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100 Commentaires
Coley Car
Coley Car Il y a 18 heures
What? I’m just spoiling the show for myself...he’s dying??? 🤯
Linda Garcia
Linda Garcia Il y a 18 heures
Meléndez was one of my top favorites what was the point the show wont be the same without him he was the classiest of the bunch.
Marisel Music
Marisel Music Il y a 18 heures
WHY MELENDEZ!!!!!!!!!!!
Hồng Phạm
Hồng Phạm Il y a 18 heures
I dont like Lea :( I like Curly :(
Uno Carb
Uno Carb Il y a 18 heures
I loved this show!!!!
Solomon Bell
Solomon Bell Il y a 18 heures
Heynar Narvaez
Heynar Narvaez Il y a 18 heures
Imagine if rumple's family would have come together as dark family or an evil family, The Dark one, Peter pan and the black fairy... They three together would have been unstoppable
NicholasGonzalez Fan
NicholasGonzalez Fan Il y a 18 heures
I'm sorry but I think Andrews is being a little harsh on Morgan I understand she wasn't supposed to use her hands but it was an emergency and Morgan was the only surgeon available! I mean it's not like Melendez, Shaun, Lim Claire or Park was around so what was Morgan supposed to do? let that woman lay there and die? desperate times comes to desperate measures. I am not the biggest Morgan fan but I give her props that even though she was in pain she put all that aside to save a patient even though it might cost her, her career. And it's not like Andrews and Glassman could operate on her cause they were both in surgery so honestly what was Morgan supposed to do?
Quinton Dominic
Quinton Dominic Il y a 18 heures
Wait... Whose died in this episode?? Didnt the director want some character killed in this earthquake??
Alexander Stark
Alexander Stark Il y a 18 heures
Very beautiful episode lol
Coley Car
Coley Car Il y a 18 heures
Sean only wanted Leah
Lucy Whiskers
Lucy Whiskers Il y a 18 heures
I loved Melendez's character so much...but honestly, it was a good season finale. And even if people don't understand what the writers were trying to do by killing him off, it was definitely a surprise. If nothing else, they kept us guessing and surprised us. I certainly didn't think he'd die.
Stephanie Charles
Stephanie Charles Il y a 18 heures
I'm so mad....everyone was waiting for them to be together. I don't think I can watch this show anymore.
NicholasGonzalez Fan
NicholasGonzalez Fan Il y a 18 heures
I'm sorry but I think Shaun getting with Lea is a huge mistake. She has done nothing but continuously break Shaun's heart even went as far as telling Shaun she couldn't be with him because of his autism and it took Shaun nearly dying for her to realize that she has feelings for him, I'm sorry but I don't believe it that all of a sudden out of the blue she magically has feelings for Shaun when she has stated to him several times that she felt nothing more for him but friendship I don't buy it.
Lehi Alvarado
Lehi Alvarado Il y a 18 heures
Autospoiled myself 😭
ChattingNLaughing Il y a 18 heures
Dam! Claire been talking Last since season 1
Jonathan Esser
Jonathan Esser Il y a 18 heures
Am I the only one who somehow thinks shawn will open season 4 by saving him? I mean I know it's basically showing him dying but come on ABC. I literally predicted shawn would save neil in an episode but this looks like a write off.
kavi kavi
kavi kavi Il y a 18 heures
And then they will break up eventually for stupid reason or they will kill leah like usuall its abc guys
Max Gómez
Max Gómez Il y a 18 heures
He never gave up on her and yet she nearly threw that all away in an instant. The feeling of not being loved by someone who you expected to return your affection. He's pure and forgiving. Those two qualities are hard to find, these days. I love Shaun, so much.
NELOY SINHA Il y a 18 heures
if the next season breaks them up .. I'm so done with this series.
lelabrooks04 Il y a 18 heures
I like Aunt Dee Dee
Crystal Glinton
Crystal Glinton Il y a 18 heures
I care nothing about Shaun & lea romance, give me Melendez and Claire💝💘... lea character is barely likeable and meaningless without clinging to shaun storyline... who df Jack this script up this time🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️ First Corona now this 😤 so this how 2020 going 😡
Alison Ogden
Alison Ogden Il y a 18 heures
She looks So proud of herself at the end. I don’t blame her she made the right choice.
