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100 Commentaires
M M Il y a jour
It doesn’t make any sense why Indian government go for locked down...?? !!! It’s not going to work .... look what is happening... government just deliberately put them on the street
Just Suzie
Just Suzie Il y a jour
Shut down those inbound flights
Laila Hashemeyan
Laila Hashemeyan Il y a jour
OMG that’s so sad 😭 I’m so sorry stoped India 🇮🇳
buffbaer Il y a jour
I think i spider.
Rage.ModelsInc Il y a jour
Liam Hartman
Liam Hartman Il y a jour
Babies Love
Babies Love Il y a jour
China has been trying to attack the US for years. They have been working on SARS for years to attack the US in a bio Warfare attack. I think they finally perfected the perfect weapon. As I type this, China economy is up and running. They are buying out shares in the US and in Australia. We are under attack. This virus was man made.
Rene' Meyer
Rene' Meyer Il y a jour
Now wait for all the conspiracy people to comment, "1984 is finally here!" Who knows?
TAYAO Il y a jour
Rene' Meyer 🐰Like ,
Nilo Lee
Nilo Lee Il y a jour
Obviously covid defeated Trump by par
Google kullanıcısı
Ellen Trish
Ellen Trish Il y a jour
He wasn't say "not effective". He said "not very good". Translate correctly pls
steve pain
steve pain Il y a jour
So Corona got on a plane and left China and landed at JFK all I can say is people!! wake the f up. good night.
Ruben Mejia
Ruben Mejia Il y a jour
Boris is helping trump mudre
onewithsix onewithsix
I mean kitna zooth pe jiyega admi ! What a shame ! their own pilot got killed by very own people after the dogfight with Abhinandan! not even single epitome of his martyrdom.
Zahide Ahmed
Zahide Ahmed Il y a jour
This is Modi shame full India
Colorful TV
Colorful TV Il y a jour
Chinese boil innocent pets alive and They trade in endangered animals such as elephants and rhinoceroses ...and the government do nothing! i think it's the perfect time for a global boycott after Coronavirus spread?
Nilo Lee
Nilo Lee Il y a jour
Dang ! India will pass Italy and America combined
Caroline C
Caroline C Il y a jour
When you talking about South Korea's data tracking system currently they're using for this very moment, you need to be very careful to fully grasp how it works. There is privacy policies and private law in Korea for sure but South Korean legislators have designed a bespoke legal regime tailored to meet the particular demands of a modern disease outbreak since the 2015 MERS outbreak. Coronavirus surveillance isn’t like the kind of surveillance used to track some criminals. It is the system to track patients who tested positive until they’ve completely quarantined and then work outward to find and WARN people. It is completely anonymous, only time and the public location will be appeared so that you’ll know whether or not you might have been exposed to the virus if you were at that certain location at that time. The system is simply to guide you if you should go get tested or not. That’s all. The government can access to this personal information for a public health emergency such as current outbreak only, most importantly the majority of Korean citizens advocate this strategy during a situation like this. DO NOT COMPARE WITH CHINA. China was far more extensive and they’re under communist regime.
TAYAO Il y a jour
Caroline C 🐰Like,
Neil Il y a jour
some will die ,they don't think about that in war
Neil Il y a jour
controlled 'herd immunity',start with the young and then 20s then 30s then 40s then 50s ,we can't live like this till Christmas ,how many will die this way
阿松 Il y a jour
Chinese Communist Party=CCP=CCP spreads it's CCP WuHan coronavirus around the world !
JJ L Il y a jour
Modi never cares too much !! He will let the poors in the millions starve to death . Those in the millions who work in a daily basis lose their jobs . Those( in the millions )walk hundreds of km to get home without food and water and die on the roads
Beautiful Rose
Beautiful Rose Il y a jour
So many people are talking. Who is in charge actually. How many test that can they run in a day? Is it on par with Korea? Please do that one first. Talk and talk but no result.
It is so hard
Jack Coolidge
Jack Coolidge Il y a jour
Thank you for reporting, these are the stories people need to hear. Too many “news agencies” are sucking up to china and listening to these lies.
Praveen Krishna
Praveen Krishna Il y a jour
One can't prepare early for this kind of situation. Now govt had announced package for poor and economy. This is step by step process.
