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Kalon Delova
Kalon Delova Il y a 10 heures
6:20 the reason i watch this
元県二位 Il y a 10 heures
Does the umpire gain an eye?
Antoine Pouliot
Antoine Pouliot Il y a 10 heures
Lovely Naomi
Lovely Naomi Il y a 11 heures
I love how Beyoncé looked at Vanessa Bryant as she sung the song that Kobe Bryant loved.
Kazimierz Szpilewski
Kazimierz Szpilewski Il y a 11 heures
Human Robot
Human Robot Il y a 13 heures
just brilliant x
CPB Plays
CPB Plays Il y a 14 heures
I did the smallest dunk contest
Fortune 4 you
Fortune 4 you Il y a 15 heures
How do people give this a thumps down??? Insane
christopher afoa
christopher afoa Il y a 16 heures
ashish Il y a 16 heures
He’s planning to f*ck her😂
HOOKER Game Il y a 16 heures
Hawks have secret Power like OKC
Zelly Zell
Zelly Zell Il y a 18 heures
RIP Kobe 🙏🏿🙏🏿
Zuzyn Rose Villanueva
Zuzyn Rose Villanueva Il y a 18 heures
When will my tears stop? I keep crying when I see anything related to Kobe and Gia.
Therese Granada
Therese Granada Il y a 19 heures
It is quarantine and I am crying watching this 😭😭😭
Holly Kelly
Holly Kelly Il y a 20 heures
The nba sees that Boban finally was unleashed and decided that it was to unfair for the rest of the nba because of also having kristaps
Mayank Pant
Mayank Pant Il y a 20 heures
Mj aiming for that booty😂😂😂
Raphael Straße
Raphael Straße Il y a 20 heures
Hypocrisy in all his splendor!!!🤮🤢🤮
iiRevxus Roblox
iiRevxus Roblox Il y a 20 heures
This was the powerful perfomence I ever seen Beyoncè do. God bless you Beyoncè. I'm working on my health and you make it a bit better! ☺
Zakaria Mohamed
Zakaria Mohamed Il y a 20 heures
😂😂😂 I’m dying oh wait
ZackAttack Il y a 21 heure
It’s hilarious how easy he dunks
Nolan Trainor
Nolan Trainor Il y a 22 heures
Dang this do be a mlg highlight doe
Khaos Overlord
Khaos Overlord Il y a 23 heures
dude it’s like in the 2nd the lakers said fuck it n turned the fuckin jets on 🔥🔥
Latoya Stewart
Latoya Stewart Il y a jour
So many white folks up in their feelings because a black woman dared to play a classical piece for a dead black man. You know good and well it's not about whether she did it "right" or not.
Elias Paul
Elias Paul Il y a jour
Who got MVP
HK Il y a jour
Everyone here saying: if you think he's hitting on her you're wrong. I haven't seen one comment saying he's hitting on her
JiMIn YoU GoT nO JaMs
“mommy” hit hard💔💔😭😭😭
Internalharm Il y a jour
Better be careful MJ Kobe wife might sue you for not being sad enough and she will also sue your driver lol
John Taylor
John Taylor Il y a jour
Yo didn’t she sell Kobe’s ring. Or was that some fake shit?
angel Il y a jour
Lord who cares whether or not this is the complete first movement , it’s beautifully done , most of you focus on the playing more than the actual message or reason it’s being played
Alissa Violet
Alissa Violet Il y a jour
I wonder why she didn’t wear black , she looks so fabulous tho .... amazing vocals 💛
FBI- Federal Bureau of investigation -
He shouldn’t have been up there too overrated.
Lily Loves
Lily Loves Il y a jour
She’s hot tho, wouldn’t blame MJ if he wanted to get to clappin.
Carlos Begay
Carlos Begay Il y a 21 heure
True she's Hella Fine 😍
Adryn Salt
Adryn Salt Il y a 23 heures
Lily Loves She is a Sexy Latina
DaiBei Il y a jour
Such a classy woman!
