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WhatTheHax Il y a 5 heures
well thanks to them for putting everyone else's lives in danger
Slaty124 Studio
Slaty124 Studio Il y a 7 heures
No it wagan midnight compilation
Noy Oppa
Noy Oppa Il y a 22 heures
2:57 (cough) Coming thru
Kyle Whitney
Kyle Whitney Il y a jour
As good as you are at driving you sir are a peice of shit
VIPcaio Il y a jour
0:45 what car is this?
Hüseyin BOZTÜRK Il y a jour
1 3 4 5 6 6 from Turkey :)
P99 Medina
P99 Medina Il y a jour
Mc Hammer gonna want a CHECK..🤣🤣 he dont
:::DRIFT LIVE ::: Il y a jour DRIFT VIDE0S A4 B5 SWAPP A8 4.2
1,000 subs no videos Challenge
3:54 wtf how??? 😰😨😨😨
Anton Rosas
Anton Rosas Il y a jour
this gave me fucking anxiety. I LOVED IT haha
- A T -
- A T - Il y a 2 jours
I need to go to whatever country these drivers are from to get my license
Sea Bass
Sea Bass Il y a 2 jours
humm. a kid in the car on fire?
Rusty Lut
Rusty Lut Il y a 2 jours
Knock-Knock Who's there? Death Death wh..........
VidyVid Il y a 2 jours
2:44 wtf??
princeyoongi Il y a 3 jours
This video is even funnier when u understand Turkish LMAOOO
caloy zki41
caloy zki41 Il y a 3 jours
Fuck. Can't touch this. Permently in my brain🤣
Juan Franklin
Juan Franklin Il y a 3 jours
MADE IN SPAIN Il y a 3 jours
Esperaba ver como se metían debajo de un camión o un autobús, pero no hubo suerte en ello. Os deseo de todo corazón que pronto tengáis el final que os merecéis por vuestras pericias al volante y lo subáis también al canal para disfrutarlo como se merece.
Jay Cancel
Jay Cancel Il y a 3 jours
2:50 hello goodbye 😂😂
Fatih_64_ _
Fatih_64_ _ Il y a 3 jours
Mr. Bombastick
Mr. Bombastick Il y a 3 jours
%80 of the video i saw Turkish drivers ... What a shame for my country. I like cars and motorsports too but im not driving like a fucking crazy idiot. If you want to drive fast find a track ...
albert bourn
albert bourn Il y a 3 jours
Dislike, muitas leis de trânsito infrigidas
Impala Barn
Impala Barn Il y a 4 jours
Sooo...just clips taken from everyone else’s channels?
Luai Derar
Luai Derar Il y a 4 jours
hope they get involved in a car accident
Ein Max
Ein Max Il y a 2 jours
Car vs tree/Rock kind of
SuperninjaYTbro Il y a 4 jours
I can't touch this song anymore lmao
XxXfuxkThatHxeXxX 666 -Original_Razik
At 0:55 put the whole clip ik theirs more after that
otowns finest407
otowns finest407 Il y a 4 jours
Yea that cant touch this shit got old really fast...
Emir Hasdemir
Emir Hasdemir Il y a 4 jours
2:52 car model?
Crylines Il y a 5 jours
just kids speeding, no style
THE 0WLER Il y a 5 jours
Man, a guy that my friend knows gave us a lift with his 1.4 liter 2002 opel astra and I didn't expect he would drive around 130 km/h. I was scared to death
Ein Max
Ein Max Il y a 2 jours
Fr? Like to get a license we Sometimes are tested at over 160km/h
Hugo Barissa
Hugo Barissa Il y a 5 jours
Luiz Henrique Morais Mazzucco
haha wow
Cookiezi Il y a 5 jours
OK yes u know the supra is fast. But a Stock supra doesn't have 1500 HP automaticly. Also dont disrespect the American cars they are great even tho ima jdm fanboy
lion Il y a 6 jours
Fukin dangerous pussies
Jim Bob
Jim Bob Il y a 6 jours
All the Asians in my town ruin their civics and 370z doing this
Jim Bob
Jim Bob Il y a 6 jours
The same people that do this to their cars are the same ones with the fart can exhausts and huge fins
Diego kz
Diego kz Il y a 6 jours
Y el Pagani?
Michele Predieri
Michele Predieri Il y a 6 jours
0:52 dude you broke my earphone!
Eric Nguyen
Eric Nguyen Il y a 6 jours
:))) S2K is king of the road
SAlih YıLmaz
SAlih YıLmaz Il y a 6 jours
%90 from Turkey
Brahim Lad94
Brahim Lad94 Il y a 6 jours
typical douchebags
Mr Poole
Mr Poole Il y a 6 jours
7:30 is a perfect example of your "responsible" average joe drivers causing near/accidents. If it had been an accident. Guess who's to blame. Not the sedan. I'm noticing people are confused about driving.
Orhan Dogan Salman
Orhan Dogan Salman Il y a 6 jours
are they driving like this in TURKEY
Yunus emre DUYMAZ
Yunus emre DUYMAZ Il y a 3 jours
He salak sende oraya yaz neresi olduğunu. Cahil sürüsü ya
Lily Louise U.K Ghost Huntress
This can't touch
JackStuff Il y a 7 jours
7:39 When the f1 championship starts at 9:21 and you wake up at 9:10
Bull Shot
Bull Shot Il y a 7 jours
Assholes with fast cars...
GStazione005 Il y a 7 jours
Can't touch this ruined the video.
Deimantas Valeikis
Deimantas Valeikis Il y a 8 jours
and a tire suddenly explodes, you crash into car, there is a child inside which dies, you go to jail, you get flashbacks for this for whole your life. worth it
Kevin G.
