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First Things First
First Things First
Nick Wright, Brandon Marshall, Kevin Wildes, and Jenna Wolfe team up on First Things First, a discussion and opinion-based studio program that covers all the headlines weekdays on FS1.
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UnexpectedWonder Il y a 18 heures
Brandon Marshall needs to stop it!!! 😑😑😑😡😡😠😠😠🤬🤬🤬
dornpvm icpwnc
dornpvm icpwnc Il y a 18 heures
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pika khai
pika khai Il y a 18 heures
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Plazik Il y a 18 heures
This idiot nick is already saying "Oh look what Cam is doing with those recievers! And look how bad Brady is doing with his recievers!"(He didnt even have Godwin week 2, and Scotty Miller and McCoy basically had a TD in their hands) Even brady made that recieving corps look great in the first 3-4 weeks of the last season...Noticed how Cam only threw 19 times against a team with 2 good corners? He carved up a terrible Seattle D, big deal. Let's wait till atleast week 8 before making such dumb biased claims...
Leonard Lero
Leonard Lero Il y a 20 heures
That defense you said was a foul? LeBron has been a victim of that a few times.
RODNEY ROSS Il y a 20 heures
Get rid of Paul George
Dexter Aguirre
Dexter Aguirre Il y a 20 heures
Another clown
Jared Brumfield
Jared Brumfield Il y a 21 heure
Everyone talks about what moves the clippers will make Lakers have a lot of fa who will come play with the Lakers to win a ring???
Myron Spurlock
Myron Spurlock Il y a 21 heure
How can everyone overlook the fact the chiefs knew they could win this game without showing too much of their playbook this early in the season. Especially with their next game being against the Ravens. Reid even said it several times in post games last season. They don't show more than they have too. They save it for the tough games and playoffs. Why endanger your entire season worth of playbook just to roll a team by 3 scores? The chargers looked good against the Chiefs cause they weren't using 100% of the playbook, or energy. Same with the Ravens last game. They both preparing for their match-up as they should, and focus on the teams you need to focus on and slow roll the rest. Everyone needs to take their feelings out of football lot of emotional responses both from the video and comment section.
Gustavo Guzman
Gustavo Guzman Il y a 21 heure
Brandon M. Killed it.... I love when player talk football not computer bots.... They may know numbers but they have no heart of the game .... Only time i an many like me listen or watch this and many other shows like this one
isidro bastida
isidro bastida Il y a 21 heure
leave kawhi and morris. trade everybody else. bums flex too much. doc needs to go too
whats in a name
whats in a name Il y a 21 heure
Man nick wright was spot on clippers weaknesses. Both Lou will and montrez were negatives against nuggets. He correctly had nuggets vs lakers.
Richard Tovar
Richard Tovar Il y a 22 heures
What kind of idiot even mentions Tim Tebow with Cam Newton in the same sentence.
James Ravenell
James Ravenell Il y a 22 heures
Dwight Howard had a real good game 4 after only grabbing one rebound in game 1 he started game 4 out getting rebounds and put backs.
Jynx Cotton
Jynx Cotton Il y a 22 heures
I think Mr. Kraft is paying him out of Pocket. On the Low
jbceedeez Il y a 23 heures
Mahomes...brilliance? really? Chiefs fans are ridick - to -the -luss... One
Christopher Harrington
Pats fan, great move so far with Cam , loving him in NE
Trek Ridley
Trek Ridley Il y a jour
PLAYOFF P !!!! 😂😂😂😂 What a joke ....
nabil chowdhury
nabil chowdhury Il y a jour
At age 35 MJ won a chip, fmvp, mvp, asg mvp, all star, all nba first team, all defense first team, and scoring title...
Petra - wir uns kennenlernen
0:30 atemberaubend
Willie Johnson
Willie Johnson Il y a jour
1:34 "He's not an elite athlete. He wins with his mind. When you have him thinking about hots and sight adjust and how the offense should work it slows down his greatest asset." Sounds like he's saying Tom is a NE system qb and if you take him outside that system he can't function.
tclass99 Il y a jour
Imagine if the Clips had signed Jimmy Butler instead of PG13? Clips need a LEADER more than anything else.
jessica quiah
jessica quiah Il y a jour
Run it back pick up serge ibaka or Dwight Howard or Marc gasol
Jamal L.
