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100 Commentaires
Ricky Mwamba
Ricky Mwamba Il y a 23 heures
That shot was from the outta world!
Liam Dunn
Liam Dunn Il y a jour
i miss basketball
Arlington Watson jr
Worst refs in the NBA
Tiana he Irons
Tiana he Irons Il y a jour
Miss you bud
Donrico86dalion Il y a jour
this guy is the next Dwyane Wade
Jesse Wallace
Jesse Wallace Il y a jour
What Legands Kobe Is Resting Now :(
this is on my birthday
brian zibwowa
brian zibwowa Il y a jour
Honestly that in this morden day ball game would have been an offensive foul we soft now .......but we'll that was a Man' s game back en n ese guys had to work n like really really really work for all ose points on the scoreboard, having watched lebron Miami n Pacers series miss this kind of pure basketball ,these soft 3s ruining the game ,u jus run to the line .....bang ..oh please ......soft
aj styles
aj styles Il y a jour
I've seen this a couple times and seeing shaq like this really gets me
Terrio Worldd
Terrio Worldd Il y a jour
this is fine
this is fine Il y a jour
I bout to wash my hands after this Damn you Rudy Gobert
aj styles
aj styles Il y a jour
R.I.P KOBE its been 3 months and is still doesn't feel real
David Martin
David Martin Il y a jour
Heart of a champion 👌
CrispY Il y a jour
The 1.1k people who disliked this video should suffer
King Cypher
King Cypher Il y a jour
it baffles me.. how dominant he was during this stretch
Anthony Kuis
Anthony Kuis Il y a jour
Those reporters should be quite
J D Il y a jour
This is one of those games where teammates raise the player and carry the player on theirs backs parading him. Americans are so dry.. no soul
Jo Dela Cruz
Jo Dela Cruz Il y a jour
All-star sucks no defense at all.
dogFace RC
dogFace RC Il y a jour
Melo just smiling at LeBron, best duel!!!
Weston Maria
Weston Maria Il y a jour
User Il y a jour
LeBron's first field goal that game was in the 3rd quarter? He would have been roasted on social media today.
Briana M
Briana M Il y a jour
Lmao most basketball players really can't dance! I believe that they are too awkwardly tall to move properly. 😂
WinkeyCake Il y a jour
these were more interesting than the entire rest of the game
MJ DE GUZMAN Il y a jour
Look at 4:43 !!! 🍻🍻
Sean Santos
Sean Santos Il y a jour
Missing these competitive times
Aaron Cabbage
Aaron Cabbage Il y a jour
Still one of the most underrated players in the league. Dont @ me
Electrinator Audio Productions
Aaron Cabbage better than overrated Tatum fs
Patrick Burga
Patrick Burga Il y a jour
Extraño ese carmelo de new york
Williby Young
Williby Young Il y a jour
Lebron really good at playing bad teams
Jared Szendre
Jared Szendre Il y a jour
Jared Szendre
Jared Szendre Il y a jour
Donovan is an amazing player tho!
Johnny Tsunami
Johnny Tsunami Il y a jour
👑 > 🐍
Kaliyah B
Kaliyah B Il y a jour
Who's watching in 2020 r.i.p
Slim 803
Slim 803 Il y a jour
Next dwade
Electrinator Audio Productions
Slim 803 I see him more of an Arenas/Wade hybrid
AH Gaming
AH Gaming Il y a jour
*Looked like Jordan out there.*
Chase Brostek
Chase Brostek Il y a jour
easily some of the best highlights on youtube
Leona Dyson
Leona Dyson Il y a jour
sooooooo said
XIA Artist
XIA Artist Il y a jour
He's Basically Calling Us Broke By Having 3 iPhone 11s
King TuT
King TuT Il y a jour
Amy Stringfellow
Amy Stringfellow Il y a jour
Smart move by Ryan Saunders
Benjamin K.
Benjamin K. Il y a jour
Ja Morant's fit was clean as hell boo
Shanzi Swagg
Shanzi Swagg Il y a jour
Send this to OSn
BrandonTU22 Il y a jour
3 Chips, 4 MVPs, & 2 Olympic Gold Medals plus my mans is micheal Phelps . You can’t tell me he’s not the 🐐
awsome kidclutch
awsome kidclutch Il y a jour
If tacko didn’t lean forward he would of won
Sajid Chammout
Sajid Chammout Il y a jour
freakin legend rip kobe
Fcgg Fgbb
Fcgg Fgbb Il y a jour
Jims Coffee
Jims Coffee Il y a jour
The way these twats play the game.. its like those white guys who really doesn't know how to play the game because a lot of black guys were not permited or being prejudiced and not allowed to play during that time...
Carson Mitchell
Carson Mitchell Il y a jour
donovan you’re a dirty man
2027.James Fischer
2027.James Fischer Il y a jour
The Heat vs Spurs rivalry is like the Warriors vs Cavs rivalry
JayTooSavy Il y a jour
Crazy thing about this season Bron was getting barely any fouls and still dominating😭🙌🏽👑🐐🔥💯
William Still
William Still Il y a jour
My favorite Knick ever after Patrick
dy120481 Il y a jour
Seems like a genuinely good dude.
Coach King Rod
Coach King Rod Il y a jour
Someone should show this to Skip Bayless!
jacob lucero
jacob lucero Il y a jour
Man if Jordan had better players like Kobe did he could have mad some noise later in his career
JPG Gaming
JPG Gaming Il y a jour
Biggest shot of his career for Jeremy lamb Two months later makes a half court game winner
JayTooSavy Il y a jour
6:40 OMG!!!!! Did Y’all See This Play That Nigga Is The GOAT I’m Done🤦🏽‍♂️🐐🔥💯
Johnny Doe
Johnny Doe Il y a jour
Can someone tell me why the Raptors announcer was announcing for TNT on that game 4??😂😂
ShadowStrider Il y a jour
donovan: does a one handed tomahawk "DONOVAN MITCHELL WITH A WINDMILL JAM!"