Curry Zhong [Student]
bad form
Rosangela Lima
Rosangela Lima Il y a jour
Does dislikes are of DJs
Adam Řičica
Adam Řičica Il y a jour
M.J. is such an Icon. I love this guy. 🖤
Cody Sray
Cody Sray Il y a jour
Stfu u bitch
George Francis
George Francis Il y a jour
George Francis
George Francis Il y a jour
@Bruh 😞
Bruh Il y a jour
Laugh all you want but just know you are a fuck up and have no friends nobody cares about you
George Francis
George Francis Il y a jour
@Bruh 😂🤣😂🤣
Bruh Il y a jour
The fuck are you laughing at you lonely fuck?
Carlos Ramos
Carlos Ramos Il y a jour
Smh only for kobe and gianna????what about the others who died....gianna and kobe arent that much more important then the rest who died in that crash
Wave City
Wave City Il y a jour
The better player was the player than won not the one that scored more
Raniel Dadcliffe
Raniel Dadcliffe Il y a jour
They only gave a lot of attention to the famous people and not the others who died
Jermaine Jimjam
Jermaine Jimjam Il y a jour
For me ja Morant is the greatest he is so underated
Peleg Beck
Peleg Beck Il y a jour
that just gave me chills i don know why
Thuraya Moghnieh
Thuraya Moghnieh Il y a jour
Just imagine losing a husband and a daughter at the same losing one of them is a nightmare but just imagine both at the same time...
Sterling Archer
Sterling Archer Il y a jour
Thuraya Moghnieh Ok I did imagine it and now?
Ezra Houssian
Ezra Houssian Il y a jour
RIP Kobe. We will remember him. This is just truly amazing piano playing.
rSports Tv Channel
rSports Tv Channel Il y a jour
Lebron and davis good teammate
rSports Tv Channel
rSports Tv Channel Il y a jour
Los angeles lakers wow
F M Il y a jour
If Vanessa could be with MJ right now she would. This women is the definition of a gold digger to the fullest
ii_Axeron -IA
ii_Axeron -IA Il y a jour
Are you kidding me? Holy shit shut up, you have no idea what you’re talking about.
Jared Dudley the Goat
Shut the fuck up
Omega NerfGamerBoy
Omega NerfGamerBoy Il y a jour
4:52 bruh
spicy drama
spicy drama Il y a jour
so how about the other people in the heli
Jimmy Shaver
Jimmy Shaver Il y a jour
Why are they making it out that Kobe Bryant was this great guy he paid a settlement off when he was accused of raping of a women
Jared Dudley the Goat
Mick Vb
Mick Vb Il y a jour
Why are they all filming this when you can just rewatch it here on youtube?
tet tet
tet tet Il y a jour
Dwight Howard. No one in sight. The attitude like a dog is really pitiful. Just jump, nothing. Lost our American face. Fuck you 🖕😠
Sara Abdul
Sara Abdul Il y a jour
Lol he helps a woman off a stage and everyone forgets he a dick
B Walls
B Walls Il y a jour
Y the HELL would Zion want Javale's jersey. When u can get a Javale McGee jersey at your LOCAL ROSS RETAIL STORE FOR $20 BUCKS LOL😂😂
David Cash
David Cash Il y a jour
Goat of Goats
Deadrich Il y a jour
Reminds me of the Klay Thompson's monster quarter...
