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A Major Airbnb Fail
Il y a 7 jours
100 Commentaires
Esmer Il y a 33 secondes
I felt that loni spoke to me 😞 Thank you loni 😍
Alvin Lewis
Alvin Lewis Il y a 48 secondes
The destruction of the Black race is in full effect. Here's a thought Black women, put the same effort into getting a black man as you do getting your education, house and car. Stop waiting on Jesus to magically drop a man out the sky and put in the work.
Erica Maldonado
Erica Maldonado Il y a minute
Who dont use their kids to get outta plans? Lol..
JazzyWazzy Il y a minute
You guys are talking about race, but as a Nigerian 🇳🇬 I want my same tribe (Yoruba) 😂😂
TRUE-TALK Treasure
TRUE-TALK Treasure Il y a minute
Ya’ll so petty! So what she said LA is a state, everyone knew what she meant n she clearly was in the moment n im sure she knows CALI is🙄 so damn petty. Smh
Brea Wortman
Brea Wortman Il y a 2 minutes
Good advice. I'm white and my brother is attracted to black girls.
Bonolo Lynelda Mfikwe
Bonolo Lynelda Mfikwe Il y a 2 minutes
Thank you sooooo much for your honesty Loni, it is really what i needed to hear
Fatimah Conteh
Fatimah Conteh Il y a 3 minutes
This is an American issue here in the UK marry who u want
YasieTV Il y a 3 minutes
I remember when I broke up with my first bf, I basically unfriended his friends and some got mad at me for that. They’re like so what if ya’ll aren’t together??! I found it sweet actually and he was ok with it
TRUE-TALK Treasure
TRUE-TALK Treasure Il y a 4 minutes
Yup, Jeannie is right... it’s an amendment/clause added and it’s a binding contract that does hold up in caught AND u could have it for ridiculous things and if both parties sign said contract, yes, it is withheld in the courts! You’re welcome!
Adetunde Babs’s
Adetunde Babs’s Il y a 4 minutes
When I first heard about this....... I was like say what😡😡😡😡😡😡😡like really. Julia Robert is a fine actress, but she ain’t black, secondly, what does any white person knows anything about going through slavery and for all that time, apart from reading about it, they never had the experience it, executive jack ass, must have thought that we are blind or stupid, if had a time machine, I would go back and bitch slap him/her to Mars. The audacity of it all😡😡😡😡
Thisgirl whodis
Thisgirl whodis Il y a 5 minutes
Block the "friend" too. She could have just given the girl's number to a murderer. Not buying the story anyway. Too many holes.
Sky A.
Sky A. Il y a 5 minutes
Ugh I love Tisha. She deserves the best ❤️
QuietStorm DE
QuietStorm DE Il y a 6 minutes
The genuine feeling of wanting what’s best for us was real and felt.
Jonathan Cowley
Jonathan Cowley Il y a 7 minutes
Tisha Campbell is a woman scorned
Simply Unicorn
Simply Unicorn Il y a 7 minutes
Hate cannot drive out hate. Only love can do that. Nobody should be discriminated and prohibited from going to a concert whether they are white, black, asian, etc. or thin or curvy. Lizzo has a great message and everyone deserves to hear it.
Miranda Mashakeni
Miranda Mashakeni Il y a 7 minutes
haha this is interesting , i would really like to date outside my race but here in South Africa the pool is very small! the only option is to finish my degree and start traveling lool
TRUE-TALK Treasure
TRUE-TALK Treasure Il y a 8 minutes
loni, that’s what Jeannie was TRYING TO SAY! U just cut her off! Ughhh
Deanna Daniels
Deanna Daniels Il y a 8 minutes
That was dope Jeezy. She said "I'm in, in" 💜 love them
love ps3
love ps3 Il y a 8 minutes
Black women have always been Bedwenching since the days of Cleopatra Smfh , She's willing to sleep with a Culture and race of man that has raped ,murdered stolen and killed her ancestors and ancestors of those relatives She's a loser with Stockholm Syndrome, So it's fck her dead relatives and ancestors to not be Lonely, this Bitch is crazy and I hope the KKK teaches her a Nice lesson
Peace&Tranquility Il y a 9 minutes
Black Men, with only a few *exception,* really do not suit Black Women. They are better suitable as Brothers/sons. They say so themselves: Us as *sisters* but not as partners.
S. Williams
S. Williams Il y a 9 minutes
Has Tamera ever dated a black man?
chukie30 Il y a 10 minutes
Love is love...just be happy is what I say.
