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Nicholas Fanzo
Nicholas Fanzo Il y a 36 secondes
Just so you all know: Anakin scenes, Luke scenes, and emperor scenes were cut down in this movie so Disney could put more racially diverse new characters in the movie. How contrived Rey is a Palpatine and finds a sixth dagger. At the end of the movie, Kylo does. Rey kills the emperor after blocking his force lightening and using it against him. VADER COULDNT DO THAT BUT REY CAN!! C mon.... Rise of Skywalker has nothing to do with Luke or Anakin. The title of the film refers to Rey calling herself a Skywalker at the end of the movie after everyone else is dead, she basically inherits everything. Anakin isn’t the chosen one anymore because she actually does what Vader couldn’t and kills Palpatine. This movie Is A Trainwreck
Mae Auditore
Mae Auditore Il y a 3 minutes
How come they seem to be lacking in energy 😅
Nicholas Fanzo
Nicholas Fanzo Il y a 4 minutes
This movie is going to be a trainwreck. I know disney owns mostly everything but that doesn’t mean society is full of idiots
Della Lee
Della Lee Il y a 5 minutes
I really want to know who play hans....
tully fully
tully fully Il y a 6 minutes
are you not entertained?
TEAM KMX Il y a 6 minutes
Brandi love?
yoshihiro the passion Artemis 667
I see mario in the toys r us bought back
amir hamidi
amir hamidi Il y a 14 minutes
give the father 5 minutes with the sad
Tirke Il y a 20 minutes
Everyone in the courtroom should have just turned their heads the other way for few minutes if they were smart.
Lauren Wieland
Lauren Wieland Il y a 22 minutes
Ginger looks hot in that dance suit. This is a hot video of her. 🔥
Bob Smith
Bob Smith Il y a 24 minutes
I enjoyed the movie . It was awsome , I didnt realize it was a political gender lesson. I thought it was just a good movie, good characters
Naman Il y a 26 minutes
Mr. Robot: There's other one
ajay Il y a 27 minutes
I know this guy's name : White Sox
bldfit46 Il y a 29 minutes
Best of luck trying to replace Daniel Craig. Been a bond fan my whole life. They have to stick with a British man playing this part or the future of this franchise will not survive. That is the allure of the franchise.
Dr. Egg
Dr. Egg Il y a 29 minutes
return of the king
i ad
i ad Il y a 30 minutes
0:01 everyone in class when someone reminded the teacher about homework.
Only for Everyone
Only for Everyone Il y a 31 minute No time to Die teaser #007
radiomanze1 Il y a 31 minute
Never seen a villain like Adam driver?😑
jose miranda
jose miranda Il y a 32 minutes
We live in a world where some parents "mostly the weirdos" teach their kids that anything goes and are actually causing more harm than good. Its one thing to be born gay which is ok, but you still actually have idiots who wont point out what's ok or not and that tends to confuse kids leading to depression, bullying and even suicide. Kids should be thought what boys do and what girls do because no matter what if the child is gay, he still will be, instead of play with this or play with that and the kid not really knowing.
mr jack
mr jack Il y a 43 minutes
*gordon Ramsey's kid* what's for lunch dad? *Gordon* Brioche buns toasted to perfection and made in Italy, the world finest beef coming from the mountain top village on the tallest mountain in Mount Everest, spices from the oldest temple in India and to top it of with the finest river water flowing at approximately 15km per hour from the the highest river on mount Kosiosko then filtered in the finest factory in Norway. *gordon Ramsey's kid* is that all?
xd Ortiz
xd Ortiz Il y a 43 minutes
That's why there's FRvid for kids and I m late
Edin Ibranović
Edin Ibranović Il y a 44 minutes
Lashana is supposed to be the new James Bond? Does anyone else see the stupidity here?
Lee Felix
Lee Felix Il y a 49 minutes
I'm looking for Yuzuru Hanyu lmao. My life is getting dominated by him.
Saeed Altaheri
Saeed Altaheri Il y a 50 minutes
عند اللقاء طرحت أعباء الفراق الماضيات القاتلات وسمحت للدمع المكوم داخلي أن يستريح
68corvette08 Il y a 50 minutes
I wish K B Toys would come back.
dddiehard02 Il y a 51 minute
Brooke Mcmanus
Brooke Mcmanus Il y a 51 minute
Bring back the originals.. I’m not for this!!
migf27 Il y a 51 minute
Did she just introduce just the men and ignore the women?
