A free multiplayer game where you compete in Battle Royale, collaborate to create your private island, or quest in Save the World.
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victor chuquimia
victor chuquimia Il y a 38 secondes
porque no podemos jugar fornite a celulare porque😥😡
dkven360 Il y a 2 minutes
Epiccccccccc why you banned zennon atleast unbanned him on arena thats not fair plz dont banned me but please tournaments thats ok but arena. I really enjoy arena and I enjoy your game a lot but please unbanned him. Thank you
sally moumeni
sally moumeni Il y a 6 minutes
Where is orange shirt kid
Yoshishi808 Il y a 11 minutes
It’s been two years since then!
Karen Setiawan
Karen Setiawan Il y a 11 minutes
😥 i want to go back to the past
Mohammed Rafiq
Mohammed Rafiq Il y a 13 minutes
Who came here during summer splash 2020
Super Monkey Henry
Super Monkey Henry Il y a 18 minutes
Yo epic hit me up on dis cord so we can chat about me getting a support a creator code for ls
Super Monkey Henry
Super Monkey Henry Il y a 17 minutes
Adam Plastiak
Adam Plastiak Il y a 19 minutes
most exciting season ever
Michael Hicks
Michael Hicks Il y a 19 minutes
Bring back Travis Scott
Diego Alessandro López Higueros
Fun fortnite...
Arandomdude11 Il y a 19 minutes
Well we already know the polar legends pack is coming back😢👁👄👁
Creechu[r]s yeetus
Creechu[r]s yeetus Il y a 22 minutes
lmao, is this what they thought we'd be doing? tell that to the mongraals....hahahah fortnite sweats sure wouldn't have to worry about them 3 years later
JOBILIZ :v Il y a 27 minutes
Tai Zhang
Tai Zhang Il y a 27 minutes
who’s watching after the flare gun was released for real?
Elitogo Il y a 28 minutes
9 сезон останется в моём сердце
Iam apie
Iam apie Il y a 28 minutes
0:34 WTF. He is eating him self
Geno Sans From Aftertale
Geno Sans From Aftertale Il y a 29 minutes
Luxzey Bot
Luxzey Bot Il y a 29 minutes
Unban Jarvis
UltraGreenBanana57 Il y a 29 minutes
Craig: “NEW MAP” *jumps out* Sludge: “wait what the he** “1:08
Adrian SpejsonPL
Adrian SpejsonPL Il y a 30 minutes
Like: Chapter 1 Comment: Chapter 2
Flaxs _Sklow
Flaxs _Sklow Il y a 32 minutes
a dreri
Flaxs _Sklow
Flaxs _Sklow Il y a 32 minutes
a dreri
UltraGreenBanana57 Il y a 33 minutes
Captain Crushin'
Captain Crushin' Il y a 33 minutes
People who disliked this will get there epic games account deleted
Sac 123
Sac 123 Il y a 34 minutes
I hate this battle pass because it didn't last another month and I couldn't have it and neither did he let me see his final event,
Jeffrey Spedy's Gameplay
Jeffrey Spedy's Gameplay Il y a 39 minutes
I started in season 4 and my first battle pass
J Money
J Money Il y a 41 minute
Little did they no that fish stick would end up being more intimidating than all of them combined
Hollistar0608 Il y a 42 minutes
Midas is not dead. Jules got midas”s reboot card.
Daan Il y a 45 minutes
Too bad you had to let the season go on for way too long and make it boring.
Matthew Bailllie
Matthew Bailllie Il y a 47 minutes
اثواوث لة٣ةلث
اثواوث لة٣ةلث Il y a 48 minutes
العربي لايك
mr sirpad
mr sirpad Il y a 49 minutes
I played fortnite from 2015
Funkyrice Il y a 52 minutes
anybody rewatching during quarantine
Thalis Ribeiro
Thalis Ribeiro Il y a 53 minutes
jogo ta uma merda com esse mapa
KNAX KILLER ツ Il y a 53 minutes
Recommend 2020 PERFECT!
NewapePro -
NewapePro - Il y a 56 minutes
update stw
Pedro Garcia
Pedro Garcia Il y a heure
I remember waking up early to play this season
Uplift Snowyy
Uplift Snowyy Il y a heure
XXXTENTACION should have been in this as an amateur he played with I’mdontai
Calvin Il y a heure
I miss the good old days in Fortnite. Why you do this Epic?! I Loves Fortnite to season 9. The Other season were very bad. I miss Tilted, Anarchy, Salty or Tomato Temple😥
thunder beast
thunder beast Il y a heure
wht thw
Alihan Akbaba
Alihan Akbaba Il y a heure
dawid Il y a heure
Rashed Ghanem
Rashed Ghanem Il y a heure
Who started playing in sesson 2 fellas?
MasterJupiter 15
MasterJupiter 15 Il y a heure
NICO GERBINO Il y a heure
old school!!
Darhamster Il y a heure
Why am I crying watching this now?😔
Levi Czapka
Levi Czapka Il y a heure
Macht mal mit watsh dogs legions koperation
Yannick Hirzel
Yannick Hirzel Il y a heure
How watches it in 2020?
Duval Insider
Duval Insider Il y a heure
How does this trailer have so many views?
