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Josh makes us a $150 salad with the leftovers from our $500 Subway Footlong Sandwich! GMMore #1505
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The stache’s days are numbered! Not only that, but Josh’s head will also be shaved! We added a new goal of $30,000 and if we reach that, Josh gets a Rhett & Link original tattoo! Spread the word and rally support with #NoStacheHungry to do away with that thing once and for all.
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18 mars 2019




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Commentaires 671
Pantsalonis Il y a 21 heure
Literally just watching 4 men having lunch
Rain &Rainbows
Rain &Rainbows Il y a 4 jours
The chaos in this more😂😂 Josh talking about his towel rag while Rhett and Link talk about something else
AsterActor 234
AsterActor 234 Il y a 6 jours
"4 men eating salads and talking about showers" Thats your viral video right there, just rename it!
andram79 Il y a 6 jours
"Are you going to toss that salad " lol
nooran yehia
nooran yehia Il y a 7 jours
I have seen Rhett excited for most of the food he had on the show way more than he's excited for this.
d son
d son Il y a 8 jours
omg i havent laughed that hard outloud since 6:21 lmao
swhaw Il y a 12 jours
salt and pepper is super underrated on a salad
DemonKingNemo Il y a 13 jours
I've never had so many "read the comments as they happen to happen in the video" moments as I have with this video
Dr. Leonard Hofstadter SAVAGE FAM
Josh you are an amazing cook, excellent job you do.
Dr. Leonard Hofstadter SAVAGE FAM
Rhett says: Needs more chicken teriyaki, and side of Southwest Chipotle extra spicy.
Chuck Vapor
Chuck Vapor Il y a 23 jours
Josh should go on hot ones
Drizzy Bone614
Drizzy Bone614 Il y a 24 jours
rhett ask you gonna toss that salad then looks directly into the camera
wendy jenkins
wendy jenkins Il y a 26 jours
I had food poison from Subway and other member from my church got food poison too.
Tyler Dietz
Tyler Dietz Il y a 27 jours
Josh should have a show with you guys called Good Mythical Cooking
Malcolm Mcqueen
Malcolm Mcqueen Il y a 27 jours
We stan Mythical Chef Josh💖👍
Victor Chiang
Victor Chiang Il y a 27 jours
do you know how much Rhett and Link donated in total?
Zen Il y a 28 jours
Ultimately, Rhett and link, maybe more Rhett, found a way to get a personal chef.
NecroVoid Il y a 28 jours
damn yall literally went back to back on making a video XD
Sassy ruth
Sassy ruth Il y a 28 jours
good mythical more can you send me the Ingredient for salad please
Sassy ruth
Sassy ruth Il y a 28 jours
Is that a tattoo on josh arm
Patrick Dromgoole
Patrick Dromgoole Il y a mois
You think I'm real? Do you? Wow. You must be stupid.
rexxed757 Il y a mois
josh just needs his own channe maybe yall could give him the old gmcrew channel
broomstick.rachel Il y a mois
How much would it cost me to get Josh to quit GMM and work as my personal chef? lol his food looks sooo good
Just want to say Alex is super hot ...
NoC41 Il y a mois
Y’all should put tape on the desk to mark where “off camera” starts so that guests always know where to be to stay in frame 😊
WillyMcSkilly Il y a mois
The chef is Curtis Stone if you couldn't pick up on the accent
Asherman21 Il y a mois
Link: "Nothing makes me happier than thinking I'm about to eat a beet and then it turns into a salami. That's a good day." Josh: "Yeah."
Christian Norris
Christian Norris Il y a mois
Can we get a " Good Mythical Cooking" show hosted by josh?
