🎥☠️🏈🔥“Get It Off Your Chest Friday” Palmetto Raiders vs Goilds Rams 115LB Interview

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Interview with Tyreak #9 of the Palmetto Raiders 115 “Chosen Ones”
BHTV presents The Players of Pop Warner Football. Hear what Tyreak has to say about today's game Palmetto Raiders vs Goulds Rams. Chosen Ones vs The Supremes 115LB sp:dt=2018-10-27T00:09:00Z, sp:li=MLB, sp:ti:home=LAD, sp:st=football, sp:ti:away=BOS, sp:vl=en-US, sp:ty=high sp:dt=2018-10-27T00:09:00Z, sp:li=MLB, sp:ti:home=LAD, sp:st=baseball, sp:ti:away=BOS, sp:vl=en-US, sp:ty=high
Please watch: "Mighty Mites Sweetwater vs Westchase Game Highlights"



26 oct. 2018




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Post the game today
Big Herc Productions LLC
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Syl Les
Syl Les Il y a an
Thanks for viewing.
Swift-_-pres Yt
Swift-_-pres Yt Il y a an
When y’all gonna post the second gsm 18-7
Big Herc Productions LLC
The games will be up this week.
Swift-_-pres Yt
Swift-_-pres Yt Il y a an
But who won supreme y’all doing all that but they lost get palmetto of you chest day
Block Head
Block Head Il y a an
preston renord who with supreme or the chosen1’s
Big Herc Productions LLC
Good game!
THE supersayiangamers
Hope you guys win man
Big Herc Productions LLC
We appreciate the support @Supersayinagamers