Adam McCarthy
Adam McCarthy Il y a 53 minutes
On down amazing salt salt down on wow amazing in on boom salt down on on salt wow boom on salt salt salt in on amazing wow salt
Şəbnəm Məmmədli
Şəbnəm Məmmədli Il y a 57 minutes
Rosé ,waow your account make me crazy
Berdugong-Druglord Manyakis President
But hes actually back, ass kicking!
anjuebenezer 83
anjuebenezer 83 Il y a heure
The first time they see each other, why don't you people give them some time for huging or something, stop the talking, interview for a while
Klaus Zungler
Klaus Zungler Il y a heure
Save money and let the Father handle it -- he knows what to do💪
Scott Shaffer
Scott Shaffer Il y a heure
Dont worry some male pga player is going to identify as female, problem solved, you won't want to watch anymore.
明儒林 Il y a heure
Nice role to perform
Gin san
Gin san Il y a heure
Why are all the questions leading up to them spoiling their movie? I mean, we get it, it's your job as interviewers to dig into that, but at least gotta respect what they have been doing. A movie is supposed to surprise us at the theater, not on a talkshow.
Danny Guison
Danny Guison Il y a heure
Edmund Zou
Edmund Zou Il y a heure
Fuck junk foods
D D Il y a heure
Can’t wait to see it!! Don’t care what the criticisms are
D D Il y a 2 minutes
I want to bet the villain is the husband of Lea’s character 🤪
Plasma Clash
Plasma Clash Il y a heure
Secret Krusty crabs recepie found
Druid VW
Druid VW Il y a heure
The Ruse of Soywoker will be the biggest box office flop in movie history. Insult and degrade your fan base for three years straight and then wonder why no one shows up to watch Mary Sue Skywalker be the bestest Jedi evar! Without respect, we reject. You brain dead, Hellywood morons. Hail Doomcock!
barbs Kelly
barbs Kelly Il y a heure
I'm going to say this. God Bless Wade family.
Lockheed AC 130
Lockheed AC 130 Il y a heure
Amazon: I thought you were dead? Toy r us: my death was extremely......exaggerated
Es Bee
Es Bee Il y a heure
Reeeeeeez of saladtosser
The Diamond Default
The Diamond Default Il y a heure
When you see a girl you like and you dunno what to say 0:01
Tʜᴇ Pʀoxʏ Ⓧ
Tʜᴇ Pʀoxʏ Ⓧ Il y a heure
I reported this for child abuse.
Deepak Dhabhai
Deepak Dhabhai Il y a heure
Sky fall is the best bond film of all time. Very difficult to better that
Baberaham Lincoln
Baberaham Lincoln Il y a heure
Hallelujah! Toys R us is back!
NICHI Il y a heure
Its known that Daniel Craig didn't want to do this, but 25 million dollars later convinced him.
Tʜᴇ Pʀoxʏ Ⓧ
Tʜᴇ Pʀoxʏ Ⓧ Il y a heure
Remember Hitlerjugend indoctrination? Now get ready for a whole new level of degeneracy.
Sama Il y a heure
Good morning ☀️
jim morgan
jim morgan Il y a heure
You can imagine him throwing salt in a cheffy way at his wife's axe wound.. from a distance.
Truth BTold
Truth BTold Il y a heure
Go to the Creator sis
Ben Clarkson
Ben Clarkson Il y a heure
5 stars there... only announces the men
Aryaman Mehrotra
Aryaman Mehrotra Il y a heure
After this I won’t be watching the Bond movies. I mean why a Female Bond? Why? Bond is always a guy and casting a girl is just supporting the Matriarchy and nothing else. And that actress she’s gonna include stuff like Period issues and boyfriend issues?? There won’t be any stunts I’m sure just talking and lame politics.
Syerin Aurellia
Syerin Aurellia Il y a heure
the audience clap everytime they stop talking lol
nilanjan sarkar
nilanjan sarkar Il y a heure
who is the female co-host? she is breathtaking
Hamza Malik
Hamza Malik Il y a 2 heures
Mr. Bad Guy and Bond.
bruce wayne
bruce wayne Il y a 2 heures
Most handsome dude on the planet
Moisés Alejandro Velásquez Pérez
Back in 2006 most people hated Daniel Craig being cast as 007... now he has played one of the greatest Bonds
Moorish Brooklyn
Moorish Brooklyn Il y a 2 heures
An amazing cast and a heck of a franchise run.
Daniel Fronc
Daniel Fronc Il y a 2 heures
For those commenting below saying that since this will likely be Craig's last Bond movie they will kill him off, no iteration of James Bond has ever been killed off in his 24 movies. They just seemingly insert a new actor with no explanation as to what happened to the previous actor. Killing off a James Bond actor would be like killing off Superman.
Chef Polo
Chef Polo Il y a 2 heures
It’s called hustling
Indra Maulana
Indra Maulana Il y a 2 heures
Mr. Craig is THE BEST JAMES BOND ACTOR ever. Can't be compared woth others. I admire him so much.