Darren Davies
Darren Davies Il y a heure
AmeenXtreme Il y a heure
Yo Epic Games, can u make a LTM where u bring back the old map I started playing in chapter 2 season 1 and I know that their are a lot of players out there who are early to the game and they never got to play on the og map, so please can you bring the old map back for just 1 day
Junior Castejon
Junior Castejon Il y a heure
Trae pierna de goma
Junior Castejon
Junior Castejon Il y a heure
Trae a slick en la tienda
JuicySausage913 Il y a heure
0:12 that friend you forgot about joins your party
Xkiller Ripkobe2009
Xkiller Ripkobe2009 Il y a heure
Can you pls add the old pump back pls
Giovanna Perrone
Giovanna Perrone Il y a heure
Grazie con questo fortinite state esaurendo i nostri figli
Niloy Rashid Jaki
Niloy Rashid Jaki Il y a heure
Thank God once that you have lived so far to drive those cars after 13 Seasons!
Niloy Rashid Jaki
Niloy Rashid Jaki Il y a heure
Finally. It took 13 seasons to be able to drive those cars!
Oswaldo Gaming
Oswaldo Gaming Il y a heure
Fortnite it’s keep kicking me out of the matches fix my game
ThatWierdGaming Kid
ThatWierdGaming Kid Il y a heure
I remember the good old days and before tilted
Elite Fahim121
Elite Fahim121 Il y a heure
Static_grady Il y a heure
Blanks still not fixed been in the game with snipers for so long
joe bou zeidan
joe bou zeidan Il y a heure
no thank you
Camperron Il y a heure
Hey soyper
POLITENEss. Il y a heure
This item looks game changing it should be added right now or somethin
TheGreatDoggo48 Il y a heure
Can u please put pop lock in the shop.
Balofobeso YT
Balofobeso YT Il y a heure
What game is this? 😂
FoxHawkPvP Il y a 2 heures
Everyone gangsta till you shoot the dog who is being used by a John wick skin.
Dxrant Il y a 2 heures
Please I’m asking nicely please remove henchman things from meteor
Mark Gaming AHA MONGRAL Il y a 2 heures
Epic games i,m poor no skin fortnite pleas gift 🎁 me skin And dance please name epic XxAhMAdxX_0_0
Parth Gaming
Parth Gaming Il y a 2 heures
They should have winter fest again with new skins and prizes!
Yunyi Kim
Yunyi Kim Il y a 2 heures
Whos here when the chug jug is mythic?
Mark Gaming AHA MONGRAL Il y a 2 heures
Epic games i,m poor no skin fortnite pleas gift 🎁 me skin And dance please name epic XxAhMAdxX_0_0
Jacob _ Goaterson
Jacob _ Goaterson Il y a 2 heures
Garbage game
A human
A human Il y a 2 heures
It’s funny how a lot of the guns in the trailer right vaulted now
Rush-RyZe Il y a 2 heures
Modz FN
Modz FN Il y a 2 heures
Why tf is this cheater in my recommended videos ? Lmao
Margarita Mena
Margarita Mena Il y a 2 heures
La granja de don senon
Ole Il y a 2 heures
I want this time Back!😭
YT_RevengeExpert Il y a 2 heures
I have a quistion epic I wish u would see this Could u give everybody every season 3 refunds? Hope u read this
SoloCereal Il y a 2 heures
Hi, I’m from Chapter 2 season X I’m here to tell about some locations that got removed during the chapter. The middle island will be almost like loot lake, turns out there was the vault 2.0 beneath it. Slurpy gets removed in season 4, with a wild mysterious alien like jungle...from outer space. Lazy lake will have minor upgrades throughout the chapter. Half of frenzy farm will be a diviot that’s where Siona would have crash landed. After Season 3 Atlantis will be flooded again, leaving it non-accesable. Catty corner becomes a junk yard . There will be a small grave yard added to camp cod, a lot like haunted hills. Steamy stacks will have exploded, leaking out Kevin the cubes energy as shown in the season 1 trailer. Fortnite will do a Jurassic world dominion crossover, and they will finally introduce rideable dinosaurs! Sadly the community doesn’t like them. (There a lot like the mechs from season X) chapter 1. All the locations I didn’t talk about will still be here...good luck!
SMOKEFACEXL忍悟 Il y a 2 heures
I’m in chapter x season x (which is 20 years later) and the map is every version of each chapter and seasons map, and, uh, *ALL BATTLE PASSES ARE AVAILABLE AND THE ITEM SHOP IS A CATALOG*
[Rampage Playz]
[Rampage Playz] Il y a 2 heures
This video: How epic thought the game would be played 2 years later look at my high ground retakes I’m like faze sway
Noah Chaos_
Noah Chaos_ Il y a 2 heures
Rip k1ng Epikwhale and him got the same points but k1ng came in 4th and got less money
Red Mist
Red Mist Il y a 2 heures
why are you here
Super plush Productions
Red Mist shush
SteveMineDiamonds 1
SteveMineDiamonds 1 Il y a 2 heures
So sad I didnt qualify:[
Deep hug
Deep hug Il y a 2 heures
0:34 that was probably a hint at the new fire mechanic
Артём Яковлев
Я один пришёл это смотреть в 2020 эх 3 сезон 😪😪
Mattiehond Il y a 2 heures
يوتيوبر Games
يوتيوبر Games Il y a 2 heures
اكوا عرب لو بس اني