Graham Stephan
Graham Stephan
Graham Stephan
As a 30 year old real estate agent and investor who started working in real estate shortly after turning 18, with over $120,000,000 in residential real estate sales since 2008, I've created this channel to share my successes, failures, and experiences in the real estate industry and to support others who are thinking of getting into the business. Oh, and I'm also obsessed with cars. A lot. So expect to see some cars uploaded to my channel. A lot. And Subscribe. Because all the cool kids are doing it.
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Lily Reed
Lily Reed Il y a 35 minutes
Or you guys can use my Yotta code and help a girl out :) it’s: LILYSCODE
da ne
da ne Il y a 45 minutes
CloudNine The church close to me is looking for renovation donations do you need a tax write down receipt.
Stanley Woodley
Stanley Woodley Il y a 53 minutes
Thanks for sharing, you really have people like me learning through osmosis which has helped me to advance my financial literacy/awareness. Keep doing your thing bro!
Ben K
Ben K Il y a 54 minutes
I'm not anywhere near your level of investments but I purchased my house a few years ago and after updating everything and the market I'm looking at over double the value of the home.
Anthony Sadler
Anthony Sadler Il y a 55 minutes
Can you do a video on how you did all your taxes during this time
dudumagic Il y a heure
All the time you talk about your money ?
Storytime RO
Storytime RO Il y a heure
20:45 - I'd say your bets increased in price, not value. No to get cought up in semantics, but I believe the fundamentals of most companies have actually deteriorated in the past months vis-a-vis last year, thus their value is lower. I'd atribute the increase in price to the money printer attitude of most central banks
What a great advice from @Ben Mallah I love it. Those who want to learn watch his interview, that 15 minute seams like life changing lesson. Great work @Graham Stephan love watching your channel
eugeneforge Il y a heure
Graham: 20 cents is too much for iced coffee. Also Graham: If I invest in a coffee business, my iced coffee will pay me. Me: Brilliant!!!!
Sarah Edwards
Sarah Edwards Il y a heure
1:28 I can finally enjoy life because of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
Blue Collar Money & Investing Channel
I saved 2 cents from my 20 cent ice coffee by not adding ice...
Perer Jennings
Perer Jennings Il y a heure
Unneeded flex, unsubscribed.
Joe King
Joe King Il y a heure
Love the growth & transparency Mr Stephan
RideWithWill Il y a heure
Acorn customer service is garbage. they literally ignore my emails about an issue I am having
TheCardconomist Il y a heure
You dont have Pokemon Cards in your portfolio yet?
Kevin Svärd
Kevin Svärd Il y a heure
Graham: Revealing my $13 million investment portfolio Me: Proud of my $600 investment portfolio
pinkcichlid Il y a heure
I gotta say the not raising rent thing is pretty noble, that's why I had to smash the like and subscribe buttons for this young philanthropist.
Palace Wolf
Palace Wolf Il y a heure
I read 31 M :/ guess I’ll have to wait until next year
Rey Flores
Rey Flores Il y a heure
Im curious to know where Graham lived from 2012-2016
Ayden Jacob
Ayden Jacob Il y a heure
If I put manage to put $250,000 in yotta within the next 3 years, can I be on your show?
Yohn Til
Yohn Til Il y a heure
reminds me so hard of Gerald Undone hahah
Joe King
Joe King Il y a heure
Im done with dunkin donuts coffee
Franco Berardi
Franco Berardi Il y a heure
“Hey mom... I’m dropping out of high school to be like graham”
Math Dude
Math Dude Il y a heure
I wish I would qualify for the highest tax bracket...
P Dales
P Dales Il y a heure
Are you worried at all about over leveraging yourself?
mcteethinator Il y a heure
2020 was pretty bad but it's not the worst year of my life. I grew a lot and in the crisis found new opportunities.
Vincent French
Vincent French Il y a heure
Graham Stepan - it would be of great benefit to all of your subscribers if you would do an episode on what the Word Economic Forum and many world leaders have in store for us. It is called "The Great Reset". Their plan, by 2030 you own nothing. Everything you are working for is gone. You now are dependent on whatever crumbs your government is willing to throw your way.