StrawberryRose Il y a 10 minutes
I agree 100x
Doreen O-K
Doreen O-K Il y a 10 minutes
Loni Love ♥️♥️♥️
S. Williams
S. Williams Il y a 11 minutes
Their topics are so played. I wish they'd be a little more ahead of the curve. I never learn anything new from this show. They regurgitate topics that have been discussed for years on other outlets. Maybe it's just me.
Danyiel Says
Danyiel Says Il y a 11 minutes
I've dated Latino,black,white,Asian,Indian and middle eastern 👌I'm a equal opportunity dater!! I'm with tamera😂
Sam Ber
Sam Ber Il y a 12 minutes
I love this show
Bd from the 213
Bd from the 213 Il y a 12 minutes
Lmfao of course they don’t, but then they sure will be the main ones hating other bw and other bm who do go outside their race-then will hate on and outcast the mixed up children and teach their offspring that same toxic ideology. Look at all the hate tamera gets. I read so many comment about the girl on here and people refuse to accept the fact hat she’s black. They completely erase her life experiences simply because for the past 13 yrs she’s been with this white guy 🙄-the girl is 41 years old yet people have reduced her life to being with Adam. Mfs will act like because someone is mixed (black & etc) that they aren’t black and don’t face the same hardships. I see so much hate against lighter complexion women and it’s worse towards mixed up people. My friends who are a product of interracial couples (white & black) have stories! I’ve seen people call bw women bed wenches because they date white guys, and the white guys called slave owners for dating bw. I mean it’s ridiculous. I agree with loni on this one, I truly believe so many people are foul because they’re jealous and low- key hurting inside. Idk idgaf get your crap together and stop spreading misery 😑
3748359 Il y a 13 minutes
Let’s leave the reboots in 2019 and make 2020 the year of original ideas... creativity in Hollywood and entertainment has become stagnant
TRUE-TALK Treasure
TRUE-TALK Treasure Il y a 13 minutes
LONI, YOU need to stop with the damn Adam jokes bc u look deadass serious trying to make it a joke n u could tell Tam gets offended and it’s hurtful! Shut ur pie hole already. Diss yourself all day if u want!
Oluwakemi Braimah
Oluwakemi Braimah Il y a 14 minutes
Love has no colour, so there should be no boundaries in love. Shape, size, race are so insignificant when it comes to who you have a relationship with . Just love and let love shine!!!!
Snap D
Snap D Il y a 15 minutes
oh my lawd what is happening, this is 7 minutes and guess what it is a recent video.😳😳😦😦
Shasay Coolay
Shasay Coolay Il y a 15 minutes
This is so real. My heart hurt!!!!!! I see why this got a Emmy.
Mom Playz
Mom Playz Il y a 15 minutes
VoL. Il y a 15 minutes
I think it’s unwise to speak about a boyfriend. Wait till you’re married.
Edem Anku
Edem Anku Il y a 16 minutes
Latino, middle eastern is not a race
kean september
kean september Il y a 16 minutes
kean september
kean september Il y a 16 minutes
Wendy Hall
Wendy Hall Il y a 16 minutes
I always think loni is Racist towards White People I find her really offensive!!
kean september
kean september Il y a 16 minutes
Kea Knight
Kea Knight Il y a 16 minutes
No offense but I see a lot of older black woman bitter and alone bc they still chasing the same dudes they was chasing when they were a teen Change the game I don’t want to be 40 single drinking at home with a cat calling my sons all damn day and night .
Megan Swartz
Megan Swartz Il y a 16 minutes
Jessie M
Jessie M Il y a 16 minutes
The fact people are comparing this to Ariel is beyond ridiculous. Listen I want Ariel to have red hair, but she can still have red hair. Maybe she won't, it's not that big of a deal in the end. It's ludicrous and appaling to even suggest having a white woman play a real historical black woman, and not just any black woman, a woman that helped other black people escape slavery. Come on now. I've seen people compare it to Hamilton, but that's still different. The diverse cast in Hamilton makes a statement and in no way takes away from the historical figures they are portraying.