Nina Marshall
Nina Marshall Il y a 27 jours
Good Mythical Makes
Ciera Howell
Ciera Howell Il y a mois
Next video theme rating Truck Stop Showers
MUDSWAT Il y a mois
That is one ugly looking salad!!
its_gr8pes Il y a mois
Lowkey, these are just mukbangs that are actually tolerable.
johnnymcblaze Il y a mois
I like how everyone uses the term climate change now instead of global warming. Global warming didn't make sense because the planet is in a cooling trend. So now its climate "change".
JLAShazam Il y a mois
Josh is my favorite josh! And I personally know 4 of them
อรนุช พรมวัตร์
Renata Briajraj
Renata Briajraj Il y a mois
I need Josh in more videos!
Will It AsMR
Will It AsMR Il y a mois
John the cooking dude looks simultaneously like Shawn Hatosy of without the mustache
CreativeBangla Il y a mois
Where can I get that shirt, Rhett?
EatDrinkPlayToLearnChinese - For Lazy Dummies
Nice video ! We are so happy to have watched it ! Thank you !
Shauna Moon
Shauna Moon Il y a mois
Says he’s vegetarian. Eats salad with salami and roast beef in it.
aaliyah johnson
aaliyah johnson Il y a mois
The truck stop was most likely a Love’s Travel Stop because I work at one of these locations and it sounds exactly the same!😂😂😂
Blessedmomma Of2
Blessedmomma Of2 Il y a mois
Link you should try black pepper on vanilla ice cream.. it’s delicious!
Vinny Il y a mois
Not married still gay????
eclecticmachine Il y a mois
Anything about Subway or 150 in this? I couldn't handle all the talk.
E36 420
E36 420 Il y a mois
*are you gonna toss that salad?* HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
(1-MAN - ARMY)
(1-MAN - ARMY) Il y a mois
Jussie smollet is probably watching this subway video in jail 💀💀💀
XM1STERX1 Il y a mois
I thought it was good mythical morNING???? wot
Brianna Arnold
Brianna Arnold Il y a mois
Rhett's always slipping in dirty jokes then subtly stares into the camera. 😂
CatsRevenge Il y a mois
Link's so picky with his food. Geeze. lol
Nasher98 Il y a mois
I think I just watched a group of men enjoy a tossed salad...
65 Copwatch
65 Copwatch Il y a mois
Lymari Ramírez
Lymari Ramírez Il y a mois
I love it when Josh is in the episode 🤩
Jen Il y a mois
I love Alex's new hair! Josh....dude, that stache has to go.
H&M Entertainment
H&M Entertainment Il y a mois
1000? Can't you give more ? You bastard's are rich
Jacqueline Prince
Jacqueline Prince Il y a mois
I have taken a shower at an airport, so, there’s that lol
Pablo Potato
Pablo Potato Il y a mois
Link really brushed the food from the shirt onto the salad
Bobby Fischer
Bobby Fischer Il y a mois
The gayest show ever..keep up the bad work!
chris. Il y a mois
Um why does this man got a spork on his arm
Rachel Johnson
Rachel Johnson Il y a mois
josh is my favorite mythical crew member. fight me
Woodshadow Il y a mois
Can Alex give us a shower episode
Kenzie Black
Kenzie Black Il y a mois
Subway implements very cruel and inhuman slaughtering of their chickens!!! NOT OKAY
fleetwoodsucks Il y a mois
Subway? Isn't that Prado food?
Quilla Monroe
Quilla Monroe Il y a mois
I luv subway 😍
David thomas
David thomas Il y a mois
You cannot stop climate change do you think you can control Mother Earth ice ages came and went way before people influenced it
Russell Il y a mois
Link hates beets too? They're like vegetable candy lol
Kobe Lookss
Kobe Lookss Il y a mois
Customer: Can I have a Salad Subway Worker: What’s That? Customer: Lettuce, Tomato, Cucum- Subway Worker: A Bread Bowl Customer: I’m going to eat Pizza now
randomjean Il y a mois
i thought they would use argula or kale or spinach which cost more than iceberg lettuce
Jess R
Jess R Il y a mois
Links pickiness drives me absolutely crazy 😂 but here I am... watching him eat, like every week day
Eric Cartman
Eric Cartman Il y a mois
#21 on trending
sedriensmorgasbord Il y a mois
What show were they talking about? I want to watch some handsome, shirtless dude eating at beach restaurants.