A Magrow
A Magrow Il y a jour
president trump is insanely self-absorbed
gedanst1 Il y a jour
as a Romanian citizen, I can only be proud of a country like Germany.
Deimos Cain
Deimos Cain Il y a jour
Wow! How come problem 404 Only happens when I want to change something that I wrote!? But I can delete anything I want!
sushma rath
sushma rath Il y a jour
We should do more n more prayer.
Mr. Common sense
Mr. Common sense Il y a jour
I do not know of anyone who has changed their minds about voting for president Trump.
sushma rath
sushma rath Il y a jour
Mother Earth is bursting.
radar 211
radar 211 Il y a jour
Hating on Trump helps a lot, thanks people with strange voices.
InoGino Il y a jour
Dude's dressed like Wallace.
Nick Newjersey
Nick Newjersey Il y a jour
Looks like the world war Z movie!
Selling Silverman
Selling Silverman Il y a jour
My buddy grew Magic mushrooms in straw and he thought he was Rumpelstiltskin
Joe speick
Joe speick Il y a jour
Makes no sense to me people don't have immunity to the so-called common flu so why do they talk about immunity to picornavirus makes no sense to me
WildAlbaCamper Il y a jour
The real tragedy is that general the world does not care. This is Engles’(1845) Social Murder!!!
Food Bites
Food Bites Il y a jour
why on earth he is not wearing masks??? when all people in chins wearing masks!!
Anthony Il y a jour
China saw an opportunity for a global attack and took it.
Der Deutsche-Scotsmen
Because German medicine is actually effective then American medicine, plus we always stay on top of everything
Bros Ent.
Bros Ent. Il y a jour
Mrs Gupta
Mrs Gupta Il y a jour
EMG Il y a jour
"They want to show their system is superior".... how about people just wanting to help people? ffs
BIGBOYKDOG Il y a jour
That feminist march they had not long ago , could that have helped the virus spread? They literally said machismo kills more than the corona virus, and ignored warnings about gatherings and marched in their thousands. Now look .
prevenir contagio importante!! @t
pav lin
pav lin Il y a jour
STOP BUYING MADE IN CHINA STUFF! Everything around us made in China. But China can't take care of its Viruses, so why paying them? Because its products Cheap? Open factories in Europe. In Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria there are a lot of unemployed people looking for a Job. May be MADE IN EUROPE stuff would be more expensive, but it would be safer for sure.
God bless America
Aarthi Elan
Aarthi Elan Il y a jour
can tardigrade kill corona virus
Fortunato Wenceslao
Natural phenomena of rotting out the old and weak as what the natural selection is all about. Millions will lost, but billions will come out better prepared with immune system.
L D Il y a jour
I’ve noticed I haven’t had any robocalls in the last few weeks.
F Harrison
F Harrison Il y a jour
They could also put a head on the reverse side lol
G sus
G sus Il y a jour
What legal protections do you have in china??
Joe Zyzyx
Joe Zyzyx Il y a jour
Putin said "Slava Bogu" which means Thank God in Russian, so they didn't give us the exact translation of what he said.
ZHONG LING Il y a jour
Donnie B
Donnie B Il y a jour
In the Indian scenario, it is a difficult choice anyway. If a notice of more than few hours is given, it would have led to an even bigger exodus, overloading every possible means of transport. Now, atleast those who can afford to stay put are doing that. Every move is a logistic nightmare in India. Years of neglect and corruption in public infrastructure is catching up now.
Thomas Kruse
Thomas Kruse Il y a jour
Ein echter Deutscher Biertrinker, kennt ein Dutzend Möglichkeiten ,eine Bierflasche zu öffnen,.
Rita Review
Rita Review Il y a jour
And may I say, God help USA because Trump is killing the lot of you
its gonna be one of the worst places hit once it gets going there.
gilla 166
gilla 166 Il y a jour
This is getting unreal! I am afraid there might be more pain and suffering to come!
Baby Blue
Baby Blue Il y a jour
The government should give money for food
Ramesh Kalyan
Ramesh Kalyan Il y a jour
BBC ask UK Government when are they rescuing their national in
Mikey Lejan
Mikey Lejan Il y a jour
War,virus and death. They must make peace with Israel, for peace and end their radicalism!