kean september
kean september Il y a 16 minutes
kean september
kean september Il y a 17 minutes
kean september
kean september Il y a 17 minutes
but why would Loni understand, she just gets around on making jokes and bullying
kean september
kean september Il y a 18 minutes
Jasmyne Tyus
Jasmyne Tyus Il y a 18 minutes
Brokest thing I’ve done was caked my bank and said there was a fraudulent charge so i can get the money back😬🤗 don’t judge me..judge ya mama 😂😂
FanTaesy xoxoxo
FanTaesy xoxoxo Il y a 18 minutes
7 minutes??? Yesssss🙌🏿
kean september
kean september Il y a 18 minutes
kean september
kean september Il y a 18 minutes
Luwam Alem
Luwam Alem Il y a 19 minutes
Omg, this was an amazing talk! There was so many truths to what Loni & Adrienne were saying! First of all, the fact that us women/girls put up a front , try to act as if we are all we need & no man can ever fill any void in our lives. That's not true, REAL LOVE will conquer all! As for interacial dating, people need to get a clue by now, LOVE is LOVE, don't be afraid to look for it, in whatever form it comes in! ❤ I'm happy Loni learnt this & decided to step out of her comfort zone, cause she found her James!
kean september
kean september Il y a 19 minutes
Jessica Crespin
Jessica Crespin Il y a 19 minutes
Awww i love this
harmony Il y a 19 minutes
I would really like for Tisha to stay permanently on this show!!
kean september
kean september Il y a 19 minutes
kean september
kean september Il y a 19 minutes
loni needs to exit the show, she’s biased and just hates the kardashians which is wrong - because Kim has probably worked much harder in the past year than Loni ever has
DOHLEE’s Views
DOHLEE’s Views Il y a 20 minutes
Lmao a white man can have yo black ugly azz
kean september
kean september Il y a 20 minutes
LONI NEEDS TO GO, extremely unhappy with her opinion on the show
TRUE-TALK Treasure
TRUE-TALK Treasure Il y a 20 minutes
More importantly kids do NOT listen to their parents but, would listen to another adult abt said topic. I think it’s great.
Christiana Adeyemo
Christiana Adeyemo Il y a 21 minute
I cried!!! This is so sad and true!!! Love you loni ❤️🥰
Zakia Oula
Zakia Oula Il y a 21 minute
God didn't creat us to be lonely. God creat us as creatures that need another to survive
Dan Maza
Dan Maza Il y a 22 minutes
this makes me deeply uncomfortable
Naomi boo
Naomi boo Il y a 23 minutes
I'm not even surprised by this, I'm also not surprised people saying about the little mermaid and trying to compare it, wish people would educate themselves before saying something stupid
MnMn Bahr.
MnMn Bahr. Il y a 24 minutes
Loni we love you 💞
Algerian Siss
Algerian Siss Il y a 25 minutes
I swear y’all Americans are so dramatic.
Hugo Vasquez
Hugo Vasquez Il y a 26 minutes
Noooo!!! Please dont do this agian😟😟
640 Il y a 27 minutes
Make a horrible movie and blame it on sexism and the white male...typical Hellywood propaganda BS!
Patrick Mwakitwange
Patrick Mwakitwange Il y a 28 minutes
Nah. Thing is black women wont date a broke black guy. But as soon as that black man blows up, gets money and starts having a wider variety of women of different ethnicities to choose from, then those same black women start saying black men don’t pay as much attention to them. It’s just that rich black men have a wider variety of races to choose from.
Mary-Liza Mensah
Mary-Liza Mensah Il y a 28 minutes
I don’t think you should edit history. Don’t pretend it didn’t happen agree with the BLACK women
Annywind Il y a 29 minutes
I think it´s both wrong to put Julia Roberts on this role AND to put a black actress on the role of Ariel. It´s the same thing to me.
emiii _
emiii _ Il y a 31 minute
Is that even a question that should be asked..., it’s a concert, it’s a concert for a creator to preform their songs...
nelson coat
nelson coat Il y a 31 minute
I'm sorry if I'm not emotional about this but when loni gets all emo she looks so silly. Like the faces she makes it's kinda annoying
Tron Alpha
Tron Alpha Il y a 31 minute
I doubt thats true. I have lived in africa and P.N.G and having libed and growing up with black people, it would not bother me. As long as they are honist and loyal Those are i belive are the main reqierments. Gerard.
Kirsty Birsty
Kirsty Birsty Il y a 32 minutes
No no. Ariel was danish and the daughter of a Greek mythology. Hold the same energy loni with your double standards. If it were a black cartoon character people would be pissed if it was white in the orginal
musiq4dasoul82 Il y a 33 minutes
As many interracial couples that I've see over the years over my entire life, I believe this report is grossly inaccurate. 😑
OneVoice412 Il y a 34 minutes
So much pink ...... flamingo.
