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Danish Panda
Danish Panda Il y a minute
Brian with the snow reference
fatsoda Il y a 2 minutes
So i _shouldnt_ be choking women at work, and then calling it a prank in a display patriachal alpha male power show... wow. You guys have given me a lot to think about.
bigvig209 Il y a 3 minutes
Autumn’s mic needs to be louder.
Tom Cunningham
Tom Cunningham Il y a 3 minutes
Because they pre-recorded the event, they made a post stating this and that due to it been recorded, nothing would be mentioned.
Tom Cunningham
Tom Cunningham Il y a 3 minutes
Because they pre-recorded the event, they made a post stating this and that due to it been recorded, nothing would be mentioned.
ScatteredDream5 Il y a 5 minutes
I agree with Autumn. It was basically a lose/lose situation with this and they went with the lose where they don't mention it and make more money probably. Not the morally right decision, but the financially right one.
Jacky Ha
Jacky Ha Il y a 8 minutes
A+ editing, couldn't stop smiling. In other news, people continue to be shit to other people, the sky is blue, the sun is hot
Spartan 230
Spartan 230 Il y a 10 minutes
Great job Inside Gaming for covering this!!! Many people were completely unaware of this, and the breakdown of it all was great! Keep up the amazing work!!!
Aurelija Skučaitė
Aurelija Skučaitė Il y a 12 minutes
I agree with Autumn.
vicious gaming
vicious gaming Il y a 13 minutes
Daniel Jardine
Daniel Jardine Il y a 15 minutes
You know you did wrong when a bunch of guys step down. You know they have plenty guilt, and will probably be picked up by police later on in their life, and asked questions about these allegations. It could lead to them being fined, or jailed for doing it. Whenever a man has power above everyone else. He decided to think he’s untouchable and can do whatever he wants. Choking women and making them do what they want. Pretty sure he thought he was the alpha.
Frosted Flakes
Frosted Flakes Il y a 17 minutes
Its much better than giving some half-assed apology just for brownie points. Lets be honest if they addressed the issue in a presentation about games (like Blizzard) they just would’ve come off like virtue signaling assholes Edit: I think there is an obvious way to address these concerns, just have an entirely separate event (press conference) thats devoted entirely to address these issues. That way i think it comes off as more genuine an apology and not something tact on to an event about upcoming games
David Hart
David Hart Il y a 18 minutes
“Macweldon is better than what ever you’re wearing right now...” “Looks down at my Joe Boxer boxers from Kmart that have a pull out bed /couch and the words “I pull out” written across my ass” You right IG, you right
Ivann961 Il y a 18 minutes
While i understand that IG always tries to deliver the new they cover in a "funny, haha" way, i dont think they should be making jokes with this kind of subject, icant imagine any of the people that suffer this kind of experiences seen this and think "Oh yeah, this totally a subject you should be laughing about"
VictoryOfThePeople Il y a 26 minutes
What!?!? They’re not long enough!
Harley_yelrah Il y a 28 minutes
Ubisoft just because you let us play a female character doesn’t mean you get a pass to harass women come on guys
SonHouseDeath Il y a 31 minute
Autumn should watch her tone
Chris Sein
Chris Sein Il y a 36 minutes
Did they all get new web cams? They look better now
Kudryavka Noumi
Kudryavka Noumi Il y a 38 minutes
Just to play devil's advocate, the BLM protests peaked just a little over a month ago. That was a time where every company wanted to take 'part' of the protest and now that a different cultural problem arose suddenly it's time to be a bit more discreet?
Nash Hansen
Nash Hansen Il y a 42 minutes
Ubisoft Forward is a great value Nintendo Direct.
Torquosis LivingManPerson
Torquosis LivingManPerson Il y a 45 minutes
Also, you guys would be surprised how just a little money can change a person. Just get to know someone from CT...... Please someone get me out of here
cartoonice1 Il y a 47 minutes
I waited until I finished the game to see these 3 videos that you guys made on this game. I agree. I did also just stood there. Staring at my screen after I finished the game. It was an adventure. A good game overall
Torquosis LivingManPerson
Torquosis LivingManPerson Il y a 48 minutes
Somebody learned how to change her focal length
hooptee9 Il y a 49 minutes
Why the hell would they talk about these issues... it's to showcase their games. There is a time and place for these things. Seriously IG... wtf is wrong with you all. You don't market your products while talking about how crap your company towards it's workers. If you expected them to address this in this setting, you clearly know nothing about business...
