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pretty Pretti
pretty Pretti Il y a 30 secondes
Omg bob is so cute!
Joshua Gallagher
Joshua Gallagher Il y a minute
7:48 Now THAT's the type of incredibly small minucia of someones specialist job that people don't think about. You don't know what you don't know, so never assume something is simple or that it can be understood on face value (pun intended). That's why some people deserve to be paid the big bucks.
Pauresa Togbossi
Pauresa Togbossi Il y a 2 minutes
This is the 1st time she mentions her boyfriend. So.. she does have one😊
soulayman Il y a 4 minutes
this guy is fake asf
andrisoul 88008
andrisoul 88008 Il y a 4 minutes
I would like to play jon or Tommen
uh x
uh x Il y a 6 minutes
oh god those victory rolls made me want to throw up
binu manipulation
binu manipulation Il y a 8 minutes
Yuta, Taeil and Doyoung literally got 0 screen time
Steve Smith
Steve Smith Il y a 10 minutes
So its ok to steal precious sentimental items because its finacially insured....gotcha
#classic hybrid#
#classic hybrid# Il y a 10 minutes
Yeah most of the yoruba wasn't slings, but proverbs.
Leo Mare
Leo Mare Il y a 17 minutes
Sici Edits
Sici Edits Il y a 21 minute
I’m gonna say it: Trixie Mattel won by default
Ty Ty
Ty Ty Il y a 22 minutes
THAT. Is an artist. 👌
Abhinav Goyal
Abhinav Goyal Il y a 26 minutes
>No sound in space Star Wars...hold my beer.
Bailey Hargrove
Bailey Hargrove Il y a 29 minutes
what about where the heart is
leedsman54 Il y a 31 minute
I cringe sometimes when I hear what Americans think is an English accent.
Daniel Chahrour
Daniel Chahrour Il y a 32 minutes
A clown talking!
Double Click
Double Click Il y a 33 minutes
Who are any of these people???
Jess Xx
Jess Xx Il y a 38 minutes
"something called nandos spicy mayo" well then u can tell thomas is british XD
Zahee Thakkar
Zahee Thakkar Il y a 38 minutes
That seriousness makes the DAKOTA’S quirky and bubbly vibe, GO AWAY
Stephanie Murray
Stephanie Murray Il y a 39 minutes
You are an absolute genius !
Chickenfeed Il y a 41 minute
Reviews surf movies but didn't review Surf Ninjas, smh my head.
Vaughan Adlem
Vaughan Adlem Il y a 46 minutes
"more aircraft than pilots?"..... Hahaha I'm South African, 20 years ago it was a huge corruption scandal here that our defence force bought more aircraft than we had pilots to fly....
GusLevoGus Il y a 47 minutes
This video is playing at the front of my barber shop whenever I walk past.
Reyniel Evangelista
Reyniel Evangelista Il y a 49 minutes
i looooove me some Cracker! I just feel bad for her cuz AS5 was filmed for Shea to win but I will always be #TeamCracker <3
enda Toner
enda Toner Il y a 49 minutes
If you don't look at the video and just listen to him talking think of Steve Carrell. Sounds very similar haha and I can't stop thinking of The Office
Mateja Milovanović
Mateja Milovanović Il y a 54 minutes
1:55 you are sooo ugly...
Karl Ferguson
Karl Ferguson Il y a 58 minutes
Great video guys. Love it!
Toto Kaahu
Toto Kaahu Il y a 58 minutes
My first ever celebrity crush...sigh and the first Maori to win an Oscar 😊 Yes he is mixed race who may only be 1/16th but you cannot deny whakapapa (genealogy). And Maori dont bother with measurements. So you are the first to me Mr Crowe 💋
GamerAngel_009 Il y a 59 minutes
Alanna Grady
Alanna Grady Il y a 59 minutes
Italian Lawyer
Italian Lawyer Il y a heure
It's time to start a diet, an Australian shouldn't get fat in this way
Melissa Rehmeier
Melissa Rehmeier Il y a heure
JBL NYC Il y a heure
Absolutely fascinating!
James Fizer
James Fizer Il y a heure
Jemley Meolry
Jemley Meolry Il y a heure
He’s a weak soft peny liberal in real life
Sanjay balachandran
Sanjay balachandran Il y a heure
My bday tooo
Jesusridingadinosaur Rawr
Next video: ex murderer reviews murders in movies
Esther Elijah
Esther Elijah Il y a heure
It pronounced (Oh low Doug)
Jazz163 Il y a heure
Why is nobody talking about how BenDelaDreme looks so fierce in this video ;-;
Azhureus Il y a heure
Her laugh is contagious and crazy. Love it 🤣
Mil Mi-24 Hind
Mil Mi-24 Hind Il y a heure
What, I'm just seeing a white background
TF4D 150
TF4D 150 Il y a heure
Let’s admit, his worst job was the Fantasty 4. He literally skip that and act like he never played the human touch lol!
beeman2075 Il y a heure
Bear Grylls watching Luke Skywalker survive a blizzard on Hoth by taking shelter inside a gutted Tauntaun. Bear: Been there. Done that.
•gacha error•
•gacha error• Il y a heure
oh i love you most! remember, we, your fans never leave you!
Heidi Bradshaw
Heidi Bradshaw Il y a heure
If Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother’s age at her passing is anything to go by, The Queen will be around for a while yet!
Lulu Freeman
Lulu Freeman Il y a heure
Forget Trolls, Anna Kendrick for the next Disney Princess
Yuri Lopes
Yuri Lopes Il y a heure
can i ask vanity fair why you guys dont put the name of the pro whatever in the title?
valenlinda L
valenlinda L Il y a heure
This was completely unnecessary.
peblezQ Il y a heure
He should be a high school drama teacher. He explains things very well.