Jamal L. Il y a jour
Kwahi def needs to be engaged more.and PG has to get touches early so he can be engaged offensively. See how Westbrook let PG go crazy their last year in OKC
Christian David
Christian David Il y a jour
Fire Brandon, my God, he's stupid.
HiFrederick Il y a jour
Jordan punished all his peers, exposed all mismatches whether if you can jump with him, short, same height or 7 footer in he toughest era. You got embarrassed. He's a master at getting his shot off... Bucket or free throw. No choking and no reasonable comparison to anyone.
jdl619 Il y a jour
I don't know what all these so called experts saw in week 1 that says Tyrod is better than Herbert.
jdl619 Il y a jour
Not only dose Tyrod not throw the ball they say well he can make plays running. Really he played 1 game and has cracked ribs so what plays is he gonna make?
jdl619 Il y a jour
These guys are smoking something what has Tyrod done nothing. In an air it out league we are supposed to win games with a QB that won't throw the ball father than are backs can carry it?
csquad81 Il y a jour
Nick was nostradamus with this take.
AJ Il y a jour
This is what happens when you try to be greedy...
Sean Daniel
Sean Daniel Il y a jour
I miss CC on this show
Ahmad Sadeghi
Ahmad Sadeghi Il y a jour
some of you said ,SD Clippers, are made to beat the LA Lakers, from the start, I Knew they will loose before they get to the Lakers, soooo next year same thing, with Golden State and other teams coming back, the Clippers will be eliminated again before the finals.
Jacob Doehrman
Jacob Doehrman Il y a jour
Wright is wrong about REGULAR season clutch stats MJ and Kobe > Lebron however in playoffs Lebron has been clutcher
Jacob Doehrman
Jacob Doehrman Il y a jour
MJ’s usage is actually the highest ever
J Kelly
J Kelly Il y a jour
In hindsight if Kawhi stayed in Toronto he could’ve had ✌🏾rings 🤷🏾‍♂️
Casey Rembish
Casey Rembish Il y a jour
Eric M. is mad he lost to Tom and now he can't coach anymore. Ask a guy who never who at all
Casey Rembish
Casey Rembish Il y a jour
Tebow beat out cam at Florida lol
Casey Rembish
Casey Rembish Il y a jour
Can we wait til cam wins anything at all
A B Il y a jour
They were so busy trying to force him to talk about Jordan, the man could not state his opinion. You can tell they all agreed to gang up on him about it. Sad.
Alcozar Il y a jour
Kawhi needs to grow up....... if he wants to win he needs to lead. Leading means setting the example. The Clippers are capable of winning a championship. But the NBA will not give you a championship. Dallas and the Nuggets are coming.
mr logick
mr logick Il y a jour
Great cam segment coach owned it
allndadoe510 Il y a jour
The white dude blaming it on the Bubble is the absolute a Worst analyst on sports tv, and second place would go to Branson Marshall
Ron Johnson
Ron Johnson Il y a jour
Did he really say the SUNS😂😂😂😂😂
Tre' Lavon
Tre' Lavon Il y a jour
👇🏾this is how many ppl wanna get rid of brandon
mr logick
mr logick Il y a jour
Brandon is such bad edition , I hope they don’t force him on us too much longer.
Thomas Nguyen
Thomas Nguyen Il y a jour
Just stopped this guy Brandon from talking because he offered nothing but trash.
Red King
Red King Il y a jour
It’s PG fault a 2x finals mvp choked in a game 7 in round 2? Oh iight
Kelly Eefsting
Kelly Eefsting Il y a jour
I’m not a fan of Brandon on the show. I would’ve preferred Greg Jennings!
Princella Smith
Princella Smith Il y a jour
Antoine Walker spoke the truth!! Those guys need to get in the gym, commit to playing defense, and get better. Kawhi is going to have to lead. Paul is going to have to put up or shut up.
Jay Smoove
Jay Smoove Il y a jour
The lakers complained to the league . We all know who winning a championship.
Ray Campbell
Ray Campbell Il y a jour
this didn't age well
KneeGrowObama Il y a jour
Brady sucks so what's the issue?