Erin Rabe
Erin Rabe Il y a 2 heures
I wish she never died I hope that her family was worried about her (Christina grimmer)
Erin Rabe
Erin Rabe Il y a 2 heures
That’s so sad
Rian Il y a 2 heures
Love you Britney! ❤️
RedLightMax Il y a 2 heures
Daniel Craig: made 5 James Bond movies, always complains Tom Cruise: made 6 Mission: Impossible movies, never complains
Gruagach. Eire
Gruagach. Eire Il y a 2 heures
Don't need the script as i already know how JJ Abrams makes movies, copy and paste with forced diversity.
TiYah Israel
TiYah Israel Il y a 2 heures
This is a beautiful story,thanks to ancestry these two brothers were able to unite.But I can also imagine those siblings who were able to unite through ancestry,those who are the secret love children of secret love affairs,that was suppose to be kept a secret.. Oops somebody can get in some serious TROUBLE😲😳😬
Chi Phan Quách Khánh
Chi Phan Quách Khánh Il y a 2 heures
love it, really!
Mr. A
Mr. A Il y a 2 heures is back with mask
Jayson Ang
Jayson Ang Il y a 2 heures
Adam Driver starred in the series, Girls. He played Kylo Ren (Ben Solo) in the new star wars trilogy after George Lucas auditioned him.
Robert Turner
Robert Turner Il y a 2 heures
I never really liked Craig as Bond until Spectre.
Paddy Dalmacion
Paddy Dalmacion Il y a 2 heures
Legend says those other 3 burgers are still cooking
RADO Il y a 2 heures
He's channeling a more woke version of SW.
Ege Demirbolat
Ege Demirbolat Il y a 2 heures
2.52 for fucks sake NO !
Ege Demirbolat
Ege Demirbolat Il y a 2 heures
I'm sure that $120M is enjoyable Craig
미래 Il y a 2 heures
I love you so much.😭😭😭❤❤❤
Gary Dimaggio
Gary Dimaggio Il y a 2 heures
Crap show needs to get canceled
wyo angel
wyo angel Il y a 2 heures
this cunts wanted to make a women 007!!!
Gustavo Silva
Gustavo Silva Il y a 2 heures
Sean connery is the best Daniel Craig is 2nd best
6Man666666 Il y a 2 heures
He manages to seem like a wet cat prone to teenage tantrums
Michael Mensah
Michael Mensah Il y a 2 heures
Blind leading the blind
Laufield Il y a 2 heures
Thanos *snaps* Toy R Us disappeared Few years later Hulk *snaps* Toy R Us come back
Azhoum Nourdine
Azhoum Nourdine Il y a 3 heures
How is it possible to separate bros & sis or twins ?
Rudi F&D
Rudi F&D Il y a 3 heures
Wow the police rarely do their job well
Tompok Yengkhom
Tompok Yengkhom Il y a 3 heures
so good to see you all guys
Meta Man
Meta Man Il y a 3 heures
The director Cary seems somewhat uncomfortable. I mean I know he’s still working on the film day by day and it’s stressful but as they were clapping at various points clapping he seemed somewhat agitated. Sometimes even these live interviews where actors have to promote an upcoming film can actually just be one big facade. We don’t know what goes on behind the scenes but human eyes and human faces never lie. Even actors are exceptionally good at playing their real life selves when they need to.
Wellstone Il y a 3 heures
They all have mic but they didn't know they were outside of the house. Ok! BTW, I like the donor's actitude at 8:07. hahah...
ThisPurpleMonster Il y a 3 heures
When the name in english is "the rise of skywalker" and in polish (translated) is "skywalker. Rebirth." Polish name is sooo weird
ThexBorg Il y a 3 heures
Never Say Never
Sy A
Sy A Il y a 3 heures
It would be nice if Vesper faked her death. Vesper was the only Bond girl that felt right for him.
Midan yaz
Midan yaz Il y a 3 heures
Lol like psycopath kid 🤣
LUCIFER'S - Il y a 3 heures
Damn Daniel..... His eyes are alluring af!
Day Night
Day Night Il y a 3 heures
the minute it had a female hero i lost all respect for the film, men are sick of this feminist BS
57 Year Old James Bond
57 Year Old James Bond Il y a 2 heures
Thank God the Bond series has had 0 female heroes in the past.
benarji kumar dooru
benarji kumar dooru Il y a 3 heures
Just kill the bastard....
deborahdoesscrap Il y a 3 heures
Much as I would be happy to have a female Bond, I am not ready for Daniel to hung up his tux. I think he has another Bond in him. I mean Sean made one when he was in his 60's or something. If Sean can do it then Daniel can as he is in much better shape than Sean was. I am just thankful I might live long enough to see this film in April. For awhile there when they were having director, script and actor problems, I didn't think it would happen!!
breathe in positivity
breathe in positivity Il y a 3 heures
yesss the l word is back!!!