Melissa Vilar
Melissa Vilar Il y a heure
So if I make 19/hour, approm $3000 a month it would be: 420 - Housing 210 - Transport. 210 - Food 105 - Health 63 - Utilities 210 - Whatever 882 - Savings I don't know how I can rent a place, have a car and eat with that. Maybe you could do a video to poor people so you can help us out. Thanks.
g bart
g bart Il y a heure
Step 1: Find $100,000
Caleb David Drake
Caleb David Drake Il y a 2 heures
By high interest bank accounts do you mean a cd account? Don’t those have a certain amount of time where you can’t take money out?
Furious_DC Il y a 2 heures
So it sounds like millionaires will have to pay similar taxes I do. And I’m in then top 10% I only found out I was in the top 10% by looking it up because I sure don’t feel like it.
Gregory Andersen
Gregory Andersen Il y a 2 heures
After switching to webull and using that for a month, I'm not sure why anybody likes or trusts it.
Jesse Flores
Jesse Flores Il y a 2 heures
@t great startup tool for your business highly recommended.
Gregory Andersen
Gregory Andersen Il y a 2 heures
Webull should be in the WORST 5! I was day trading this a.m. and made a few tiny gains using limit orders (correctly), and as usual, the program crashed. When I opened it back up and checked my buy/sell history for the day so far, those tiny gains were actually showing up as tiny losses... Besides that, I've have a HUGE list of other issues I've been experiencing with them. The "complicated" platform is not overly confusing, but illogical, deceitful, and has actually caused me to lose more money.
Landon Alexander
Landon Alexander Il y a 2 heures
Another video where Graham tells us about the wonders of compound interest
Eternal A
Eternal A Il y a 2 heures
I love these videos I acctually have learned so much from u and i wanna be a billionaire by 25 Lol I am 12 years old btw
Alan's Theory
Alan's Theory Il y a 2 heures
How do you invest like an Angel Investor? I mean how is that done?
Dylan Mclean
Dylan Mclean Il y a 2 heures
Completely disagree on citi bank. You get fee waived with any direct deposit amount doesn’t even matter. No atm fees at any all point atms. I have them for years I have never had any fees. Also they are international I can go any Citibank in the world and withdraw money for free. And they were also the only bank to give me an account after I was put on chexsystems when I was younger. They saved my entire business. They are great bank for the underbanked and easiest to avoid fees with. Customer service is on point never an issue with them and they got the citi double cash card. They literally brought me out of poverty.. I recommend anyone low on money having trouble getting an account trying to avoid fees go to Citibank and open an account you won’t regret it. Walking into a branch to cash a check is a small inconvenience for the service you get.
Big Jogger
Big Jogger Il y a 2 heures
I watched the whole thing. I feel you Graham. I got my degree in accounting. I hate it. I have a wife and kids so I definitely feel trapped in my current ‘career’. I am saving all the money I can to get into real estate but wife and kids get expensive. I’m glad you got out when you did. Glad I could vent to you. Take it easy.
Matt P
Matt P Il y a 2 heures
You should do some videos on the housing market!
Lamonte Grulke
Lamonte Grulke Il y a 2 heures
😂 you keep revealing allllll the secrets , now I’m not gonna be able to short anymore lol
Dulcie Juana
Dulcie Juana Il y a 2 heures
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Dexy83 Il y a 2 heures
There's a Congressional Hearing about this, or some parts of this... Mnuchin did request the "extra" be returned to Treasury, but it wasn't legally allowed, therefore it didn't happen. I don't know about the programs ending/not ending. Mnuchin says the economy has turned around because that's what Trump wants us to believe. Ha! It's not even close to being stable. The bill was written to say if it's not used by 2026 it would go into the General Fund. It's not 2026. 😏
Hemat Sinanan
Hemat Sinanan Il y a 2 heures
does anyone actually believe this guy?
Brian Moreland
Brian Moreland Il y a 2 heures
Congratulations on the interview
Dulcie Juana
Dulcie Juana Il y a 2 heures
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ice cream
ice cream Il y a 2 heures
Sorry to inform you graham, it probably wasn’t your talent that sold the houses, it was the handsomeness you had 3:18 (Im not gae)
S3xyDutchm4n _
S3xyDutchm4n _ Il y a 2 heures
Resistakill Il y a 2 heures
UPDATE THE ACADEMY PLEASE! There is a lot of swearing and things you say that I am sure you could improve upon.
Resistakill Il y a 2 heures
By the way, already got the course for half off last year. Thank you, even if it does need a bit of an update (Jack could edit things on it and make it even more awesome).