Amen LaX
Amen LaX Il y a jour
Kawhi doesn’t get bs foul calls like lebron
Christopher Lowman
Christopher Lowman Il y a jour
Well that’s weird because if I’m not mistaken in the clipps series Jamal only had only 11pts in the 2nd half of both gm5 and gm6, Gm5 Jamal shot 9/25 Gm6 he only took 13 shots. He shot the lowest % vs the clippers and of all 3 series his ppg avg was the lowest against the clipps, his best game and only good gm and only good gm was 7
Filippo Biavati
Filippo Biavati Il y a jour
The Bears are not gonna be 5-1 or 6-0, they maybe beat Carolina but they gonna loose this week to Atlanta and the next two weeks against the Colts and the Bucs
meir schottenstein
meir schottenstein Il y a jour
a drive can be 7 min or 3. when you have zeke and dak who can run, and are really good at it. why not run the ball and keep russell off the field?
whats in a name
whats in a name Il y a jour
Considering what has happened in the playoffs right now, these picks were not far off. They got 50% of the conf finals teams.
Heheheheheh Herhhe
Heheheheheh Herhhe Il y a jour
Pandemic P
Carey Keep
Carey Keep Il y a jour
الـــواتساب 0079672701955 whatapps📲 يمكنك ان تجد اعظم العروض الخاصة علاج المشكلااااااااات التي تواجه الرجال مع الدكتور طلحت ✨✨زيادة حجم الغضيب و اطالة مدة القذف و رفع شدة الانتصاب ✨✨ من اجل الاستفسار عبر تطبيق واتس من خلال الرقم المعتمد0079672701955
Demetrius Williams
Demetrius Williams Il y a jour
Jerry Jones should cell his team plain and simple
Jay M
Jay M Il y a jour
Did Antoine just put Phoenix as a top 4 in the west? This brother knows his basketball but those kind of mistakes are unacceptable 😂
alejandra graterol
alejandra graterol Il y a jour
I do not owe anybody anymore because of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
They Call Me Gator
They Call Me Gator Il y a jour
Brandon must've went off the rails for Fox to completely cut out his take from the segment.
Kruppt808 Il y a 20 heures
@They Call Me Gator nick wright is gonna be on fire on Monday. Lakers in the Finals
They Call Me Gator
They Call Me Gator Il y a 22 heures
@Kruppt808 Not at all lol
Kruppt808 Il y a jour
Nba isn't clicking for him.
They Call Me Gator
They Call Me Gator Il y a jour
@James Jackson Asap!! 😂
James Jackson
James Jackson Il y a jour
Send them a thank you note
Gabe Nicholas
Gabe Nicholas Il y a jour
Let’s get 7
Carl T. Boobs
Carl T. Boobs Il y a jour
4:35 I didn’t know Jordan was still playing in 2016
tony sobon
tony sobon Il y a jour
The Bears will not be 5-1 or 6-0 , not going to happen.
tony sobon
tony sobon Il y a jour
This is maybe the best take Marshall has ever done. Plus i fully agree with the Homefield is just not going to have the same outcome that it has in the past.
Chop Chop
Chop Chop Il y a jour
Russ is going to get Cooked this Sunday!
Dayshawn Glynn
Dayshawn Glynn Il y a jour
Doc River need to talk Bradley Beal agent about him come Los Angeles Clippers need to help Paul George and Kawhi Leonard
HipHopotamus Il y a jour
This could be Rashan Gary’s coming out party. He’s looked leaps and bounds better than last season and even looked like the best edge player for the Packers so far this season. Combined that with an old slow QB and you could get an amazing game for him.
dookiepuddle Il y a jour
Fcuk Mangina
Devan Szpak
Devan Szpak Il y a jour
pats could only give him league min, my guess is they were probably talking for a few weeks before signing
tony sobon
tony sobon Il y a jour
It comes down to how well he has done with his money that he has already made. If he's doing fine with that part then yeah do what needs to be done to stay playing as the starting Pats QB and give yourself the best chance of winning a Superbowl. Plus winning would help him in the long run with getting paid in life after Football. Right now to me he is one of those player that had a few great years but never won enough games that mattered and could easily be forgotten. Considering his status before the Pats signed him i think a lot of people feel that way. If he won a Superbowl with the Pats that would change his NFL career so much because people will be talking about The Pats for the next 20 years.
Virgil Roberts Jr
Virgil Roberts Jr Il y a jour
Man, Nick ripped them to shreds! 😳😳😳
Bar El
Bar El Il y a jour
Brandon Marshall wrong