'Neill
Laura O'Neill Il y a 28 jours
Nino lahiff Ramba
Nino lahiff Ramba Il y a 28 jours
The end creeper looked so cool
Yanzy Dones
Yanzy Dones Il y a 28 jours
The horses are so cute but crainer is wasting paper cus paper comes out of trees 🌳
Sabina Lorde
Sabina Lorde Il y a 28 jours
Spring creaper
Fatima Usman
Fatima Usman Il y a 28 jours
My favorite is ice creaper
Ryan Scheldrup
Ryan Scheldrup Il y a 28 jours
Ben Gonzalez
Ben Gonzalez Il y a 29 jours
Slogoman did a video of this to and cake creeper is my favorite
Beatriz Leandro
Beatriz Leandro Il y a 29 jours
spider creeper spider creeper its the amazing spider creeper
Beatriz Leandro
Beatriz Leandro Il y a 29 jours
my fave was the spring creeper
Irene Albuen
Irene Albuen Il y a mois
Ydpfxw I d foc
Nicole Trisha Bella chua
Tash Kime
Tash Kime Il y a mois
John King
John King Il y a mois
he didnt notice that the zombie creeper spawned 2 eggs.
Sean John
Sean John Il y a mois
Cake creeper is the best
Rachel Crawford
Rachel Crawford Il y a mois
What if you’ll chase villages or break doors zombie creeper🥨
Rachel Crawford
Rachel Crawford Il y a mois
Don’t say holy crap🍌 my name is banana
Zipper t Bunny
Zipper t Bunny Il y a mois
I love creepers
Stephanie Cox
Stephanie Cox Il y a mois
Cace creeper
Chloe Tapley
Chloe Tapley Il y a mois
Do you like banana
Chad Draven M. flores
I like the ice Creeper
Rigoberto Villanueva
Rosen Cooper that’s amazing
wei zheng
wei zheng Il y a mois
jelly tryd that