Olive Jackson
Olive Jackson Il y a mois
Subway's honey wheat bread is the only decent bread you can pick in their shop.
RonZombie91 Il y a mois
Doesn't Alex have a twin that used to work for them? What happened to him?
On The Move
On The Move Il y a mois
I am a truck driver so every shower I take I take is at a truck stop. They're actually mostly pretty nice and they have a sink and a toilet with a shower and usually a bench they provide you with towels and soap it is however not free then can be as much as $15 depending on where you go. As a driver we receive one free shower each time we pump more than 50 gallons of fuel that is generally good for about 7 days at any location for that company.
Don’t know why Link is so freaked out about truck stop showers. Would you rather we just go for a week and not bathe?
Senpai_ ChocolateIvy
Wasn't there meet in that salad?
Asuna Yuuki
Asuna Yuuki Il y a mois
Welp, we made it on Trending 😂 Good job guys 👍
Emily Salley
Emily Salley Il y a mois
"Is that a beet? What is that?" Link 2019
Ryan Burks
Ryan Burks Il y a mois
Josh seems like such a pure dude. You can tell he genuinely enjoys what he does.
Penelope Il y a mois
I wish someone looked at me the same way Rhett looks at that sandwich
Declan Veitch
Declan Veitch Il y a mois
Who else is going to go back to the main episode to see if they can spot the tomato seed on Josh's forehead? Lol
ANT Il y a mois
*Jussie Smollett has entered the chat*
Leah Lasher
Leah Lasher Il y a mois
It’s 3am... I hungry
Greg Rohs
Greg Rohs Il y a mois
Link beet the meat
Franky Ja
Franky Ja Il y a mois
It bugs me josh that wasn’t wearing gloves touching all the food
トモ Il y a mois
Youngtarzan 21
Youngtarzan 21 Il y a mois
I’m friends with the the guy on the far left son
James Rodgers
James Rodgers Il y a mois
Alex: "I'm a vegetarian." As he eats the meat filled salad.
Dusty Jay
Dusty Jay Il y a mois
@5:38 you going to toss the salad? XD dammit Rhett! Even the look after josh said would you like me too... Rhetts face was like dude... You missed my joke...
Maggie Doggie
Maggie Doggie Il y a mois
$1000 for global warming research aka $1000 in the trash
Alex G
Alex G Il y a mois
Are you gonna toss that salad?? you want me to?? Yea. Looks into camera😂😂
Emily Il y a mois
watching this as i eat 10 cents worth of ramen (i know i'm classy)
Joshua Deyoe
Joshua Deyoe Il y a mois
I wanna know what josh’s favorite food is. He likes everything. Has he ever said anything about that and I missed it?
Brooke Dial
Brooke Dial Il y a mois
Josh is here? Byyye I'll go rewatch a dif episode lolol
My parents dont know im pregnant but,
I want that now
Kim Weir
Kim Weir Il y a mois
My oldest son, Andrew (age 21) and I love to cook and we love black pepper and cayenne pepper. It really does amazing things for dishes!
PowAnimate Il y a mois
Iv seen him in dexter...
Brielle Nielson
Brielle Nielson Il y a mois
Can we have a mythical cookbook for all the things that Will?
toasteee252 Il y a mois
Can you be a vegetarian and still eat mayo?
Ian Bonnar
Ian Bonnar Il y a mois
One time my grandma and I went to Swiss Chalet and they ran out of chicken
Saeed Kamal
Saeed Kamal Il y a mois
What did i just watched 6:22 is i dont know how to Express
Benjamin Farrington
People still go on chat rooms?
Benjamin Farrington
Well I guess discord
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