Valéria Rabelo
Valéria Rabelo Il y a 18 heures
I'm sooo happy for this scene, was perfect 😍😍❤. I need season 4
JIB23 Il y a 18 heures
I dont invest in pagan (x-mas) based items. Why not sell crucifixes uhmm because it's detestable to God.
jojo g
jojo g Il y a 18 heures
Ok all this right he dies ok. But then lim ask for a drink from Claire oh hecks noooo!!
brittany king
brittany king Il y a 18 heures
This doesnt take away from them killing Dr Melendez off right before things got real between him and claire so that she could end up with her dead best friends husband.
Flávia Rodrigues
Flávia Rodrigues Il y a 18 heures
Finalmente o meu shipp aconteceu 💓💓
Crystal Glinton
Crystal Glinton Il y a 18 heures
He's going to be in season 4, I wish 😭 let Shaun fix him 😢 never cried over a tv show until today
Shana Tracey
Shana Tracey Il y a 19 heures
This moment was beautiful but it would be better if he had lived. I can't believe they killed off such a great character.
Happy Camper
Happy Camper Il y a 19 heures
I'm sorry but I would have been okay with both of these characters dying and Melendez surviving.... HONESTLY!!
Michele Bartlett
Michele Bartlett Il y a 19 heures
I love Gary but could not stand Maggie. I like the new girl better.
Planet PTBA
Planet PTBA Il y a 19 heures
It could be I'll be in next season beaachh kiss
Unicorn_naomi Lewis
Unicorn_naomi Lewis Il y a 19 heures
He shy
N Dhillon
N Dhillon Il y a 19 heures
tell me why i started crying
The Goonie Show
The Goonie Show Il y a 19 heures
I thought she was Haley from the movie “Ma”
Mox Yassine
Mox Yassine Il y a 19 heures
Fuck you all for killing my favourite doctor this bullshit pissed me off
RayJamond Kinney
RayJamond Kinney Il y a 19 heures
I'm not even gonna lie I was hoping he would walk away
Zulay Aburto
Zulay Aburto Il y a 19 heures
Now with this crazy shit that happened ..killing off Melendez now no one is going to watch the show ..and then they’re going to cancel it great thank you For the writer that wrote this shit thanks a lot
Frijolero Man79
Frijolero Man79 Il y a 19 heures
F.Y.I.:Keanu Reeves has worked with both Phoenix brothers. With Joaquin in "Parenthood" (1989) and with River in "My Own Private Idaho" (1991).
HoiMinoy Il y a 19 heures
We still don't know if he is dead for sure come season 4 and Melendez is still dead we riot. boycott ABC
Stephaine Price
Stephaine Price Il y a 19 heures
Wow what an emotional episode very sad dr park is my favorite roller coaster of emotions sad we had to lose dr Melendez very sad very emotional
高乐 Il y a 19 heures
Frijolero Man79
Frijolero Man79 Il y a 19 heures
Justino _
Justino _ Il y a 19 heures
That’s one of the best battles I’ve ever seen!
souljahbig22 Il y a 19 heures
Still feel bad for Carly
matthew cantu
matthew cantu Il y a 19 heures
Horrible decision. She stayed and "cared" because he was just in a life or death situation. She still doesn't really care she's just selfish.
Ita Porolniczak
Ita Porolniczak Il y a 19 heures
Oh, yeah there is...LARP 🤣
M. Q.
M. Q. Il y a 19 heures
Bailey has made mistakes. But she def has not made as many as Meredith, I don't think anyone has (professionally-in the show). It surprises me that people are getting on her for this. In no way shape or form would it be acceptable for any intern act to like that with the chief of surgery. Bailey had to fire Meredith, the health insurance company notified her and the cops of the fraud. Didn't leave her much wiggle room.
Jay Il y a 19 heures
Anyone who says that they're done with the show will come back as soon as it airs again stop the drama no one gives a sh** if you watched or not. Good episode btw loved it.
Isabella Barcelos
Isabella Barcelos Il y a 19 heures
Demoram tanto pra fazer o melhor casal acontecer pra matar ele? Como assim?!!! Neil tem q reviver ne possível, ele é Claire tem q ficar juntos
MsRandomnotes1 Il y a 19 heures
Ok, after this...I'm done with this damn show!
Shaniqua Williamson
Shaniqua Williamson Il y a 19 heures
He is beautiful
TheRyon1992 Il y a 19 heures
Finally damn lol took long enough
Socrates Il y a 19 heures
Lol everyone was shipping them so hard XD. Really weird decision for sure, specially given how pissed off everyone is. I'm not that bothered by it, but the show is really going to change a lot without him. It seems rather problematic, not neccesary at all. But who knows, maybe the writters have something very cool in store for us.