Jessie M
Jessie M Il y a 35 minutes
Oh I feel Lonnie on this. I'm so lucky to have a great guy and no "you don't need a man" like you need water but it's okay to feel the need to have another human being to connect with in that way. Many women get this "strong independent" ideal put on them, but that seems to be especially true with black women. I can't speak from experience, so forgive me if I'm speaking out of turn. It just seems like the pressure is greater for black women to prove themselves as independent. To every person out there, being with someone doesn't mean you aren't fierce and strong. Feeling the need to have someone to lean on, is completely normal. It takes a different kind of strength to admit that and you don't have to be strong at every moment of your life. There is beauty in sharing those weaknesses and also when you are being the strength for some else. Don't let anyone shame you for wanting that. Don't let society tell you how you to prove yourself. The only one's who you need to prove yourself to, is yourself and God. God gave us one another and loves you no matter what your relationship status is. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being single but there's nothing wrong with feeling the need to share your life with someone else. I have a few family members who I know want someone so badly, but they don't value themselves enough or are afraid to admit it. It breaks my heart to see. So value yourself because you don't need to settle for someone who doesn't treat your right. You also don't have to do it all by yourself, you deserve to have someone standing next to you.
bettylovelyp Il y a 35 minutes
I really love this episode, bless you guys ❤️🙏🏾
Lorna Levi shoeswomen
Lorna Levi shoeswomen Il y a 36 minutes
OHSNAHPZ Il y a 36 minutes
It's people that think like Adrienne that this world doesn't change 😐
belle flerr
belle flerr Il y a 36 minutes
She is raising a biracial son
john smith
john smith Il y a 37 minutes
Oh I thought you women kept telling us men for decades " Women need a man like a fish needs a bicycle " and now we men have discovered that being MGTOW is a way way better lifestyle happier, healthier, & wealthier, you want us back ? ..No chance ladies feminism blew all that away, enjoy your soapies & wine alone with your cat.
Kitize Wayz
Kitize Wayz Il y a 38 minutes
Loni made me realize that i was one of these women who are afraid again and that's made me cryyyy
Annywind Il y a 38 minutes
This was one of the most precious moments on The Real EVER!!! I´m crying. Thank you, girls, for your honesty and vulnerability! That was BEAUTIFUL.
Liberian Girl
Liberian Girl Il y a 39 minutes
Awe😢.. well I’m not ready to admit it😂
Bo Johnson
Bo Johnson Il y a 39 minutes
A bitch bites me they better be prepared to get smacked. Just sayin
bettylovelyp Il y a 39 minutes
I think another factor is that some of the other races don’t pick black women. Some surveys show that black women are the least picked on dating apps. So even if we want to date outside of our race how many of them are open to dating us.
Mikayla Van der Heyde
Mikayla Van der Heyde Il y a 40 minutes
The only times I call my mom on her first name is when we are in a store and she's far from me. If I had to call mommy all the moms would be looking lol
Caramel Lisha
Caramel Lisha Il y a 40 minutes
that asian chick needs to stfu
dymplez Il y a 42 minutes
Gladys is an old piece of leather - WELL put together. That's just some good hair and a good facial BEAT!
IAM Black Man
IAM Black Man Il y a 42 minutes
Black woman have not been historically loyal to the race. Its not for trying that the numbers aren't higher for bw its because they wont marry you
mariam alsubaey
mariam alsubaey Il y a 44 minutes
Omg am I the only one that loved the movie!😂
Rico Drop a dime on these niggas
This interracial dating/propaganda is heavy out here smh
BliiBlaaBlubb x
BliiBlaaBlubb x Il y a 45 minutes
I really hate that Americans still use the term '' race '' I feel like race is not possible for Human beings just because of a different background, skin color or what ever the word race shouldn’t define anybody.. like in Germany if you say race to anybody you will be blamed for being racist.. Like I really don’t get that
Mr Colemore
Mr Colemore Il y a 45 minutes
Black men have the biggest dicks, why would they crave smaller ones.
House Outwrong
House Outwrong Il y a 46 minutes
I agree with everything , except Cleopatra was not black, she was not white.
Jasmine Carter
Jasmine Carter Il y a 47 minutes
Ade stfu. Education is never a bad thing.
Natasha N
Natasha N Il y a 47 minutes
Inter-responsible? She's trying too hard to be woke now, be quiet.