Tom MacDonald
Tom MacDonald
Tom MacDonald
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Jeremias Fly
Jeremias Fly Il y a 3 heures
Nfff Hghl
Nfff Hghl Il y a 3 heures
Dam to think that I am going down such a dark path
Lil Tixe
Lil Tixe Il y a 3 heures
you had me in the first :29 ngl
C. Anderson
C. Anderson Il y a 4 heures
The other news achor starts crying (1:47), those hands aren't her's. Or... she has man hands. Keep it up!
Mark Penick
Mark Penick Il y a 4 heures
Needs hammer pants...
Corey D
Corey D Il y a 4 heures
Check out "fantana" some bitch made sjw trying so hard to make just 1 friend. Idk if buddy just doesn't realize it or if he's just that much of a loser but the shit he's saying is so fkn laughable. Like the ppl that support you and Nova are some joke. And I'm one of them... Naaa.. Bro if any 1 ignorant waste of oxygen had ever existed it's this guy. I hate to say watch his video but if you do make sure to dislike it . Unless your just an NPC like this _ which in that case your just a lost cause with no brain my guy. I swear the shit this guy was saying had me feeling like buddy should be walking around with a broken jaw.. due to the shit he said.. but anyways, I digress. If I had any other way of sharing that msg I would have bro. And on " gravestones " the song was tight, the video was right on point. Idk.. maybe I just can't see it, but I honestly don't understand why anyone wouldn't like it. Unless it's just not their type of music. Which is understandable, but nothing was "wrong", or unenjoyable about the video. Like you said, everything doesn't have to be controversial.. Tom, Nova, great work.. keep it up
avree trivette
avree trivette Il y a 4 heures
he is 100% talent and 100% truth love em or hate em
Savannah Pitts
Savannah Pitts Il y a 4 heures
So he’s complaining about people complaining what ?
Riyan Stuart
Riyan Stuart Il y a 4 heures
The truth and honesty keep flowing. Keep going, you're a Rockstar. 🔥
Ricky Rocks
Ricky Rocks Il y a 4 heures
He the best
Snow Bitz
Snow Bitz Il y a 4 heures
Your real fans dont wanna lose you, dont listen to them, theres no one like you, keep makin em mad!
Maria Castro
Maria Castro Il y a 4 heures
This is inspiring
michael wells
michael wells Il y a 4 heures
hi Tom McDonald happy birthday but my friend said that to tell you that you're the best rapper in the whole entire world and I think you are too so I love you songs and I love you so much we're not like love you like I have a crush on you but I love it I love you happy
michael wells
michael wells Il y a 4 heures
hi my real name is Victoria and I love you songs and I hope you be a legend because I am actually like your videos and I actually like how you wrap and yeah
Philip Oldham
Philip Oldham Il y a 4 heures
Like to know why it never hit trending
Nancy Pepe
Nancy Pepe Il y a 4 heures
Nancy Pepe
Nancy Pepe Il y a 4 heures
Mountain Music Man
Mountain Music Man Il y a 4 heures
It's funny how many people don't like this video, they must be afraid of real messages and music! This is an amazing song and video!
be driven
be driven Il y a 4 heures
Lyrics so heavy they break bones
Michael Black
Michael Black Il y a 4 heures
Wow...I really wasn't expecting the nostalgia to hit me so hard. I'm new to Tom's work, and I really have to say I'm impressed with him as an artist of integrity. Well done.
mlh169 Il y a 4 heures
Thank Y'all
Hunter McGahan
Hunter McGahan Il y a 4 heures
I like your music man! I like the message you're putting out and Its actual good music too
Juul Pod
Juul Pod Il y a 4 heures
No offense but he looks like a discount tekashi 6ix9ine
Tj Orr
Tj Orr Il y a 4 heures
Clonnes x
Tj Orr
Tj Orr Il y a 4 heures
It's Sept 29
Tj Orr
Tj Orr Il y a 4 heures
Tom macdonald stop making fun. Of dwn sindrom
Kelsey Hahn
Kelsey Hahn Il y a 4 heures
At first I thought this was gay. I hated on it cause you sound like drake. And the chorus is not catchy. You kinda look like you're try a be a dapper gang member. But I watched the video cause I have gained respect for you with the last few videos. I respect this song. It shows your confidence in yourself that you should have. And like many others I like the metaphors in the last verse. Creative. I am definitely a Tom mcdonald fan at this point.