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61 Commentaires
GFlashh. Il y a heure
Why am I here in 2020?!
Eclipse Knight
Eclipse Knight Il y a heure
Wrestler is just Suplex but with a different hat. just saying.
Arcto Il y a heure
Man.. Its been so long. But it's worth the wait.
Joshaun Chambliss
Joshaun Chambliss Il y a heure
Do We Have to buy it at Nintendo E Shop? or get the game from the nintendo store?
Joshaun Chambliss
Joshaun Chambliss Il y a heure
plz dont stop making kirby games
Joshaun Chambliss
Joshaun Chambliss Il y a heure
Yay Nintendo Still Doing Kirby
Joshaun Chambliss
Joshaun Chambliss Il y a heure
Hi luigikid gaming
Bowz Il y a heure
2020 is starting to look 8% better
Lunchbiz Il y a heure
This game is free right now on the Epic Games store.
America FUCKYEAH!!!
America FUCKYEAH!!! Il y a heure
Nice to have first person
Omni G
Omni G Il y a heure
Super Smash Kirbies
Kevin O'Reilly
Kevin O'Reilly Il y a heure
And there was much rejoicing...
Mr Matt Dollar
Mr Matt Dollar Il y a heure
Me: Mom, can we get Super Smash Bros. Ultimate? Mom: We have Smash Brothers at home. Smash Brothers at home:
B L Il y a heure
Bob Contreras
Bob Contreras Il y a heure
Look like game boy front desighn
내글읽을시간에뜨끈한국밥 든든하게 먹어
롤러코스터 타이쿤보단 플래닛코스터를 발매해주지...
kangfu Il y a heure
Finally, rivals on the go.
The 8 bit pinguin
The 8 bit pinguin Il y a heure
Super smash bros but only kirby
Chuganoga •
Chuganoga • Il y a heure
It’s really not that good it could use a ranking system and maybe even a leaderboard. Wish I could play online with a friend against others
MatZieu Il y a heure
Oh wow im getting that
Uchechi Godwin-Offor
Super Mushroom or Super Star everyone? 🍄 ⭐️
Yoshi705 Il y a 2 heures
0:47 I thought I was the only one :D
Amanda Hill
Amanda Hill Il y a 2 heures
That’s so awesome
CerealTV Il y a 2 heures
who's watching this when the PS5 is about to come out
Eevee Artist
Eevee Artist Il y a 2 heures
If we can put workshop characters this game is S+ tier
MadMaxwellGaming Il y a 2 heures
"Footage Not Final" You sure they were supposed to release it today? :|
GoldenCartoons Il y a 2 heures
Smash fans be like "ZeTtErBuRn'S cOmInG tO sMaSh NoW!"
W h a t
W h a t Il y a 2 heures
Aaaa only one day until more information 😆
George Adusei
George Adusei Il y a 2 heures
This is pretty much baby Smash Bros... I wonder why🤔? (Smash and Kirby fans, stop typing. I know why.)
Ethan Il y a 2 heures
I'm calling it now, this game will have a deep, competitive community
SCUBA 2020
SCUBA 2020 Il y a 2 heures
There’s two ways this goes one where it directly follows botw and u lose or one where ganon gets defeated
4ALL Il y a 2 heures
Everyone says " bandana dee" but no One talks about ice plasma and mirror Im sad
Cae Il y a 2 heures
Nintendo in the beginning of this video: What is better than one kirby? - 4!
Zac Marulo
Zac Marulo Il y a 2 heures
Seem like a poor mans smash bros Very lame. Whats the point?
Shadakast artist
Shadakast artist Il y a 2 heures
This is the same like super kirby clash
Lukas Jeger
Lukas Jeger Il y a 2 heures
„Mom I want Smash Bros. !!!!!“ „We have Smash Bors. at home.“ Smash Bros. at home:
yOphUrD Il y a 2 heures
okay but seriously this music slaps
Bernardo Abraão
Bernardo Abraão Il y a 2 heures
Now i can play as my favorite character SpeedRunner Mario
Toadette Gamer
Toadette Gamer Il y a 2 heures
Day 44 of saying Nintendo will go bankrupt
Samboi123 Il y a 2 heures
Yes, now I can play as Waddle Dee for only $20
The Brenko
The Brenko Il y a 2 heures
You can shoot animals in here!
Derek Il y a 2 heures
Smash Bros. Ultimate is dead now.
Anatolie Visilcan
Anatolie Visilcan Il y a 2 heures
Hello nintedo
Ami KyuT
Ami KyuT Il y a 2 heures
Why do I feel like lilypichu is voicing the liar princess and Bryce Papenbrook is voicing the blind prince
Will Il y a 2 heures
עובדות בשתי דקות
What about super Mario galaxy 2?
Kaineng Il y a 2 heures
I can't wait to build my pool to pool slide jump again haha
MarZs Il y a 2 heures
It got leaked, so I guess they should’ve released it earlier
Maayan Priborkin
Maayan Priborkin Il y a 2 heures
i hope there will be songs i like..
Riccardo Sgrazzutti
Riccardo Sgrazzutti Il y a 2 heures
One question: there is Kirby?
I am an Attack helicopter
Yoo? Monster hunter stories 2!
Ace Kirb
Ace Kirb Il y a 2 heures
Dam 2 great games in 1 week
Olga David
Olga David Il y a 2 heures
Let's get this to 100k likes
GaMbLe Il y a 2 heures
Close your eyes, sounds like witcher 3
WarBringer 》
WarBringer 》 Il y a 2 heures
I haven't even played Bayonetta 1 and 2. I guess i'll just wait until 3 comes out
Nightshade Darkfire
Nightshade Darkfire Il y a 2 heures
noooooooooooooooooooooo its to early for a new mh game! world is still the top game and i never got a chance to play it Q_Q
Peorocktime YuriChan
Peorocktime YuriChan Il y a 2 heures
Kriby looks slightly more adorable now (He never wasn’t adorable tho)
Ramez D
Ramez D Il y a 2 heures
When you trigger a design and tech intern
Hyper Dz
Hyper Dz Il y a 2 heures
Stupid sfx as always
Albert Bertaton
Albert Bertaton Il y a 2 heures
Where is zoo tycoon that game was amazing
Quality Shitposts
Quality Shitposts Il y a 2 heures
Everyone else: YES I'M SO EXCITED! Me: How does Kirby do wrestling moves?