Jose Burgos
Jose Burgos Il y a 50 minutes
HR not acting on something like this seems about as HR as it gets. At the risk of sounding all conspiracy and anti corporate, hr is just there to straight up shut you up and keep you complacent so the company can avoid hassle and trouble.
The Sorrow
The Sorrow Il y a 51 minute
90% of comments are about how adorable Autumn is 🤢🤮
Randy Bear
Randy Bear Il y a 52 minutes
I only watch if Autumn is here 😁
Digital Devil7
Digital Devil7 Il y a 57 minutes
The Ubisoft Forward event is all about the games, and it's all about showing off those games to the potential consumers and fans. That's why people tune in. It would literally make no sense for this event to address anything other, than the games. Not saying Ubisoft doesn't have to get it's shit together cause it does. Just saying Ubi made the right call when it comes to this event.
NvrStpGaming Il y a heure
You can't complain to HR if the HR person is a shitbag endorsing the behavior
Ivan Hernandez
Ivan Hernandez Il y a heure
youtube video has more than a million views, doubt more than 10% of those care about the allegations
AHxIntrovert44 Il y a heure
I’m just glad that Brian was able to slip in some historical ‘jokes’ in this video that explain some history of the US messing around in Latin America and the Caribbean.
Droid96 Il y a heure
Probably didn’t mention it because it has nothing to do with the games themselves. It’s an event made for advertising games not to talk about their issues.
Derek Kirk
Derek Kirk Il y a heure
some of the things seems too unreal i hope they have actual evidence to back up their claim. or they can easily get rid of anyone they dont like at anytime
James Hassell
James Hassell Il y a heure
The video game company talked about video games at their video game presentation. How bizarre.
Kevin's Game Room
Kevin's Game Room Il y a heure
Good! It’s not a place for that. It was a games showcase. Not some bullshit about women complaining about getting hit on at work. Who cares.
Grim Il y a heure
At least with quarantine you don’t have worry about scandals like this
JamesTheFox Il y a heure
No, why would they do that, it’s bad for the presentation and it’s unnecessary. It’s better if they did it with its own post or recording.
Quinchien Il y a heure
1:32 A licky boom boom down
Cristian Garcia
Cristian Garcia Il y a heure
I personally think that if game is on the shorter side of things, it should have a lot of replay value. Devil May Cry games come to mind. Multiple difficulties, different characters and additional modes aside from the main story. Short game, but a lot of replay value.
Hedon Il y a heure
Damn you Algorithm! This video is great, stop suppressing it!
Aurow Il y a heure
@team the background music on this piece is so weirdly paired with the video material lmao
John Dodson
John Dodson Il y a heure
Of course they did. That’s why they leaked the Far Cry details to try and distract gamers.
Tyla Gratton
Tyla Gratton Il y a heure
Okay is Jason actually a friend of the show or is that just a joke. Last i heard he was upsetti spaghetti with what you guys were saying
Gabino Hernandez
Gabino Hernandez Il y a heure
I thought the guy cheated on his wife. Why is that crazy
Jon S
Jon S Il y a heure
Big ups for the Snow reference blood
Gregorio J. Salazar Bibriesca
that blizzard, you can count on them to be heartless and shameless
Acro Il y a heure
Conor out here burning up, the fan even stopped on him
Conrad Hergott
Conrad Hergott Il y a heure
So you are saying that my boss choking me in the bathroom with his belt is not normal?
Dupe E.
Dupe E. Il y a heure
Why would they talk about it!?
GetonthestiiX Il y a heure
How come you guys haven't talked about EVO 2020 being cancelled for the same reason?
DeathSledge Il y a heure
The spiral logo is suspicious to me.