Luis Ortiz
Luis Ortiz Il y a 19 heures
They shouldn't have killed Melendez!!!
Suzanne Davila
Suzanne Davila Il y a 19 heures
This is just ridiculous. These 2 blaming her for him being illegal. Th ats his fault maybe he just had a baby w her thinkin that would keep him in the country. Typical blame someone else for you breaking the law.
Seth Garza-Lopez
Seth Garza-Lopez Il y a 19 heures
Season 6 episode 20
MO Homos Ninja
MO Homos Ninja Il y a 19 heures
Name of song??
Haleigh Brown
Haleigh Brown Il y a 19 heures
Welp not watching anymore
Ananth S
Ananth S Il y a 19 heures
Huh😈. I watched this before watching an episode😱
Once Upon a Reaction
Once Upon a Reaction Il y a 19 heures
that scene broke my heart 😭💔 it was beautiful, but sad..... I can't believe Melendez is dead 💔💔
Max Gómez
Max Gómez Il y a 19 heures
Actions may speak louder than words, but sometimes even words can cause the most terribly irreparable of all damage. I just hope that the writers don't further toy with Shaun's story arc/character progression in the future. He's a great, well grounded character. He seems real, not fictitious and that's what great writing is all about. This hits home whether you're autistic or not, for anyone who has been a victim of narcissism consumed by the toxicity found within a relationship of any kind. I myself am not autistic, nor am I on the spectrum, but what I do know is that anyone can feel pain, and betrayal as profound as what has been shown in the scene above. It may all seem pointless or nonsensical in the moment, but that's what helps us evolve and grow as human beings. I just hope that Shaun can find his peace, sooner or later. 😔 That poor man has been through so much. If you just so happened to have gone through something similar, please, take your time to heal. It'll be hard, I know, but one failed relationship or what could've been a successful one will not define you. What truly makes you who you are is your character and heart. It's better to show empathy than bitterness toward another. Don't give up on yourself just yet, there is always hope for a better tomorrow. You can turn your life around. Be kind to yourself, love. This too shall pass. 🦋🖤 Update: I watched this season's finale and I'm fully aware of them trying to make ammends and hopefully rekindle their relationship as friends, but I still don't think that it's appropriate for them to be involved with one another romantically, given what happened just a few episodes prior. Her bringing his autism into the equation was a very insensitive and prejudiced thing for her to do. She apologized, but only when she realized that he could've died on the spot. I really do think that the writers should give Shaun some time to reflect on his past experiences and act proactively, but mostly heal from the utter damage that has been done. In my defense, he should spend more time with Carly, who is a part of Shaun's support system. Maybe they could take a walk in the park together, talk it over a cup of coffee, watch a movie, anything. As long as you have meaningful and supportive people in your life, try to talk to them when you're ready. Before jumping into a romantic relationship, try to cultivate healthy friendships instead, they will only help you find your voice in this world, but they will also provide love and support in your time of need. I'm really glad that Shaun has a person like Carly in his life, a friend, former lover and mentor of sorts who truly makes an effort to understand him and sees his worth. There was much to be desired from the finale.
Max Gómez
Max Gómez Il y a 19 heures
Preach, Shaun, preach!
aeiman zaz
aeiman zaz Il y a 19 heures
When the writers say they wanted to make the show more realistic and painful, they forgot that fiction is suppose to give an escape from the tyranny of real life. Honestly killing Dr.. Melendez was a horrible decision, because he was one of the few characters that hooked the audience to the show. I am done with the show.
Max Gómez
Max Gómez Il y a 19 heures
Robert Sean Leonard!
Lorxeng Vang
Lorxeng Vang Il y a 19 heures
Byron Andres
Byron Andres Il y a 19 heures
The best kiss of the season 😍😍
Tocoolforschool Il y a 19 heures
Can we get season 1 back on Hulu
M Umer
M Umer Il y a 19 heures
Good bye the good doctor, no malandez not gona watch season 4
Max Gómez
Max Gómez Il y a 19 heures
Franklin!! XD
Antique Mickey
Antique Mickey Il y a 19 heures
Fangirls: “omg I hate this. Why tease us only to kill him off?!??😭😭😭” Writers: “that was the reason”
Lavender Trike
Lavender Trike Il y a 19 heures
Katie was just mad because Taylor didn’t come to her first before making a prescription for birth control. I’m sure she’s not against it
L V Il y a 19 heures
Dropando 😭 n consigo descrever o quanto chorei nessa cena
Max Gómez
Max Gómez Il y a 19 heures
Wouldn't it have been cool for The Good Doctor and House to have shared or at least coexisted in the same Universe? I would absolutely love to see quite a few interactions between the two main characters. It would've been fascinating and enjoyable to see their relationship portrayed on screen. Think about it. What if Wilson did willingly recieve treatment shortly after House's presumed "death"? After all, House did encourage him to fight. Maybe he's just leading a different life at this point and doing things that are much more fulfilling to him.