Gpain 122913
Gpain 122913 Il y a jour
Fuck everybody who disliked this video
Sterling Archer
Sterling Archer Il y a jour
Gpain 122913 Fuck you okay? Stupid bitch
Ske ppy
Ske ppy Il y a jour
4:51 there’s Charli D’amelio and her friends
PINGIPON Il y a jour
What about the pilot 😭😭😭😭
Ske ppy
Ske ppy Il y a jour
Can’t believe wade and pippin are judges
Chuchay Sebastian
Chuchay Sebastian Il y a jour
Marion92i Il y a jour
Dennis Green
Dennis Green Il y a jour
What in the fuck your made a whole vid of him helping her down the stairs
mucjiso Everything
mucjiso Everything Il y a jour
Kobe must have converted to Islam before dying 😂
Bruh Il y a jour
Nobody’s laughing ur joke was shit and you’ll never be shit or get any where in life you piece of shit
HungryyDino Il y a jour
Nay Il y a jour
why are people disliking a gentleman helping his friend walk down steps in high heels like its not the polite thing to do :/
2tone 21ll
2tone 21ll Il y a jour
Harden definitely didn't show up this game. Idk if he scored in the highlights.
Jonathan Lopez
Jonathan Lopez Il y a jour
Idk why but i was relieved seeing steph curry laugh
Alex Sidor
Alex Sidor Il y a jour
Im angry clippers didnt win
God Bless
God Bless Il y a jour
God bless, Jesus loves you all ❤️
chaiTV Il y a jour
The censoring of comments here is funny and sad.
Progressive news
Progressive news Il y a jour
Lonzo like yea yeah bron you got me traded
marcinossss Il y a jour
Why jokes in moment like this?So inappropriate.
Sueno XX
Sueno XX Il y a jour
quazix Il y a jour
It’s been 3 months and I still can’t believe it happened
Sterling Archer
Sterling Archer Il y a jour
quazix Wait so over 100k died from this virus and you care about 2 people that died moths ago? You good?
Aruesx Il y a jour
Plot twist: She was sight reading
Oʀʀɪɴ Bᴇsᴛᴇʀ
Ohh MJ trying to move on into the dm's
Unknown human
Unknown human Il y a jour
He’s being a gentlemen stop thinking that
Joshua Il y a jour
He not trying to clap he's literally crying. But if it comes out they dating I'm gone.
The Ant Gamer
The Ant Gamer Il y a jour
Never knew Pat could throw it down like that...also Dwight Howard being here is underrated. Didn't he have back surgery and shoulder problems? This guy is not only an incredible athlete but he has a lot of guts to compete against this group. Would have been dope if he wore the death of superman costume tho.
sidneybear Il y a jour
NEVER LIKED kobe, he was a wife cheater and a lousy role model to black kids.
I play games That I think I’m good at
you have no clue what you’re talking about.
Young Blazah
Young Blazah Il y a jour
its a shame kobe missed this game :(
Jiffypoppy 2
Jiffypoppy 2 Il y a jour
John H
John H Il y a jour
Damn defense is so soft in the NBA now lol
Bersan Derdiyok
Bersan Derdiyok Il y a jour
Look at Jordan face 😢
Mya Taylor
Mya Taylor Il y a jour
this moment is so iconic.
Mateusz Il y a jour
How he pronouncing Kleber .. haha
bull chrome
bull chrome Il y a 2 jours
0:36 almost got hit in the face
F W Il y a 2 jours
Javale just that dude 🤣
Kaleyna Chun
Kaleyna Chun Il y a 2 jours
kiyan ahmadian
kiyan ahmadian Il y a 2 jours
They could have recruited a professional classical pianist to perform this movement fully to pay due respect to the families and also to not ruin the hell out of such a masterpiece using bullshit background music. This whole group of "musicians" obliterated this piece, period.
MR. PRICHARD Il y a 2 jours
Look, he put the ball through the hoop 5 times! Everyone is losing their minds. What's wrong with you people? My nine-year-old does that everyday, for free. You people need to get a life.
David Jimenez
David Jimenez Il y a 2 jours
Bro I love bertans form
breakaway2x Il y a 2 jours
DJJ was the better dunker....more effortless, grace, and power (off the backboard, jump over guy, between the legs dunk was the best one all night, never before seen or done). But Gordon was right there, especially with his creativity (love his one hand spin o ramma dunk).