Electrinator Audio Productions
ShadowStrider 😂
mrRaGeR8917 Il y a jour
Really feels like the league has gotten soft these days. All these battles used to seem so much more intense and not as dramatic/ cry baby shit
Imran Abdi
Imran Abdi Il y a jour
It's #Dametime
Dashooter911 Il y a jour
Penny Hardaway
Mayank Pratap singh
अमेरिका सबसे फालतू में पंगा लिया करता है। ज्यादा ताकत भी बेकार है। घर पर बैठा नहीं जाता। और अपने सैनिकों को यहां वहां भेजता है। इंडिया को देखो दूसरो से पंगा नहीं लेते। और कोई पंगा लेता है तो उसको छोड़ते नहीं।
Thomas Cazares
Thomas Cazares Il y a jour
Joel embid ruined that moment. He should have never switched
PJ Finley
PJ Finley Il y a jour
Yo I saw this in person the crowd went off 😭😭😭
Skankhunk42 Il y a jour
I never knew about kobe,i wasnt and im not an nba fan and maybe ill never be.But i know the people with a great heart. Kobe Bryant and his daugher
rembrandao Il y a jour
And-one machine
Khalid Kura
Khalid Kura Il y a jour
Marcus Hester
Marcus Hester Il y a jour
I was at this games 8 rows from the floor. My 1st lebron game. I was so happy
Self Made Trillin
Self Made Trillin Il y a jour
Skip: Jordan would have walked on water and carried Melo back to the boat
pineapplepeanuts Il y a jour
Phoenix was a strong team in those days. You can tell they went and got whoever they needed to try to get out of the West, including Grant Hill, Raja Bell to try to stop Kobe, the former Laker Shaq for size. But the Spurs and Lakers during that decade were just too good and a big reason why is because they always had a guy active on their team that was a top player of all time, particularly Kobe and Timmy.
Ezra Larson Trick Shots
yoe91 Il y a jour
2:26 - "24 minutes away from what could be a championship...". My God, can you only imagine someone saying this to you.
Valentine Tv
Valentine Tv Il y a jour
Hardly challenged each other
yoe91 Il y a jour
You guys just don't understand the title: "To Destoy: verb. Make someone into their toy". It's no typo.
hetal patel
hetal patel Il y a jour
Broken teeth Man
Broken teeth Man Il y a jour
E M Il y a jour
A very exciting playoff series
Ed Wellington
Ed Wellington Il y a jour
"Death comes as a snare." (Bible)
Ed Wellington
Ed Wellington Il y a jour
"Death comes as a snare." (Bible)
xk302a Il y a jour
Fantastic block by Capella. Cappella is 6'10". I can't imagine what Wilt Chamberlain (7'1") could do. He was taller, had longer arms, weighed more, was more athletic, and could jump higher too. I chuckle when people say old players could not play in today's (watered down) NBA.
fabi yo
fabi yo Il y a jour
ich liebe dich
Tahir Jennings
Tahir Jennings Il y a jour
Celtics gonna get a ring they keep everybody together
Courtney White
Courtney White Il y a jour
오민호 Il y a jour
Melo like kid
Anthony Longoria
Anthony Longoria Il y a jour
The fakest fans in nba history
Porter Slack
Porter Slack Il y a jour
Shoutout to my boy KOT4Q, please do a donovan mitchell on your react channel
Prince Perfect
Prince Perfect Il y a jour
Imagine if Zion made the free throw I watched it live like if this goes to overtime
abdi ali
abdi ali Il y a jour
What a final what a game, Hakeem was really the Dream, what a talent for a Centre. When NBA was exciting to watch.
Charlenny Carvajal
Charlenny Carvajal Il y a jour
What's Jason Tatum's tiktok?
Bimal Shahi
Bimal Shahi Il y a jour
This live voice is just brilliant 👍
T.H.E.O.R.Y. Il y a jour
Westbrook released on my birthday? There is a God lolol.
TakingFlight Sports
Eth4n D0rit0z
Eth4n D0rit0z Il y a jour
One of my favorite players ever 👌Definitely a top 10 PG all time and I hope he wins a ring with James Harden soon
Cleanxzy Live
Cleanxzy Live Il y a jour
I feel like no one respect Russ Westbrook's and Lebron's dunks and passing
FindingFino21 Il y a jour
I'm watching this 2 months later.... I just can't believe it.Kobe , Gigi and the 7 other folks.... WHY LORD?!!!!! ... So many bad things going on this yr. It's almost to the point we can't breathe. I don't sleep regularly anymore. I don't have a job. I don't have health insurance. If I get this virus i have no chance and I won't let my parents sell their house to take care of my medical bills. WHAT A cursed yr. I pray for everyone in the world every night for God to protect yall. That's all I can do.
Miss j
Miss j Il y a jour
Amen 🙏
Denzel Onfroy
Denzel Onfroy Il y a jour
If we don’t wash our hands we can make these sick highlights
Jack Withers
Jack Withers Il y a jour
in five years he's gonna win mvp
Christopher Lorenzana
LEBRON was DRINKING from the FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH 17yrs deep then we got derailed by Covid STRAIGHT BS.
Roman S
Roman S Il y a jour
Man, Denver Melo was a beast, people forget that...
Driippyyy Il y a jour
LeBron is such a good person and a player
Byron Il y a jour
Bro when you look at the top left of Kenny's computer he got Rudy gobert he got the virus