Ramesh Prabhu
Ramesh Prabhu Il y a jour
Modi is emotionally controlling India but honestly his ground work is very poor after making decisions like lockdown, note bandhi, Caa He is not fit for decision making..
Peter Sellers
Peter Sellers Il y a jour
These saunas will soon be mosques
AJIT SALOPAL Il y a jour
We have majority of uneducated, poor and uncontrollable population.
Russell Brown
Russell Brown Il y a jour
Nobody on this planet ever discusses birth control. This is Europes World War III
Rene De Los Reyes
Rene De Los Reyes Il y a jour
wonder what Kemal ataturk would do or,say to the han China if he is alive today? would he have have the balls or the no balls Erdogan?
Ben Lee
Ben Lee Il y a jour
Coronavirus the smokescreen of the NWO.
Randy Hodder
Randy Hodder Il y a jour
Please... drop me into Pyongyang.....all I need is my M14 and 1 Hersey bar....." the return of the candy bar Kid"
Sponge ❶⓿ ꪜ
Sponge ❶⓿ ꪜ Il y a jour
They’re so many women and childs there but the cameraman didn’t record them all or they just didn’t want to be recorded .
shaq mia
shaq mia Il y a jour
was gonna play resident evil 2 but i think reality gets the job done.
ShashaRa Il y a jour
Lol, I'm surprised that no one's making fun of Indian accent
Rene De Los Reyes
Rene De Los Reyes Il y a jour
ottoman empire my...…he is so afraid of china that he won't do anything about what the Chinese are doing to uighurs, who are essentially turkic people. no wonder the Chinese are putting them including kids in "re-education" camps, saying it's "happy campy". or maybe he's not doing anything because he also oppressing his minority kurds. you know the saying, "those who (also) live in glasshouses should not throw stones".
nuran arrowood
nuran arrowood Il y a jour
Fouad Aboudaoud
Fouad Aboudaoud Il y a jour
Chinese They are millions of people and only thousands died why And please stop eating everything alive
BrodyLuv2 Il y a jour
nuran arrowood
nuran arrowood Il y a jour
Piscator 2DeePIn ThIrtYODDsIxeR
ban china!!!
J G Il y a jour
Six feet over or six feet under. Your choice.
morning praise
morning praise Il y a jour
Prayers to you india🙏🙏🙏 Lessen the panic as much as you can and help each other.
john97 Il y a jour
Marie Il y a jour
José Fernando Flores
Estúpido estados unidos siempre quieren meterse en dónde no los llaman Trump quiere el petróleo, es momento de que México y Rusia apoyen a Venezuela ponerle un alto a Trump.
emon hasan
emon hasan Il y a jour
really I am sorry for them
Jean Regala
Jean Regala Il y a jour
downfall schenck :O
Caitlyn Cruz
Caitlyn Cruz Il y a jour
Accuracy measurement first.
Achiever Il y a jour
China wants to become a superpower
Brain Freeze
Brain Freeze Il y a jour
She is an attention-seeking melodramatic liar. Honestly, only 1/5 of what she says is true.
Sophia Zinn
Sophia Zinn Il y a jour
Like you would know.
Beatrice Nkundwa
Beatrice Nkundwa Il y a jour
Brain Freeze
Brain Freeze Il y a jour
She is a liar. Some is true, but women are not vilified and their bodies belong to them.
Arif demircioglu
Arif demircioglu Il y a jour
I dont Think this virus just coming from china . They always eat every animals . I Think there is a contry some Found this virus . And we Will find out soon or late
Arif demircioglu
Arif demircioglu Il y a jour
I pray for spain 🙏 with love and luck from turkey
Cheney Feng
Cheney Feng Il y a jour
inaccurate information:Green Qr Code means you did not contact infected based on the analysis of big-data.
4ourfutureinfinity Il y a jour
He is risen! He is risen indeed!
shahique firoz
shahique firoz Il y a jour
We will win this fight, My country is ready 🇮🇳
Yasmin Il y a jour
Shes very well spoke, articulate
Kalai Vani
Kalai Vani Il y a jour
europe dont worry god is with u. we r praying from india.......tamilnadu
REX 84
REX 84 Il y a jour
Dr Fauci said 20,000,nit 200,000. Fauci restated it said he was wrong ! Again MSM getting its facts wrong!
John Smith
John Smith Il y a jour
This appears to be the beginning of the great tribulation