Adrian Perez
Adrian Perez Il y a 19 heures
Wait she said a different name
Sharmila Sarkar
Sharmila Sarkar Il y a 19 heures
No people are not understanding the expression Lea makes after Shaun walks away from her. She loved him and she knows it. She didn't reject him because the relationship won't work. She rejected him because she knows that Shaun having autism can't handle someone like Lea. Lea just prioritized Shaun' s happiness and wellness than what she wanted. She never wants to hurt Shaun (you can see how she stops herself after seeing Shaun getting hurt) but according to her doing this was necessary to keep Shaun okay. That's how Lea is.
Daniels world of craft international news
Life’s full of tough choices aint it
James B
James B Il y a 19 heures
Please bring back Charmed, ugh so miss them
Max Gómez
Max Gómez Il y a 19 heures
I feel so glad to see that Robert Sean Leonard has been holding up well since House ended. He's very talented both as an actor and stage performer! 😊
Marcia Silva
Marcia Silva Il y a 19 heures
If the show does this right, Hayes and Meredith could have one of the most beautiful relationships in the show. On par with Mark/Lexie and Mer/Derek
Azucena Calderón
Azucena Calderón Il y a 19 heures
Another Grace Anatomy ??? Please noooo !!!! Ughhh ....
Faze Lopez
Faze Lopez Il y a 19 heures
I'm confused about what exactly was killing him tho???
Aliyya Rassat
Aliyya Rassat Il y a 19 heures
luhole Il y a 19 heures
This was so well done and heartbreaking.
Blake Chambers
Blake Chambers Il y a 19 heures
That guy has great energy. Some people on here are just dead 💀
Alba Sabela Reche Cabello
Alba Sabela Reche Cabello Il y a 19 heures
I love this couple and I want to see them together always
Rose Thermidor
Rose Thermidor Il y a 20 heures
Can you please bring him back, like Melendaire was my happy place! I'm so not watching this show anymore... The Good Doctor what's that? Is that a show? PLEASE BRING HIM BACK!!!!
Max Gómez
Max Gómez Il y a 20 heures
This reminds me of an episode from season one of House, in which Cuddy approaches him down the hallway near his department after treating a very risky situation. Puzzled, she asks him the following question: "Are you really a good doctor?" To which he responds with a cold shrug. I just love those little nods and references. Kudos to Lisa Edelstein and Robert Sean Leonard for keeping the show's legacy alive! Sending lots of love. P.S: Wouldn't it be fun to have Hugh Laurie as a guest star next season?
Max Gómez
Max Gómez Il y a 20 heures
Lord is that Cuddy? What are you doing there? Go back to Princeton P's Teaching Hospital. I get it now. Wilson was your star Oncologist, irreplaceable at most, but you could at least try to make amends with the rest of team from House's diagnostics department. Sorry, I had to. This was awesome! Lisa Edelstein, you rock!
Krysti B
Krysti B Il y a 20 heures
This was my favorite ship and I am SO mad at the writers right now! How could they?!
Steve Bacchus
Steve Bacchus Il y a 20 heures
to all those haters before saying , Oh they'll never end up together.I told ya so, my wish came true. Okay, we get it, you got your heart broken but you got to admit this shows you dont ever really give up on love, you fight for want you want.
Inês Carmo
Inês Carmo Il y a 20 heures
This end... 😪😭 Just horrible. Reminds me the end of station 19 (Ripley and Hughes).... Now this I have one question... Why? They deserve more
Amy Wolfox
Amy Wolfox Il y a 20 heures
Is that Timon!
M MM Il y a 20 heures
Omg "the climb" its of hannah montana:-) 🙌😘
Mony Carrillo
Mony Carrillo Il y a 20 heures
Carrot Crunch
Carrot Crunch Il y a 20 heures
These fuckers are stupid
PJ Monsi
PJ Monsi Il y a 20 heures
Ohmygod. It’s Timón.
Christian liberty University
50cent. 💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💯💯💯💯
Letícia Pontes
Letícia Pontes Il y a 20 heures
Vcs tiveram coragem de matar ele, eu não acredito mano😓😭💔😔