Brinkley Fair
Brinkley Fair Il y a heure
Me waiting for the 2020 one
dash4800 Il y a heure
Performs a card trick with a gun to his head. Penn: I think I'm better under pressure.
Kayd Lucas
Kayd Lucas Il y a heure
This guys hilarious
Anouk Surmenian
Anouk Surmenian Il y a heure
He’s incredible 😱
Alexander Mel
Alexander Mel Il y a heure
5 mins in & I’m already feeling pretty smart 😅
Lawrence Mills
Lawrence Mills Il y a heure
Laxus Dreyar
Laxus Dreyar Il y a heure
Niall horrn eh
NUKE TURKEY Il y a heure
This video is pointless because the queen is IMORTAL!
Heroinko H
Heroinko H Il y a heure
Here before death.
Jack Von Daugaard-Hansen
I’m Canadian buddy
Caterpillar Il y a heure
Women aren't funny in a stand-up comedian sort of way... When a bunch of girls get together with some wine they can be hilarious.
Kaelum Salem
Kaelum Salem Il y a heure
Brandon Riggs
Brandon Riggs Il y a heure
He was good but, no one will beat Mel Blanc.
Ayyaan Faras
Ayyaan Faras Il y a heure
Are you doing Ash's voice in sword and shield too????
Alex Felipe Flissak Villa
Rocko's Modern Life my favorite comedy animated cartoon of all time (the best!)...! I Am Weasel as a close second, although i haven't watched this as much as i'd like to, but anyways...
Girly Selvaraj
Girly Selvaraj Il y a 2 heures
4:16 awwww🥰🥺
Centrally Intelligent Agency
Erlich Bachman, god bless Him
Amalthea Schmendrick
Amalthea Schmendrick Il y a 2 heures
I love, love, love you, Miz Cracker! Seriously though, it feels like you're quite outside yourself. Stay happy and healthy (body and mind)! Mwahugs!
Lara M.
Lara M. Il y a 2 heures
Anyway. I'm in love.
sheilla d
sheilla d Il y a 2 heures
hggggg hungry for bob content
Stratblooz Il y a 2 heures
You forgot Sheilas and pluggers😊
Isabelle YY
Isabelle YY Il y a 2 heures
Facts is David Dobrik has OCD
Katamaniac HQ
Katamaniac HQ Il y a 2 heures
I love how everyone says "she" like we all don't know that's Tyler Perry under there
Gloria GI
Gloria GI Il y a 2 heures
Watching this video again and getting an ad for Chris's Masterclass 🤔😁😁
olly.__ Il y a 2 heures
Lovely video but why was John cens not in the video
racketman2u Il y a 2 heures
Give us a break, mate, the Scots are barely comprehensible without slang making things more complicated.
Sephora Keto
Sephora Keto Il y a 2 heures
This has helped me understand everything Pedro says on 3on3 freestyle 😅
Bradie Maree
Bradie Maree Il y a 2 heures
Wow misogynistic, homophobic and anti Semitic? And there are still so many people who think like this and think there nothing wrong with it ((the whole basis of this guys reasoning is that ‘men and women have distinctly different senses of humour’ and ‘the male sense of humour is the only valid one’))
zero哲 Il y a 2 heures
Katamaniac HQ
Katamaniac HQ Il y a 2 heures
Grit ball baby
EDDE Il y a 2 heures
I’m someone who has watched ’Big Mouth’ more than 10 times and this feels wrong
Gelse Kerecsen
Gelse Kerecsen Il y a 2 heures
Happy birthday Han Solo
Celeste Perkins
Celeste Perkins Il y a 2 heures
LucasButAnimated Il y a 2 heures
We know this day wont come
Анна Осоховська
Omar Velázquez
Omar Velázquez Il y a 2 heures
@5:05 ¡Chócalas! = Give me a high five!
Lyn Creighton
Lyn Creighton Il y a 2 heures
Finally me and one of my favourite actors have a thing in common we are both the middle child
Barry McCokiner
Barry McCokiner Il y a 2 heures
Didn't realize Penny Marshall was dead. R.I.P.
C Electrics
C Electrics Il y a 2 heures
Grylls: you'll die in 15 mins of cold water Wim Hoff: hold my shoes
199 subscribers Without any video challenge
Billie obviously glowing but put it aside but still she’s best ❤️
Yoni Caragay
Yoni Caragay Il y a 2 heures
shouldve said "lezzgo"
Elliot Koh
Elliot Koh Il y a 3 heures
Vindicated. Armageddon, Interstellar and probably most of these space movies are trash.
valentina .-.
valentina .-. Il y a 3 heures
when ur italian and german 😂❤️
knightime gaming
knightime gaming Il y a 3 heures
Bro etika hair
meme12 Il y a 3 heures
Shes sick
Georgia Gabilo
Georgia Gabilo Il y a 3 heures
this is so intense how there’s like no background music and like it’s so silent and you only hear the voices of the people in the video
ᴘᴏᴋᴇ́ғᴀɴ ᴍᴀsᴛᴇʀ
It's harder than it looks and she's doing really well
ZoraMae Edmonds
ZoraMae Edmonds Il y a 3 heures
Why does he blabber so much?
Thaddius Glunt
Thaddius Glunt Il y a 3 heures
Jodie Foster, you are a beautiful woman.
Ida Swag Bak
Ida Swag Bak Il y a 3 heures
I relate to the dream thing so much
reservaify Il y a 3 heures
This dr obviously didn’t get the memo