Steven Bestre
Steven Bestre Il y a 2 heures
Thanks for the helpful videos. I really don't know where to begin. I just started investing in FZILX, FNILX, and FZROX. Hoping that all goes well!
usama tariq
usama tariq Il y a 2 heures
Hi Graham Stephan, I really like all your videos I view all your current and past videos multiple times. I was wondering would you considered being my mentor.
Jacob Patrick
Jacob Patrick Il y a 2 heures
This transparency is what got me to finally subscribe.
Juil Il y a 2 heures
Would like to know what the actual equity of your portfolio is taking all your mortgages into account.
Jessica Il y a 2 heures
Awesome video! Subscribed to your channel 👍🏻😄
Drew Mathison
Drew Mathison Il y a 2 heures
Any more real estate investment plans in future??
Tye Allgood
Tye Allgood Il y a 2 heures
Always happy to see others using Schwab for their accounts! I may just be biased there.
Bugsy Sigal
Bugsy Sigal Il y a 2 heures
Great job mr Graham. Once you start selling and cashing you real estate investments you will see how happy is tax man especially in California.
prince wembo
prince wembo Il y a 2 heures
This guy talks
Finance Theory
Finance Theory Il y a 2 heures
I can see all that grinding (pun intended) is really paying off. Absolutely killing the game
iFilamor Il y a 2 heures
this is where im tryna be at 🗣
M J Il y a 2 heures
Nothing like knowing what u want finding out how 2 get it, learning through practice n building bigger n bigger. Graham you are an inspiration
Rhys Martin
Rhys Martin Il y a 2 heures
One of the most compelling and personal stories you've shared on this channel. Thanks!
K W Il y a 2 heures
I have not once liked a video, yet was swayed to click that button. You seem genuine and I would like for you to use me as an example. A realtime tutorial and track my progress.
Thicc Corgi
Thicc Corgi Il y a 2 heures
What did the 5 fingers say to your face!?!?!?!?
Bryan Hvrks
Bryan Hvrks Il y a 3 heures
+~$7mm in 12 months, fucking ayy. Much respect nigi
E.V. Lewis
E.V. Lewis Il y a 3 heures
Hey Graham, random question, but were you any good at math in high school ?
Harinath Chakrapani
Harinath Chakrapani Il y a 3 heures
Why didn’t you tell your subscribers that you are investing money in share market in April and may itself. Why brag now?
Sergio De La Paz
Sergio De La Paz Il y a 3 heures
No one Graham: yeah 😐
Don B
Don B Il y a 3 heures
7 ads for a 18 minute long video is kind of an overkill... can’t even follow what you’re saying because it’s being interrupted every other minute for 20 seconds
shadowerwtas Il y a 3 heures
Oh Graham come on mate, you disappoint me. We live in 2020, where is your cryptos? I believed that I would see at least a 5% of your portfolio in cryptos! Imagine if you bought just a few bitcoins alongside your stocks back in April! :O
J A HOUSER Il y a 3 heures
Good thing you weren’t smart enough to get into college
mkhartnett Il y a 3 heures
Maybe I missed it, but what's the amount of overall debt you have?
Oscar Hernandez
Oscar Hernandez Il y a 3 heures
Over here 19 years old just sitting here like 🙂. I'm growing my investments and house hacking. Always enjoy your videos I have learned so much!
How Rich TV
How Rich TV Il y a 3 heures
Samuel Leake
Samuel Leake Il y a 3 heures
Im also sat here in a $4.99 tshirt from H&M mines black,slim fit ,Literally just checked the collar! .. We have things in common,want to lend me a million dollars? only joking, I got my own million dollars.
The Drone Bender
The Drone Bender Il y a 3 heures
Bruh the effort I made to get that teaser haha
K Mque
K Mque Il y a 3 heures
Thx for transparency Graham! Maybe one day u reveal the exact stocks + index funds u hold. Why do folks think ur cheap? bc u make .20c coffee, don’t eat out as much, or wear cheap clothing. Cheap ppl don’t have a 50K Tesla, buy a 20K watch, pay high fees on credit cards, have multi-Mil homes, buy a new mil home in Vegas w/o a pool that going to cost additional 15-25k. No doubt u leverage ur finances, but ur far from frugal.
MX Hockey
MX Hockey Il y a 3 heures
What is this "correction" they are talking about?
Brian M
Brian M Il y a 3 heures
kris10g737 Il y a 3 heures
This is SO helpful. Thank you so much!