DMBLaan Il y a heure
I feel for the IG team when they get heavy stories like this and then have to seamlessly transition into an add read
Howen Jayawi
Howen Jayawi Il y a 10 minutes
I wonder whats the decision-making process behind that. Why not in front? Why not in the back like it used to be?
Lhorke Il y a heure
That truck had me dying
Jesse c
Jesse c Il y a heure
Boycott ubisoft
Alex Pai
Alex Pai Il y a heure
@00:28 conor using eye drops whilst wearing glasses.
SterlingK Art
SterlingK Art Il y a heure DES NUTS! But on the real, yikes. Restructure and seriously, build a union. The games industry needs one.
Dylan Thomas
Dylan Thomas Il y a heure
Waaaao so happy that Rooster Teeth woke HR made everyone go through harassment training and now Autumn can't make dick jokes. Soooo glad those 5 unreasonable people who would have been offended don't have to be offended now.
Syphelus Il y a heure
At a hype event they needed to talk about harassment. Harassment is just revenge for they’re minute by minute mood changes.
Duncan McNelis
Duncan McNelis Il y a heure
Hey Autumn! You're amazing!
Kelechi Udeala
Kelechi Udeala Il y a heure
It took me 2 years to complete the Witcher 3, including the side quests. It took me about a year to complete RDR2 to 75%. Though due to Corona I was able to beat HZD in two weeks (53% completion). Got Assassin's Creed Odyssey, from the onset it just seemed too long. Yup, games are definitely too long. Now only going for quick fixes like fighting games, COD and racing games.
KalebPi Il y a heure
what was up with the truck?
Wolvie181 Il y a heure
Nice 90's reference Brian 😂
Stayler17 Il y a heure
Big elephant in the room? No one expected them to say something or even knew about this. We kinda live in a babble most gamers don't even know about this stuff.
Wesker Frank
Wesker Frank Il y a heure
Tommy Francois is a believable french name lol
Justin Il y a heure
Autumn gives off "manic little sister" vibes and its platonically adorable.
Kazesenshi Il y a 2 heures
I don't get what positives could have possibly came from them addressing the situation within the presentation. Anything they added would have come across like the blizzard "apology" at blizzcon and instead we'd have a video about how horrible that was. Its a lose-lost situation for them and there's probably better things for people to focus on. Like the actual harassment and not that tweet about pre-recording.
Jus Nother Person
Jus Nother Person Il y a 2 heures
They treated their employees like dlc. Seems ubisoft-ish with their predatory behavior.
Troy Ruddock
Troy Ruddock Il y a 2 heures
First thing is that it's anongoing investigation. Second is that the event was about the games coming out. The politics of the allegations are not part of the games. The Maxime Beland choking incident was from back in 2014. My question to this is why stay in a company that that happened? Also, why didn't they go to the police?
Ronald Taylor
Ronald Taylor Il y a 2 heures
Jonathan Walker
Jonathan Walker Il y a 2 heures
HR is only there to protect the company, never to protect the employee, never forget that.
Jack Marchese
Jack Marchese Il y a heure
Their main 2 jobs are to attract/retain talent and keeping the company from getting sued lol.
PurushaDesa Il y a heure
Exactly. This is why unions matter. An HR meeting without a union rep is called an _ambush_ .
War624 Il y a 2 heures
I kind of agree with Autumn. Honestly, it would've more than likely come off as disingenuous, much like Brack's "apology" during Blizzcon.
Jervis Tuazon
Jervis Tuazon Il y a 40 minutes
Agree, Its not the right place to address something serious.
JDTV23 Il y a 2 heures
I loved how tedious RDR2 was!!! The animation to pick up items. The skinning
魂達電影公司 Il y a 2 heures
I wouldn't say being compared to the mafia will do a whole lot of damage, Sega literally has Yakuza connection and people thought it a pretty good anecdote
Jose Burgos
Jose Burgos Il y a 42 minutes
Uninteresting Name they publish yakuza duhhhh, also some rumors and things about yakuza owning Sega and kidnappings tied to the company. You know, the usual game publisher stuff.
Uninteresting Name
Uninteresting Name Il y a heure
Wait, why does sega have a Yakuza connection?
Cooked Panda
Cooked Panda Il y a 2 heures
Big oof.