Kevin G. Il y a 8 jours
It's not until you watch these videos from other countries that you realize how tame, civil, and boring U.S. roads are
Al Bensmaine
Al Bensmaine Il y a 8 jours
First song pleaseeee
Yorestus !
Yorestus ! Il y a 2 jours
Alla yar
udaaz Il y a 9 jours
What’s that hot hatch at 3:33?
sabri subaşı
sabri subaşı Il y a 9 jours
although we dont drive like this but someones drive like a crazy .... They are usualy spoiled, untutored, and a chinless wonder... unfortunately in many scene idiots are our country Turkey.......
Евгений Луценко
А так можно было?
Jun Young Park
Jun Young Park Il y a 10 jours
오늘만 사는 사람들..
jkiser1 Il y a 10 jours
Sorry but all these GTR's that have been modded don't really count!!! Stock vs. Stock would be a different story. I know because I've outrun a Supra and GTR in my Audi S6.
spolker 264
spolker 264 Il y a 10 jours
tava vendo o video de boa e do nada aparece um br kkkkkkk
Егор Балин
Егор Балин Il y a 10 jours
Хуева туча даунов
Ke MO Il y a 10 jours
At some point somebody is going to get seriously hurt
Pavard Volesi
Pavard Volesi Il y a 10 jours
Yarısı Türk amk
Crylines Il y a 11 jours
what idiots, putting others life in danger is just stupid, retards without style and no class.
Theodore Bagwell
Theodore Bagwell Il y a 11 jours
Why the fuck people do that?
Patrick Il y a 11 jours
Fuck slow guys going left lane !!!
One Piece for Life
One Piece for Life Il y a 12 jours
Almost all of these are made in turkey
mutha trucka jones
mutha trucka jones Il y a 12 jours
This Fool is running a Honda 2000.
Mohammad Reza
Mohammad Reza Il y a 12 jours
7:30 WTF MAN?!!!!
Odisseas Mp.
Odisseas Mp. Il y a 12 jours
fckn idiots drivers. see your fuckin life more serius. you can easy kill a hole family with this piece of shit. just go to a race truck and suicide if you want.i wiss your cars get destroyed some day. .!.
One Piece for Life
One Piece for Life Il y a 12 jours
Turkish idiots in a nutshell
Yhy S.
Yhy S. Il y a 13 jours
Where's the tumbnail?
Au Jensen
Au Jensen Il y a 14 jours
When I'm driving a Model S and I know I'm fast. 😎
Hampus Hemlin
Hampus Hemlin Il y a 14 jours
this will be me as a dad driving to school
AdisPlays Il y a 14 jours
4:44 XD 😂
jack j
jack j Il y a 15 jours
Can't touch this😀😀
539485430 Il y a 15 jours
well, now, they guys dead?
Kinnis the Menace
Kinnis the Menace Il y a 15 jours
This feels like a "GasKings" rip off. 🤔
Joe Bowen Racing
Joe Bowen Racing Il y a 15 jours
Was that a Rotax 125 Kart?
electro 995
electro 995 Il y a 15 jours
Autistic people on road who dont even Care about killing people driving in high trafic
Mylko Il y a 15 jours
videolarin 3 te 2si turk yavas amk :)
xxx xxx
xxx xxx Il y a 15 jours
Ryan B
Ryan B Il y a 16 jours
Bunch of complete idiots. Endangering innocent drivers
ZaRCoK1984 Il y a 16 jours
Vaya grillados!
Kevin Soto
Kevin Soto Il y a 16 jours
Those gtr's are no joke, only car I've ever lost to on my r1.
Noah Il y a 16 jours
That g wagon off road tho, that was insane
RubbishDork Il y a 15 jours
Looks something forza players would do
Tiffany Chen
Tiffany Chen Il y a 16 jours
never seen any rally car racer drives like this on the street. only idiots do that......
Theo Robinson
Theo Robinson Il y a 16 jours
O wouldn't use gaskings if I was you
Edgar Llaneza
Edgar Llaneza Il y a 17 jours
What kind of car is the one in 3:20???
Navi nava
Navi nava Il y a 17 jours
Jason Tuskan
Jason Tuskan Il y a 17 jours
After 2:45 sec into video I couldn't take mc hammer's can't touch this on every clip. Can't watch this anymore.
shivendra sharma
shivendra sharma Il y a 18 jours
These guys are nothing when compared to indian drivers... You suck
Johnny Estacado
Johnny Estacado Il y a 18 jours
i really like it superfast myself, but i'd never endanger other people with my driving.
Arel Yağbasan
Arel Yağbasan Il y a 18 jours
Why there is an only turkish people
Pawie Il y a 18 jours
Hell yeah lets kill little kids on back seats! So cool!
Anthony Anza
Anthony Anza Il y a 18 jours
Easy to pull off in a 3 world country !
B.L. Il y a 19 jours
A lot of turkish idiots i saw
Hybrid YD
Hybrid YD Il y a 19 jours
The driver at 1:28....omg
wolfgangouille Il y a 19 jours
When you don't 'KNOW' how to use 'QUOTES'
Torpedo Tundra
Torpedo Tundra Il y a 19 jours
Toll booth guy/gal absolutely classic 😂😜😜😂
Halil ツ
Halil ツ Il y a 19 jours
Jim Daily
Jim Daily Il y a 19 jours
Not enough road deaths, keep up the good work
Tarik Ferrari
Tarik Ferrari Il y a 19 jours
This is literally gaskings video
Mark Yuuki
Mark Yuuki Il y a 19 jours
0:07, that gotta be the best pirate I have ever seen Speed up with a broom