KajMak64Bit Il y a 2 heures
Nintendo started out as making of cards for the yakuza xd
lanson gray
lanson gray Il y a 2 heures
You've never played choke the donkey at a work party before? Missing out lol
Rob Gibbens
Rob Gibbens Il y a 2 heures
Yeah, I could honestly use a separate brief about the internal stuff away from game conference thing. All that would make that better is that they did it before the games release stuff.
scott matthews
scott matthews Il y a 2 heures
Is it just me that isn't surprised that this shit happened at ubisoft when they seem to virtue signal the most out of all the devs. Assault is one thing but I don't get what a dude or a woman cheating on their partner has to do with anything. Tiger Woods got cancelled over that and I still don't understand why he wasn't famous for being a good husband
George Jackson
George Jackson Il y a 2 heures
BaptizedAtheist Il y a 2 heures
Would love you get your take on whats going on in the FGC right now
David Hunsicker
David Hunsicker Il y a 2 heures
5:09 sounds like some kink
RedEnvelopeMedia Il y a 2 heures
Hey give Ubisoft a break theyre French of course theyre going have sex scandals.
Cooked Panda
Cooked Panda Il y a 2 heures
bobi fg
bobi fg Il y a 2 heures
We care about games, wtf is this channel?!
rucus Il y a 2 heures
i didnt hear anything about this scandel tell this video
Pleasurecop Il y a 2 heures
it's been a couple of years and I'm still crushing on Autumn.
Guy Incognito
Guy Incognito Il y a 2 heures
I’m enjoyed the game. Not as much as the original. But I still enjoyed it. I look forward to reading your comments.
Luis M
Luis M Il y a 2 heures
The only thing I was mad at Ubisoft was that their season pass are $40
Raymundo R
Raymundo R Il y a 2 heures
IG covered Ubisofts pre-recorded tweet. 9:20 ish
ghost59able Il y a 2 heures
Woke developers are sexually predators. Who would of guessed
Matt Trafton
Matt Trafton Il y a 2 heures
just average but, endurance seems to count. I don't recommend a brain operation to get it tho. Just a nice after effect inmy case. A talented tongue and hardly any sense of smell helps as well.
Lord Gorgrath177
Lord Gorgrath177 Il y a 2 heures
Of course! Talking about executives being abusive in your big event is genius for advertising!
JamesTheFox Il y a heure
I know why right!? I can’t believe they missed their chance to do that.
frostbite0707 Il y a 2 heures
"strengthen work place culture" given that your current workplace culture is like a medieval Frat house maybe that isn't the best choice of words.
Jransom Il y a 2 heures
Bryan Gonzalez
Bryan Gonzalez Il y a 2 heures
Ubisoft should use Atumn* clip as an way to stop harassment
freakjob0 Il y a 2 heures
Why are they supposed to comment on "allegations"? We are still supposed to be innocent until proven guilty right? Oh, right...cause outrage and witch hunts are fun...convictions are so 2016!
Shepard Commander
Shepard Commander Il y a 2 heures
just ignore all the sponsored ubisoft content on RT
Cooked Panda
Cooked Panda Il y a 2 heures
Just ignore RT in general, lol.
michael chapline
michael chapline Il y a 2 heures
Dont care about the the developers dirty laundry just dont let it affect the games
Ateka9 Il y a 2 heures
What happens when you drink a little too much before bringing a girl back to your place? Ubisoft.
Red Sierra
Red Sierra Il y a 2 heures
but wait didn't rooster teeth just suck down all that ubi money for there new game that is a big care right there
Jp in 144p
Jp in 144p Il y a 2 heures
Would you prefer they rush a statement into a pre-recorded video game conference after the firings, or dedicate time to individually addressing the issue to the public?
George Anderson
George Anderson Il y a 2 heures
nothing against the last host , but I am very happy to see autumn
reedrick Il y a 2 heures
Never Forget: HR exists to protect the company....Not you. If you have problems, tell HR but also go outside the company if no action is being taken.
Matt Trafton
Matt Trafton Il y a 2 heures
The hairy pooter Love wand perhaps?